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  1. [MOC] Portal Spaceship

    Thanks for your kind words everyone! That was a surprise indeed!
  2. [MOC] Portal Spaceship

    Portal ships are used to create instant connections with distant regions of the galaxy. Such ship can open a large quasi-stable wormhole and travel to the destination point, where it establishes a stable link with another ship in the point of origin. Since quasi-stable wormholes are dangerous, portal ships are fully automated. The ship is also capable of sublight flight in normal space. Here we can see a smaller ship appearing from subspace: Front view of the ship: Rear side of the ship with 3 groups of sublight engines: Close-up view of the portal: Close-up views of the engine pods: Larger photos can be found on flickr. Thank you for your attention!
  3. [MOC] Nasty Tower

    @Zero (Zblj), thank you! It has a polygonal hinged core with attached vertical stripes.
  4. [MOC] General and Soldier

    Good observation! Actually four fingers are normal for cartoon characters, and the real issue is that there is also a big realistic palm with five fingers in the same scene. @Littleworlds, @carebear, @Legofunbuild, thank you!
  5. [MOC] General and Soldier

    Great idea! I thought about it, but after pistons I would have needed a portion of a forearm, and then an elbow, and so on. Therefore I decided to limit myself to the palm. @Aanchir, thank you for your kind words!
  6. A general and her mecha soldier. The general:
  7. [MOC] Nasty Tower

    @LEGO Train 12 Volts, @Littleworlds, @Actor Builder, @carebear, thank you for your kind words!
  8. This is my model of the Meter Maid Cart from Zootopia. Features: Full independent suspension; Easy access to battery box. Remotely controlled Power Functions: Driving (Large motor); Steering (Servo motor) + synchronized steering wheel; 4-speed sequential gearbox (just for fun!) switched with a Servo motor. Windscreen wiper (Medium motor). Manually controlled Power Functions: Headlights (manual switch). Manual functions: Rotating flash lights. If you like this model, please support it on LEGO Ideas! Also, if you like Zootopia, see my models of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde! Or even support them on LEGO Ideas!
  9. [MOC] Trash Dump

    Street Lamp Halfway to Heaven Octafruit Exoplanetary Outpost Cathedral Alien Nest
  10. Update: Alternative outfit for Judy Hopps:
  11. Here is a simple example: Put a temporary SNOT brick. Connect side plates to the SNOT brick. Replace the SNOT brick with a Technic brick. Put a Technic peg in the Technic brick. Now everything is connected together, and there is no collision errors. In your case I would suggest building something like that:
  12. You just need to position the side panels using temporary SNOT bricks, then replace them with Technic bricks and put pegs in them.