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  1. Justus

    The Desert Truck

    Thanks @Jack Sassy and @Bricky Steamboat! If you instantly recognize the Adventurers Car inspiration, that's the best praise I can get!
  2. Justus

    The Desert Truck

    @Peppermint_M Thanks! Designing the truck bed actually took me far longer than I thought, but I am pretty happy with the outcome as well... so I think it was worth the time and effort!
  3. Justus

    The Desert Truck

    Thanks @Feuer Zug!
  4. Hello there everybody, a quick little project I wanted to share: Inspired by Adventurers, Indiana Jones and even Pharao's Quest, I built a little expedition truck... hope you enjoy it!
  5. Justus

    [MOC] Pirate Islands

    @zinnn: Thanks! The yellow "collumns" are 1x1 clips (BL 15712), "clicked" into each other... definitely illegal
  6. Justus

    [MOC] Pirate Islands

    Again, many thanks for the positive feedback @Captain Braunsfeld, @LEGO Train 12 Volts and @BlackGloveBricks!
  7. Justus

    [MOC] Pirate Islands

    Thanks, @Jack Sassy! @Mister Phes: Well, the guy with the tricorne hat is supposed to represent an Imperial... the torsos of the old Imperial soldiers (973pb0527c01) from Pirates II somehow looked too old-fashioned to me and wouldn't have fit into the colour scheme of the MOC either. @Third Navigator: "Less pieces and more qualities" is always very important to me. My parts stock is still quite limited, so I have to try to impress people with small but detailed models...
  8. Justus

    [MOC] Pirate Islands

    Ahoy! On a base of 16 x 42 studs, the LEGO pirates return - and so do their arch-enemies, the Imperial soldiers. I built this homage to the LEGO classic for Rogue Bricks' annual challenge.
  9. Hello there! The trigger for this MOC were the 100 dark purple cheese slopes I ordered on Bricklink the other day - the rest of the model evolved via trial-and-error rather than with a plan in mind. Anyway, I hope you like it!
  10. Justus

    [MOC] Polaris

    Thank you very much!
  11. Justus

    [MOC] Polaris

    Hello there! The "Wandering Skies Contest 2022" inspired me to build a steampunk MOC: Polaris! In the days when the empire was small and the world young, travel was guided by the stars. There was Capella, Sirius, Procyon, Elnath and many more. But the brightest and most important among them was Polaris, the North Star. Lying high and far away, it served as a guide even in the most remote colonies of the south. But one night, when it was already late, its light ceased to shine. Knowing its importance, the reigning King Nemo III immediately ordered the sending of adventurers to bring back the light of Polaris. But none of them ever was able to reach this remote place. Finally, Captain Gideon Winterman was sent out with his ship, the Pertinax, and John Alistair Sparks, and after seven months they reached the star, which after them no man would ever again undertake. The North Star, however, threatened to crash for lack of energy, which would have lost it for good. Then, as the legend goes, the adventurers dismantled the Pertinax and with the left engine they were able to keep the dying star in the air. Winterman and Sparks, however, could no longer leave the island. Instead, Sparks constructed a beacon, brighter than any before, by taking the lens from the Pertinax's fog lamp and replacing it with a polished ice crystal and Polaris' light returned to the night sky. Henceforth, the adventurers lived in huts built from the planks of the pertinax. And so Two saved the empire by becoming the lighthouse keepers of the North Star themselves forever. But as long as Polaris' light is ignited every night, the members of the Explorers' Guild continue to await the return of Gideon Winterman and John Alistair Sparks, hoping for a way back not yet considered or discovered. I hope you enjoy the MOC, as well as my story for it. For photos of Winterman and Spark have a look at my Flickr.
  12. Justus

    [MOC] Doors from The Mandalorian

    @MBricks Thank you! @TeddytheSpoon The Mandolorian? Not bad! @Mandalorianknight I was thinking about "door moments" in the second season... the door from the finale would be an option for sure! We meet Mando, Mando meets Grogu, they become a clan but then? (Spoilers for the Book of Boba Fett:)
  13. This is getting out of hand, now there are three of them! Some of you might still remember this vignette: Now, I decided to make a series of Mandalorian MOCs. I noticed, that in every key moment of the show, there is a door in the scene. When we really see Mando for the first time, but also when we meet Grogu: And when they finally become "a clan of two"? There is the door with the iconic mythosaur in the background: So that's why I call it "Doors from The Mandalorian"... This is the way!
  14. Justus

    Imperial C-PH Patrol Speeder [MOC]

    Oh no, that one was a photo of course... which is how I found out that this thing is so unstable. For the instructions, just send me your email via PM and I will send you the files for free .
  15. Justus

    Imperial C-PH Patrol Speeder [MOC]

    @Vouatch: No, I am sorry, I only took one photo. But I made instructions! If you are interested, I can upload them to rebrickable.com, post a link here and you could even have a look inside the model. Although I have to warn you: it is the most unstable model I have ever built! You should propably not try to build it physically, it might be frustrating . For reference, I used the main photo from the Wookipedia page. The photo/rendering (?) was quite good for that!