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Found 14 results

  1. Terraversa, East of King's Port, August 620 "Thousands of feet march to the beat, it's an army on the march. Long way from home, paying the price in young men's lives." The first battle had been won, and several bridgeheads had been conquered all over the island. The losses had been relatively mild but, still, they were the highest suffered since the Juniper War. And that damned island was still largely to conquer. The first, rather obvious objective was the capital city, King's Port: the city had the largest harbor and was right in the middle of the excellent road system of western Terraversa. The capital city of the island also had a strong strategic and politic value: its capture marked the turning point between an island successfully resisting to the invasion and some minor strongholds still in enemy hands... and, for foreign nations, it could also make the difference between joining a war or supporting isolated pockets of resistance. Therefore, they had to conquer King's Port, and quickly! During the T-Day, the forts of the city had been shelled and stormed, and the vanguard of the army had entered the city from South and East. However, refraining from a brutal bombing with heavy artillery had had its cost, and the bluecoats were still fighting in the streets, with the local militia clinging to buildings and barricades. The troops landed West of the city, so North of the King's River, on the contrary, had successfully captured fortifications and batteries but were still too weak to attack the city and defend themselves by a counterattack from Pamu, so they had entrenched and were waiting for reinforcements. And the easiest way to bring those reinforcements was crossing the King's River from the South, building a proper bridge, and using it to bring soldiers, supplies and artillery between King's Port and Pamu, cutting the city off from the Kingshead district. The designated crossing point was a few miles East of the city, where the King's River was nothing more than a fast stream... quite easy to cross for a man, but an insuperable obstacle for a cannon. Combat engineers and common soldiers started working hard, reinforcing the riverbank by hammering long wooden poles in the sand. More poles were hammered directly into the bottom of the river, creating a robust anchorage for the pontoons... for sure a difficult and uncomfortable job. On the other side of the river, the bank was cleared from the bushes and the sand was leveled with shovels and spades. The next step was far more difficult, especially considering the fast flow of the river. Empty barrels were thrown in the water and secured to the poles, creating a sort of floating platform: the buoyancy of each barrel could barely sustain a single soldier, while the complete structure will hold men, horses and even cannons. While the privates worked, the officers planned the next moves with the chief engineer: according to him, the bridge could be completed in half a day, enough to let the column rest and to complete the siege before the evening, if they marched quickly enough. Soldiers and sailors followed the instructions of the combat engineers, trying to keep the barrels in position before they are dragged away... and trying not to be dragged away themselves while working in the deep water! The bridge quickly started to take shape, at first as a simple row of ropes and barrels... ...and then, when planks and earth were cast over the structure, as a robust floating platform. For sure not a bridge intended to last, but a fast solution to bring men and cannons onto the other side of the river. The soldiers marched forward, platoon after platoon, ready to face the enemy on the battlefield. Among them, the veterans of the Mardierian Legion. Several of those soldiers lived on Terraversa -or were even born on the island- before the "Terraversan patriots" forced them to flee with their families. Some were members of the garrison, others were simply political opponents of L'Olius or Oldis, who had ended up in proscription lists for a reason or the other. For them, the war was something far more personal... a chance come back to their land and to get their deliverance! -------------------------------------------------------------- A series of three builds I've done for the invasion liberation: the river banks remain the same, with the soldiers progressively clearing the bushes and building the bridge. Probably it would've been better using a larger river, this one doesn't really seem worth of a bridge... but I imagine that it would still be a problem for our cannons!
  2. King's Port Batteries, Terraversa, 16 August 620 (T-DAY-1) "And all around the shore, where cannons still roar, they're haunting my dreams, they're still there when I sleep" The Terraversans called them "Oldis' Fist", according to the intelligence. Probably it was one of the heaviest souvenirs left by the Mardierian army... and everybody could easily guess why it was left behind. That massive 64-pounder was for sure quite difficult to move by itself and, furthermore, it was on top of a steep cliff. For sure, it represented a real threat for an attacking fleet: that beast could throw a roundshot up to three kilometers far, or a shell filled with dozens of musket balls on a shorter range. If the defenders had the chance to make those "gift" rain on the ship decks or on the crowded longboats, it would have been a massacre. Moreover, the small promontory was surrounded by reefs and shallow waters, which made the approach difficult for bomb ketches... running aground in range of enemy batteries wasn't a great perspective! This was the reason why, the night before the main landing, Tristan and his men were in those small canoes, rowing towards a coast just slightly darker than the night sky. As several other times in the past, darkness was a good friend for them: they couldn't see the landing point, this was true, but they were also hidden from their enemies... and, if everything had gone as planned, they didn't need to find that small beach on their own. Flashes of light broke the pitch-black night, as a man waved a lantern on the coast... two flashes, a pause, two more flashes. The conveyed signal! Their man on Terraversa was telling them that the way was clear... or somebody had captured him, and now was dragging them all in a trap. Trying to be as quiet as possible, the rowers headed towards the shore, while the other soldiers, Rimbaud's Raiders and mountaineers of the 5eme regiment Pride of Guelph, grabbed muskets and sabers, ready to fight tooth and nail if they had been betrayed. The canoes scraped on the shoals, avoided some surfacing rocks and, at last, reached the small beach. Their man was waiting, hidden among the rocks and, fortunately, alone. That beach was too small for a proper landing, with only an old, half-crumbled mule track leading to the top of the cliff. A patrol checked it, now and then, but they were almost outside King's Port defensive system... if they had met a few soldiers, they would have easily got rid of them without noises, with knives or bows: some of the Raiders had spent years living with the natives and could use that weapon quite well. That night, however, they didn't meet anyone, either on the beach or along the trail. After a few hours of climbing, sliding and muffled cursings, the commando reached the top of the cliff. It would have been almost impossible without their local guide, and this explained that little hole in the Terraversan defenses. It was dawn. Below them, on the shiny sea, they saw the spectacle of the Oleander fleet: an endless row of ships of the line, frigates and galleons, with support ships and bomb ketches moving around... sails and flags waved in the wind, and hundreds of cannons shined in the gunports under the morning sun. It was impressive, but it also meant that they were late: they had to take the battery immediately, before it could fire on their comrades. There was no time for a plan, for a flanking attack, for a reconnaissance. A few cannonballs, fired from the distant fleet, stopped right in front of the battery, hitting the low wall with almost no force and sinking in the soft ground... Damn! A frontal assault was a bad perspective even without the risk of friendly fire! Reloading would have taken a few minutes, so that was their chance... hoping that down below they had good spyglasses! The Terraversans artillerymen were surprised as they were loading the first shot, but reacted quickly, grabbing weapons and tools. However, they were only a few, and they were not trained at all for close-quarter engagements... the fight to take the battery would have been fast and relatively easy. At least, in theory, thought Tristan as a Terraversan tried to split his head in half with a shovel. The bluecoats climbed the low wall and charged forward. That cannon would have not fired that day: whatever the cost, they would have taken the battery, and would have held it against the enemy counterattacks. Meanwhile, along the coast, dozens of cannons were blazing, and at least as many had been destroyed by the massive artillery barrage. One of the forts was burning, but also one of the largest battleships was tilting, and the sailors were jumping in the water. That day was going to be the longest in the whole life of hundreds of men. That day they were making history!
  3. After the first wave of brave troops took the beaches, they were soon followed by supplies. Shot, rum, food, money. Everything was needed. A cart had already taken off to bring more ammunition to the men pushing past the beach. A watch tower had been erected, and a captain was looking at his map to see where they would be going next.
  4. Landing Point Charlotte, Terraversa, 17 August 620 (T-DAY) "Hell is waiting where the ocean meets the sand"  The soldiers of the first wave got onto the small rowboats, that were immediately lowered into the water. Somebody whispered a short prayer to Poseidon, others hummed a popular tavern song, most remained silent... only the platoon of legionnaires assigned to the ship continued chatting and laughing till the last moment, as if their assault was nothing more serious than a pleasant walk. The cliffs in front of them started appearing from the morning fog. It was almost the hour. In a few minutes, they would have started rowing as madmen towards Plage Charlotte, one of the designated landing points... not thehardest target, but still well under the crossfire of forts and batteries! Everybody knew that a lot of things could go very, very, wrong: according to the plan, they would have reached the shoreline immediately after the first artillery barrage, overwhelming the shoreline fortifications and opening a safe passage for the second -and more consistent- wave; meanwhile, their artillery would have hammered the remaining forts, turning them into ruins. Suddenly, the capital ship shot the first volley, immediately followed by hundreds of other cannons. On the shore, a battery exploded, immediately followed by another one. With a savage yell, the soldiers started rowing, while dozens and dozens of cannonballs flew over their heads. Small clouds of smoke announced the first return volleys. A few seconds later, jets of water exploded from the sea, and a nearby ship received two blows. As the artillery duel continued, the small boats reached the shore. The bigger coastal batteries continued their barrage against the fleet, but the mortars and the small culverins were waiting for them. One of the boats was annihilated, directly hit by a grenade. After what seemed an eternity, the keels of the boats hit the sand and the soldiers jumped forward. The rain of iron and fire began immediately, as the soldiers arrived in the range of Terraversan blockhouses. Organ guns and wall muskets started firing, giving rise to a hellish concert of bangs and rattlings. In just a matter of seconds, dozens of bullets were flying in every direction.  Some soldiers fell after a few steps, mowed by mortar fire and organ guns, but most charged forward, taking shelter and starting a strong cover fire with their muskets. One of the organ guns fired again, but those damned weapons were inaccurate and slow to reload... with the soldiers moving and scattering along the beach, this time most of the bullets hit only the sand.  An officer of the Zouaves, the tirailleurs from New Oleon, started yelling orders, reorganizing the soldiers for the charge: if they took the fortifications before the Terraversans could reorganize, the first bridgehead would have been taken! Only a few dozen meters and they would have reached the blockhouses... a run through the Tartarus, towards the guns of their enemies, but also the road towards King's Port and the victory!   A few more pics of the battle:   The Terraversan organ gun:   Obvious credit to @Khorne for the foreign legion and the zouaves, something I never had the chance to depict. Ps So it begins... as soon as possible I’ll add a link in the AMRCA thread!
  5. So, what are your thoughts and feelings about these guys' prevalence in more recent Collectable Minifigure Series as of late?
  6. thebluecrusader

    Batcave Invasion

    Batcave Invasion Batcave Invasion - YouTube The Joker (Lego Batman Movie Version) and his super villain squad invade Batman's Batcave. Batman must form his own super hero squad from members of the Justice League to help ward off the threat! I posted a trailer for this a few days ago, however this is the final release! I hope you enjoy it. If you liked it please subscribe and leave a comment! I will begin working on a new project in a few days. Thank you for watching
  7. thebluecrusader


    The Joker (Lego Batman Movie Version) and his super villain squad invade Batman's Batcave. Batman must form his own super hero squad from members of the Justice League to help ward off the threat! The trailer for an upcoming stopmotion animation I've been working on for the past two and a half weeks. I finished the final cut at around 7-8 yesterday and whipped up this small preview. I will be releasing this on my studio's YouTube channel (the same one you are watching the trailer on) on the 18th (Tuesday) so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it! Thanks for watching!
  8. sheo

    [MOC] Elephant Building

    This gorgeous tall building was once an architectural highlight of the city. It was also one of the centers of business activity, usually overcrowded by citizens. Everything changed when alien invaders suddenly came from the darkest depths of Earth. Giant drilling machines pierced the earth surface, and myriads of underground creatures flooded into the city, forcing its inhabitants to flee. Elephant Building sustained severe internal damage and now it is on the verge of destruction, although its facade and distinctive columns remain intact. Let us discover the interior of the building while it still stands. Ground floor hosts a media shop with very expressive shop windows. It used to be just a bookshop at first but later the assortment has been broaden with music and video. Ironically, the shop window dedicated to books was first to be destroyed. Above the bookshop we can find a private apartment where there is something going on. It was once owned by a respectable but stubborn family who refused to move when the building was being turned nonresidential. However, at some point the apartment was occupied by a group of dangerous criminals. Some said that this apartment became the very center of criminal activity in the city. Despite evil intentions of these people, let us hope that nobody was inside the bathroom when it was smashed. Coincidentally, there is a bank office right above the suspicious apartment. It is unclear whether it was a target of the criminals or their own organization. Anyway, it was not them who made the big hole in the floor. Also, there is a courtroom in the attic... ...And a shed on the roof. It is a perfectly ordinary shed, but who knows, maybe someone has been writing music inside of it? And here is some of the furniture used in the building. Model characteristics: 32 x 32 corner modular building. Building comprises 3 stories, an attic and a shed on the roof resulting in an overall height of 45 bricks. Model consists of over 8500 parts. Additional links: Photo album on flickr Building instructions are available on Rebrickable.
  9. [banner Pending] Four heroes heeded the call to assist the Sheep Tribe in defending their sheep from some unknown source atop the legendary Mount Ulysses, which some claimed to be tall enough to touch the sky. Those heroes are... Matthias the Carnival Crusader (StickFig) *Party Leader 22 Year Old Male Gnome Level 17 Druid *Gains 10 gold for each Humanoid killed* *Immune to Bound, Slowed* Power: 36 (17 + 9 + 0 + 0 + 10) Defense: 4 (0 + 4 + 0) Health: 27/27 (6 + 16 + 7 + 0 - 2) Ether: 17/17 (0 + 16 + 1 + 0 + 0) Gold: 91 Equipment: Restored Fireball Extraordinaire (WP: 9, hits enemies above and below target, Darkness and Electric Elemental, user is slowed), Hunter's Plate (SP: 4, wearers gains +10 gold for each humanoid kill, suitable for rogues, rangers, barbarians, beast warriors, infiltrators, regulators, and beast warriors) (Dreyrugr), Winged Sandals (wearers is immune to bound and slowed, footwear) Inventory: Peashooter (WP: 2, deals Burning: -2), Pongcanis Crossbow (WP: 8), Dapper Hat (Head wear, 1/6 chance to be encouraged at the beginning of battle), Ruby, 2x Elixir, Grand Potion, Grating Stone, Potion, 2x Red Death Blood (first target hit is doomed, consumable), 4x Remedy, 2x Smoke Bomb, Bedroll, Magic Compass Lind Whisperer *Immune to Fire* 21-year-old male Human of the Munchkin tribe Class: Rogue Level: 15.5 Power Bonus: +3 Defense: 4 Health: 35/35 (7+14+4+9) Gold: 2 Glory Points: 14 Equipment: Anniversary Medal (+3 Health, +3 Power, +3 SP, +3 Ether, Immune to Fire; accessory, suitable for anyone), Akrone Fez (Artefact; SP: 1, Max. Health: +1, Headwear, suitable for anyone), Ethereal Deck (WP:7, throwing weapon) Inventory: • Mugger's Mask (Protects from loss of gold from gold stealing enemies, headwear.), Trickster's Mask of the Human (suitable for anyone, changes users appearance into a human of the same gender, accessory), • Bedroll, Shovel • Venom, Mead x2, Potion x4, Remedy, Bone, Phoenix Essence • Newspaper with Picture of Lupine (Quest/role-playing item), Alfendi's Cape, Alfendi Lupine's Blank Calling Cards • Decamon Deck: Tweetybird (Flying 1), Mud Frog (Rock 2) Purpearl Berthadhiell, the Carnival Crusader (Purpearljellyblob) 180 Years Old Female Elven Mystic Knight Level 18 *Immune to Fire and Fragile, Hexed, Petrified, Minimized, Jinxed, Stunned* Power: 42 (Level 18 + WP 20 + 4 Bonus #102) Defense: 13 (5 + 3 + 5) Health: 27/27 (Base 5 + 17 Levels + 7 Health Bonus - 2 Penalty #102) Ether: 26/26 (Base 5 + 17 Levels + 4 Bonus #102) Gold: 163 (Owes Karie 25 gold) GP: 6 Equipment: Zelphie's Staff (WP: 20, cannot be imbued with elements, damages undead), Blue Hand Shield (SP:5, immune to Hexed, Petrified, Minimized, Jinxed, and Stunned), Heavy Armour (SP: 5, immune to Fragile, suitable for suitable for barbarians, knights, dragoons, skirmishers and regulators), Aventine's Tricorne (SP: 3, Immunity to Fire), Inventory: Equipment: Lullaby Wand (WP:8, Sleep effect), Crimson Arcanon (Wand WP:3), Chaotic Whip (WP: 5, Light and Darkness Elemental), Thorny Rose (WP: 17,wood-elemental, deals the Poisoned by 3 effect, mace), Crescent Shield (SP: 7, halved damage from elemental attacks, shield), Crocodile Handbag (Max Ether +2; accessory), Tunic of Elven Acrobat (+4 HP, Provides Nimble Effect with 1/3 chance to completely avoid rolls of COUNTER, DAMAGE and Free Hits, torsowear), Ruby (Fire), Topaz (Lightning), Amethyst (Darkness), Scroll of Confusion Consumables: 2 Potions, 11 Grand Tonics, Remedy, Tiger Balm, Mead, Ambrosia, 5 Venoms, Deadly Venom, Raw Sushi (Restores 5 Health and 5 Ether when consumed), 2 Tasty Pretzels (1/3 chance each of granting lucky, hastened and encouraged-effects upon consumption), Tinyshroom, Level Up Mushroom, Bone Decamon Deck: Lucky Rabbit (Icy 1), Scarab (Rock 1), Barghest (Electric 2), Automaton (Electric 5) Tools: Bedroll, Shovel, Magnifying Glass Siercon (Siercon and Coral) Male, Age and species unknown (Visual appearance of hollow black smoke in human form.) Level 16.0 Battlemage (Darkness to all Attacks; Immune to Darkness, Asleep) Power: 33 (16 levels + WP 17) Spell Power: 43 (Magicians Gloves +10) Defense: 5 (Dark Phibbian Cloak +5) Health: 25/25 (5 base + 14 lvl + 5 class) Ether: 21/21 (5 base + 14 lvl + 1 class) Gold: 9 (owed 100 by Purpearl) Equipment: -Giant Spear (WP:17, causes Bleeding, Hollow upgrade [Potion Stored]) -Dark Phibbian Cloak (SP:5, Adds Darkness-element to attacks and protects from darkness, suitable for magic users, body wear, Immune to Sleep,) -Magicians Gloves (Spellpower +10, Artifact, Hand Wear) Gems: Topaz (Lightning), Diamond (Light), Ruby (Fire), Emerald (Wood) Bombs: Cataclysm Bomb 200 (200 damage to all enemies with all elements [except darkness], ignores row and SP), Muddy Bomb (deals blinded and poisoned by 3 to all foes),Confuse Bomb (Deals 5 damage and the confused-effect to all opponents), 5x Bone (Distracts monster for 1 turn when thrown) Consumables: 7 Potions, 3 Remedies Inventory: Sylvania's Cowl (Artifact, Head Wear, Animal Talk), Sanctified Rito Spear, (WP:4, doubled against Flying enemies, Hollow upgrade [ ____ Stored]) Tools: Magic Compass, Shovel, Magnifying Glass After a long and relatively boring but cold walk on the open road, and having travelled through R'kilf, Ve'er, and Shelbric, the party came to the beginning of the Mt. Ulysses Trail. Looking up, the party could see the trail spiral up the mountain, leading to what looked like a small village. A large wooden structure marked the beginning of the hike up the mountain, while a wooden sign sat nestled in a patch of snow. A fluffy white owl nestled on a rock, eyeing the party occasionally before hooting to no one in particular. QM Note: Hey guys! Welcome to Invasion of the Sheep Snatchers. Check your stats and make sure they're alright, if not, let me know. I think you guys know the drill by now, but if you want to check something out, just bold it. Let's get started!
  10. sander1992

    [MOC] Kashyyyk

    Hi everyone, This is the first Star Wars MOC I post on Eurobricks. It is almost four and a half years ago I made a Star Wars MOC. I was an exhibitor at an event in the south of the Netherlands. The MOC is inspired from the scenes of Revenge of the Sith and the landscapes from Legoland Germany and Denmark. The landscape is 2 by 6 XL plates big and it has a lot of details. When I see landscapes of Star Wars, I see mostly Endor, Hoth or Christophsis. That is the reason why I wanted Kashyyyk. Here is the link to the pictures. Comments and/or feedback are welcome. It is the first Star Wars MOC in years. Sander
  11. Vulture Beast is a powerful creature with immensely strong wings. It is capable of destroying any pesky hero in its way by swiping them with its razor sharp feathers. When it soars into the sky, nothing can outrun its speed and agility. This is not a beast you want to cross paths with. After everything in its path is destroyed, all it has to do is finish off Stormer with its crushing claws at the end of its bony legs. When it spreads out its huge wings, it looks even more intimidating than before. Antropolis is left a broken city after Vulture Beast's rampage. Basically the inspiration for this MOC was Jaw Beast. I was staring at his head and realized that the front kind of reminded me of a beak on a bird. I also wanted to experiment with wing shapes as I was very disappointed by Flyer Beast's wings when I first saw pictures of it. Well, that's about it! C&C welcome as always. Thanks for reading!
  12. El_Pirotecnico

    Port Callao Invasion

    Hi everyone !!! This is my first post My name is Raúl, I'm from Lima - Perú (South America, Machu Pichu hehehe) I'm a Lego HARDCORE fan. In Perú, Lego is VERY expensive (twice as expensive as Europe) and very limited support, but with tons of effort we can build some dioramas hehehe This is my second diorama. It's an expo in Lima (october 26th), and was a little expo but very significative. Album in flickr: Take care See you soon El Pirotecnico PD: Sorry for my bad english
  13. ~-This Quest is for chosen heroes only. if you are interested in joining Heroica RPG, visit the Heroica Rules and Discussion topic.-~ The tale I am about to tell you is simply the final chapter. The final chapter of a much, much longer story... that began over 3,000 years ago. There is a lonely, remote island in the North. 3,000 years ago, they mages who resided there were slowly dying. The harsh wintry climate allowed neither cattle or steed to survive. Thus, each day for the mages was a constant struggle against the cruel snow. The land was barren and unfarmable - there was nothing to hunt. Thus, slowly but surely, the mages died one by one in the frigid cold. The greatest evokers among the mages sought to end the misery that plagued their people. Thus, they banded together and conducted a ritual atop the highest mountain peak. By the ritual's end, they had created a new type of lifeform: a new species was born. The Proggs. Little did they know that their own creation would eventually doom them to an even worse fate then before. The Proggs, when their population grew large enough, rallied and enslaved their masters. The Proggs forced them to endure what they had to when they were under the mage's thrall. 3,000 years have past. And now, the invasion of Luosh... has begun. 6 heroes and the Progg runt who had rallied them step outside of the hall at the dead of night. These 6 heroes were... Sylph Solanum (Dannylonglegs) *Party Leader!* unknown age, unknown race Druid Level 16½ Power: 24 (16+7+1) Defense: 0 Health: 1/32 (9+15+7+1) Ether: 17/21 (5+15+1) Gold: 150 Equipment: Merry Bow (WP:7, ranged, steals 1 gold with each successful hit except Shield-skills), Ranger's Quiver (WP +1 to bows and crossbows), Helmet (Max. health +1) Inventory: Mockthril Rod (WP:7), Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Sleep, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Confusion, 2 Potions, 1 Grand Potion, Tonic, Grand Tonic, Remedy, 2 Smelling Salts, 2 Venoms, Smoke Bomb, 2 Fire Bombs, 2 Ice Bombs, 3 Water Bombs, 2 Lightning Bombs, Floral Bomb, Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, 8 Bones, Signet Ring, Saber Teeth Galen Woodward (Fugazi) 36 year old male human Rogue Level 12 Power: 20 (12+8) Defense: 2 (+2) Health: 22/22 (7+11+4) Gold: 127 Equipment: Black Katana (WP:8), Chimera Headdress (Headwear, Suitable for Rangers and Rogues, +1 SP +4 Health), Leather Armour (SP:1) Inventory: Fauxthril Shuriken (WP:5, ranged), Throwing Dagger (WP:4, ranged), Bedroll, Venom, Smoke Bomb, Bomb XX, Grand Potion x5, Remedy x3, Phoenix Essence, Nostrum x3, Mead x3 Johon [AKA Alf Gregory] (Bricksandparts) 25 years old male human Barbarian > Raider Level: 18 1/2 Power: 26 (18+8+0) Health: 33/33 (17+8+1+7+0) Shield Power: (1 + 5) Ether: ~/0 Positive effects: *Immune to:* (*Fragile*, *Cursed*), *Natural Respite* Negative effects: (none) Gold: 126 (186G(1), 0GB(50), 0CB(50), 0GO(80), 0CC(70), 0GC(100), 0M) Equipment: Dog Statuette - (suitable for anyone, SP: 1, once named (Rover), speaking the name summons a dog almost certainly to tag along on madcap adventures and make snippy comments.), Sword of Decay (WP:8)(once the target is inflicted with damage they lose a quarter of the power of the strike each following turn for three turns. the effect cannot be compounded with more strikes. Suitable to Mages, Knights and Barbarians), Heavy Armour – SP:5, protects from fragile-effect, suitable for barbarians and knights. Extra Artefacts: Helmet (+1 max health), Blessed Amulet – Protects from cursed-effect. Extra Weapons: Greatsword (WP:3), Meteor Blade (WP:8, Light elemental), Focal Staff (WP:5, Focus Fire-Roll a 3 for 5 ether Suitable for clerics and mages) Tools: Shovel (1), Pick-axe (2), Magnifying Glass (1), Magic Compass (1) Consumables: Potion (3), Grand Potion (1), Venom (2), Ice Bomb (1), Phoenix Essence (1), Mead (1) Elements: Aquamarine (1), Emerald (1) Scrolls: Scroll of Sleep (1), Scroll of Blindness (1), Scroll of Sealing (2), Scroll of Confusion (1) Quest items: (None) Elgar Gligin (played by Jedi master Brick) Level 17 Evoker Power: 28 Defense: 0 Health: 25/25 Ether: 17/17 Gold: 183 Equipment: Mockthril Crossbow (WP:11) Inventory: Fauxthril Longbow (WP: 5),Smoke Bomb, Bedroll, Emerald,SapphireTopaz ,3 Venoms, Spade,Pickaxe,3 Potions, Trickster's Mask of the Elf(Accessory, Changes user's appearance into an Elf),Scroll of Poisoning (Grants target’s weapon the badly poisoned effect for one battle at the cost of 5 ether) ,Goblin's Wrench(WP:10,retrievable), Needlessly Large Rod (Non-Artifact Item, Curses a random enemy. Usuable once per battle. Does not prevent free hits. ) Lycan Dean (played by theBoyWonder) Level 8 Rogue *Immune to weakened* Power: 19 Health: 12/12 Gold: 0 (95 gold owed to Thormanil and 30 to Loreal) Equipment: Sword of the Croise (WP: 9), Pugillist Gloves(Power +2, protects from weakened), Sylvania's Cowl(grants Animal Talk to Wearer) Inventory: Bedroll, Staff of The Frog Paladin (WP:6, 1/6 chance of Amphibianocs Blessing (protects from damage)), Throwing Dagger (WP6), Warhammer (WP:4) Isabella del Toboso (played by Dharkan), Level 13.5 Rogue Human Female - 23 years old Power:22 Health: 19/19 Gold: 691 gold SP: 1 Equipment: Fauxthril Dagger (WP:8) Cloak of the Invisible Elf (SP: 1; untargetable for first 2 Rounds of every Battle) Heavy Armor (SP:6, Power -6) Inventory:,Opal, Heavy Armor (SP:6, Power -6, Golden Dagger (WP:3), a Vial of Venom, Potion(7),Tonic(5), Phoenix Essence, Bedroll, Fire Bomb(2),Dragon Scale(2) A massive chariot stands before them, capable of fitting a dozen men - yet, oddly, only one person steps out. The moon hangs over them, the light emitting from it lighting up the scene. The horses neigh and whinny, afraid of going back to Luosh. "Jerome Doe, second in command of the Luosh guard, at your service. Is everyone here? When you all confirm, we can head to Luosh." QM Note: Please confirm you are ready to play within 24 hours. Did I get the stats right? Also, B&P, your picture seems broken.
  14. 4estFeller

    MSFC: Invasion!

    Invasion! Main Shot: I used two light-up bricks under the explosion for a "glow" effect. Check out the Light-up function video. Alternate View: The Ship: