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  1. Gusseteer

    [MOC] Star Wars Kinetic Balancing Desk Toy

    Supported and shared, nice work.
  2. Gusseteer

    Transforming Lego Wall-E

    Excellent work, you took a good set and made it truly amazing.
  3. Gusseteer

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    As The_Chosen_1 says the Jurassic World logo on the UCS style sticker plaque instead of the Jurassic Park logo is a lazy mistake. Other than that I don’t mind the set, but I wasn’t following the hype for a JP D2C set so I can understand why others are disappointed if they were expecting something different.
  4. Woah! Those are awesome.
  5. Gusseteer

    [MOC/Instruction] Star Destroyer Chronicle

    These are really cool. Great work! is the Nemesis the same build as in your Star Destroyer over Jedha MOC?
  6. I have both sets you mentioned that were purchased used and neither exhibits this issue. However, I have broken quite a few of the reddish brown 1x1 tile with clip on top from other sets, I think Lotr sets mainly.
  7. Gusseteer

    Star Wars Action Battle Sets

    A scarif set would be cool or something with Phase 2 clones. Both could give access to rarer minifigs. Also space battles, maybe replacing the microfighters sets with these.
  8. Gusseteer

    Batmobile [MOC]

    I like it. Amazingly narrow and long. I have a couple of constructive points for you consider. Maybe colour swap the windscreen to trans yellow, to match the headlights and also fit with recent sets. Although a red windscreen could also work. Colour swap the light bluish grey parts for dark bluish grey or black or metallic parts. Anyway great work dude that Batmobile looks mean.
  9. Thank you for your kind words, it took a lot of careful planning and building and rebuilding to make the final version, so I’m really pleased that you appreciated it. Thanks, it took a lot of tweaking to get those to the point I was happy with them and even then in one of the photos a Chitauri gun is split in two and looks wonky. Unfortunately I didn’t realise until after I had taken the photos and the MOC is now back in the parts buckets.
  10. This is my MOC of the scene from Avengers Infinity War where Thanos meet Gamora as a child and kills half the population of her homeworld of Zen Whoberi. It was built for a competition on VaderFan2187’s Blog that was run in December last year. All of the entries were great and you can check them all out here. My entry was inspired by a specific image from the movie which you can see here. The capes for the Chitauri were custom made by me from red paper and based on Thor’s cape from the Ragnarok sets but the lengths and shapes were individually adjusted to closer reflect the photo. Gamora was changed to short legs to reflect her youth and I made a custom coat for her from the same red paper. Anyway here are the photos and please let me know your thoughts. The Decimation of Zen-Whoberi The Decimation of Zen-Whoberi The Decimation of Zen-Whoberi The Decimation of Zen-Whoberi
  11. Gusseteer

    [MOC LDD] Midi Nebulon-B Frigate

    Awesome MOC, nice one dude.
  12. Gusseteer

    [Mod][Moc] Death Star midi-scale

    Nice work, roughly how many parts in your DS1 and DS2 mocmods? Will you be offering instructions?
  13. Gusseteer

    MOC: Wolverine vs The Sentinels

    Beautiful work.
  14. Gusseteer

    [MOD] Darth Vader Brickhead

    Awesome work, maybe try adding a cape from one of the Darth Vader buildable figures.
  15. Gusseteer

    [MOC] [Instructions] Republic Fighter Mech

    Nice work, I’ve got to love a cool mech like this.