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  1. FTG Prime

    [MOC] Mando's N-1 (Inthert/BrickVault Mod)

    Thank you! Same here, but it's nothing some nice silver paint can fix if you're feeling adventurous 🤭 That's such a high compliment, appreciate it man! I actually didn't notice Mando's N-1 was bigger than a stock N-1, "the more you know" lol I'll leave proper minifig scaling to smarter people than me, but I'm happy you liked the mods!
  2. Hey everyone! Ever since "The Book of Boba Fett" Episode 5 was released I've been wanting to tackle this ship but I just had the time and motivation to do it now. The sequence where Mando started building the ship back up was incredibly special to me so I wanted to make the ship justice. I knew from the start that I wanted to use Inthert's model as a base since that's my favorite MOC of the ship. I've been working on this for quite a while so while it isn't a perfect 1:1 translation of every single detail I'm pretty happy with it! Didn't bother making Grogu fit on the Astromech port as that was barely a thing in S3... And yes you can fit R5 in there. Some things aren't attached properly in Stud.io but they've been tested and work IRL. The idea is to get this ship built and painted in silver (which is reflected in the renders). I'll be updating the thread with my progress. P.D: The yellow marks are missing on the front wings as those I'm planning to be painted as well due to their particular shape/faded pattern. For any of you who are curious this is what a Purist/no-paint version would look like:
  3. Hey everyone!After 8 years and many requests, I'm beyond excited to share with you my Tumbler MOC from The Dark Knight Trilogy.Ever since first seeing it in Batman Begins and basically growing up with it this is probably my favorite Batmobile, and ever since my first iteration of the MOC I've been working on it to make it as accurate as I can.Taking advantage of building techniques I've learned over the years, new stickers, and elements I think I can call this the ultimate version of my design of the Tumbler. Here's a video showcase I did showing the model in-detail: And if you are interested in building this for yourself you can find the instructions here: https://reb.li/m/125855
  4. FTG Prime

    [MOC] The Batman Batmobile

    Thanks! Appreciate it! Glad you liked the video as well :D That's a big compliment thank you! I would love to see you build this!
  5. FTG Prime

    [MOC] The Batman Batmobile

    Hey everyone,I'm very proud and excited to show you my take on the Batmobile from "The Batman".Unlike any other Batmobile to date, this latest version of the iconic ride takes us back to its routes of being a modified car while adding its own twists and incorporating design cues iconic to the long history of Batmobiles.I was very curious to see how this would be used in the film after the initial reveal photos, while I was excited to see it in action, it was its start-up sequence and the car chase scene that truly made me fall in love with the car and make me want to build it.This was an amazing build to work on since it's out of my comfort zone, after 6 months of development and various iterations I feel really happy with the results. My focus as usual was accuracy, so everything you'd want this model to have, it has. Not only that but this has to be one of the most sturdy and stable builds I've done.I'm also happy to say that this will fit any Batman figure you have, whether it has the Type 1,2, or 3 cowls. I'll share some more in-depth looks of specific details and behind-the-scenes of the model on my IG so make sure you follow me there. If you're interested in building this check out the Rebrickable page! Would love to see this in your collection: https://reb.li/m/122475 Also here's the Showcase vid:
  6. FTG Prime

    [MOC] Minifig Scale Batpod

    Thank you so much man, aprecciate the support. If you do make sure to upload pics here or tagging me on IG
  7. FTG Prime

    [MOC] Minifig Scale Batpod

    Here's my take on the Batpod from The Dark Knight trilogy I recently finished my Tumbler and had the urge to build this after watching some reviews of the Hot Toys version. I wasn't going to build it this soon but I made the guns on Stud.io and got really excited so I made the rest.It's heavily inspired by Young Wook Song and Michael on Flickr. I wouldn't say this is 100% minifig scale but it's pretty close and looks really good in most angles in my opinion.Accuracy was a priority as usual, however, that came at the expense of some functionality. As a result, this is mostly a display model You can find the parts list and free video tutorial both at my Rebrickable and YouTube. Here's a link to both Rebrickable: https://reb.li/m/120716 YouTube:
  8. FTG Prime


    This is incredible man! As others have said, the engine looks outstanding, it's definitely my favorite part of the build, the rest looks fantastic too tho :)
  9. Well i was hoping for someone attending to the con... but that's probably not gonna happen ?
  10. Really love this PS4 Spidey, if anyone is going to SDCC please hit me up
  11. This is so gorgeous man! I do agree on the fuselage proportions to an extend but the build is so good i don't even care! Would love to see this in Poe's color scheme
  12. FTG Prime

    [MOC/Instruction] Star Destroyer Chronicle

    Well... i know what my next builds are going to be! They look spectacular
  13. As a fellow x-wing lover and builder (who never seems to finish his own model... ), this is really spot on! I've literally been looking at this for a couple days and can't find anything wrong with it that isn't my own personal preferences when it comes to x-wing models, i particularly love the main fusilage and the use of more recent LEGO elements, the torpedo railing (for lack of a better term) is really clever in my opinion! I noticed that you went for a "clean" paint job with this (i.e full red stripes) instead of a specific red squad color scheme, any reason for it? It's probably for the better lol, i know too well that obssesing over minimal color patterns on an x-wing isn't too good for your mental health. Anyways, phenomenal job!
  14. FTG Prime

    [MOC] Delta 7 Starfighter

    The road sign solution is very interesting... i may do some tests with that concept later down the line... For now i just lowered the nose 2 plates and i gotta say i'm very happy with how it looks ! So thanks @jamesn & @Jerac for pointing it out ! NOTE: Please forgive the not so fancy pictures, i'll do a proper photoshoot eventually