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Found 7 results

  1. The Imperial Consortium Formerly The Imperial Triumvirate Faction: The Imperial Consortium Faction Leader: @shockwave_bricks Members: @Gubi0222, @ARKUM ELO, @williambrickalliance, @Bociephus, @Spud The Viking, @Anton_Bricks, @StandaartWoudt, @halixon, @P2_br1ck, @Lego Jokel, @OG-Bricks, @Anton_Bricks Faction pseudonyms: TIC Affiliation: Imperial Remnant Headquarters/Capital: Atrisia Systems: Zonama Sekot (F13), Gannaria (H15), Cerea (I16), Chalcedon (I16), Glee Anselm (J7), Mondress (J7), Vicondor (J7), Byss (K11), Trenwyth (I16), Khomm (L12), Balosar (L12), Thomork (L12), Trellen (M11), Byblos (M12) Sectors: Mandress Sector Grid: J7, F13, I16, L12 Description The Imperial Consortium (TIC) was a coalition formed of opportunistic Imperial warlords that toppled the former leadership of the Imperial Triumvirate. Consolidated under seven high ranking imperial warlords, this new Imperial Remnant had taken refuge in the deep core, and the unknown regions, in order to regroup and rebuild. History The Imperial Triumvirate was just the beginning. The first victory of many. From the embers of the Imperial Triumvirate, a new order rises; The Imperial Consortium. Organization THE RULING COUNCIL The leadership of the Imperial Consortium consisted of a league of high-ranking imperial officers, warlords, and moffs. This league was formalized in the form of a ruling Council, aligning and overseeing matters across the individual imperial remnants, fleets, and assets. Although consolidated under a united leadership, each warlord still maintained a large degree of autonomy of their remnant. SPECIAL FORCES Although subjugated to the Galactic Concordance, the Imperial Consortium continues to carry out sinister schemes and plots to restore the former glory of the Empire. Most of these activities are covert and highly secret, calling for highly trained commando soldiers, and other special forces. You could find yourself among this elite, carrying out pivotal missions coming from the very top of the Imperial Consortium. TROOPERS Training of new stormtroopers has been banned, but training of security personnel and repurposing old stormtrooper gear works just as well. The army, navy, and security troopers are still the backbone of the Imperial Consortium. ANCILLARY PERSONNEL In order to make the wheels keep turning, ancillary personnel are vital. This includes cargo pilots, scientists, manufacturers, operations officers, clerks, and the list keeps on going. Although this group does not make it to the recruitment posters, these professionals are vital to the various operations. Territory The Imperial Consortium has withdrawn to the Deep Core Security Zone, and various fortress worlds in the Unknown Regions. Here the new imperial order will further secure their strongholds, and once more expand the Imperial borders, to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Inventory In this section you will find various custom printable accessories free to use in your creations. Banners and Pauldrons can be printed on regular paper, and carefully cut out (They don’t last long, but they look pretty good if you don’t move them too much). Stickers are a little more tricky, since you need glossy sticker paper in order to get the same look and feel as real lego stickers. If you have any questions or ideas for new accessories, please feel free to PM Darth Bjorn. Frequently Asked Questions HOW DO I JOIN? Send a PM to the faction leader @shockwave_bricks, explaining why you wish to join the Imperial Consortium! Sign up now! The empire needs you! WHAT SHOULD MY BUILDS LOOK LIKE? As a faction rising from the remnants of the Galactic Empire and building on the same values, you should aim for a style that resembles imperial architecture, starships, crafts and equipment - like imperial garrison bases, imperial star destroyers or even AT-ATs and AT-STs. These could be heavily modified and improved since they might be salvaged or repurposed. Your special forces squad or stormtrooper squad could also be carrying out missions to various planets, giving you an opportunity to build a wide variety of Star Wars landscapes. WHERE CAN I BUILD? The Imperial Consortium is constantly expanding its territory. Above you will find a map of sectors, systems and hyperlanes accessible to the faction. You are allowed to build anywhere in the Star Wars galaxy, but only by building in accessible systems can you earn Influence Points (IP = System Control) for your faction. In order to further the faction's territory, all members of the Imperial Consortium is encouraged to earn IPs for the faction. Members of the Imperial Consortium can build in any system, where the faction has control or a presence (red regions, grids, and systems). Members can also build on any system along the red hyperlanes. HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER OF THE RULING COUNCIL? The Imperial Consortium offers many different roles, but only few make it to the high chains of command. The Ruling Council is the supreme leadership, run by the TIC moffs. Only players who have shown exceptional commitment to the faction, will be considered for one of these seven seats. Below are a few pointers as to ways that would improve your chances at being considered for this promotion. Completing some or all of these tasks below, to a good standard, will improve your chances to catch the eye of your faction leaders, and your chances at getting promoted to the rank of Moff of the Imperial Cosortium. Earn 100IP for the Imperial Consortium Participate in challenges and episodes Tackle targets given by your faction leader Submit new entries with a regular interval Single-handedly take control of a system Recruit new members to join our faction WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? ENLIST TODAY!
  2. Excerpt from an Imperial Advisory sent to all patrol troopers: "...Citizens are permitted to carry sidearms in public but no blaster rifles. Citizens may possess no more than two personal arms. Citizens must comply when requested to hand over personal weaponry to Imperial authorities. Citizens shall cooperate with any Imperial investigation into rumored caches of New Republic military equipment..." As a part of their contribution to the Imperial Consortium, the Imperial Tetrarchate of Vicondor dispatched stormtrooper and patrol trooper units to the Empress Teta system to aid Imperial expansionary operations. These troopers have been following up on leads that the New Republic planted weapons caches throughout the system, knowing that the Imperial Remnant would take control. Seen here is a patrol trooper reporting to an officer while a stormtrooper adds blaster rifles to a (functional) compacting station.
  3. *Your entry has scored 7XP* Lord Kuiper Entry 45: I had wanted to attend this planet for a while now. To see it's remains firsthand after the Iridonian purge and how it had been rebuilt since the fall of the Triumvirate. Since then, the New Republic had stepped in to offer security and to help with the repair of this pitiful world. They say republic fixes everywhere they visit, bringing peace and prosperity to all. But deep in the heart of all these systems, an imperial scorch remains, hidden in the shadows ready to re-emerge once again. The Triumvirate has gone and instead has been replaced by faction so much more, with the idealistic rule to fix all these broken worlds. They say they want peace, peace can only truly be achieved through order and that will be the order of the Imperial Consortium.
  4. *Your entry has earned 20 XP* From left to right: A male Kyuzo crimelord, with ties to several occult dealings of the Stygian Caldera Society A former imperial officer (now SCS devotee), consumed by his obsession with the dark side. He is not force sensitive himself, but the prolonged exposure to Sith relics has deformed and possessed his bodily remains. A female Mirialan countess and high standing member of the Stygian Caldera Society A devoted SCS member, and imperial officer kept alive by his cybernetics A former imperial science commander, that suffered a terrible accident during an experiment. Now he has become a living SCS experiment himself. A notorious doctor working for the SCS on the Maw Installation A Stygian Caldera Society commander and emissary ' From left to right: A female Miralan scientist, working for the Imperial Department of Military Research, now taken over by the Stygian Caldera Society. Two scientist working on top secret dark-science projects for the Stygian Caldera Society. A Major General of the Imperial Department of Military Research, now serving the Imperial Consortium and the SCS, that has put body to his own experiments. A high ranking officer of the Imperial Consortium, overseeing science projects in collaboration with the SCS. Imperial Consortium colonel (science officer, same rank as Galen Erso from R1) Another Imperial Consortium officer devoted to dark science From left to right: A Dark Covenant devotee, and pledgeling of eternal bondage Former Jedi, and Follower of the Force, now hiding in the outer rim A red witch of Dathomir, and servant of the Dark Covenant A cultists of the Dark Covenant A force-sensitive Tolothian female, and Follower of the Force. She has devoted herself to rid her lush homeworld of all Imperials. A handmaiden of the Crimson Dutchess - a leading member of the Stygian Caldera Society From left to right: A Follower of the Force eternal wanderer, and collector Three Imperial Knights of the Pentastar Alignment Another Dathomirian witch, and servant of the Dark Covenant A legendary Mando'ade battle mage (may be extinct) /// Alright, this was a bigger one - also going to be the last one for me. I may flesh out the back stories a little better. Now I need to pick 16, to go on my CMF poster! 😅 Let me know what you think?
  5. *Your entry has earned 12 XP* Previously decommissioned stormtroopers from the fringes of the galaxy, have re-enlisted in the Imperial Consortium under various warlords. From left to right: Two Pentastar Alignment Honor Guard troopers. Elite troopers assigned to ceremonial duties, and personal bodyguards to political envoys. Black Sun soldier and enforcer. An insectoid alien specialised in an exotic form of melee combat. Two New Republic Starhawk Command naval troopers, and officers of the ISS Appenza. /// See notes below, and let me know what you think. Thanks ;)
  6. 1993, May 3rd. Now, my story begins. It was a simple day. I worked at an experimental florist greenhouse. We engineered chemically enhanced, and hybrid plants. We've contributed to several medicines and bio-technologies. I was taking a load of compost for the plants early in the morning, when i heard a ruckus around a corner. A man was holding a gun to my boss. "I swear to heck i don't have it!" he yelled. "Just give it to me, Drahn." "I told you, i don't have it!" then, the trigger pulled. The man then turned to me, as i stood there, stunned at what i had just seen. Before he could open his mouth, i said "What... did i just... see." he lowered his gun before he spoke. "You just saw a man who was about to leak a secret organization to the public die. And now you're involved." I still stood there, staring at the scene. "You've seen too much to just go freely, but you're not involved with the leak, so i can use you." he said, hand still gripping the gun. "I... what?" i said, nervously, with an obvious shaky tone in my voice. "You just saw a threat to my organization die, and you can't un-see it. Now you have to come with me, so you can't tell anyone of this." he looked at me with a straight face. "Why would i go with you? I have a normal life, and a job." he shook his head. "Not anymore. Your boss just died, and your life is no longer normal. So the best thing to do is come with me." I pondered what to do. I thought about taking him down, but he had the gun. I resolved to at least go with him to see what the big deal was. "A..alright. I'll come, but at least put your gun away." he nodded, and then we headed out of the greenhouse. Part Two - The Orginization We walked to the edge of town, into a forest. We came across a clearing, where a geological measurement setup was. "Two years ago, the Society of Geological Safety scouted this clearing, and they detected unusual readings under these grounds. They dug around the area, and found this manhole, which leads to our hidden base. We eliminated all of them, before they could post their finding on the paper." he walked down to a hatch with a turning handle. He slowly turned it, and it opened with ease. "Let's go in." he said, and i followed. After a single, sewer-like hallway, we went through a door, and on the other side, was a rich, polished hall, with several displays. "We're here. Now let me do the talking." We walked down the hall for ten minutes before we came up to some double-doors. Guards in black suits and fedoras blocked several doors. They all had guns in the backs of their pants. I felt nervous. Once we stepped up to the double-doors, one of the guards said "Halt! Dr. Rain, who is the outsider?" he asked. "This is a victim of the conspiracy. He saw me take out a leak ally, but he's not affiliated with them, so he'll have to work with us. Alright, i need to speak to the boss." he said. "You may pass." the guard said, stepping aside. Before we walked in, Dr. Rain turned to me. "What's your name?" he asked. I was hesitant, but eventually answered. "Lucas Green. For short, Luke." "Alright, Luke. We're about to speak to our boss, who told me to kill that man earlier. We're going to find out what work he has for you." Rain said. "Alright..." and i followed him in. (OOC) Alright! Chapter One is up! Up until a certain build, Luke's story is all in the past. When that chapter is posted, what happens in all future chapters will be determined by you guys! Until then, look forward to Chapter Two, which will be up either tomorrow or monday! ~Windusky
  7. Alright, I know what you're thinking. "He's probably just some criminal, running from the police. Well, it's not like that. That explosion, just killed my friend. And those police, think I blew him up. They don't know what I know. My girlfriend and I had gotten into some hairy situations, but nothing of this scale and importance. My name is Luke Green. I am, or was, a simple person, just going about their average daily tasks… But fate drew me into a disgusting mess of deep conspiracies, and malicious secret organizations. I hope that you'll follow my story, for it has a good moral at the end. (OOC) This is the introduction for TIC (The Illuminar Contingency), a story told by LEGO vignettes. Let me know if you're exited! And comments on the build are fine.