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  1. bobbrick999

    The Illusionist

    Thank you @Littleworlds Now you mention it I agree,I think a few rows of bench seats and a few more minifigures would add to the atmosphere of it all. I will try to include that in the next update. and thank you @soccerkid6 :)
  2. bobbrick999

    The Illusionist

    Hi I would like to share my moc any thoughts or opinions will be appreciated.
  3. Lego Ideas ,Mini Modular Golf (Playable) This set consists of 739 pieces that build 7 modular stages,All the stages are interchangeable and customisable allowing for endless combinations. The set is fully playable either with the two included minifigures and clubs,of palyed as finger golf. On the corse is the tee off green with tee and bench,then is the windmill with working sails,then comes the bridge with water beneath ,if the ball falls in there then its back to the tee. After the bridge comes the chicane,very tricky to negotiate ! straight after that yo need to avoid the bunker with fresh raked sand ready to stop your golf ball. Then the epic river jump,your going to need to make sure your chip is on par to complete this obstacle ,your then going to be on the putting green,line up your shot and sink it in the hole. you will be able to customise the whole corse to make it as easy or as challenging as possible.
  4. bobbrick999

    GHOSTBUSTERS LEGO,Dana Barratts Apartment

    Thanks mechamike,It was a lot of fun doing it ,it would be nice if it got made I cant see it happing though,none the less it was still fun doing it.
  5. GhostBusters, Dana Barretts Apartment This is my Lego Ideas model of Dana Barrett's apartment from the eighties classic movie Ghostbusters I Have made the model as near to movie accurate as I could get, I spent a lot of time viewing the film footage and cross referencing from screen grabs, The apartment features several times throughout the movie and the set dressing changes on each occasion, so I have combined all occasions into the model. The features of the set are as follows three mini figures Dana Barrett, Pete Vekman,Terror Dog Terror Dog arms to attach to the arm chair Additional 1X1 Triangle pieces to create the carpet ripple effect Additional pieces to create the apparition in the fridge All the furnishings of the apartment, Piano, Tables, Books (etc) This is one of my favorite scenes in the film I believe this Lego Idea would really compliment the ghost busters Lego sets that are already available.
  6. Hi all just want to share my LEGO ideas British coast line MOC
  7. bobbrick999

    Lego Facade only 6 studs wide

    Hi tokru, yes it is . there is no depth in a linar plane only width and length ,depth is the distance from the top surface/point to a sub surface/point. I fell that this thread is going of topic .
  8. bobbrick999

    Lego Facade only 6 studs wide

    Hi thanks for your encouraging words I'm glad you like it, also just a bit of advice, it is six studs wide as stated. Width is determined by the smallest linear plane with in a dimension ,and the largest being lenth, you could say six studs deep if you like though :)
  9. bobbrick999

    Lego Facade only 6 studs wide

    A lot of people seem to have gaps in there city layouts, but with not enough room for a full modular building,so I thought it would be handy if Lego made gap filling sets like this one. Im glad it has inspired you. it would be good to see how something like this actually looks in a city layout.
  10. bobbrick999

    Lego Facade only 6 studs wide

    Lego Facade,all this is only six studs wide! and has a brick count of less than just one modular building,The idea behind this model is to allow collectors who struggle with space for the large modular buildings to display this with ease on any standard shelf. with a brick count of less than one normal modular build you get three,There is the hardware store with tools for sale,a hat shop just in case your mini figures want a new look,and last but not least a fish store for all your pet fish needs,be careful tho the contractors tearing up the walk way. All the stores have goodies inside to play with and a few secrets to discover as well ? This model would be ideal for people on a budget,with limited space, or have a gap that needs filling in there Lego city.also ideal as a standalone set.more details on Lego Ideas
  11. bobbrick999

    (MOC) Micro Scale Construction Site

    Sorry I am new at this, I'll rembers that for future posts,although I did try to post a "teaser image " It would not allow me, I do apologise,thank you for your kind words.
  12. bobbrick999

    Grandads Shed

    Wow my LEGO ideas project just got fetured on
  13. Hi, here is my MOC idea of a micro scale construction site.
  14. bobbrick999

    Grandads Shed

    Here are some much better quality photos of my lego idea
  15. bobbrick999

    Grandads Shed

    My lego ideas MOC