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  1. Kommander

    [WIP] [MOC] First Order Xi-Class Light Shuttle

    Hello Kozikyo! I like your Lego version of the shuttle. Wonderful lines and the cockpit as simple as it is, really makes a nice appearance. Good job! Greetings Kommander
  2. Kommander

    [WIP] UCS Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer

    Hey! Some new progress The hull has been changed again but I am not that satisfied with it. I guess it will be updated again several times. Instead of the bulky slopes the middle section (dock-trench idk...) will be changed for those wedge-tiles which looks a lot smoother. For comparision the first large "cut" is already built this way. Not seen on the pictures are the joints for the upper and under hull-plating on the frame. I reworked it so the angle fits perfect together as far as I can judge. It was difficult but this little change was definitely worth it. The ship so far is suprisingly sturdy and the under hull doesnt hang down which is perfect. Fotostream Fotostream Greetings Kommander
  3. Kommander

    [WIP] UCS Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer

    Hello! Still waiting for my bricklink orders to be shipped. When arrived I will go on with the building the next days. Greetings Kommander
  4. Kommander

    [WIP] UCS Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer

    I noticed the sleekness really looks better than expected and will be adjusted a bit more. The underside is similar to the upper plating. It also will be upgraded to make it smooth. Thank you! The next update will add some more weapons to destroy rebel scum Thanks... I am pretty sure the end result will change your mind of this beauty! Greetings Kommander
  5. Kommander

    [WIP] UCS Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer

    Good morning! The past days I continued my building progress with the engine and the upper plating. Also the dome at the underside which I guess you can only barely see on the pictures. Meanwhile the silhouette approachs the shape of the battlecruiser and its better then I thought. I changed some details on the plating and started the superstructure on top as well. This part will be done during in next update. And dont worry the gaps will be fixed and also the details are not final. HERE you can find some more pictures! Greetings Kommander
  6. Kommander

    [WIP] UCS Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer

    Heyho! Next building marathon starts next week. Just have to make some orders at Bricklink. I would scale it up but this isn´t the tricky part cause MonCal ships have this very unique curvy form... The ship´s final size will be around 1 meter in length, 0.4 meters width. Greetings Kommander
  7. Kommander

    [WIP] UCS Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer

    Hello again! Thank you guys! I already thought about the Raddus in same scale as my Resurgent SD. But first things first... The Resurgent isnt finished yet and my focus should be on this beauty.^^ When this ship is complete in real life I guess I reverse engineer it for a good instruction. Greetings Kommander
  8. Kommander

    [MOC] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    Hello onecase! You did a great job with your version of the Executor. The result is stunning. I really like greebles allover the ship - what a wonderful design! What`s your next project? Greetings Kommander
  9. Kommander

    [WIP] UCS Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer

    Heyho EB! Here are the first shots of my WIP with Legos. Everything looks fine so far but some elements will be changed during the building process. It already reaches a length of 1 meter. The next step will be the engine section. Just waiting for the next wave of parts and some free time to spent it. Greetings Kommander
  10. Heyho folks! Last weekend I started to built this litte version of a First Order Siege Dreadnought for the "IdS-MiMi 2018 - Minimize Me" contest. Not that huge and heavy like my other MOCs but still fun and engaging ;D In this album you can find more pictures and a breakdown of this tiny ship! Greetings Kommander
  11. Kommander

    [WIP] UCS Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer

    Hey! Thank you for the positiv feedback folks! Around 7900 bricks at version 2.06. But some parts are missing. So the final MOC should have 9000 pieces. Not final numbers here as well but ~ 90cm x 40cm x 30cm. I`m pretty sure I can do this. greetings Kommander
  12. Hey Eurobricks I wanna share with you my new project - a First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer in UCS-scale. To avoid another long time MOC in WIP Nirvana I started this time with little help from LDD. Dimensions, main frame, angles... took me about a year to set these parts. Because of the LDD file I generated instructions and and part lists for me. On the picture you can see an early version of the ship and one of the latest with much more details. For the moment only one digital render of the ship. There will be some adjustments/tweaks in the "real" version but most of it works fine for me. I already finished the main frame with the instructions... and its good! More pictures will be on flickr Greetings Kommander
  13. Long time no see EB! I finally find some time to clean up my Venator and capture some footage of it... because after some events the Venator has been stored in my parents house. Some little things also have been changed and fixed. And here we go. Enjoy this short video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lgOtcse13U&feature=youtu.be Many thanks! Well, never say never. As mentioned I did not planned to built it that large :D Greetings Kommander
  14. Kommander

    Republic Gunship

    Hey Just awesome - so far the best LAATi I have seen. All the details and functions shown in the gif-animation are impressive! I really like the clear smooth look. The new version of the winggunner-cockpits are incredible. Can you move the cockpits or are they fixed in this position? Greetings Kommander
  15. Another magnificent starship from you! I´m really impressed by the way you decreased your Tyrant and maintaining all the beautiful interior in this smaller version. There is also no lacking of details - the shape is great. Best part is the big megablocks with those engines :) Greetings Kommander