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Found 6 results

  1. FlyInSpace

    [MOC] Midi-Scale AT-AT Diorama

    Discovering the Battle of Hoth on screen is one of those childhood moments I'll always remember. So my first ever walker MOC had to be the AT-AT from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. And for such an iconic scene, making a diorama-style build was mandatory. At only 19cm (7,4") high, this Midi-Scale AT-AT consists of 924 pieces (1,317 in total with the diorama base & T-47), and is accurately Nanofig-scaled. It features a movable head and fully articulated legs, allowing many different poses. Working at such a compact scale, capturing fine surface detail and smooth, gapless angles for the body required a great deal of unique techniques. My main goal was to make the model feel deceivingly heavy and massive despite its small size, and of course achieve that prop / toy vibe I'm so fond of. The most challenging parts of the AT-AT were definitely the head and legs: the head for its subtle angles and challenging shape, and the legs for proportions, joints, feet, and very slight width differences as you go towards the bottom. Nanofigs (or trophy figs) scale perfectly to both the AT-AT and T-47, which also scale accurately to each other. The diorama base allows the AT-AT feet to be connected in various positions, and can accommodate two flying T-47s. This 358-piece base is optional and comes in a separate parts list, for builders who prefer displaying the model solely (picture 7 in the Flickr album). Parts list also include a string piece that can be easily added to reproduce the harpoon scene (picture 5 in the Flickr album). ► Instructions for the AT-AT are available at BrickVault. More pictures on my Flickr page.
  2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014 UPDATE: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi! Instructions for my Snowspeeder model are now available at Instructions are made by Eric Albrecht (Blakbird) and have 125 pages. Model itself has 2191 parts. I'll update this post with rebrickable url later when it's online. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- earlier 2014 update ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I have updated this model: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014 UPDATE ends, original first post from now on -> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi. After my first Technic x-wing MOC I'm tryint to build the rebel snowspeeder. (T-47 airspeeder) Speeder will be roughly in the same scale with the x-wing: Here are first photos of the T-47. Feel free to point out anything that looks off. I need to get more light gray parts as I had to use dark grey in wrong places ;D My reference photos show that even the models used in movies have wings in different angles when looked from the rear. I guess I'll use wing angle that fits the best with my parts. My plan is to have two joystick in cockpit. Other one to control the "ailerons" on top of the engines and the other one to control rear "gun". Don't know yet if the cabin hatch should be motorized or not. -drakmin Drakmin's youtube
  3. LiLmeFromDaFuture

    [Model MOC] T-47 Airspeeder (Snowspeeder)

    Greetings to all, Finally, after the course of almost 3 months of designing in LDD, I have finished my original creation of the beloved T-47 Airspeeder—but what we all know and commonly refer to as Snowspeeder, from the epic battle of Hoth featured in "Empire Strikes Back." Prior to building this airspeeder, I loved The Empire and everything concerning it, yet I despised the Rebels and everything about them. Well recently before the snowspeeder, I have been building a minifigure-scale AT-AT walker and numerous things related drew on me—especially the snowspeeder. I began to find the snowspeeder quite fascinating, and the idea to have one accompany my walker. Now the rest was made history in the course of about 3 months. Proceeding to photos Upon the level of detail, yet on a small scale, one would consider this a scaled down version of the 10129 UCS Snowspeeder model for minifigures. Like so it would be appropriate to design a display stand, for a "in flight" position. The bottom is nothing less of a swooshy-esque Now proceeding to various details of the ship: Here is the inside of the cockpit Unlike others, I decided to forgo a detailed interior. My priorities were to design the body with structural integrity, and readily accessibility for placing and displacing minifigures—even to having them sit on tiles instead of plates, because we all know how frustrating it is to pull minifigures off of studs by their headgear. Besides the smooth uniform slope of the repulsor units or either the laser housing, one of the most unique details are the grille detail on the repulsor units. Prior to designing, I have not seen this detail properly represented, but with exception to Lego's UCS Snowspeeder. I am appreciative I was able to achieve this because they look absolutely attractive. As well of something that is other times overlooked is the barrel diameter for the lasers. I believe any were to make their original T-47, the barrel diameter for the lasers should be according to. There is simply nothing else better than the use of technic pins for this aspect of the aircraft. As you have notice, besides the new Speed Champions windscreen, I have implemented Larry Lars' nose design into my work. I originally used the decorated wedge brick used on Lego's former Snowspeeder products, but later on in the design it work as desired. But what I always find remarkable about the plated nose is how readily easy it was to implement without sacrificing any details on the wings. Also I used Lars' most recent heat sink design, yet I made changes to it for implementation into my snowspeeder. Not only that, I as well replace that hinge plate he used for the plug detail on his with a modified tile with clip—for added accuracy of detail. Thrusters. What I believe is also critical to be represented, is the smooth, uniform, transition from the end of the wings to the boarder of the canopy. Simply the way this aspect must be, but mission accomplish here. Onwards to the structure of the build: The minifigures Luke & Dak True, Luke & Dak did not operate a snowspeeder with orange markings, but who ever cared about this with the original snowspeeder back in 1999 and its reboot in 2003? Unique 20 facts about this: I have fidelity for details and for them to be accurately represented as possible in my models Yes, I am perhaps a model maker, yet I aim to utilize Lego in unprecedented ways to incarnate the quintessence of that which I am modeling after I have only implement Lars' design for the nose and heat sink the rest of this model genuinely original The model is quite modular—can be separated in three pieces: body and wings The body is structurally sound—comprised of mostly plates which are overly interlocked to each other It would take such a crash to obliterate the body This model consist of 486 Lego elements The dimensions of the model from the wides and longest points (excluding the laser tips) are 20 x 23 studs Only three parts are unproperly connected according to Lego's system There is no black elements featured in the model (excluding the display stand) The heat sink and the grille pattern of the repulsor units are featured in old dark grey—a stylistic preference to highlight these aspects of the model in a respect to have being weathered down by heat The thrusters uses a dark grey antenna—a rare color unreleased before The harpoon gun was redesigned 7 times before settling on the current version (which makes 8) Despite some elements in older colors, the oldest part is the sunroof set for the canopy The display stand consist of 30 Lego elements While displayed, the snowspeeder is locked fixed onto the stand by the four fingers clutching the rib-esque section underneath While attached the snowspeeder will not wobble and could even be handled upside down (though that is not recommended) Placed on horizontal surfaces, the display would not topple unless intended force is applied There is 176 white elements, 151 light blueish gray elements, and 136 dark blueish gray elements A LDD file is available and is free as for now *FILES REMOVED*
  4. DarthYannick

    [Review] 75049 Snowspeeder

    Before starting to review this set, some warning. I’m quite a newbie in the Star Wars Lego universe – just started end of last year. All the sets that I buy are the first ones of their own. That means that I don’t possess any previous old version of them. Thus I can’t compare the set I’m reviewing to the previous ones.

 I just bought the new Snowspeeder 75049 on internet. And I’m really happy about it. That’s a set I was looking for all these last months, and what I found was way too expensive. I like Lego, I like Star Wars, I love the Snowspeeder, but I’m not gonna pay a fortune for it.

So when I saw that it was back again, I knew that I needed to buy it. 

75049 T-47 Snowspeeder 
Pieces: 278
 Minifigs: 3
 Price I paid: 149pln (that’s about 36€ – 48$) – I saw it in a specialized toys shop at 229pln

 1) The box I find the box quite big, bigger than my 2 previous « small » set – A-Wing and Jedi Starfighter. I think that they could cut it by 1/3. Would be great. On the back you can see all the features and play functions of this set – the harpoon, the cockpit and the new missiles. I will write a bit more about these missiles later.

 2) The instructions

 What I like on this instructions manual, is the last page, with the inventory of the minifigs of the new sets (I presume). 

Some are very tempting. But buying a set just for them. Not for me.

 3) The minifigs Luke, Dak and a Snowtrooper.

I don’t like this kind of skirt on the Snowtrooper. I’m even thinking of removing it. But I love his backpack.

 I didn’t have Dak before, and he just looks like any rebel in his pilot gear. Has 2 faces.

 Luke is new. Of the 3 Luke I have, this is certainly the best one.

Just one thing, when the heads have 2 faces, I don’t like to see that tiny part of the print below the helmet. You can see what I mean on the picture above. 
 4) The building There are 3 bags, with small bags inside them as well. 

The first one is for the canon and the cockpit. There second one is for the one wing. The third one is for the other wing. There is one mini fig in each bag. 

Great fun building it. Just under 1 hour – the time for my baby son to take his afternoon nap. As usual, I build the set as I’m told in the instruction manual, and then I realize that there is some stuff that I don’t like or that there are some flaws. I really don’t like the new spring-loaded shooters, as for my previous set – the Jedi Starfighter – I removed them. I don’t like the sound of the spring when they are not loaded, and I think it’s kinda dangerous. I don’t want to misfire when I play close to my baby son. And for the harpoon, I removed the cable. I think that this system is not compatible with the snowspeeder. It’s such a primitive way to handle the cable. I didn’t take pictures of my transformation. Just the set as it should be once built. Something that bother me as well is that with the minifigs are inside the cockpit, and we close it, they have to lay down a little. Not such an easy way to fly the ship. 
The sticker didn’t bother me even if sometimes it’s not that easy to place them perfectly.

I think that it’s a really good looking snow speeder. But I already loved it before buying it. I love it since the movie.

 5) The ratings

 Figs: 9/10 – Nicely detailed, good enough for me. But I’m not a hard die fan of minifigs. I like them, and I can be happy with a simple one. 
Building/Design: 8/10 – Beside the spring-loaded shooters that I hate and the cable for the harpoon, the rest is great.
 Price: 8/10 BUT – I would have never bought this set full price. I found it in an internet shops with 30% off because it was their Star Wars week. I saw it in a shop at 229pln. Normal retail price is about 195pln – that’s 62$/48€. Horribly expensive. (it’s for that I try to buy the big sets when they are on sale or when people sell them – brand new – on our national eBay). 
Overrall: 8/10 – the spring-loaded shooters bother me a lot. As for the cable. Such a prehistoric solution. Hope my english wasn’t too bad ;)

  5. More pictures >>> This modified T-47 has both laser cannons moved to the starboard side, which are fed by a large battery on the port-side weapons hardpoint. It has been fitted with an acceptable shield generator, and is well faster than the rebel "Snowspeeder" variants due to its use of light alloys and smaller airframe. The thrust nozzles have been bolstered with blast cones for extra maneuverability at high altitudes, and the exhaust grate shows signs of fouling. Slightly slower than the aformentioned T-47 "Snowspeeders" used at the battle of Hoth, this T-47 has an extended airframe, and twin-linked overcharged E-Web blasters on the weapons hardpoints, as well as a weak shield generator. Same as the last, he thrust nozzles have been bolstered with blast cones for extra maneuverability at high altitudes, and the exhaust grate shows signs of fouling.
  6. BHs

    T-47 Snowspeeder

    Star Wars T-47 Airspeeder Since I have built the AT-AT in Microfighters scale (gallery), I have decided to build it’s film counter partner – the T-47 Airspeeder in winter edition, better known as the Snowspeeder. The model sports movable flaps, two firing darts and retractable tow cable with an anchor. The model can be flown by a single pilot, but it was designed – as the original – to be a two-seater, with rear gunner. Depending on that configuration, either the gunner or the pilot fires (throws :)) the tow cable anchor. Finally, the cut scene from the Empire strikes back: Approach to targer… …successful attack on the walker, the tow cable attached to the AT-AT’s leg… …one AT-AT down!!! and… …well, who forgot to detach tow cable, also bites the dust (snow)… Full gallery on Flickr.