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Found 7 results

  1. *This entry has earned 20 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: The first wave of the invasion of Iridonia had spread like a wildfire from our landing sites. Still, a few critical surface locations remained. Interplanetary space around Iridonia was also under tight lockdown. Ships had either been forced to ground, or obliterated. Only a lucky few had evaded the star destroyers, and escaped the system. The next operation objective was to secure a number of individuals with various importance to the Imperial Triumvirate. One of these was Senator Ay’Pelia. Director Hollon had tracked her to the Genesis Station. A safeport operating as a sovereign state, between Iridonia and the New Republic. Yet another bureaucratic loophole sanctioned by the New Republic. In reality, Genesis Station is a high class shadow port. Onboard Genesis Station... "Ever been to the Casino on Genesis Station?! It's like Canto Bight, but with a view!" - The Master Codebreaker Gamblers, high rollers, and lords shady business, loosing, winning, or calling it even... To the tunes of Moon Angel, and the Genesis Duo... Until... Imperials crashing the party... /// My second attempt at a cantina/casino/bar... Wanted to make the micro space station as well, but I ran out of time... So many stories in this space - I've tried to assemble a persona gallery below. I hope you enjoy!
  2. *This entry has earned 12 XP* Interlude - Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: For almost a decade I had been waiting for this! A desire, no! A need! A need I had suppressed since Jakku. Since Endor even. Revenge! Revenge for killing my men! My friends! Now was the time for the Empire to strike back. Take back what was ours, and revenge those who did not live to see the new dawn of the reborn Empire! Somewhere in the depths of the Wortan catacombs of Iridonia… A strategic command center is on maximum alert... General So’lok: So this is it. They’ve chosen Iridona! Let’s hope we chose the right alliance! The general frowns and looks at a comms officer... General So’lok: Initiate full population evacuation and get a message to the New Republic! We may need their help after all! Lt. Ruro: Sir! I do not get any response from Malidris, or any of our planetary relays! Comms are down! General So’lok: A communications disruption could mean only one thing... The general paused, staring at the holographic representation of his homeworld. He snapped out of it, and continued... General So’lok: We’ll have to do this the old fashioned way. Prepare our three fastest ships to clear Iridonia space, and send out distress signals to our allies! Hell! To anyone who’ll come to our aid! Cpt. Sariss: General, we’re on high alert, and we know imperial invasion protocol... The captain is interrupted by a loud thumping noise, and the blast doors sliding open… The Reapers are here... The commander stared into the pitch black void… He couldn't remember if he pushed the Zabrak, or if she jumped... /// The Imperial Triumvirate use the Secret Hyperspace Route, won in Ep. V., This will allow the owner to build 1 entry on any planet in the galaxy regardless of current accessibility. The planet chosen is Iridonia (J7)
  3. *This entry has earned 5 XP* Cpt. Lemrik's log: This time the the orders were straight from the top. Our target was Iridonia. An interesting planet to be sure, but occupied by our enemy. That means only one thing, we have to get rid of the enemy. Cpt. Lemrik's log, continued: I, accompanied by two veteran deathtroopers was deployed near a small settlement, that served as a base operations for the local resistance. Our intel suggested that a valuable commander is present. And the intel was not wrong. I have given the order to attack. Some time later... Cpt. Lemrik: ,,Miss Jandi. It is nice to finally meet you. I see that your plan didn't work out as planned..." Jandi: ,,You bastard! You'll pay for this!" *Cpt. Lemrik turns to one of his troops* Cpt. Lemrik: ,,Very well. Trooper, contact the commander, that we captured our target." Dt-732: ,,Yes sir!" /I'm quite happy with how this turned out, c&c welcomed as always/ A few extra shots bellow. Cpt. Lemrik sneaking on the enemy... Death from the shadows... This one won't be going anywhere anytime soon...
  4. Bucketheadbricks

    [J7 - Iridonia - TT] Uprising

    *This entry has earned 15 XP* Description - As the empire slowly advances into Iridonia, they are met by hostile rebel forces as they defend their territory. Will the empire prevail? Or will the rebels reclaim and defend what was theirs? Closeup Shots -
  5. *This entry has earned 25 XP* Interlude - Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: No wonder Iridonia is rough! The native zabrak has a knack for choosing the hard life, the tough way, the wrong allies. The world has paid the price over and over again. This will be no different. Iridonia will serve as an example... Cdr. Goren: This is Commander Goren. We’ve tracked the Wortan relay to Butchers Alley, in the Meatpacking district. This bantha bowl is about to boil over any second now! Reinforcements are much needed. Please advise. Cdr. Bannon: That relay must stay offline! Do what you have to do Commander! Cdr. Goren: Affirmative, we’ll double back when we’ve blown the thing to hell! Over and out! /// After my Trigalis - fisherman's wharf, I've wanted to do more real life references in the SW universe... I thought a butcher/meatpacking district had some of the same interesting grittyness... Pretty happy with how it turned out... Let me know what you think... A few more detailed shots below...
  6. *Your entry has earned 10 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* The love of Swoop racing brought the people of Iridonia together like nothing else could. It was also when they were happiest with their despotic ruler, so there were a lot of races. And who knows what kind of espionage was happening behind the scenes? A race was a pretty good time to get things done without anyone noticing. What kind of tampering and untampering might have happened in the garages? What conversations in private boxes overheard? What important things disappear while the populace flock to the circuit? The tyrant Kesh started the race with a lordly wave of his hand. It would go on for hours. Not a bad window for some skullduggery . . . “AND WE'RE RIGHT IN THE THICK OF IT, FRIENDS! If you're tuning in or just emerged from a spice-laden coma, this is the exciting, high-flying, skin-ripping, pulse-pounding Kathadi Classic, and I'm your dazzling announcer: Jabric Kooms! We've got drama at turn 19! With Joddi Samor on his tail, Captain Pheonix is coming up behind Abalel and he's going for the pass, friends! It's the narrowest part of the track, and a hairpin turn; a dangerous time to try to get ahead! He's accelerating...he's coming up on Abalel's left...will they smash into each other? You might see some wreckage today, friends! He's creeping up...ooh, I can't watch. But I will anyway! So narrow! So close! So likely to turn into a dramatic fireball! But...but...ooh my! I can't believe it, he's done it! The noble and mysterious Captain Pheonix has broken into 4th place, sending Abalel back to 5th! What a risk! What a payoff! What a move!” The Racers
  7. *Your entry has earned 14 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Iridonia, the gateway to the Outer Rim. The red sphere was a dry, harsh world, the home to the hardy Zabrak. The Zabrak had a centuries-long tradition of hyperspace trade, rivalries with the Duros, and a shareholder’s slice of the pie when it came to making decisions about hyperspace tariffs. Their homeworld’s placement provided leverage, leverage that the current regime was glad to exploit. The House of Kesh had ruled Iridonia for decades. Lord Kesh had proven himself a violent, unstable, vain tyrant who murdered outsiders and made his own people slaves. The rest of the galaxy might have ignored this, but Kesh also made a habit of choking the Coruscant-Dantooine hyperlanes. Hitting people’s bottom lines was a good way to draw their attention. For over a month, a growing team of CFS diplomats had been hunkered down on Iridonia to try to negotiate a deal with its government, working to arrive at some sort of agreement, both among themselves and the Iridonian leadership. Everyone in the room had different priorities: some represented the CFS Merchant Core and just wanted to relax tariffs, others had the plight of the people in mind. Some wanted to take Kesh before a trial, deal with things peacefully. Others at the table would rather see him dead. A sandstorm of intrigue surrounded the diplomats since the moment they arrived. Spies hung on every corner and doorway: CFS spies and Iridonian spies, and spies working for individual diplomats, advancing causes unbeknownst to their colleagues. While the gears of diplomacy grinded on, some had initiated more direct action. Forgun Bohani had been the third diplomat to arrive in the Iridonian court. He was a clever old man, always watching and listening, who found himself on the side of a peaceful transition of power. He had listened to the bickering in the court long enough to decide a fresh voice was needed. He knew exactly who to summon: a young diplomat who had negotiated terms at Kril’Dor after the Pyerce insurrection, a rising star named Lan Honn. Honn seemed intelligent, studious, and honorable, precisely what was needed here. Bohani sent a message asking for the young man's help, offering himself as a sponsor. The Noble Lan Honn encounters the rascal Dak Sirah Background Extras Build Photos Thanks to the CFS community, and the wider SWFactions community for all the feedback. Thanks for your time!