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Found 17 results

  1. The Imperial Triumvirate Faction: The Triumvirate (Union of Imperial Remnants) Faction Leader: Darth Bjorn Faction Moffs: Gubi0222, marvelBoy123, ARKUM ELO, Brickwolf, Simulterious Headquarters/Capital: Kalist VI, and the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Resurrector in orbit. Planets: Daalang, Nanth'ri, Nixor, Molavar, Scarif, Rishi, Hosnian Prime, Byblos, Exodeen, Deysum, Fedalle, Castell, Byss, Fondor, Iphigin, Ghorman, Andara, Zeltros, Affa, Botor, Ota, Uogo'cor, Kalist VI, Devaron, Quarzite, Marat V (Skye), Odik II, Ambria, Lipsec, Sneeve, Gorse, Virgillia 7, Endor, Kuat, Trigalis, Skynara, Alzoc III, Carida, Orto Plutonia, Belnar, Svivren, Daluuj, Kowak, Iridonia Sectors: The Daalang Sector, The Eclorar Sector, The Abrion Sector, Deep Core Security Zone, The Skine Sector Grid: Q12, S15, M12, L13, M13, H19, K11, Q10, O10, P19, M9 Description In order to ensure our security and continued stability, the Imperial Remnants of a hundred worlds will unify under the Imperial Triumvirate! For a safe and secure society. Honoring the true imperial legacy, rising from the ashes, Tempered, Stronger, Reborn! - Supreme Moff Barthol The Triumvirate is an alliance of several imperial remnants all united under one banner. Loyal to the legacy of the emperor, and firm believers of restoring the empire to its former glory. Some remnants remain more independent than others, but all acknowledge and support the Triumvirs and regard the three as emissaries of the Emperor’s will. The Triumvirs The Triumvirs are the supreme authority in the Imperial Triumvirate. In some cases a triumvir has direct control of a specific department. The triumvirs each have their own agenda, but work towards the shared goal of an empire reborn. From left to right: The Crimson Duchess: The Crimson Duchess is the ruler of the mysterious Crim Dominion. Her mother also held the Crimson Duchess-title which seems to be handed down from mother to daughter, dating back generations. Rumor has it that the late emperor held the previous Duchess and the Crim Dominion in high regard. This could be the explanation for the deep imperial loyalty and military might of a relatively small system. Supreme Moff Barthol: A battle hardened war veteran who served the old Republic as a naval officer, and later the Galactic Empire as a highly decorated admiral and moff. Moff Barthol was personally appointed by the Emperor, to lead a highly secret mission into the Unknown Regions. Moff Barthol spent more than a decade in the unknown regions, only to return to an empire in disarray. Grand Prince Serion: Prince Serion was a former ISB Admiral and aristocrat hailing from Nacronis. In the final days of the Galactic Empire, Prince Serion played an integral part in Operation Cinder and the downfall of his homeworld Nacronis. Immediately after the destruction of Nacronis, Prince Serion staged a coup against two other unsuspecting admirals, and assumed control of their fleets, as well as the ground forces that had been stationed on Nacronis. The Prince quickly left the Nacronis system to avoid the New Republic, and made the rendezvous with Moff Barthol. Prince Serion ironically named his new army the Nacronis Protectorate. High Command The current High Command consists of nine commanders each responsible for a branch of the Imperial Triumvirate (e.g. politics, commerce, military). The high command only answers to the Triumvirs and together with the triumvirs, they are the ruling council of the Imperial Triumvirate. From left to right: Grand General, Warlord Ral Hathe: Chief of the Army Unknown Moff Iax Draenar: Regional Governor of Core Territories @Gubi0222 Director Rovv: Director of Security (ISB) Moff Kalypso Delstee: Chief Diplomatic Advisor @Simulterious Unknown Moff Pantoloc: Regional Governor of Outer Rim Territories Unknown Admiral Gable Karius: Head of Inquisition @marvelBoy123 Retired members of High Command: Grand Admiral Bryce (Detained, awaiting processing) Admiral Gull (Detained, awaiting processing) Grand Moff Jarl (Detained, awaiting processing) Grand Moff Huron (Detained, awaiting processing) Admiral Harr Sinier (Imprisoned, awaiting processing) Admiral Vori (Presumed dead) Officers: The Imperial Triumvirate is a large union of many different branches, departments, and agencies. Natural leaders, disciplined officers, and ambitious commanders are needed, in order to steer the union towards the shared goal of returning the empire to its former glory. You could find yourself among the senior commanders of the Imperial Triumvirate, leading the expansion to new parts of the galaxy, reclaiming former imperial worlds, or planning future covert military or diplomatic operations. Special Forces Units: The Imperial Triumvirate utilizes a wide variety of special forces and commando units. Although most of these units are continuations of existing branches of imperial forces (such as Storm Commandos, Special Forces, and Death Troopers), more specialized and unique special forces have been established since the union of Imperial remnants under the Imperial Triumvirate banner. You could find yourself among one of these new specialized squads, or you could be an Imperial Super Commando, Inquisitor, Imperial Hunter, or a Special Agent working as a lone wolf on highly classified missions. Stormtroopers: Although against New Republic sanctions on imperial military, the Triumvirate is secretly training new troops for the Stormtrooper Corps. You might be a veteran stormtrooper re-deployed to a young squad or one of the many specialist troopers like scout troopers or patrol troopers. The Army: The basic infantry of the imperial Triumvirate. You may find yourself among these grunts, recruited from young conscripts and volunteers, eager to serve the new regime that has united their worlds and brought stability in a time of uncertainty. These soldiers travel across the galaxy on expeditionary missions, spearheading the expansion of the Triumvirate. The Navy: In the fleet of the Triumvirate, you could find yourself among the naval troops, fighter or shuttle pilots, or even commandeering a star destroyer. The fleet is an integral part of of the Triumvirate dominion, and Star Destroyers often serve as base of operation. Ancillary Branches: The imperial Triumvirate is a well-oiled regime, you may find yourself among the supporting personnel that keeps the wheels turning. The Triumvirate ancillary branch includes engineers, researchers, and logistics personnel. Recruits of the Imperial Triumvirate HOW DO I JOIN? Send a PM to the faction leader Darth Bjorn, explaining why you wish to join the Imperial Triumvirate! Sign up now! The empire needs you! WHAT SHOULD MY BUILDS LOOK LIKE? As a faction rising from the remnants of the Galactic Empire and building on the same values, you should aim for a style that resembles imperial architecture, starships, crafts and equipment - like imperial garrison bases, imperial star destroyers or even AT-ATs and AT-STs. These could be heavily modified and improved since they might be salvaged or repurposed. Member of the Imperial Triumvirate should proudly display their allegiance to the faction. This can be done by adding small details as Triumvirate banners soaring above your moc, or your troopers wearing the custom pauldrons with the Imperial Triumvirate signet. In the grey bar below below you'll finde an overview of all the creative assets ready for printing to use in your mocs. WHERE CAN I BUILD? The Imperial Triumvirate is constantly expanding its territory. Below you will find a map of sectors, systems and hyperlandes accessible to the faction. You are allowed to build anywhere in the Star Wars galaxy, but only by building in accessible systems can you earn IPs for your faction. In order to further the faction's territory, all members of the Imperial Triumvirate is encouraged to earn IPs for the faction. Members of the Imperial Triumvirate can build in any system, where the faction has control or a presence (green and yellow systems). Members can also build on any system along the green hyperlanes and green sectors. Power, Strength, Loyalty! Enlist today! You can sign up for the Triumvirate in this thread!
  2. *This entry has earned 19 XP* Imperial Triumvirtae forces wreak havoc on the citizens of Iridonia. Ortibal bombardment destroys defenses vital to the protection of the planet. Now, light anti-infantry artillary is deployed against the remaining insurgents. The TIE-ap1, also known as the TIE-Mauler is feared for it's brutal tactics involving speed and agility to maul it's enemies down as they flee for cover. Three anti-infantry cannons are mounted beneath it, along with a detachment for a sentry. With the power supply to the urban areas destroyed, the people will starve, berfore they perish against the might of the empire.The insurgents never stood a chance....
  3. *This entry has earned 23 XP* Having swept through the outskirts with ease, Bravura squad and the 224th have reached the urban settlements. A brutal close-quarters battle between the remaining citizens and waves of imperial forces takes place. People fight and flee as chaos ensues. The Imperial Triumvirate has shown it’s hand, and the resisting locals have been outplayed. Order and prosperity will soon be upon us. Those who oppose are burned. Glorious victory is now, finally, a certainty! To the Empire!
  4. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* Mission Log from Cpt. Bannon: After the successful apprehension of the treacherous senator on Sarapin, I was invited to an audience with the Supreme Moff Barthol. Having nothing but reverence and respect for the Moff, I anxiously accepted. Onboard the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Resurrector Moff Barthol: Welcome young Bannon. We have been expecting you. We are looking forward to you joining our course in uniting imperial remnants. In time you will see that our ambitions are the same. Your service for Commenor has been noticed and we will grant you the rank of Commander in the service of the Imperial Triumvirate. Do you accept? Cpt. Bannon: Your highness, highnesses, It would be an honor to serve, restoring the glory of the empire. Prince Serion: Good. You will be reporting to us directly and act autonomously unless otherwise instructed by us. You will have men and a star destroyer under your command to carry out your missions. Go to the Nixor system and await further instructions. /// My first attempt to add lights to a MOC. Hidden underneath the holo table I've placed a LEGO smarthub powering four LED lights. Below you'll find a few behind the scenes shots. Let me know what you think. :)
  5. *Your entry has earned 42 XP* On of the Galactic Republic's Acclamator-class cruiser was ambushed by the Separatist, near the planet Carida. Clone Force 22 was sent there for a special mission. While the ship was under enemy fire and was board by battledroids, the squad's mission was to to rescue the planet's ambassador. She was about to leave the planet with the Republic Forces, right before they got attacked. Clone Force 22: The build itself: Interior lighting: More details shot: Vulture droid:
  6. shockwave_bricks

    [P19-Orto Plutonia-TT] A bad encounter

    *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Cold assault, the was the name of our unit, we were deployed to planets with severe conditions all over the galaxy, to combat CIS enemies that seemed to never stop coming. I had been sent off with one of my brothers Strike, to scout ahead on a separatist outpost on Orto plutonia, a seemingly desolate world with little to no life except for various native species such as the Talz. We had been told that the seps had multiple outposts in the north-west sector, where they were getting shipments like Ion cannons and proton torpedos, we were told it was essential to keep these from getting off world where it could fuel the CIS movement elsewhere. We had arrived on the foot of the outpost, to find a few battle droids guarding the entrance, Strike looked at me and said , “ time to do what we do best,” and with that we advanced towards our enemy.
  7. *Your entry has earned 9 XP* Dathomir had taken the wind out of us… The loss of IG-828 was a major setback. He was never fully decrypted. We would never find all the secrets he had to share with us. A tremendous asset in battle, IG-828 will be deeply missed. However, the expansion of the triumvirate is infinite. We must move on despite our setbacks. Onderon had been an interest of the republic during the clone wars. In uncertain times such as these, all possibilities must be considered. A further expedition of Onderon has to be carried out… The jungles were thick, moist ground, red with iron sediment and clay covers the planet's natural surface. An absolute nightmare for our walkers… Upon arrival in the jungle, Bravura squad begins their expedition with searching the former imperial outposts. Any clues as to why the planet was surrendered would be helpful. Unfortunately imperial records had gone cold after the destruction of the second death star. Our own records were scarce, but a few reports of raids from the galaxy’s scum had been filed. The system has certainly attracted the pykes. Gangsters indicate some sort of wealth to the area. And these outposts weren’t abandoned without resistance… The jungle is also filled with ruins from a bygone era. A historical site… If we can clear out this jungle, maybe we can find more of these ruins, perhaps something of value has been left behind… Thank you for reading! Be sure to check out, the designer of the AT-RT!
  8. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Chapter 1 Horror on Endor [H16 - Endor -TT] "Why is this happening to us ?" The Death Star was destroyed, the second time. Thousands were lost in the station. On the battleground of Endor, Legions of troopers were massacred by the Rebel Alliance and Ewoks. My 637th Legion, one of the finest group chosen by the Emperor, was annihilated. The others who survived were captured. Those who fought back were stoned to death. Or got cooked and eaten by those little monsters. But there was no time to grieve, we must stay strong together and leave this moon of horror. On that day, I killed countless of Ewoks with my electro batons, my hatred grew stronger when I saw one. The troopers I rescued became the Imperial Remnants, they did not know my name, and they only knew me as Captain Ewok Slayer. That was my story before joining the Imperial Triumvirate. Honoring the true imperial legacy, rising from the ashes, Tempered, Stronger, Reborn! Long Live the Empire! My first story and build for Triumvirate. It's been a while since the SoNE.
  9. *Your entry has earned 11 XP* Discovery on Kalist VI log = tt.entry([DT-R&%]); run(log); output:; [DT-R65-BRAVURA SQUAD-MISSION STATUS]:; --Our mission on Fondor was a success. The sector is under control. Our next goal is to explore surrounding worlds for possible resources and supplies for the cause. Our next mission is on Kalist VI. According to old mission logs an imperial station was placed here during the galactic civil war. It remains to be seen if they have survived on their own for all these years… [end_transmission]; run(log); We’ve arrived on Kalist. The station seems abandoned, largely barron, desert landscape surrounding it. Something has been here though… The supplies here are fresh. The base hasn’t been abandoned for long. Storage crates are covered in sand, some are not. We will search for more evidence as to what happened here, but there is nothing to report yet. [end_transmission]; “This planet is indeed barron sir.” said Coda. DT-R65 stared ahead, observing the station. “What is that over there?!” Coda exclaims. The wind is blowing up the sand, but a settlement within the base itself can be seen. “Nottero, flank the right side of that building”, commands DT-R65. The team approaches the building. Silhouettes of stormtrooper helmets can be seen through the dusty wind. Can it be? Is there still hope for the forces stationed here? No… No. The dust settles. Stormtrooper helmets have been pierced and placed on pikes. This place is indeed inhabited, but not by stormtroopers… Notturo comes around from the right flank. “Nothing here sir.” “Activate that generator.” DT-R65 replies. The generator flickers with light, and makes a high pitch humming sound. An awful racket stirs from within the house. A mechanical sound approaches the closed blast door. “At the ready troopers!” The blast door opens, and a cloud of dust emerges. the mechanical sound is louder, and the blast door closes. Now it is silent. Coda runs a thermal scan, but finds nothing, except the generator… The dust blows away to reveal a metal figure standing before them. A droid, a large droid wielding 2 WESTAR-35 blaster pistols. Could it be reasoned with? not likely, but worth a try. It had after all decimated the imperials stationed here. “((What is your purpose here))” says the droid in a low, muffled and gritty manner. Its sensors are pale, as if it was blind, but one can’t know for sure. DT-R65 turns off his voice scrambler. “We seek to recruit the troopers stationed here, although it seems you made quick work of them.” “((They left me no choice))” says the droid. “((I am IG-828))” It seems to be friendly, despite its menacing appearance. “My name is DT-R65. This is my squad.” “((Please exit the premises.))” says the droid. “Why did you do this?” asks Coda. The droid replies; “((PLEASE EXIT THE PREMISES!))” IG-828 raises his blasters, targeting both Coda and Notturo standing behind him. “Wait! we have something to offer” says DT-R65. IG-828 turns one of his sensors towards DT-R65. “ You are activated thanks to us. Had we not turned on the generator, you would still be here, corroding. We have a ship, we have… opportunity.” IG-828 stands still, computing this proposition. Quite odd that a droid can be conscious in this manner, but this consciousness was also what made it so effective. The droid lowers his blasters… BRAVURA squad has gained a new member! run(status); Mission on Kalist VI:; status: successful [end_transmission];
  10. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* WAR ON THE SURFACE! As the Triumvirate forces above break Pyerce's blockade, small teams are sent to destroy key facilities on the planet. Under the command of captain Gaius Neimor, Bravura squad is divided in two! As the main squad led by DT-R65 attempt to destroy the assembly area, one division sets their sights to a dunium metal refinery, converting raw metal into usable material. Along with the assembly line, it plays a large role in the continual repair of Fondor's defence fleet. (decripting DT frequency... loading mission log 01-2) "The dropzone for sector 2.1 is just up ahead sir" said DT-087 Feroce. "Good" replied Notturno. "How is team 1 holding up?" "So far so good sir, they are about to drop in sector 2.2 as expected" "Know that we may face foes in stormtrooper armor - they are to be killed on sight with the rest of them. This Moff is a traitor and his men will share his fate - understood?" "Sir yes sir!" replied the rest of Bravura squad team 2. "Let's try and make it quick, DT-R65 and the others are counting on us as much as we are counting on them! " "We are dropping in 3...2...1...Jump!" Under the cover of night they land in the refinery. As they strike into the facility they engage the skeletal security crew! Planting remote charges and gunning down everyone in sight, they soon take the facility. Under the first morning rays they route the last of Pyerce's forces to the edge of the compound and finish planting their charges. "Open up a connection with team 1 Notturno. What's their status?" Feroce gritted his teeth under his helmet - if team 1 is dead it would have been all for nothing... "Mission successful sir. We did it." "Good." relief washed over him along with the blood of that private he excecuted. "I hope we didn't kill our fellow imperial citicens for nothing."
  11. *Your entry has earned 12 XP* Battle over fondor by simulterious, on Flickr “I see the v-wings have done their job well. Have you ever seen a star destroyer burn, captain Neimor?” “No Lieutenant, have you?” “Shortly before the first Death star. I was serving on an Arquitens class, we were escorting a Tibana gas shipment together with the Ascendant. Some pirates attacked the shipment, and one of their ships accidentally collided with the cargo ship. The Ascendant was caught in the blast, and when it came in contact it cracked like an eggshell. “ “Were you able to rescue the crew?” “There were no survivors, Sir.” Captain Neimor paused in thought, as he tried to imagine how many graves the crew of a star destroyer could fill up. “Well, this certainly isn’t the work of pirates, is it?” “No Sir, this is the work of justice.” In the Triumvirate - treacherous thoughts, private or not, were forbidden. Still, Gaius Neimor could not help but notice how cruel this justice was. Boarding parties now approached the disabled ship, meeting no resistance. Fondor’s shipyards were exceedingly valuable, and this victory takes them one step closer to securing them. Behind the scenes
  12. *Your entry has earned 12 XP* Previously: All of my builds: After our long way, we finally arrived to Kuat with our anticipated cargo and managed to land on the surface. As it turned our, the remnants of the Commenor Remnant are now under the flag of The Triumvirate, and those ships around the planet were them, securing the planet. We've contacted Ambassador Zol, and he told us, that our diplomat, Moff Iax Draenar, took the place of Admiral Vori in the High Command as Regional Governor of Core Territories. With his move the remained TCR units was merged into The Triumvirate, this is a huge deal for us, to be part of the biggest organisation of Imperial remnants. There are still some individula remnants, with whom we must to deal, such as Moff Pyerce's "Pyerce Empire" But our mission is still important to deliver the help to Kuat, and gain their loyalty by stoping the epidemic. Ambassador Zol said, that he will meet us on Kuat, at the main research facility of the capital's medical center. On Kuat: Gubi - Ambassador Zol, nice to meet you again! Ambassador Zol - Gubi, Boghi, Andrysh, welcome to Kuat, finaly! This supply becomed very anticipated by now. Ambassador Zol - Let's get some box and go inside the Lab, Dr. Ave are waiting! Ambassador Zol - Dr. Ave, this is Cpt. Gubi Totho and his squad. They brought highly effective medical Nano-Droids from Foundry. Former Techno Union member Skakoans are experimenting with some them as high efficient cures. They are our best change to fight the epidemic on Kuat. Dr. Ave - Welcome to my lab. The planet needs big help, we tested everything we had, but didn't have any promising resaults. Dr. Ave - Let's see, what we got here! L4 open a crate and get the computer ready! Dr. Ave - L4 go the computer! I'll send the date immediately. L4 - Yes Doctor! Ambassador Zol - What do you see, Doctor? Dr. Ave - It looks promising, i think it might work. L4, what dou you seen in the data? L4 -The Nano-Droids defeated most of the infected cells. This is an effective medicine for the epidemic. Dr. Ave - Thats grear news. We will start the reproduction of the vaccine. Dr. Ave - Thank you for your help, you literally saved Kuat. The whole planet can be grateful for the Triumvirate. I hope, our alliance will last long. Ambassador Zol - We are happy to help the people and also for our new ally. Andrysh - What are our next orders? Cpt. Gubi - We didn't recieved them yet, but Zol said, that most of our ships are headed to Fondor. So we have to go there, I think...
  13. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* Endor [1] by simulterious, on Flickr "Hey Santar, you ever feel like we're being watched here?" "It's TK - 194, and we're not allowed to chat during our shift, remember?" "Oh give me a break! We've been standing guard for an hour staring at trees - and I'm telling you someone is watching us!" "Have you not heard of those ewoks? I hear they catch stragglers in patrols and eat them!" "Oh come on Santar I've seen a dead one once. They're like little teddybears!" "I don't know... Hey did you just hear some rustling?"
  14. Beleg the Ranger

    (K11- Byss - TT)The Sith Shrine

    http://20200509_092750 by pope.dt06 ,on Flickr On the core world of Byss, rich in Sith lore, Dannl mDoha and his squad of Stormsnipers attack a Sith shrine in search of a holocron that may hold the secrets of ancient trade routes useful to the Triumvirate... Pics
  15. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* Dreighton, a sandy ball of rock with nothing to offer but Clawmice, Sand-leeches and an abundance of minerals. Located in one corner of the infamous 'Dreighton Triangle', it is a place avoided by most, for fear of ghost ships and mysterious disappearances. The Galactic Empire, however, is not as superstitious. It has constructed a massive mining complex on the planet, with tunnels kilometers long. It is here our heroes have taken a pit-stop, closer to their location than Imdaar. Here, they are negotiating with the requisitions officer to acquire much-needed building materials for their base. Arias, more at home with other troopers than in the murky field of logistics and politics, strikes up a conversation with the Sandtrooper guards outside one of the many base entrances. A former Scout Trooper himself, he befriends the Stormtroopers and ensures that they have allies on the ground, should they ever need to come back. As they talk, a 11-3K Viper Sentry Droid stands guard, its two heavy blasters at the ready. Inside, Ruby negotiates with the surly requisitions officer. She has a valid requisition order, but she's after some supplies not listed on it - supplies that will increase their odds of survival on the planet to which they've been assigned. The two haggle for some time - the officer is unwilling to accept Ruby's explanation of 'the mission is classified' and she's unwilling to divulge classified information. Eventually, though, they are able to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. It turns out that requisitions officers aren't paid too well, so Ruby makes a kind donation to the requisitions officer break room, so they can install a dejarik board. \ With the supplies secured and negotiations complete, the two set off back to the Strix - with the newly acquired Sentry Droid in tow! BEHIND THE SCENES: Continuing the story of Arias and Ruby, we head to one of the worlds of the Dreighton Triangle - the planet Dreighton itself. A sandy mining world that appeared in Rebel Assault II, the planet was perfect for the sand challenge (especially since I had managed to scavenge more sand-coloured parts, and had more confidence). In this diorama, the crew gather supplies and allies before setting off for the destination of their base. The build was too small to fit the Strix in anywhere, so it's off-screen today. I enjoyed trying to do what I could with the little sand parts I had (this was basically my entire sand collection). My favourite part by far is the little cave I made for the sand scorpion! Greebling the wall for the mine was an interesting challenge - I still struggle with greebling, so I'm trying to work on it a bit. I decided early on I wanted some outflow pipes and some stained sand nearby - evidence of the Empire's short-sighted policies polluting the planet. I used dark tan tiles to show that the sand around the base had been permanently stained. The doors do work - they're not pretty, but they do work. At the time I made this, I already had put aside a fair chunk of my parts for the base Ruby will build, so it was interesting seeing what I could do with what was left over. The inside, I wanted to make look drab and utilitarian - it's full of storage lockers, crates and ventilation ducts (to whisk the sand back out, I imagine). It is a crossroads, with a large vehicle access straight through, and a smaller personnel corridor off to one side. On the other, we have our grumpy requisitions lad and his cramped, uncomfortable office. You can just barely make out that the room ends in a doorway behind him in his pic above - leading to the break room off-screen. Overall, I feel a lot better about this build than I do the previous one. The storytelling is better in the Sand and Deliver build, but the actual construction of this one, to my eye, looks much better - and the hill looks better than the previous one, too! Thanks all for taking the time to read this. I hope you're enjoying the little adventure our characters are on here. The next one isn't going to be for quite some time - I have to make a temperate forest, and I have almost no green parts at all! Acquiring them will take time :) Time I'll use to learn some decent foilage techniques, methinks. And no, this droid isn't going in the Factions III contest either. Not creative enough. I've left a little clue as to what I WILL be entering here. The parts are coming. Stay tuned.
  16. *Your entry has earned 2 XP* MISSION REPORT: Recapture of Nixor Prison Complex FROM: Lieutenant Kel Dreng, 341st Imperial Army Battalion (B-Platoon) TO: Capt. Haer Woanek, 341st Imperial Army Battalion. SUBJECT: Mission Report (Operation Roundup) Sir, I am pleased to report that our part in Operation Roundup was a success. We were able to capture the HVT alive, and are transferring him to you for public trial - he should arrive shortly after this report. As per your orders, we used non-lethal force, and as such were able to capture his fellow convicts intact. I am sure they'll provide just the labour boost to get the factories back up and running. Your loan of TK-8752 was appreciated - my men lack experience, so having a veteran amongst our ranks proved a boon. Your probe droid's intel proved correct - HVT Colonel [CLASSIFIED] of the Rebel Alliance, also known as Inmate #463107 was positively identified, and proved exactly as much of a handful as intel predicted. He and his fellow convicts were using stolen Imperial riot gear. This is fortunate, as our riot troopers had only non-lethal weapons in case of just such an eventuality. The enemy, having seen and disabled our probe droid, knew we were coming. They erected crude barricades in order to keep us out. These feeble defences were no match for TK-8752's marksmanship. I am willing to admit that we underestimated the HVT, and I take full responsibility for my error in judgement. Due to their defensive positions and the shock of the ambush, we expected them to be suppressed and remain in cover. I absolutely did not account for the possibility that the HVT might simply not care if he got hit - nor that he'd target me first! Without my inspiring leadership to rally the troops, I can only imagine that they were demoralised and despondent by the tranquillising of their beloved commander. This allowed the HVT the opportunity he needed. Instead of remaining behind his barricades, as I expected, he instead charged to press the advantage! I have been informed that he quickly was able to overpower Cpl Hanz. Fortunately, Pvt Kearn was able to stun his remaining comrade, leaving the HVT alone. Whilst the Pvt moved to disarm and secure the stunned prisoners, TK 8752 squared off against the hardened criminal. From Pvt Kearn's report, the battle was as quick as it was brutal. As skilled as the convict was, he was no match for a veteran Imperial Stormtrooper. He was quickly disarmed, and then stunned at point-blank range. With their leader captured, I doubt these convicts will give us much more trouble. We shall reassert our control over Nixor shortly, and in doing so shore up our spinward border against potential New Republic incursions. I also recommend we further the training of our Imperial Army troops. We won't be able to rely on Stormtroopers forever - not with the Galactic Concordat stopping us from training new ones. I would also like to put Pvt Kearn for a promotion. He kept his head and fought well under pressure against far more experienced opponents. Oh! We were able to repair your favourite probe droid too - turns out they'd simply stunned it by throwing a shock baton at it. REPORT ENDS BEHIND THE SCENES! Hello again! I actually built this one a few weeks ago, but wasn't sure if it was good enough to actually present. (I eventually tore it apart and made another, more elaborate scene that was based more on building than storytelling, which I'll also upload today). I'm still not, but hey, at least I can get some feedback/constructive criticism! This one went through a few changes - originally it was intended to be on Ruul, a planet within TCR's territory, but I later learned that the 'sandy' look from the pics wasn't in fact sand at all, but tundra! I'll admit, I felt like a bit of a fool after that. Fortunately, I found a desert planet in The Triumvirate's territory that worked just as well! I didn't have enough sand-coloured pieces at the time to get the look I wanted, so I substituted in some white (representing sand blindness - painful glares caused by the reflection of the sun on certain materials, such as snow or sand). The barricades were intentionally ramshackle, to make it look like they were assembled from the ruins of previous battles. In this story, the prison complex on the planet suffered a breakout during the Galactic Civil War, and only now are the remnants organised enough to recapture the planet. The thing I enjoyed the most was how I was able to build the prisoners. I tried to make them look ramshackle, as they've spent the past year or so scavenging what they can. There are remnants of their original orange prison uniforms, but they've supplemented their outfits with looted riot gear and whatever clothing they can find. Their leader, of course, is the best-equipped. I feel like I succeeded. Here's a shot that was deleted from the final product - it shows the crew discussing their options shortly after stunning the droid, and provides a look of what their little camp appeared like before it was torn apart to make fortifications. The story was originally to be told in three parts - first, from the prisoner's perspective, then the commander's during the briefing, and finally the Stormtrooper's during the battle itself. I cut this arc because frankly, it was a bit too overly complicated. Simplicity can be strength. You can see from this build the remnants of an Imperial structure, half-buried in sand. Sadly, I didn't take any shots of the build without miniatures in the way (I tore it down in a fit of despair in the shooting process), but here's a decent shot of what it looked like. This one was a frustrating exercise of doing as much as possible with a very limited sand parts supply, but overall, I'm at peace with how it turned out. I won't be entering the Probe Droid in Factions III, as it is based on a design I saw online once, and not something I feel comfortable taking credit for.
  17. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* -Admiral Sarn (Disguised) The two officers took the time to pack their things and have them (and a requisition order for supplies) transferred to the hangar, before they headed down there themselves. They were greeted by what looked like a half-dissected, misshapen egg and a ground crew officer in full gear. The three made short work of the loading process, with the help of the two astromech droids Ruby had requisitioned for the construction process. Though she'd have liked something bigger, possibly one of the 00-99 Imperial Orbital Load Lifters, none were currently available. No matter, one was on back-order. The two pilots were rather impressed with the room the container could hold - two large weapon crates, ten supply crates, four fuel crates and four MSE-6 droids, also boxed up. Sadly, it wasn't designed with passengers in mind, and mag-sealing two chairs down meant offloading some of the supplies. The two, although excellent pilots, knew that if they were in the hold, it meant the shuttle would be leaving without them. As the loading ladders were retracted and the cargo doors swung closed, they started to discuss plans for establishing a perimeter and maximizing their chances of success. They quickly reached an agreement - they were going to need more supplies than this, and Ruby knew exactly where to get them. As they talked, the speaker built into the hold flared to life. The procedure went smoothly. The shuttle used repulsorlifts to position itself over the detachable cargo container, then clamped the two halves together. A recent improvement, it allowed for rapid deployment of troops and vehicles without risking damage to the shuttle or pilots. The Strix was one of the first production run of the updated Sentinel-Class design. In under a minute, the ship was locked, loaded and ready to fly. BEHIND THE SCENES! Hi all! I am pleased to present the flagship for Arias and Ruby's adventures in the Dantus Sector - the Strix. A Sentinel-Class shuttle, she is built from the parts of the two sets that Lego has produced for this ship. Despite being outwardly very similar in appearance, her insides have been completely redesigned! The cockpit has been modified (inspired by the Tydirium Lego kit) to (barely) accommodate two pilots, so that eventually both Arias and Ruby can fly it together. The cargo bay has been completely hollowed out, with attachment points for various kinds of cargo (and passengers if needed), and has been made completely detachable from the main body of the shuttle! This in particular was difficult and time consuming to figure out. However, the end result is sturdy - you can actually just straight out drop the cargo bay from the shuttle onto the battlefield, and it'll take it! Redesigning the cockpit structure to not rely on the cargo bay for support was an interesting experiment, and one that took a fair bit of time. However, I am pleased with the result. The wings have also been modified so that it can include the classic 'bent wing' design of the nucanon Sentinel and Lambda-Class. This is intended to be a hybrid of both the legends and canon version. There are some parts I'm not 100% happy with yet. The side wings have way too many studs on a design that almost completely hides all the studs on the ship - that's something I intend to redesign, possibly by making the wings a SNOT design similar to the top fin (which needs a little reinforcing, once I get the funds). Overall, though, the build is durable, swooshable, and packed with play features. I'll continue to update it over time, and eventually I plan to upscale it (to approximately the size of the UCS shuttle), but for now it is a fine transport for our character's adventures. The locking system is super simple - the two bricks with the brown bits hanging out? Just pull them out, and the entire top section can fly off freely. Stick them back in, and the container is locked in tight. I took inspiration from the Lego City's Volcano Heavy Lift Helicopter for this mechanism, though mine isn't quite as elegant. I'm still learning, I'll get there :) The one thing that has confounded me, and I can see no solution to, is a separate landing gear for the shuttle without the cargo bay. Due to the shape of the ship, it's not really something I can work in seamlessly. I've decided to leave it for now - in-story, the ship simply relies on repulsorlifts (like a Landspeeder) when it is parked. Thank you for taking the time to view my little creation - I'm happy with how it turned out. I'll update this thread with any modifications/changes I make to the build. Next stop - the sands of Imdaar!