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  1. *Your entry has scored 7XP* Lord Kuiper Entry 45: I had wanted to attend this planet for a while now. To see it's remains firsthand after the Iridonian purge and how it had been rebuilt since the fall of the Triumvirate. Since then, the New Republic had stepped in to offer security and to help with the repair of this pitiful world. They say republic fixes everywhere they visit, bringing peace and prosperity to all. But deep in the heart of all these systems, an imperial scorch remains, hidden in the shadows ready to re-emerge once again. The Triumvirate has gone and instead has been replaced by faction so much more, with the idealistic rule to fix all these broken worlds. They say they want peace, peace can only truly be achieved through order and that will be the order of the Imperial Consortium.
  2. shockwave_bricks

    [R6 - Galidraan - SCS] The House of Hassat

    Love this build! Something different to your previous mocs, but great nonetheless
  3. Excellent ships, love that Gozanti in particular!
  4. shockwave_bricks

    [L10 - Empress Teta - TIC] Intercepting the intel

    Thanks so much, this was probably one of my favourite builds of 2021 and I've been waiting to post it here for a while now, glad you like it!
  5. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Since Colonel Profit had arrived, security has tightened. Imperials patrol the streets day and night, in the search of insurgents and rebel revolts, although this has not gone down well with the people. Two days ago some our troopers were inspecting a nightclub in the north-east sector, when they were ruthlessly beaten, and not by rebels, they were ordinary people. It seemed that that word was getting around that the imperials were trying to take further control of the already restricted planet, and they weren’t happy. That little uproar a couple of nights ago had only made things worse for the people, now anyone that did not comply with imperial orders were thrown in prison, or in some cases executed. I was out with a squad myself earlier that day, we had found leaked information that there were to be a transfer of intel at these coordinates and that we should be there to intercept, “Trooper, have you located the insurgents yet?” “No mam, we have arrived at our post and are awaiting further orders,” “Your orders remain unchanged, make sure you secure that intel, we believe it has a run down of imperial patrol movements and scouts, do what you must, failure is not an option!” As the hologram ended I looked to the streets once again, “I do not fail!”
  6. *Your entry has earned 7 XP* Landing on the surface, we knew we'd have trouble. The dense mass of the jungle would take us days to uncover what we were so desperately searching for. Making camp in a ruined monastery, the elites were sent out in search of possible enemy hideouts, while my squad searched through the debris. There was a feeling of emptiness as we wandered through, until one of my seniors noticed tracks, fresh tracks. We were on alert now, as quite as it had been, we realised we were not alone.
  7. shockwave_bricks

    Faction: The Imperial Consortium (TIC)

    Converting 53XP from @oblivion_builder (Factions season 1) 27IP to Tsoss Beacon - L11
  8. shockwave_bricks

    Faction: The Imperial Consortium (TIC)

    Converting 248XP from @ARKUM ELO (Factions season 1) 50IP to Trenwyth - P5 50IP to Byss - K11 24IP to Zaddja - H15 Converting 100XP from @shockwave_bricks (Factions season 1) 50IP to Khomm - L12 Converting 34XP from @Bociephus (Factions season 1) 17IP to Kalist VI - K12 Converting 32XP from @williambrickalliance (Factions season 1) 16IP to Kalist VI - K12 Converting 19XP from @halixon (Factions season 1) 10IP to Kalist VI - K12
  9. Love the figs, particularly that black sun figure, great job!
  10. shockwave_bricks

    Executing Orders [J7-Iridonia-TT]

    *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Once again I had been called into the field for a last minute operation for the Triumvirate, I had my orders to go to Iridonia, a planet covered in rocks sand and acid pools. The planet was an important one to capture as it had access to many useful hyper lanes, leading straight to the hearts of some of our greatest threats, so it was key that we executed the orders without fail. Once landing, I had been dispatched from the main group with a squad of elite death troopers, who were to help me target a specific group of rebels while the rest rounded out other rebels. We arrived at the house, which was surrounded by an acid lake, typical of this part of the planet, where we entered peacefully, the Zabrak I talked claimed he knew nothing but I k ew who he was, Baak Chiser, freedom fighter of Iridonia, as I continued to pursue answers from him about the hideouts located around the planet, the remainder of my squad located those that were there and executed them without question. We had them all where we wanted them except for one, there was a child of Chiser’s who was hidden from us, I tapped into their fins but found nothing, my troopers arrived back to me and reported they had done what they had asked. “I will escort Chiser back the ship personally, he has a child find it!”
  11. shockwave_bricks

    Leave no Survivors! [S16-Kowak-TT]

    *This entry has earned 8 XP*
  12. shockwave_bricks

    [S16 - Kowak - TT] Break on Kowak (pt.6)

    Awesome love the rock work and that waterfall!
  13. shockwave_bricks

    [Kowak - S16 - TT] Seek and Destroy

    *This entry has earned 7 XP* Since our confrontation onboard the Fire Star, we had been very successful on the planet below, we had taken multiple outposts and recon points, which were all adding up to a better prepared attack on the capital. Although we had taken the majority of the stations, some rebels who'd escaped when we'd attacked had caused some issues. These were not major, as no reinforcements could be called as the Fire Star were jamming coms on the part of the planets surface, but there was the occasional attack to try and retake what was theirs. Although the last time they tried, the rebels were very unlucky. The platform that they attacked had a small military base nearby which were occupied by the special forces of our legion, these troopers signified by there blue arms and specialist armour, were elite soldiers who were to protect me and carry out special missions on whatever we were trying to achieve. When rebels attacked this next outpost, they wouldn't be returning again.
  14. *This entry has earned 6 XP* "The Moff is waiting for you." We entered the bridge onboard the star destroyer The Fire Star, approaching the grand off that would soon give us our objective and our orders. At this point the Fire Star was orbiting Kowak, a planet that had for too long accepted and helped with the attacking of imperial vessels and facilities on Kowak, and throughout the galaxy. It was time to strike back. Moff Delstee had informed me that My legion and I would be sent down to Kowak stealthily to perform and number of tasks vital to the Triumvirates overthrowing of the world. I was told that first we would be dropped off just outside the capital, in the dense forests and jungles, we were then to slowly move in undetected, taking outposts and small military bases located on the way.this meant that it would be less dangerous when we were in the capital itself and that we would be better prepared because of the supplies that we would get from them, and how well they were defended themselves. Once we had done that we were to start entering the city, taking civilian buildings and hostages as we went, once this had been achieved, we would be given our next set of orders. With our tasks assigned, we headed out towards the armoires and docking bays, getting our weapons, feeling our ships. It was time to take over Kowak.