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  1. Kommander

    Fraud MOC sellers.

    Well, interesting. Thank you for sharing this fraud. Definitely gonna investigate in this one.
  2. First thought: Acurate overall shape so far. Great size. Really looks promising on the first leak and worth to call itself a UCS Set. This set definatly gonna find a nice place in my collection. I am hyped as well. And ready for some more footage.
  3. Kommander

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    Hello! Unftuneatly only a small update on this topic. I revisited the inner structure including the attachment of the armorbelt. Out of that I created some more space for an interior. But most of the time I tried to find some better methods to form the shape. Especially with the rear I entered a quite nice-looking form closer to the original thanks to the use of some technic panels. It is now a bit wider and has been extended. This will be the new limit of the ship´s size. Smaller variants of the tail I experiment with (including the last posted pictures) were not satisfying enough in terms of turning bricks into an smooth organic look. Due to the new rear, the armorbelt will be enlarged as well in the next update but because of the new inside not that challenging any more. by Kommander, auf Flickr by Kommander, auf Flickr by Kommander, auf Flickr Greetings Kommander
  4. Kommander

    Lego Techno Union Ship Moc

    You did a great job with the egg-shaped dome. I wonder how it looks inside. Can the feets hold the construction on their own? Cause it is difficult to see the bottom. Anyways stunning MOC! Greetings Keller
  5. Kommander

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    The Profundity is slowly getting in shape. With the long tail now the streamlined form of a whale is recognizable. UCS MC75 010 by Kommander, on Flickr UCS MC75 008 by Kommander, on Flickr UCS MC75 009 by Kommander, on Flickr UCS MC75 011 by Kommander, on Flickr I removed the details on the armor belt due to the updated front. It was necessary to change the old armor belt because it was also connected to the old front area. Unfortunately. However, the new belt even with a more angular shape, comes together with a nice military appearance. Also, a quite tricky part of the belt so far was the falling angled line which also overlaps the main streamlined body. It was missing in the first version. Now I used wedge plates only and it worked fine. The nose was a walkover in contrast to the tail. The decreasing angle of the ventral part and the black coloration required a lot of consideration. Construction wise it ended up similar to the front. Probably an area for a revisit in a later update. Anyway, to mention the curved technic panels fit just right. I am gonna add some more with the next update for sure. After watching the photos I noticed the ship was a bit to short with the 72cm I calculated for the project. I guess about 5cm should rebalance the whole overall look. Greetings Kommander
  6. Thank you guys! Even though these challenges are fun to archive - Trying to set those fundamental standards of such a build is a lot of work especially because when there is no reference material to look at. Yeah. Sometimes the best solution is the easiest. Greetings Kommander
  7. Hey everyone, today I can present you my Star Destroyer! Instruction avaiable - at BrickVault UCS First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Kommander, auf Flickr LEGO STAR WARS UCS FO Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Render by Kommander, auf Flickr For the people prefer watching videos instead of reading my post here you go. Just for fun I recommend watching the ending of the video: BrickVault crushed the whole front of the Resurgent-class by mistake 😊 I shed a tear. Sadly, In contrast to the original ISD the RSD isn´t as popular in terms of Lego MOCs. Despite the triangular geometry that every SD shares – the Resugent-class belongs to the more complex constructions. The prominent “mouth” together with the layered and shifted upper part really limited the building space in the nose area. UCS First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Kommander, auf Flickr I could save my MOC from the pitiful life of the old UCS 10030. Really good sturdiness and no danger of falling plating at the ventral side. Easily moveable – you can carry it with your arms! The surface was a long-lasting area I was struggling with. I just couldn´t find a for me suitable solution. I wanted to combine studs and tiles in a way that the ship looks sleek but not without losing the studs as a topological element. As you know the Resurgent-class design decorate many different levels and angles at the hull and with the studs I managed to add at least those flat accents. Even with the UCS size I set it was very difficult to scale down details cause the ship is as near as double the length of an ISD - especially with the amount of different levels the upper part has. UCS First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Kommander, auf Flickr And some instruction pages. Instruction by Kommander, auf Flickr For everyone thinking about instruction-making: Do not underestimate the effort of making an instruction. Needless to say, the guys at BrickVault were very patient with it. It was the first time for me creating something like that. Considering the over 7800 parts need to be placed with a suitable view, a lot of tweaking, … I think I did well. You can find more pictures HERE. Thank you for reading. Kind regards Kommander
  8. Another stunning version of the X-Wing! Really appreciate reading about your journey with the MOC and also the constrains you dealt with. Great job! Greetings Kommander
  9. Long time no see Resurgent-Thread! Thank you very much Sir! I ´also´ started without any knowledge about designing with LDD later LDCad. I am pretty sure if you take your time designing you also can get a nice result. And it wasnt that difficult at all YES The completion of this project is almost done. The building progress already ended in January. This is the first complete version of my Star Destroyer. The final ship has received a better surface structure and I am gonna post more footage as soon as possible. Just take this as a preview. (Above the Resurgent is my wrapped Venator) Flickr here Greetings Kommander
  10. Kommander

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    Hi, first of all thank you for your replies, folks! Yeah, due to their uniqueness it is quite exiting to figure out the most suitable LEGO-solution (at least for me ). Generally as long as the overall look doesnt get impaired by gaps that much it is also fine for me. Those big gaps along the middle will of course be fixed. I need a break from building Star Destroyer The Battlestar-Nose has been fixed or more precisely I redesigned the whole front of the profundity by arranging those big slopes in weird angles. Colors are not final. Just missing those slopes in LBG. Maybe the pictures doesnt catch the new sleekness of the built but its promising. As well as the sturdyness which is nice cause I dont like MOCs falling apart by just looking at them. Also the docking bay has been increased... I covered it rudimentary but still a huge opening for many details and a microscale Tantive IV. Greetings Kommander
  11. Kommander

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    Hallo! Various fantastic Star Destroyer MOCs have been posted but Mon Calamari ships are very rare to find. I guess the organic shape is one of the reasons. Creating curved designs like this in Lego is on another level. Currently raskolnikov building a huge MC cruiser which finally pushed me forward to put on my own hands on a MC cruiser. A UCS „Profundity“ - Admiral Raddus´ MC75 cruiser will be my next project. As reference for the scale I picked the 10030 ISD. The result should be a counterpart with 72 cm in lenght. Despite the small dimensions I chose it really is a challenging ship due to its sleek, curved design. Fortunately it has a big armorbelt which is a bit easier area to realise and in my opinion looks a bit cooler with the “military” elements Link to album Here is my first attempt with curved slopes. Simple, with a nice result. And the docking bay will be easy to include. The surface is sleek but unfortunately the nose is to chubby. The front isn’t convincing me anymore. Its closer to an BATTLESTAR (Galactica e.g.) than a MC cruiser. I will change this for sure. Another big thing will be including "pods" on the the hull. Well, thats all so far folks. Greetings Kommander
  12. Kommander

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Slow but sturdy. That is the charm of the original one. Your design is a great catch - looks like a replica from the OT! Greetings Kommander
  13. Kommander

    [MOC] The Virago from Shadows of The Empire

    Hey mcphatty! I know this starfighter from the RTS Empire at War. I like your lean accurate design. Especially the cockpit looks great with those bricks. Greetings Kommander
  14. Kommander

    13 foot 50,000 piece Lego Star Destroyer (in progress)

    Hello Kiegan Impossible that I missed this giant Executor. It is insane - the greebling and surface - par excellence! Thank you for sharing so many pictures of the building progress... really really interesting. Cant wait to hear about an status update! Greetings Kommander
  15. Hello again! Today I would like to spread some updates due to my Stardestroyer. The upper photo is a real WIP of the ventral side. During this state I managed to find the right angle for the platings and also to connect them save to the main construction. It worked out pretty well and after this, on the second photo, I prepared the precise shape and added details. The stand is temporary and will be reworked. UCS Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Also I revised my CAD model of the ship and start a suitable instruction of my Resurgent-class SD... I reduced the total parts (7109 pieces), tweaking some issues... Basically, my ship almost reached the completion but for now I have to postpone the final steps. Greetings Kommander