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  1. The RogueBricks Summer Contest is currently open for entries and this year's topic is "Steven Spielberg": I recreated scenes from three Spielberg movies as 16 x 16 studs vignettes, starting with Jurassic Park: Continuing with Jaws: And of couse there has to be an Indiana Jones scene: I hope you enjoy these little MOCs!
  2. Justus


    Thanks @TheScaryDoor 🙂!
  3. Justus


    I have to admit that I haven't been very active here in the past months, but I'm back now with a little ROTJ-Scene to celebrate 40th anniversary: Hope you all like this little vignette!
  4. Justus

    Chicken Walker MOC

    @cdavidc29 There is enough space for one figure inside
  5. First of all, many thanks to all who entered and of course to the organisers of this competition! I had a lot of fun building my vignette for such a creative topic! And congratulations to Marcel - well-deserved first place!
  6. A licensed topic vignette contest? Count me in! Wait, Star Wars isn't allowed??? I had some great fun working on the project - thanks for hosting that contest!
  7. Justus

    The Desert Truck

    Thanks @Jack Sassy and @Bricky Steamboat! If you instantly recognize the Adventurers Car inspiration, that's the best praise I can get!
  8. Justus

    The Desert Truck

    @Peppermint_M Thanks! Designing the truck bed actually took me far longer than I thought, but I am pretty happy with the outcome as well... so I think it was worth the time and effort!
  9. Justus

    The Desert Truck

    Thanks @Feuer Zug!
  10. Hello there everybody, a quick little project I wanted to share: Inspired by Adventurers, Indiana Jones and even Pharao's Quest, I built a little expedition truck... hope you enjoy it!
  11. Justus

    [MOC] Pirate Islands

    @zinnn: Thanks! The yellow "collumns" are 1x1 clips (BL 15712), "clicked" into each other... definitely illegal
  12. Justus

    [MOC] Pirate Islands

    Again, many thanks for the positive feedback @Captain Braunsfeld, @LEGO Train 12 Volts and @BlackGloveBricks!
  13. Justus

    [MOC] Pirate Islands

    Thanks, @Jack Sassy! @Mister Phes: Well, the guy with the tricorne hat is supposed to represent an Imperial... the torsos of the old Imperial soldiers (973pb0527c01) from Pirates II somehow looked too old-fashioned to me and wouldn't have fit into the colour scheme of the MOC either. @Third Navigator: "Less pieces and more qualities" is always very important to me. My parts stock is still quite limited, so I have to try to impress people with small but detailed models...
  14. Justus

    [MOC] Pirate Islands

    Ahoy! On a base of 16 x 42 studs, the LEGO pirates return - and so do their arch-enemies, the Imperial soldiers. I built this homage to the LEGO classic for Rogue Bricks' annual challenge.
  15. Hello there! The trigger for this MOC were the 100 dark purple cheese slopes I ordered on Bricklink the other day - the rest of the model evolved via trial-and-error rather than with a plan in mind. Anyway, I hope you like it!