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  1. Rustinidiel

    Connection problem

    my god! was so simple? math is an obscure thing for me :) thanks a lot, now i can continue creating my moc!!!!
  2. Rustinidiel

    Connection problem

    i made another lxf model the hinge angle is 18,7 you can build a solution only inside the DBG surface the LBG panel will be blocked, it will not open and close... it will be firm in that position
  3. Rustinidiel

    Connection problem

    maybe my english is bad.... i hope to explain better this time: i need to connect the LBG plate with the DG plate... but i need them in that position (imagine the LBG plate as a door, the hinge is on the side of blue plate... i need a permanent lock system not over the DG plate space) the red parts are only the example of my attempt... with the rubber axle connector 45590 (LDD not allow to deform it to can fit on the two red axle, but i think in real world it works) you can move or erase all the red and blue parts... but the LBG parts and the DG part can't be moved or all my moc structure will gone... anyway, thanks for your help
  4. hi, got a problem with a connection between two surface the only solution i have found is this.... on the side of the blue plate there is a hinge that make the inclination of the gray plate and his position in space.. with the rubber technic axle connector (45590)i think to reach the goal..., Axle Connector Double Flexible (Rubber)&category=[Technic, Connector]#T=C but i'm not satisfied... i give you a link of the lxf if someone want help me most important: the dark grey plate, the light bluish grey plate and the light bluish grey wedge plate must be exactly in that position... dont move them thanks to all
  5. Rustinidiel

    [MOC] Batman Versus Green Hornet (1966 TV Series)

    very awesome work! it can fit the minifigs inside? you got any pic of the interior?
  6. i need to learn how exactly this mod can do... anyway, in the first page i cant see the reference link for the download....where i can find this mod?
  7. Rustinidiel

    [MOC] Harry Potter - The Burrow

    Really good little moc!!!
  8. Rustinidiel


    hi, i loved this community because i ever seen people help eachother to grow their Lego passion... but recently, posting my little creations, i have seen a different thing... now i see people commenting big creations, or general discussions about official sets... but very few people give their opinions about other creations, little mocs... i think all the opinions are important to help a designer to become better... criticism too... but the silence help noone.... sorry if my words offend someone... is not my intention.... i only want understand why this aspect is changed inside this community
  9. Rustinidiel

    [MOD/MOC] Bat_smart

    Finally i've complete in real life my little moc IMG_20180918_160209 by Rusty B. IMG_20180918_160220 by Rusty B. IMG_20180918_160231 by Rusty B. IMG_20180918_160424 by Rusty B. IMG_20180918_160457 by Rusty B.
  10. Rustinidiel

    [MOD/MOC] Bat_smart

    I loved the hilarious style of the Batman in the Lego movie... and tryed to give him a funny particular thanks a lot for your opinion! you are the only one that has commented my creation...
  11. Rustinidiel

    [MOD/MOC] Bat_smart

    In a era with a lot of traffic in towns, how the Dark Knight can reach in time a bank robbered by a villian? or find a parking for his huge dimension Batmobiles? in "the Lego Batman Movie" we have seen him using a big Batmobile jumping and flying around the other cars... But for a more realistic vehicle, the Wayne Tech has created a high powered, little, cool car for let our little Batman race in Gotham easly... the "Bat_Smart", with turbo boost, bat wings and a usefull openable roof for a confortable ride. Bat_smart_01 by Rusty B. Bat_smart_02 by Rusty B. Bat_smart_03 by Rusty B. Bat_smart_04 by Rusty B. Bat_smart_05 by Rusty B.
  12. well done! this is my speeder project... i used the main structure of the oficial lego set but used your idea of one stud base the result is a speeder morre thin than the official but not so mutch than your Patrol_1 by Rusty B., su Flickr Patrol_2 by Rusty B., su Flickr i hope you like
  13. Rustinidiel

    May 2018: Star Wars Epic Re-creation Contest

    Here is my entry:
  14. Rustinidiel

    [Re-creation] - Dismemberment

    hi all! here is my entry for the re-creation a moment of a Star Wars video game... I choose "Star Wars - Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy" for a lot of reasons: i spent several time... really a lot of time on this game, because i can create my own character, choose my own lightsaber and the color... because the story is nice and i can use the lightside and the darkside of the force... because there are a lot of mods to add more character parts, lightsaber hilts, maps, total conversions (i learned a lot about coding while i tryed to manage all the mods to create my own mod pack, a single mod with all stuff i wanted) another interesting thing I found in this game is the fighting technique, the freedom to use a own style of fighting and moving around "swooshing"... but, the most awesome thing... is the dismemberment! really i loved playing this game and make the enemy heads, torsos etc flying around killing them for this my re-creation is of a moment of maximum happiness ingame here the screenshot and this my Lego re-creation not edited: there are specially two difference: the first is the pose of the sith reborn with the double bladed lightsaber, because that is the only way i found in real life to fit a "bar" with two hands... the second thing is the pose of the green cultist, i wanted recreate the animation movement about his death (with the slowmotion rotating camera during that animation i cant done a good screenshot with all the npc) and i think it is more funny than the final pose of that bad guy i made another shot with different angle only for see better the lego creation this digital creation was made only with existing parts in existing colors (i checked all of them on bricklink) and, most important, all the parts are connected! nothing is simply posed, all are connected and work, here one shoot with the techniques i used for the difficoult connections i hope you like it... anyway, Good Luck to all competitors!! Edit: i made some addition on the ground detail... the project is the same, only a background addon: not edited:
  15. Rustinidiel

    Bat logo

    Yes, i built It with the lxf on mocpages, poster by you in the tipic... I never seen this new versione and yeah, is cool! But, my Batman fit inside better ahahah.. if you want i can share with you my mod