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Found 96 results

  1. I've got something interesting to share. This is a magic museum that has a 16 x 16 stud footprint. It was deliberately made smaller than a full modular-sized building but was designed to visually fit with other official modular buildings as well as the smaller creator series buildings such as the Corner Deli and Bike Shop & Cafe. It works as a corner building or a “set-in’ building, in-between two other modular buildings. The goal of this set is to blend two creative arts together for an enriching, entertaining and educational experience. Fans of LEGO brick-building will be introduced to the art of magic as they embark on a journey into the colourful world of conjuring & prestidigitation in the “History of Magic Museum”. The “History of Magic Museum” is a historically accurate magic-themed three-storey building that highlights some of the greatest illusions and magicians in the history of magic. It is highly detailed with numerous LEGO replicas of authentic magic & illusion props used by illusionists from the past to present day. There are more than half a dozen play features and removable brick-built illusion displays. This is a Lego Ideas Project, so if you like it, please vote for it: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/8457f73a-9844-4e51-8161-165a2e6a11ee You can watch the video preview here: History of Magic Museum Video
  2. Presenting my 10230 - Mini Modulars interpretation of 70620 - Ninjago City from The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017). 70620 - Ninjago City (Mini Modular) by Adeel Zubair, on Flick 70620 - Ninjago City (Mini Modular) by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Full Gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm9oLRaV ________________________________________________ Follow Me On... Facebook - www.facebook.com/Adeel-Zubair-208739829518301/ Flickr - www.flickr.com/photos/adeelzubair/ Instagram - www.instagram.com/adeel_zubair Deviantart - www.adeelaubair.deviantart.com Twitter - www.twitter.com/webhead_studios Youtube - www.youtube.com/user/webheadstudios LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/adeel-zubair-b969b111b Behance - www.behance.net/adeelzubair Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  3. [MOC] Modular Tearoom

    Here it is, my second MOC modular building, the Tearoom, scheduled to be built after the Elementary School. PDF instructions of it are available, contact me if you're interested...Let me know what you think!! Cozy tearoom on the ground floor Vintage flat on the first floor Lawyer's on the second floor
  4. [MOC] Home Sweet Home

    Hello There! Sharing my latest creation. Hope you like it. Cheers! https://flic.kr/s/aHskXKRNbi
  5. Here's a quick overview of the MILS standard. For those who haven't heard it of it, it is a standard published by the Hispabrick magazine to help coordinate diorama building between Lego builders. It also is a great foundational tool for learning how to make more advanced builds. Hope you enjoy! I have other videos on my channel with instructions on how to make the various modules.
  6. Hey everyone! I haven't built much of anything over the last couple of years but finally got back to it. I designed this mini modular a few years ago and just got around to actually buying the pieces. I initially planned to use red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple but decided to go with the dark and sand colors because they're a bit more subdued and fit my mini modular street better. I might swap the sand green and dark red. The dark red seems to be a bit hidden when its with other building and I think think red provides a nice contrast with the rest of the colors. Front: Front by John Parilla, on Flickr Back: Back by John Parilla, on Flickr With my Art Deco Apartments and Castle. Art Deco, Cubes, Castle by John Parilla, on Flickr Thanks for looking. Let me know what you think!
  7. MOC Modular round park square

    After a very long time, here's another MOC I made recently. It was built for an exhibition in March this year, but due to the turn of events, I took the photos much later, and only found time to upload them now. This was a ''quick'' model for the exhibition, which is why there is almost no interior detailing (another reason was lack of ideas). Since the facades are mostly covered by the vegetation, the unfinished interiors are not seen. I used this model to try new styles and techinques for the buildings widths and roof design. This is the front view, with the buildings partly covered by the tall trees. The park area can be removed to see the buildings in their full glory. I tried different widths, colours and roof styles. I wanted to make a yellow bank since the 3661 Bank and Money Transfer set, but nver had enough yellow bricks. Now that I got enough bright yellow bricks, this colour seemed great to finally build a bank. The left building is a post office, and the first floor design was initially based on a LDD model made by my sister. The dark green building is an older MOC, used for comparison only. Aerial view reveals the almost round park on the square. Initially, I wanted it round, but turned too small for what I wanted to do, so I made it more oval. The paths are crossing the park from different angles, and there's people walking from one side to the other. Since this was build for an exhibition, the park was positioned between the train station and the rest of the town, and had a very transitional role (with people crossing from the station to the downtown area). If interested in more different angles (but almost the same looking pictures, feel free to check my Flickr account.
  8. I started planning this building in LDD after having aquired a whole bunch of sand green parts from the PAB wall. I wanted to use them for something, along with a bunch of mostly white bricks that I have bought off PAB walls earlier. So my intention was to design a building where I could use my current collection of bricks and only order more bricks if absolutely necessary. This didn't restrict me that much, actually. It was fun trying to play around with what you have. Maybe the big tan plates as floors stand out a little too much (grey or white would have looked nicer), otherwise I'm quite satisfied with the result. The ground floor consists of the Heartlake Party Shop 41132, which I simply put on a baseplate and added some walls. Of course, I had to build a staircase, too, so one could reach the upper floors. The balloon stand is a modification of the 70900 Joker Balloon Escape. The "power plant" that is part of the set is inside the party shop and functions as a machine used to fill the balloons with helium. One floor up, there's a wedding chapel (40165 Wedding Favor Set) and the top floor houses houses a recording studio (41103 Pop Star Recording Studio). So the building includes four sets. There's a barren backyard with a tree and a bird from 31065 Park Street Townhouse as well as some benches and a small carrot field. Looks like Mommy bought little John a red balloon from the Party Shop. His big brother, chilling on the bench, looks a bit angry. Maybe he's envious of his little borther, who knows... Lots of flowers in different colours by the tree. The side wall is reddish brown because it acts as a (wood-paneled) back wall for the wedding chapel. A simple roof with some a/c units. The roof is green because I had so many green 16x16 plates – but the colour fits nicely with the rest of the building. All floors have interiors, which I will be showing to you in the coming days, so please stay tuned. And I'm always grateful for any comments!
  9. [MOC] Biceps Gym

    |Title:Biceps Gym Num pieces: About 2700 Dimentions: 32 Χ 32 baseplate, 44 bricks height "Mens sana in corpore sano" There is no town without a gym! Photos Details Digital photos Building instructions: (external link)
  10. Title:Town Gas Station Num Pieces:~2000 The vechicles in my city will never run out of gas again! Photos: Details: Building instructions: (external link)
  11. Full post here Hello everyone! I built this MOC a while back but completely forgot to post it. But better late than never, so enjoy! This is a Modular Building MOC. The lower level is a Chinese Restaurant while the upper level is an Indian Restaurant. Overview of the entire Modular Building There is a fence around the building. The stairway leads to the Indian Restaurant. There are opening windows. Here’s the back view. It’s a lot plainer but there are still opening windows for the Indian Restaurant’s kitchen. This is the interior of the Indian Restaurant. The floor is made of Nexo Knight shield tiles. Here’s the kitchen of the Indian Restaurant. It’s rather cramp. The chef is using some of his spices. Here is the interior of the Chinese Restaurant. It has a checkered floor. Looks like someone just ordered rice! The chef is working hard! Look at the yummy ducks in the back C&C welcome as always! Thanks for looking!
  12. As a camper van, the 31052 Vacation Getaways set is far too big for my taste. But as an exception to the rule (the rule being that alternative 3in1 models are uninspiring and poorly made) the Hillside House style small building looked sort of nice in the pictures, and the sand blue windows and door frame were enticing. So in all the places of the world, I found this set for a good price in Switzerland, which otherwise must be the most expensive country in Europe... €41 for one set. I got one and built the house. It felt even smaller than I had thought, but with another set, it could be expanded... So I bought a second set, but didn't end up expanding the house. Instead, I started playing around with LDD. The result is a 16-wide three-storey modular building based on the idea of using the sand blue windows. The back side is very plain, as are the sides of the building. There is no interior, save for steps that take you from floor to floor, apart from the ground floor, which doesn't have any steps... I'm not too fond of creating interiors for residential buildings, since they are all more or less the same, so this will most likely remain empty. I hope you like it!
  13. MOD: Naomi's Place

    The Friends Heartlake Cupcake Cafe (41119) has been out for more than year and I did a review of it some ten months ago. At that time, I had a vision of what the modular version would look like and it had been sitting on a shelf in my lounge room since then, waiting for me to do the conversion. Better late than never, I guess. As with my other Friends conversions, I did this one open-backed and with lots of clear panels to facilitate playability. I loved the entrance for the Heartlake Cupcake Cafe, especially the stained glass window above the front door and the windows framed using the ornamental arches. This section of the building was 16 studs wide and was therefore a natural starting point for the conversion to a modular building. The other part that I really liked was the outdoor seating area, so I incorporated that into the rooftop terrace. C&C welcome, as always! More images on flickr and the instructions for the structure are available to download here.
  14. MOC: Modular Space Centre

    Hello everyone! Today I have the great pleasure to introduce this new MOC. It marks my final transition to new themes beyond the Winter Village that kept me engaged for 5 years. For some time I thought of building a modular building but at the same time about a year ago are back thoughts about my past, from my first time playing with LEGO, and were rekindled in me the memories of the Classic Space 80s. The idea came by itself... build something that united the two themes: a modular classic space! The modular is divided into 3 levels, but is arranged to be possibly raised "potentially" of other planes. The ground floor consists of a garage space of ground transportation and a sort of workshop space where they can build models of spaceships and repair vehicles and robots. The first floor is composed in part of a laboratory, beds for the rest of the crew and a special bed in order to make the analysis and hibernations subjects. In the central part of the hall there is a table for meeting space and also the panels with some bodies of hibernating aliens. The top floor consists of the space control center with computers, radar and a rocket for space exploration. It 's also an airstrip with a ship in the neo classic space style. The modular is very playable, first of all because it has three means and then have various other movements operated with levers technic. It has an elevator that goes from floor to floor with a system already seen in various moc (with gears) by operating a hand lever. There is also the possibility of including a PF motor with battery compartment, but by the time I liked to leave everything manually. Also in the ground floor two red levers allow you to open the main door (opening side-scrolling) and the two gates (simultaneous opening front / rear tilting) of the space garage. Aloft a third lever allows you to run the big radar. A further radar satellite can be manually rotated with the minifigs on board. I think that would really like children and not only! The modular is composed of about 3200 pieces and 10 minifigs (9 classic space and one child). I hope that this new moc you like it, I enjoyed it a lot to build it and I hope you will also appreciate my effort to begin the production of moc of new themes! Complete Flickr Gallery Greetings to all! Sandro
  15. As SvenF shared his awesome entires to the ReBrick Modular Contest, I thought I'd do the same! Remember, maximum is 16x16, yellow-faced minifigures only and must add to any of the existing modulars. Having said that, let's begin with.... Donatello's Art Studio: An old-style art studio, with all sorts of details and painings. Talking of which, there are three of them reminiscent of real ones: A map of Europe on the back wall, Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer and The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. Donatello is the blonde guy's nickname, honouring Donatello the Renaissance Italian painter, the other two bearded minifigs are the judges; they'll decide whether Donatello's work is worth an exhibition or it's just a mere copy of old work... . Would be located on the 1st floor of Pet Shop's brown building. Right now it is at 5th position of the most liked entries, with over 350 views! Jean's Bakery: A modern, sleek bakery, with a vintage touch! White bricks, chequered floor, palet tables are jst some of my favorite details in this one. Jean, as you can imagine, owns this bakery in the south of France, there would be a crêpe-o-maker, but there was no space availabe for that. What there was space for, though, was Jean's second favourite thing: music, and not any sort of music, but classical music. That's why he has the today unused machines there were to play it: a grampohone and a record player. Would be located on Assembly Square's blue building ground floor, instead of that rather boring café. Jean's Bakery is clocking 31 likes with only 300 views, and at 3rd position! Thanks for bearing with me and my long speech, leave comments if you liked it!
  16. Do you like stories about secret rooms, hidden maps, the secret signs and ancient treasures? I will tell you one such story. Once upon a time lived a famous architect. He even built palaces for kings. He was fabulously rich and famous. He was very fond of gold and jewels. And all the money he spent on them. But when he died, left a very strange Testament. The old architect wrote in his testament that he hid all his gold and jewels. The map and the key to the treasure he left for storage to the Admiral Carl Jonson who was a close friend of the architect. It seems that everything is simple. But the admiral died 10 years earlier than the architect. Therefore, it is impossible to ask the Admiral, where the treasures are hidden. People says that the treasure has not yet been found. Maybe you can find them? Good luck! So I made a little comic about a treasure hunt. This story happened on this pedestrian street. If you want to see all images of this set, please click here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/158145 If you liked the story and the set, please SUPPORT this project on ideas.lego.com!
  17. [MOC] Davenport Hotel

    Completed just in time for the Brick Live exhibition in Birmingham was my latest MOC based on Dublin's Davenport Hotel. That particular building was chosen because Scooby Doo needed to check out something more than just the haunting ghouls on the roof and scary lanterns awaiting those who entered, namely the 'illegal' gambling on the first floor between the centre columns. This particular feature is a fully functioning Mindstorms powered 'push-button' operated 'slot machine' that releases gold 2x2 coins out the front right door once the three barrels line up with the same colour. Reloading is through the roof. At the weekend the colour sensors worked very well once the rechargeable battery wasn't depleted. The photos below show an overview of the model, its rear (pre-swimming pool), roof swimming pool and close-up of the spinning barrels. Enjoy. A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr
  18. The latest addition to the Modular Buildings theme has just been announced by TLG. 10255 Assembly Square celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the theme and is loaded with references to earlier Modulars. The 4,002 piece set features a little square surrounded by buildings on a 32 x 48 stud footprint. Check out all the interior and exterior details and see if you can spot all the references to previous Modular Buildings in the Town forum. The set will be available on January 1, 2017 through LEGO Shop@Home.
  19. 10255 Assembly Square

    10255 Assembly Square 10255 Assembly Square Ages 16+. 4,002 pieces. US $279.99 - CA $329.99 - DE 239.99€ - UK £169.99 - DK 2099.00 DKK *Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit shop.LEGO.com for regional pricing. Celebrate ten years of Modular Building with the Assembly Square! Take a trip to the amazing Assembly Square, developed to celebrate ten years of LEGO® Modular Buildings, featuring a wealth of unsurpassed, intricate details and hidden surprises. Easy-to-remove building sections provide access to the highly detailed interior, comprising a ground level with a bakery, florist’s shop and café, a middle level with a music store, photo studio and dental office, and an upper-level dance studio and apartment with access to a rooftop terrace with barbecue. The exterior of the building features a detailed sidewalk with outdoor café furniture, fountain, streetlamps and a highly elaborate facade with beautifully detailed windows and doors, three buildable shop signs, spired tower and a decorative roofline. Collect and build an entire town with the LEGO Creator Expert Modular Building series 10243 Parisian Restaurant, 10246 Detective’s Office and 10251 Brick Bank. Includes eight minifigures and a baby figure. · Includes eight minifigures: a dentist, barista, baker, florist, music store assistant, dancer, photographer and a LEGO® fan, plus a baby figure. · The three-level Assembly Square features an authentic, elaborate facade with detailed windows and doors, three buildable shop signs, spired tower, decorative roofline and a rooftop terrace, plus a detailed tiled sidewalk with a fountain, outdoor café furniture and two streetlamps. The highly detailed interior includes a bakery, florist’s shop, café, music store, photo studio, dental office, apartment and a dance studio. · Ground level features a bakery with counter, cash register, shelves, opening oven, wedding cake and assorted buildable pastries and treats; a florist’s shop with counter, cash register, garden tools, flower arrangements, bouquets and a blue and yellow macaw parrot element; and a café with espresso machine, counter, bench seating and pie elements. · Middle level features a music store with a buildable drum set, two guitars and saxophone element; photo studio with buildable classic camera and adjustable tripod; and a dental office with buildable reclining chair, waiting area, telephone and a sink. · Upper level features a dance studio with buildable piano and reflective mirror element; an apartment with buildable foldout sofa bed, detailed kitchen, toilet, micro LEGO® train, modular buildings and Eiffel Tower, and access to a rooftop terrace with buildable barbecue, table and a neglected plant. · Accessory elements include a ballerina skirt, Chihuahua, pretzel, ornamental chicken and candy. Also includes a buildable telephone, grill, baby carriage and buildable lamps. · Remove the building sections to access the detailed interior. · Adjust the camera tripod and take photos all around the square. · Recline the dentist chair and reveal those pearly whites! · Open the oven door to remove your freshly-baked pastries. · Fold out the sofa bed and relax while you admire your modular buildings collection! · Celebrate Modular Buildings with this awesome 10th anniversary LEGO® Creator Expert set! · This set offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 16+. · New decorated elements include a dentist torso, dentist window and 2x3 tile with the 10182 Café Corner box front. · Includes lots of curved and corner angle tiles, garage doors used as box windows and LEGO® Technic excavator scoops used as roofing elements. · Collect and build an entire town with the LEGO® Creator Expert Modular Building series 10243 Parisian Restaurant, 10246 Detective’s Office and 10251 Brick Bank. · Measures over 13” (35cm) high, 14” (38cm) wide and 9” (25cm) deep. Available for sale directly through LEGO® beginning January 1, 2017 via shop.LEGO.com, LEGO® Stores or via phone All images (including even higher resolution versions) are also available on flickr. References to Past Modular Buildings Designer video
  20. Miami Surfshop [Moc]

    Hello everyone, today i want you to show my latest creation. I call it "Miami Surf Shop". ;) I tried to create a modern style Miami building, inspired by some pictures i found on Google. Surfing is one of my personal intrests and so i combined it with one of my other intrests "Lego". http://bob-leonard-florida.com/floridanabob/VeniceB.jpg http://bob-leonard-florida.com/floridanabob/VeniceA.jpg I's not the first Lego surf shop, but i hope, a nice one. Some details: Parts: 1740 mostly Created on Lego Designer 4.3 and all parts ordered on Bricklink. It takes 13 orders to complete the parts. Backside Some interior First Floor Second floor Roof ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On a small street view ;) As corner building
  21. I'd like to point out that the response from everyone regarding the 'teaser' was quite overwhelming. I just hope this MOC lives up to everyone's exceptions considering the fan base I've generated from this single project alone. I cannot wait to finally share the results with you guys after working on this concept for three years with breaks in-between. It's the biggest MOC I've ever created with over 3,500 pieces! LEGO Brand Store - Modular Building LEGO Brand Store - Modular Building LEGO Brand Store - Modular Building LEGO Brand Store - Modular Building LEGO Brand Store - Modular Building LEGO Brand Store - Modular Building LEGO Brand Store - Modular Building LEGO Brand Store - Modular Building LEGO Brand Store - Modular Building LEGO Brand Store - Modular Building Full Album https://www.flickr.c...157646319243991 Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  22. Updated version of Brickville 2016

    Hello everybody! Here it is the summer update of my town diorama... this year there aren't many modifications since I've already reached the maximum space available. For this reason I've started to replace some of the buildings on a rotation basis... If you compare these pictures to last year's, you'll see a missing building... Well, said building (a tan house) hasn't gone, but it will replace another one in future, and so on... I've added a 16-wide gap between the department store and the fire station in order to add some variety to the street. Hope you like Not much has changed here... So, here's said gap, and there is a missing building... City park is still there, and, oh, there's a baby! Much space now! Hope to show you more updates in the next weeks!
  23. Monotone Motel

    "Monotone Motel" is my 4th 48x48 modular building, completing a district in my city that includes Apple Square University, Tall Tower, and Lawyer's Laundromat. As with the relatively smaller Black Cat Cabaret, this project started as an attempt to replicate a Sakura Taisen locale in Lego. The headquarters in the video game was based upon the Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall in Japan. It was supposed to have several bedrooms plus a theater, disguising a giant mech hangar in the basement. Alas, as usual, I gave up halfway through, and the building became its own thing. Several elements remain, however, like the front window above the entrance which has become a clock, the circular windows, and turrets in the corners. Enjoy the photos below and in my flickr album! Exterior: Interior: Bedrooms: Ballroom: Clock: Until next time~
  24. [MOC] New Century Corner

    The New Century Corner, a display of five modular houses inspired by early 1900s architecture which I love. This was built for a LUG collaborative modular town in Model Expo 2016 that took place couple of weeks ago. From left to right: House of Two Whistling Geezers, House of Two Sisters, House of the Bat-Lord and Three Sinners, The House of Secret Society of Aviation, The House of Golden Frogs. The houses were built by first tablescrapping some interesting bits and the creating the rest of the building around them. That's what I usually do, anyway. The first of the houses (Two Sisters) was built in last November and the last (Bat-lord and sinners) was finished couple of week before the event. I might expand this to a whole block in the future, with four corner modulars and several houses between them. More pictures and talk on the blog.
  25. [MOD&MOC] Cafe Corner

    Hello everyone, about two years ago my husband and I decided to build our own version of the Cafe Corner since the original LEGO set was already too expensive. I switched some colours, replaced rare bricks with less expensive alternative bricks and added some details on the inside. After this long period it was time for some restoration and renovation. I didn't like the colours anymore and it didn't match my other modulars very well. So, here it is, the new version of the Cafe Corner. One level added, a new floor plan and new furnishings and decorations. The cafe on the ground floor mainly stayed the same. There are now two modern and stylish rooms on the second and third floor, each with en-suite bathroom. The biggest and most comfortable room is located on the top floor. More pictures of the old and the new Cafe Corner can be found here.