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  1. Ring-Worlds - An ongoing project

    awesome work! how you done the circular base of your creation?
  2. Batman/IronMan project

    the first you made... with long ears, is the same i want to do do you molded or 3d printed it?
  3. Batman/IronMan project

    Thanks for the suggest... but i prefer the scifi and continue with my project
  4. Lego Digital designer not allow you to do that connection in real lie you can, but in LDD not.. anyway you can do a similar thing using a technic pin with stud
  5. Batman/IronMan project

    ahahah yes, if will not be durable i will not be angry with you if i do this... i have a Batman cowl with the IronMan face.... my plan is to have a Batman helmet, strong, armored... for this using only the bat ears on the IronMan helmet will result a better armored thing
  6. Batman/IronMan project

    the sacrifice of the batman mask is unavoidable when i will do my next bricklink order i buy some batman masks to make this experiment ater connection with the glue... the helmet will be playable? or you think it will be a bit delicate?
  7. Batman/IronMan project

    thanks for your advices!! I will check the 3d printing service prices...i think it is the easyest way to got a good result but if it will be too expensive, i think to give a try to the customization work you are in right: the batman mask ears are so small... there is another Lego part to use (cutting or not) for make a good ears for my helmet?
  8. Batman/IronMan project

    a little photoshopping of what I want to do Batman/IronMan Proto by Rusty B., su Flickr I also thinked to use one online 3d printing service to make the helmet... but before i must add the bat ears to the 3d model of IronMan helmet... what do you think? what I should do?
  9. Batman/IronMan project

    thanks a lot!
  10. hi, I want to make a custom minifig about Batman... an armored costume... and I thinked for the mask to use the IronMan helmet... Batman/IronMan Proto by Rusty B., su Flickr to make theese photos i use a prosprctive view in LDD... but to make this helmet in real.... i thinked to cut off the ears rom a batman mask and fit them on a black IronMan helmet, and than paint the IronMan front mask to make more Batman style.... any other suggestion to make this project? i'm not too skilled in customization, for this i ask to the community if you got a better idea
  11. [MOC] Batmobile Classic

    Thanks a lot for your opinion!! I enjoyed to build this one... the Batmobile of the TV series was a very long vehicle, as other '60 cars.. anyway, the official Lego Batmobile is about 26 studs long... mine version is 24
  12. [MOC] Batmobile Classic

    I love the Batmobile of the classic series, but i think the design of the official vehicle in the 76052 set is a bit ugly... and too tall for the minifigure.. For this I built this MOC, mantaining from the official set only the windows, the two cilinder at back, the two tails and the exhaust... I redesigned the rest of parts for a better design, lower style and simple but strong connections... Classic Batmobile MOC by Rusty B., su Flickr Classic Batmobile MOC by Rusty B., su Flickr Classic Batmobile MOC by Rusty B., su Flickr here the comparsion with the official Batmobile from 76052 set Classic Batmobile MOC by Rusty B., su Flickr Classic Batmobile MOC by Rusty B., su Flickr What do you think? comments and critics are welcome
  13. [MOC] The Tumbler

    Cool little Tumbler! great work!!
  14. [MOC] Batmobile : The Predator

    thanks a lot! when i build my own i'll post the result
  15. [MOC] Batmobile : The Predator

    this Batmobile is awesome!! cool, functional and not too big... my villains minifigs will be in fear for this :) and you are awesome to share your creation in ldd file... but the brickshelf link said "This folder is not yet public." my villains are laughing for this