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  1. Side fans are simply linked by a chain. No, replicating the real engines would take up most of the space inside the superstructure. Yes, there are more parts now, and many parts are System bricks. No, there are no instructions.
  2. Thanks again for the comments everyone! It's hard to say, but the idea of rebuilding Terex dates back to the moment I saw the Lego Scale Modeling forum here on Eurobricks.
  3. Thank you guys! Anything is better than yellow!
  4. I would like to present a 1:48 scale model of one of the largest hydraulic mining excavators in the world. This machine has been previously known as Terex RH400 and Bucyrus RH400, and currently it is called Caterpillar 6090 FS. However, this model uses the preceding Bucyrus livery. The model has the following remotely controlled electric functions: Propulsion; Slewing; Boom operation and opening of bucket; Rotating cooling fans; Folding ladder; Retractable service station; Lighting. The model has a remotely controlled gearbox which distributes motor power between two sets of functions. The scale of the model is minifigure compatible. Thank you for your attention!
  5. [MOC] Trash Dump

    I would like to add new items to this collection: Forbidden Love Miserable Trophies Headache
  6. Just a crazy thought: judging from the description of the initial task, motor A can be replaced with motor B (with the same power) plus a shameless 2:1 gear reduction (which gives a speed of 2Hz). If your calculations are correct, one of two identical motors has to provide only 1.5Nm torque (3Nm after gear reduction) while the other one has to provide 3Nm torque and the same speed. That's just unfair! :)
  7. My version: An adder is basically two inputs connected to the same output via two sets of gears. As we know, in a gear train torque is transferred inversely proportional to the angular speeds of the gears: T2/T1=W1/W2. The output speed of the adder is obviously an average of the input speeds: W=(W1+W2)/2=3 Hz. The first input transfers the following torque to the output: Ta=T1*W1/W=4*2/3=8/3 Nm. The second input transfers the following torque to the output: Tb=T2*W2/W=2*4/3=8/3 Nm. The output torque is a sum of the torques received by the output from the inputs: T=Ta+Tb=(T1*W1+T2*W2)/W=16/3 Nm=5.33 Nm. The output power is 16 W.
  8. [MOC] Portal Spaceship

    Thanks for your kind words everyone! That was a surprise indeed!
  9. [MOC] Portal Spaceship

    Portal ships are used to create instant connections with distant regions of the galaxy. Such ship can open a large quasi-stable wormhole and travel to the destination point, where it establishes a stable link with another ship in the point of origin. Since quasi-stable wormholes are dangerous, portal ships are fully automated. The ship is also capable of sublight flight in normal space. Here we can see a smaller ship appearing from subspace: Front view of the ship: Rear side of the ship with 3 groups of sublight engines: Close-up view of the portal: Close-up views of the engine pods: Larger photos can be found on flickr. Thank you for your attention!
  10. [MOC] Nasty Tower

    @Zero (Zblj), thank you! It has a polygonal hinged core with attached vertical stripes.
  11. [MOC] General and Soldier

    Good observation! Actually four fingers are normal for cartoon characters, and the real issue is that there is also a big realistic palm with five fingers in the same scene. @Littleworlds, @carebear, @Legofunbuild, thank you!
  12. [MOC] General and Soldier

    Great idea! I thought about it, but after pistons I would have needed a portion of a forearm, and then an elbow, and so on. Therefore I decided to limit myself to the palm. @Aanchir, thank you for your kind words!
  13. A general and her mecha soldier. The general: