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  1. Gusseteer

    [MOC LDD] Midi Nebulon-B Frigate

    Awesome MOC, nice one dude.
  2. Gusseteer

    [Mod][Moc] Death Star midi-scale

    Nice work, roughly how many parts in your DS1 and DS2 mocmods? Will you be offering instructions?
  3. Gusseteer

    MOC: Wolverine vs The Sentinels

    Beautiful work.
  4. Gusseteer

    [MOD] Darth Vader Brickhead

    Awesome work, maybe try adding a cape from one of the Darth Vader buildable figures.
  5. Gusseteer

    [MOC] [Instructions] Republic Fighter Mech

    Nice work, I’ve got to love a cool mech like this.
  6. Gusseteer

    [MOC] Sentinel loader shuttle variant

    Amazing work, really impressive. Looks great and puts the official set to shame.
  7. Gusseteer

    [MOC/MOD] TLBM Joker Manor with Batcave

    Wow, great work. Really top notch stuff dude.
  8. Gusseteer

    (MOC) GCPD Headquarters

    Wow absolutely awesome! I would love to build this.
  9. Gusseteer

    Knight Rider - KITT (LEGO Ideas submission)

    I love this, your MOC is awesome. Of course I have supported it on the Ideas site.
  10. Gusseteer

    Battle of Crait

    Wow, that is some beautiful work. An amazingly faithful rendition.
  11. Gusseteer

    MOC: UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

    This looks awesome! Well done, it’s a great build. Any idea of a rough piece count? I bet you would sell a fair number of instructions for a decent price if you were interested in doing that. I would buy them in a heartbeat.
  12. Gusseteer

    Rogue One Chess Set MOC

    Thank you, those were inspired by the Lego Pirates Chess set which had a similar idea. I like to use those areas to put the pieces that have been taken. Thanks, those are some great ideas. You got me thinking about a version 2 of the chess set now! Thanks, funny you should mention the pawn issue, it has caused some confusion when playing with someone who is not that familiar with Star Wars. I have kept the pawns as different minifigs to more accurately represent the makeup of the Rebels on Scarif and also to include Bistan and Pao, but you have a good point. Definitely requires more thought to make them similar but different, I think it is bye bye Bistan and Pao. Yes, the white square issue is shameful, my bad. I had taken the set apart, it splits into four sections, for storage and when I put it back together I made a rookie mistake, doh! Thanks for your kind words. Thanks, see my response to Johnny1360 for my reply to the points you seconded.
  13. Gusseteer

    Rogue One Chess Set MOC

    This is my MOC of a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Chess Set based on the Battle of Scarif. The MOC was based on the Lego Pirates Chess Set 40158 and Lego Star Wars Battle on Scarif 75171. When I first saw the Lego Pirates set, the first thing that came to mind was modding it to be a Star Wars Chess Set, then I saw Rogue One and set about building it. It has sat on my desk in various states over the last year or so and I thought it was about time to finish it and share it with you all. To my knowledge this is the first Lego Chess Set based on Rogue One unless I missed something. Some of the changes I made were: Making the connection between minifigure and chess board two studs to centralise the position of the figure. Changing the colour of the water plates to be closer to the colour of the water on Scarif. After building 21042 recently I decided to give this set a black border and base to add stability. I feel that it also gave the build a nicer finish. Foliage and beach design and layout. The one thing I found difficult was deciding which minifigures should represent each piece, given the lack of Imperial female representation the Queen ended up being Orson Krennic whilst the King is Darth Vader. Please let me know if you have any comments of ideas for improving it. Anyway enough of my babble, here are the photos: And finally a friend suggested that I included a mini AT-ACT, so I modified Miro’s mini AT-AT from Thanks for looking at my build.
  14. Gusseteer

    Bat logo

    Make the whole thing two studs deep, instead of what I assume is one stud. I can’t look at the lxf file at the moment to be sure. If I am wrong then just ignore me. Then build it slightly differently in either the first or second stud depth to block off the visible lines. You have made two impressive versions of the logo using so few bricks. These are exceptional work.