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  1. Long time no see EB! I finally find some time to clean up my Venator and capture some footage of it... because after some events the Venator has been stored in my parents house. Some little things also have been changed and fixed. And here we go. Enjoy this short video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lgOtcse13U&feature=youtu.be Many thanks! Well, never say never. As mentioned I did not planned to built it that large :D Greetings Kommander
  2. Republic Gunship

    Hey Just awesome - so far the best LAATi I have seen. All the details and functions shown in the gif-animation are impressive! I really like the clear smooth look. The new version of the winggunner-cockpits are incredible. Can you move the cockpits or are they fixed in this position? Greetings Kommander
  3. Another magnificent starship from you! I´m really impressed by the way you decreased your Tyrant and maintaining all the beautiful interior in this smaller version. There is also no lacking of details - the shape is great. Best part is the big megablocks with those engines :) Greetings Kommander
  4. Hey Pierre, a nice looking ship you have there. I really like the shape and angles and the command-town on top of the ship is amazing. Your little fleet as well have a decent microscale-look. Keep on your good work! Greetings Kommander
  5. [MOC] Republic Fighter Tank V2

    This is the best TX130 I have ever seen! This is how it has to looks like. Very good shaping and use of colors! It really reminds me of the good old Clone Wars game for my Nintendo Gamecube :)
  6. [MOC] TX-225 GAVw "Occupier"

    Damn! This thing is from hell. This tank is one of my favorites in Star Wars and you did a great job. The details are amazing!
  7. I`m on it. The Malevolence will be finished in 2040 Many thanks guys! greetings Kommander
  8. [MOC] HammerHead Corvette

    Nice looking ship you have there. I like the version with those pods. Good job!
  9. Happy holidays eurobricks! I have some new pictures of my Venator. You can check out my flickr for more pictures. I will upload more as soon as possible. First post also edited. Greetings Philipp
  10. Hello again! Just saw your posting... shame on me :( It is a huge advantage to see other techniques that´s why your wip-pictures were a good help during my construction. Unfortunately other builders didn´t shared their destroyer´s inner structure. I wish you susses and I´m looking forward to hearing from your Venator! Maybe I rebuild it with LDD later for manual or as construction help. At least without plating and command tower it is way easier to handle. Like this it is also small enough for the car. Thank you! I have old LDD documents but never used them while processing. Basically everything on the picture below is avaiable. - Philipp
  11. You´re both right but it needs alot of space which i don´t have in my apartment. The other reason is I have no idea what should I do except presenting or selling the Venator. For the moment its fine for me and I will display this giant but money is more useful for poor students instead of a big Legomoc :D The challenge to building this ship is completed and that´s the most important thing for me. I really don´t know how much for selling at this point and I don´t wanna scare off potential buyer ;D Good to know. I will check my first post! Could be working but as you mentioned I have to spend much time for these changes. However, interesting technique and thank you for posting it. Maybe I try it. P.S: Your Tyrant is a masterpiece. I really love the surface structure!!! Thank you. - Philipp
  12. Hello Thanks for reposting. It is nice to read those comments. Make me proud! ;D
  13. +++ First post edited +++ More pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/39520243@N03/albums/72157620671087561 - Philipp
  14. +++ UPDATE 27/December/2016 +++ Happy holidays eurobricks! I have some new pictures of my Venator. You can check out my flickr for more pictures. I will upload more as soon as possible. First post also edited. greetings Kommander +++ UPDATE 3/December/2016 +++ Long time no see eurobricks! Today my Venator enters the sky above the ship yards of Rothana Heavy Engineering. As the project manager I proudly present you the capital ship “ATELLES”- a Venator class star destroyer. Back in 2005 when I saw the Star Wars Epi. 3 starting sequence in the theaters – I was like “I really have to build one of these giants!” Then a few years later and already earning my own money I started the wip. The plan was building a venator bigger than the Lego ISD (10030). While processing the project there were 2 points of massive improvements. Each time I change the size and the new version was bigger than the old one. The building time on the last version of the Venator I´m showing you in this thread was only about 2 years. Now be at university the time has come to finish this ship. Over the whole 7 years I ordered about 100 times at Bricklink.com. Additional to these orders I used a lot of my own bricks in storage. I don’t know how many bricks I used for the Venator. It have to be something above 45000 pieces with a weight of 65 kg. The construction of the inner structure and the frame is basically like the #10030 IDS. A structure made out of technic bricks carrying the whole ship. This technique is easy to scaling up to big dimensions. The Venator´s of Erik Varsegi and Iomedes were always leaders in supersized star destroyers and a good orientation for my project. At one point my Venator should be one of those as well and I destroyed the old version and made a bigger one. This Venator how hitting the length of 220 cm x 117 cm x 68 cm. A bit smaller than the others. However, the thing was building this ship as accurate as possible. Some details of the origin Venator from the Movie has been changed or replaced with own ideas like the frame structure at the surface. The overall impression has to match and looks smooth. For those they want to know about construction details here we go. In the middle of the ship is a massive string - the ship´s “backbone”. Different sections like the hangar or the thrusters are connected with it. The inner structure mostly consists of technic bricks, pins and plates. Simultaneously I build the “wing”-plating because the wedge-plates with their angles restrict the shape of it. And as you know the plating is a bit bigger so it can overlap the frame. The thickness of the plating is 5 layers of plates. One slope underneath and above the string create the first important angle. Each one has left and right technic bricks as well. On those the wings can be attached. Unfortunately I secured the underneath-plating with some wires because the weight was too much and I couldn´t find any alternative to fix this problem. It is the only thing that isn’t Lego. Glue also never touched this project. In every thruster is also a solid string with technic bricks. Rings consists of 8 hinge-elements are the basement for the use of round bricks for the shape. A unique technique which also looks pretty nice. To counteract a misalignment of the long thrusters I decided to install them with an increasing angle upwards. And as expected it works pretty well. The command tower as well as other sections can be detached easy. Reason behind this is of course for the transport. Next step is to exhibit this giant on events in Germany. Maybe I manage to change and improve some things unstill the first event. Finally the last step is selling this thing dissembled in components or complete as Moc. More pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/39520243@N03/albums/72157620671087561 - Kommander +++ Original Post +++ Hello Eurobricks, my name is Philipp and i`m a member of www.imperiumdersteine.de (IdS) and of course german :) Today i`m here introducing my work in progress UCS Venator. Some of you maybe discovered my litte turrents on flickr in various groups. At the beginning of the building progress in year 2008 i started with a size around 150 cm in lenght, but by passing the years i scale up the size to the Venator im showing you now. This ship hitting a lenght of 220 cm and has a width of 120 cm. Dimensions like Erik Varszegi`s Venator. Maybe a litte bit smaller. Btw. here you can see a picture of my first Venatorbuild. Looks kinda cute, isn`t it? Most things are finished...thrusters, guns, superstructure. I really can see the finish line. But this update/post is only for an overview. That means unfortunately no closeup pictures. The next and last milestone is the underside armor. In the meantime i`m going to fill the gaps and there`re still bricks that need to be changed. Before i forget; this is my flickr account: https://www.flickr.c...s/39520243@N03/ and here the original thread on IdS: http://www.imperiumd...estroyer/page-4 - Kommander