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Found 20 results

  1. FlyInSpace

    [MOC] Midi-Scale AT-AT Diorama

    Discovering the Battle of Hoth on screen is one of those childhood moments I'll always remember. So my first ever walker MOC had to be the AT-AT from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. And for such an iconic scene, making a diorama-style build was mandatory. At only 19cm (7,4") high, this Midi-Scale AT-AT consists of 924 pieces (1,317 in total with the diorama base & T-47), and is accurately Nanofig-scaled. It features a movable head and fully articulated legs, allowing many different poses. Working at such a compact scale, capturing fine surface detail and smooth, gapless angles for the body required a great deal of unique techniques. My main goal was to make the model feel deceivingly heavy and massive despite its small size, and of course achieve that prop / toy vibe I'm so fond of. The most challenging parts of the AT-AT were definitely the head and legs: the head for its subtle angles and challenging shape, and the legs for proportions, joints, feet, and very slight width differences as you go towards the bottom. Nanofigs (or trophy figs) scale perfectly to both the AT-AT and T-47, which also scale accurately to each other. The diorama base allows the AT-AT feet to be connected in various positions, and can accommodate two flying T-47s. This 358-piece base is optional and comes in a separate parts list, for builders who prefer displaying the model solely (picture 7 in the Flickr album). Parts list also include a string piece that can be easily added to reproduce the harpoon scene (picture 5 in the Flickr album). ► Instructions for the AT-AT are available at BrickVault. More pictures on my Flickr page.
  2. Henchmen4Hire

    Speed Champions Dyna-Stand [v2.0]

    At some point we all try to make stands for the Speed Champions sets, yeah? Here's my first attempt. Version 2.0 is here and kicks Version 1's chassis to the curb!! Features: Contact sections can rotate to accommodate vehicles of different wheelbases without having to disassemble anything. Ball-jointed base for maximum posing Beautiful, brutish design can be customized Added a spot to place a figure and plaque/decorations Uses inexpensive parts, hopefully? Suggestions welcome! --- Built!
  3. Hello ! For my first topic here I would like to share with you a small thing I made that proved itself very useful ! I've had my 31039 sitting at the top of a 2 meters high shelf for a few month now and all I could see all day was the underneath of it. I was quite sad of this because I love this set and it's a very displayable model so I decided to work on a stand to display it. I wanted it to be : - As light as possible - Easy to use with any model - Made of common parts (actually the few parts I had left available) - And most important with ADJUSTABLE TILT ANGLE so I can modify the model position depending of how high the model is displayed. Here is the result : The stand is very sturdy and can handle a quite heavy model as long as it is well balanced on the stand. The model connects thanks to two 1x4 Technic bricks joined by a 2x4 plate : The parts are quite common and the rarest of them is the black 24T (I wanted the stand as black as possible ) Here are some pictures of the stand with the model on display : I also tested it with the 75102 and 75175 and both worked fine with the stand ! I think it can be easily modified to display technic models by replacing the technic bricks with Beams. I hope you will enjoy this stand, feel free to ask any question or suggest any improvement ! Oh and here is what it looks like on display at the top of the shelf :
  4. REVIEW - 75192 - MILLENNIUM FALCON - STAND AND DISPLAY CASE INTRODUCTION After building the new UCS Millennium Falcon, I was looking for a way to display it. In the past I have visited the Pure Display website, because they are making all kinds of cool display cases, not only for LEGO models (collectibles). Recently they launched the website which is dedicated to LEGO models and collectibles. When I finished building the Falcon, they only had the horizontally placed display case, also used for the 10179. When I contacted Pure Display asking them for a vertically placed display case, I got into contact with Steve Chan. I sent him an Efferman stand and he got cracking. After a while, he showed the display case AND a stand to go with it. In this review I will show you what it's all about. But not before I thank Steve for the pleasant contact we had and providing me with one of the first new cases and stands. CONTENTS OF THE BOX Given the size of the display case, the box obviously needs to be pretty big. Everything is nicely packed with bubble protection. After getting rid of the bubbles, we are left with some acrylic plates. Don't be scared off by the blue color. That's just the protective coating, which we need to remove. This "set" also comes with instructions, just like the model it will contain. Albeit, way less pages than the Falcon itself. Instructions are easy to follow. Actually, you probably won't need them at all, since building the case is very much self-explanatory. STAND HORIZONTALLY The cool thing about the stand is, that it has two modes, horizontally and vertically. Below is a picture of horizontal mode. The areas where the model will be resting on the stand are nicely protected with rubber clips. The panels of the stand are securely connected using screws. Unlike the Falcon, the stand won't fall apart when moving. More on that later. This is how the Falcon is positioned in horizontal mode. There's a slight angle, which makes it look totally awesome. And a picture from the rear. I absolutely love this position. STAND VERTICALLY The second mode is the vertical mode. The Falcon is placed at a different angle, which allows for displaying it with less footprint. As you can see my copy of the stand came with an iron patter in it What happens when you are alone in the house and you want to change the display from horizontal to vertical mode, and the landing struts aren't attached to the Falcon. Well, you grab the falcon in one hand and you try to turn the display stand. Which works perfectly fine, until you miss the attachment point when placing it back on the stand. Then you lose control and all kinds of unwanted events occur :P Luckily, this isn't a crash, but a controlled landing. I managed to put the Falcon down, but unlike the movies, the Falcon did suffer severe damage. Let's say the Force wasn't strong with this one. At that point I called a friend. We reassembled the hunk of junk and put it on the display together. Be careful when you do this alone. It's better to have someone assist you. So, here it is, placed vertically. As you can see, it takes up less space when placed like this. For me, this is the ideal setup, since my cabinet isn't that big. And it does look rather impressive. This definitely results in some oooohhhhs and ahhhhhs. DISPLAY CASE Of course, my initial mission was having it in a display case. Low and behold! I would love to make some scenery at the bottom, to make it more lively. But this has nothing to do with the display case, which is absolutely magnificent. The model is nicely protected from dust...and childrens touching it Yes, it is big and you need to have a spot for this bad boy. But when you have room for it, I can definitely recommend getting a this case. PRICE What do these products cost? The stand costs 48 GBP. The display case costs 162 GBP. Both excluding shipping costs. THE VERDICT This solution definitely doesn't come cheap. However, if you are looking for a professional display solution to protect your precious Falcon, this definitely is a great product. I highly recommend it, if you don't mind forking out the cash. I also have the Ghostbusters HQ display case and I absolutely love both products. I will definitely get some more display cases from Pure Display in the future! Thanks you for reading this review. All pictures can be found here.
  5. Anyone have Y-Wing 75249 or previous? I've prepared an elegant black display stand, 63 bricks, will be available on rebrickable! The vehicle is attached to the 2nd studs, it holds without problems, and on the shelf it presents much better! Tutorial on my YouTube, link in the comment! OF BRICKS/display-stand-for-y-wing/#comments
  6. Norton74

    Andy's | Hamburger Stand

    ANDY'S: BEST BURGER IN TOWNCome and taste the best burger in town: 100% high quality beef in a cool stand? I must admit I'm a big fan of hamburgers, especially if served in a beautiful restaurant marked by a modernist architecture. My latest creation joins my passion for the most famous sandwich in the world and the vintage architecture. Andy's stand boasts a retro modernist design, with an elegant V-shaped roof, bustling terrace and googie style signage. A large burger stands out on the roof and makes sure you don’t pass this one by. The terrace has two nice tables where customers can enjoy hamburgers and other delicacies under the umbrellas. Flower pots, electricity poles, garbage bins and other details complete the scene. Inside the stand you can find everything you need to make great hamburgers of all kinds, fries and coffee. On the the back a guy is unloading his vintage van and delivering fresh beef and vegetables.Below few pictures. More info and pictures on my Flickr Thanks for stopping by!
  7. First of all, I normally hang out in the Technic Forum, so I apologise if something like this has already been posted. After buying all of the Collectable Minifigures (Series 1 - 4), I had been storing them in plastic storage boxes. I wanted to actually display them rather than just store them, so I decided to build my own display stand for them, and I built it out of Lego of course! During the 'May the Fourth' promotion on the Lego website, they were offering free shipping to Australia, so in addition to a few other Lego sets I decided to order a few parts from the Pick A Brick (PAB) selection. You could probably get these parts cheaper on BrickLink, but you might have to get them from several sellers, and pay multiple shipping costs, so in this case Pick A Brick was just easier. An interesting side note: although the Lego website says that the Pick A Brick order will take a few days longer to ship than normal Lego sets, I have found that in Australia they usually arrive first in most cases. I think this is because they get shipped directly from Denmark, whereas the other Lego sets get shipped via a distribution centre in S.E. Asia somewhere. Before I ordered the parts, I modelled the display stand in MLCad, only using parts that are available in Pick A Brick, and I decided upon this design: (Click on the images to see larger versions) I didn't get the Tile, Modified 4 x 3 with 4 Studs in Center parts from Pick A Brick though because they only come with the Collectable Minifigures. If you want to display other minifigures but don't have enough of these parts, you can get them from BrickLink, or use some Plate 2 x 3 parts instead (you will need 32 of them). I didn't get these baseplates from Pick A Brick either. I actually used a different type of baseplate, which I'll show you later (you'll need to keep reading to find out!). After receiving my Pick A Brick order, this is what my first display stand looks like: And populated with Series 1 Collectable Minifigures: You may notice that there is a Technic pin hole on the side. There is another one on the opposite side, and one on the back too. This is so that a Technic Pin can be inserted to join two (or more) display stands together: The join isn't strong enough that it makes a rigid connection, but it does keep the display stands aligned and stops them from getting knocked apart by accident. The photo above also shows how I have purposely offset the minifigures in each row so that they don't get hidden by the row in front of them. Alternatively, you can place the display stands one behind the other, and use Brick 2 x 2 x 3 parts to raise the back stand up to the correct level: As I mentioned above, I didn't order the baseplates from Pick A Brick, I actually planned for these display stands to be put on a X-Large Gray Baseplate. Each display stand is 24 studs wide and 12 studs deep, so eight display stands fit on the 48 x 48 studs of the baseplate, and creates a nice set of bleachers: My bleachers have room for eight series of Collectable Minifigures, but only four have been released so far, so it is half empty at the moment. Perhaps I'll fill it up with other minifigues for now. On the right half of the stand, I have used the Plate 2 x 3 parts, but when more Collectable Minifigures are released, I will replace them with the Tile, Modified 4 x 3 with 4 Studs in Center parts instead. You can view all these images, building instructions, and MLCad file in my BrickShelf Folder (once moderated). If you want to see the Pick A Brick parts list, or the BrickLink XML so that you can add the parts to your BrickLink Wanted List, expand the 'Spoiler' section below: Constructive comments and feedback welcome.
  8. I have made a short clip for #30356 speed build :)
  9. MaxxusBricks

    Custom LEGO Newspaper Stand

    Hello! I want to share with you with my last MOC - Newspaper Stand. It's easy to build and you don't need a lot of bricks to make it. I like the colors and size of my MOC. I will build a few newspaper stands and put it in my city. Do you like it?
  10. The other day I built a coffee stand I named "Cup o' Java". I didn't think it would get so much attention, and to my surprise it was picked up by The Brothers Brick and on Reddit today. It's a fairly straight forward build, and if anyone is interested in building one, you can download the LDD download link below: LDD file: Rebrickable page: The LDD is of the mug shaped stand only with coffee machine and steam on top. Feel free to swap out colors as you see fit. I used what I had on hand. Miro Cup o' Java by Miro Dudas, on Flickr
  11. BuildingWithDaDaandRiley

    LEGO Tutorial - How to Make a Globe Stand

    Link removed by WhiteFang
  12. Scorch_Mat

    Lego Set Display Stands

    Hey, I'm new to posting on here however I was wondering what people use to display their lego sets? I'm looking for a way to display my X-Wings with the wings open and also some of the new sets so they look airborne but I'm not really a fan on making the stands out of Lego. Sorry if there is already a topic on this but I couldn't find one already in the forums. Any ideas would be helpful Thanks Mat
  13. Hello Eurobrickers! I built few months ago a stand for a tablet, photo etc or to rotate my 3D Lego mosaic, but I decided to build second version the stand to rotate two 3D Lego mosaics Video
  14. Silent Nomad

    24 Karat Gold Mask Stand

    When Lego sent out the 24 karat gold mask prizes, they sent brick built stands with them, for ease of display. The recipient of the 24 karat gold mask of earth (not me) uploaded a video on youtube of how to make that stand. After I found it, I ordered the pieces for three of them (I've only received the pieces for two so far), as well as some other pieces so I could make some alterations to the original design. (I don't know how to embed it, but I'd like to), but just so you know, two of the steps are out of order somewhere in the middle, where it shows one step with a half bush, and the next step doesn't have it. The alterations I made are that I put a 2x2 round plate under each grated parabola that matches the color of that parabola (to stop them from spinning), and I put a pin (mine were friction, but I'm not sure that matters) in the spot where the mask attaches in order to make that hole smaller, which makes the mask very unlikely to tilt down on the stand. An added advantage to the 2x2 round plates is that the bottoms of them meet when they're put on the stand, so it reduces the pressure applied to the parabolas during construction.We may not all have been able to get the 24 karat gold masks, but now we can use the stands they came with.
  15. Hello Eurobrickers! Today I would like to show you a photo stand in 2 versions. Below there is a normal stand for a photo, a tablet, a picture etc. and then I`ve built the stand to rotate my 3D Lego
  16. Rather than try to make good photos for my latest spaceship while having it sit on the floor of the backdrop, I decided to up the presentation a notch and provide a display stand for it to sit on. The height and angle of the arm can be adjusted by twisting the gear at the bottom of the mini-LA. At the top just about any sort of adapter plate or clamp can be built and attached in order to give a good connection to the model in question. The design is inspired somewhat by the Action Bases that Bandai sells alongside their popular Gunpla model kits. I didn't go for anything as elaborate as this design, which allows the arm and support to be repositioned on the base at will, as I didn't include a nameplate in the design and as such the orientation of the base doesn't matter. Best of all, I've made a digital model in .lxf form for anybody who'd like to build it for their own models! The model can be found on this page under the name "Display Stand Small Models". (If this doesn't fit in this section, moderators, feel free to move it; it's here because I built it go alongside my new spaceship but if it's better suited elsewhere that's okay too.)
  17. Having only started collecting LEGO minifigures about 18 months ago. I have about 200 so far. I do not know exactly how many because they are all over the place. I have tried making up stands like the excellent design by Splat but in the end it worked out increasingly expensive as the 4x1x1 Brick W Bow became more and more elusive. So I'm interested in what many of you members are using to display your collection. I know the IKEA Ribba frame is popular but it doesn't allow you easy access to the figures and not expandable. I got a couple of the official LEGO minifigure display cases but even they are now discontinued. I recently saw the case below online but the only place I found available in the UK is from Smyths Toys: But at £30 each for the large one, it seems very expensive. Has anyone here got one? Is it stackable with the original LEGO minifigure case? I like it because it will minimise the dreaded dust problem.
  18. 3BrickFriends

    MOC Ice Cream Counter

    Hi. This is an Ice Cream Counter stall I built with my daughter for our Horse Show Layout. Let me know what you think. Mike
  19. When I saw the release pictures of this little christmas set I really needed to have it. It fits perfectly with the other christmas sets, and I just have a weakness for christmass trees. So, lets see how this free set holds up! This is my first review made, and english is not my native language so please bear with me! Theme: Seasonal Holiday Set name: Christmas Tree Stand Set Number: 40082 Price: $9,99 / Free Pieces: 115 Minifigures: 2 Year of release: 2013 The Box: The box has a really nice design, featering a nice scene where the lady buys a christmas tree. A big red stamp display that this is a 2013 exclusive set, which makes it that much better. The back features the 2 limited edition sets from this year, the christmas tree stand and the car. They both fit together perfectly and make for a nice play set on its own. The sides of the box are very standard, the bottom shows again the red stamp and the top displays the salesman with a broom at actual size. Nothing special here! Inside the box: Inside the box we find 3 seperate bags. Can't wait too open them! The instructions are very clear and simple to follow, with a nice part call-out on every step and a relaxing blue background. Inside the bags: The first bag, with a brand new purple hat! I think its really pretty and fits the winter style perfectly. Also some lego money, which I cant get enough off. The second bag, nothing special here. The third bag, with some lovely christmas trees and dark red tiles. And all of the parts in one big collection! Minifigs Here are the 2 lovely minifigures, and the lady of course with her brand new purple hat. I also really like the scarf of her. And now, the actual build. We start off with this small tool rack, I think it would have been fine without the bricks under it, but this works great too. The next thing we build is -of course- the stand where the shopkeeper sells his trees from. I really love the design, although I think the bright red tiles on the roof are a bit too vibrant, but I love the little lights under it and the decoration. Its also really small, only 4 studs wide. And to finish it all off, the railings are attached to both sides of the building so the shopkeeper can fence of his christmas trees! There is also some lovely decoration placed on it. Finished! And there we have it, our end result after we have placed the christmas trees inside the fence. Woo! I really love the look of it, its small yet has a lot of playability. And with a few other christmas sets combined. It fits perfectly with the other sets! Don't really pay attention to the lay out, I set it quickly up for the picture. Final comments: This is my first review I've made, so I would love to have some feedback! English is not my native language so writing lots of text is hard for me, and there might be lots of errors in the review. Sorry for that! Design & Colour scheme – 9/10 (I really love the design, and the colours just fit perfectly with the christmas theme and all the other sets.) Minifig – 8/10 (Just your basic minifigs, but I really love the purple hat so a little higher) Parts – 8/10 (I love getting the christmas trees, and ofcourse the purple hat, apart from that there is not a lot going on.) Playability – 8/10 (I love that it has a lot of playability for such a small set, so thats really cool.) Build – 7/10 (Really simple, so nothing special.) Price – 10/10 (Its free! I would almost like it to give it a higher point for this) Overall: 8.3, Really good!
  20. Mark of Falworth

    (LCC) The Last Stand

    (LCC) The Last Stand. by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr A lone Areani knight faces off against a horde of outlaws! They may outnumber him 100 to 1, but they will never take him alive! He will fight to the bitter end! For the Glory of Loreos! _________________ This is my small addition to the Art of War contest over at the LCN. Be sure to check it out!