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  1. Rustinidiel

    Diy LED system

    thx a lot for you explaination! if you, or someone else got information about some online store in europe, please say it
  2. Rustinidiel

    Diy LED system

    wait... i got a doubt... you said to use 2 batteries 1,5v... fot a 3v of total... this means the led need 3v and with usb (providing 5v) a resistor is needed to downgrade the voltage o 3v... right? but the led strip/chain found on amazon use 3 batteries 1,5v... for a 4,5v in total... my doubt/question is: what voltage need those leds?
  3. Rustinidiel

    Diy LED system

    cooi, and they need some resistance?
  4. Rustinidiel

    Diy LED system

    i know that product... is a strip, or a chain, with a lot of led together... you use it as strip or unbuilding it and use single led per time? because i need single leds,,, if in a town building i want light up a lamp in an apartment, a strip is not usefull
  5. Rustinidiel

    Diy LED system

    i prefer not buy on ebay... too many times scammed
  6. Rustinidiel

    Diy LED system

    hi, i hope this is the right section (if not, moderators move this discussion as you wish) i hope someone can help me: i want light up my creations, town buildings and others... i've seen a lot of light kits online but are very expensive for me... because of it i thinked to create my own "kit" with leds, soldering etc... my question is: someone know a place online with good prices for micro leds (maybe pre-wired) in europe? i cant buy them from USA because shipping cost are crazy for an european user... thanks to all
  7. Rustinidiel

    One More Brick

    the problem is not the current area... anyway i would post it in "special themes"... but, you registered yourself and posted this advertising... without post anything in the presentation thread
  8. Rustinidiel

    One More Brick

    is a good behaviour to present yourself in the appropriate section before posting something... specially if your only purpose here is to make advertising...
  9. Rustinidiel

    What is this tube piece???

    if you zoom the pic, you can see what you try to identify is not one piece... but 2 hoses, one with little diameter, and a pneumatic hose for the part with diameter bigger... the proof is on the right side of that mix of parts... he used the same pneumatic hose... ofcourse the designer had cut the hoses to obtain the length wanted... i hope this helps you
  10. my fault... i've controlled right now... and you are in right: the pdf downloaded from the Lego service have weird names of the file... i remembered wrong because when i search an instruction, i copy the set number... Ctrl+V on the Lego service search bar, and Ctrl+V when save the file... anyway it not takes time to being done...
  11. if you prefer that method... i'm not saying it is nosense... but i not see that complicated the procedure on Lego site as you said... the pdf have as a meaningful name, the number of the set.. i'm registered and when search an instruction, automatically the site select the pdf wirth the right region version... really, for me the official method is very simple and fast... i not see the interesting thing you said... but, well, if you enjoy it, good
  12. the difference is 2 click than 4?
  13. sorry, i not tryed your method... and ot understand why... when Lego provides itself a method to download all instructions...
  14. Rustinidiel

    What makes a MOC interesting?

    I try everytime to desgn first things i like, because they inspire more my creativity the strange thing (lol) is that in this forum is very hard to gain a feedback... in the most cases users view the creations and not give any opinion luckily LDD has not too recent parts
  15. i totally agree! is a good sowtfare, but too complicated to be enjoyable like LDD... designing with LDD is a super easy thing like in real life