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  1. sheo

    [MOC] Silhouettes

    Confused: Trickster: Female portrait: Thank you for your attention!
  2. That's because you eliminated the gaps between vertically oriented sections when you put them freely side by side.
  3. If you mean that you are putting 3 vertical sections freely side by side then of course they will be shorter that the horizontal stack of plates because you are eliminating the gaps between sections. And if are still having two stacked 8 10 stud long plates at the bottom, then the bending should be still present.
  4. Here is a comparison of your build and a build with a base consisting of short plates (I also used plates 1x4 with 2 studs): By the way, in both of your builds the top side of the frame is bending as well.
  5. My version: As I can see from the photos, the horizontal stack of plates has the same width as the line of blue plates placed above, so the geometry is correct. If you look at the mentioned line, you will notice small gaps between plates which are intentionally added to all bricks to prevent friction. However, the base of the build consists of 4 stacked long plates which bend upwards. This bending displaces the left brown support and also pushes together 3 vertical stacks of plates and bricks negating the gaps between them. Therefore they seem to be shorter than the horizontal stack of plates. Try replacing the long plates at the bottom with several short ones (e.g. 4 studs long) and see if the problem persists.
  6. sheo

    [MOC] Revival

    Thank you for the comments, @LEGO Train 12 Volts, @Littleworlds, @Peppermint_M and @nunofilipe72!
  7. sheo

    [MOC] Revival

    Thank you, @LegoModularFan!
  8. sheo

    [MOC] Revival

    Hello, I would like to present my latest creation called Revival. Video presentation: More photos:
  9. sheo

    Red High Speed Train

    It's so nice to see this train in red livery! Thanks for sharing, Stephen! I wish I had enough parts to build the new version in red...
  10. Here is a scheme of internal mechanisms:
  11. The previous version is now obsolete, so there's no reason to build it.
  12. Thanks again for the comments guys! As far as I know, 797F version uses a 20 cylinder engine. Anyway, I ran out of space. At least I have a large fuel tank! Thank you! Looking forward to your version! Larger scale brings more possibilities! Probably not. I found that collecting all those yellow parts is quite a painful exercise.
  13. I've added a small bonus video to the first post.
  14. Thanks for the comments everyone! At least it's allowed by Lego Digital Designer. I'm sorry, I didn't mean a gearbox, it's just a planetary reduction. Initially I wanted to make them in the same scale but I couldn't find suitable Lego tires. I tried putting the models side by side and found that it looks quite weird.