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  1. Kommander

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    Hey Jerac The video you posted was shocking! I was really impressed about the MOCs sturdyness – despite the fact it looks quite fragile. Great job, especially with the interior you decided to include. You managed to catch the spirit of the ship. This shape is on the edge. Greetings, Kommander
  2. Kommander

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    Hello @Krisproductions, yeah the scale is just right fitting between UCS and Playable Set! Perfect for the shelf - except its height :D @Lego Spotlight, last week I tackled the front hangar bay as well adding some more details at the rear. Unfortuneatly it´s sleekness has been reduced a bit - but for a nice trade :) I can´t promise...but I want to complete it this summer. Next update will be soon. So keep patience! Kind regards, Kommander
  3. Kommander

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    Thank you both for the kind words! @Frizzlefry25 I appreciate your interest, but you better look out for @Raskolnikov "Home One" first. Expecting this MOC being way more forward into publishing compared to mine As well, thank you for the response! Yes, unfortuneatly my whole collection/storage is in another town - I can only visit occasionally. Whenever I spend some buildingtime it is quite short... But I am confident next month (during vacation) I can make more big steps forward. Greetings, Komander
  4. Kommander

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    Hello! It is still a long way for me to finish the ship due to lack of time but here are some new pictures of the ship. I placed more details on nose and armorbelt. Also, tried to coloring the surface properly - it was a lot of fun! :) In comparison to the ships overall studless shape the nose fit in quite nicely as well. And the bottomside fin with the commandbridge has been improved with some very smooth shaping. Slowly things coming together. UCS MC75 042 by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS MC75 043 by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS MC75 039 by Kommander, auf Flickr Kind regards, Kommander
  5. Kommander

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    Hey, sorry for the long time with no update. This time I tackled the interior for the first time. In a nutshell enough space is rare in this ships size. The komplex shape and the nessesary sub structure are restricting space to work with. Fortuneatly the ships supporting structure in the middle is quite small. With nothing to carry except the armorbelt. So I decided to go for this area with one scene on each side. In order to make the space less confined it is possible to extend one side of the ship. This side is the command area, featuring a movable chair and a nice view on Scarif with a window on the floor. The other side represent a maintenance pit. The upper level on each side will be fitted with consoles as well. Which are concerning me, since I cannot place Minifigures with the belt on top. UCS MC75 034 by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS MC75 035 by Kommander, auf Flickr That´s again all for today. Kind regards, Kommander
  6. Kommander

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    Thank you Jerac, definitetly reconsider the details I built back with the first version and also a coloration near the original. There are many kosmetic things on my list. For example the ship needs way more pods at the surface. And some areas - especially the belt-hatches (or ribs?!) - I do not see any options to include highlights without stickers. Also by removing the front stand there should be more focus on the ventral fin as well as the hangar with a Tantive IV. Kind regards Kommander
  7. Kommander

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    Thank you very much folks! Thank you. I will try my best to bring the design closer to that organic look with every single update. You are also right on the cloth... Those fit quite well with the ship´s shape. I wanted to give it a try and who knows, maybe some areas will benefit from this type of coloring. Thanks - It was a pain to aglin all those joints and hinges in the front Here is the update from last weekend. All necessary parts have been built and finally, the ship coming together. Only a small area at the bottom of the second belt is still missing. Again, I adjusted the inner frame which now can hold the ship on those smaller stands. For the lower fin I tried some techniques and find the following the most suitable for the details I want to add but the command bridge needs some fixing with this bulkiness. Now that the ship is robust enough to hold on its own and the proportions are matching, I can continue with details. From now on the focus will be on enhancing the overall look. UCS MC75 029 by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS MC75 030 by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS MC75 031 by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS MC75 032 by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS MC75 033 by Kommander, auf Flickr Kind regards, Kommander
  8. Kommander

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    Hello, Last couple of days I was pretty busy working on my ship, also in order to provide you with a new update. Depending on building progress I plan to share more pictures this week. Once again the first steps on this update were much more time consuming as expected. I would have started some new areas of the ship but expanding the front was sooo difficult… At least I approached a quick build of the “command-fin”. Just a bit too large isn´t it?! UCS MC75 017 by Kommander, auf Flickr Let´s take a look on this update: With the previous front being a relic for a smaller scale now has been completely redesigned. Some might say with the third attempt it would be easier with each step forward but it was still very challenging. The problems have been the same. UCS MC75 028 by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS MC75 027 by Kommander, auf Flickr The front runs together under a complex shape. With again much try n error and the usage of some unusual bricks I archived a nice result. Key was to align the bricks just in the right position. With little help of ball-joints it wasn´t that hard to accomplish… but finding the right bricks and position! Long slopes have disappeared and so are the unnecessary edges. Which make a quite unique look but aren´t useful in this state of my MOC anymore. Unfortunately due to the gap-filling wedges a few studes have been added. No big deal since its Lego but maybe need to reconsider this. The smaller slopes stayed with a design being similar to the rear. Overall the shape under the armor belt now looks more like it is made out of one piece. The gaps at the nose aren´t the best solution and I will definitely change them later. But for now I am ok with those. Also underneath the hangar comes with a significant increase at the first sign. Let's see how I can take advantage of this now. UCS MC75 026 by Kommander, auf Flickr Last but not least the rear underside has also got a little improvement – it is almost finished at this point. I couldn´t resist to add a few splashes of color. UCS MC75 022 by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS MC75 023 by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS MC75 025 by Kommander, auf Flickr Kind regards Kommander
  9. Kommander

    Fraud MOC sellers.

    Well, interesting. Thank you for sharing this fraud. Definitely gonna investigate in this one.
  10. First thought: Acurate overall shape so far. Great size. Really looks promising on the first leak and worth to call itself a UCS Set. This set definatly gonna find a nice place in my collection. I am hyped as well. And ready for some more footage.
  11. Kommander

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    Hello! Unftuneatly only a small update on this topic. I revisited the inner structure including the attachment of the armorbelt. Out of that I created some more space for an interior. But most of the time I tried to find some better methods to form the shape. Especially with the rear I entered a quite nice-looking form closer to the original thanks to the use of some technic panels. It is now a bit wider and has been extended. This will be the new limit of the ship´s size. Smaller variants of the tail I experiment with (including the last posted pictures) were not satisfying enough in terms of turning bricks into an smooth organic look. Due to the new rear, the armorbelt will be enlarged as well in the next update but because of the new inside not that challenging any more. by Kommander, auf Flickr by Kommander, auf Flickr by Kommander, auf Flickr Greetings Kommander
  12. Kommander

    Lego Techno Union Ship Moc

    You did a great job with the egg-shaped dome. I wonder how it looks inside. Can the feets hold the construction on their own? Cause it is difficult to see the bottom. Anyways stunning MOC! Greetings Keller
  13. Kommander

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    The Profundity is slowly getting in shape. With the long tail now the streamlined form of a whale is recognizable. UCS MC75 010 by Kommander, on Flickr UCS MC75 008 by Kommander, on Flickr UCS MC75 009 by Kommander, on Flickr UCS MC75 011 by Kommander, on Flickr I removed the details on the armor belt due to the updated front. It was necessary to change the old armor belt because it was also connected to the old front area. Unfortunately. However, the new belt even with a more angular shape, comes together with a nice military appearance. Also, a quite tricky part of the belt so far was the falling angled line which also overlaps the main streamlined body. It was missing in the first version. Now I used wedge plates only and it worked fine. The nose was a walkover in contrast to the tail. The decreasing angle of the ventral part and the black coloration required a lot of consideration. Construction wise it ended up similar to the front. Probably an area for a revisit in a later update. Anyway, to mention the curved technic panels fit just right. I am gonna add some more with the next update for sure. After watching the photos I noticed the ship was a bit to short with the 72cm I calculated for the project. I guess about 5cm should rebalance the whole overall look. Greetings Kommander
  14. Thank you guys! Even though these challenges are fun to archive - Trying to set those fundamental standards of such a build is a lot of work especially because when there is no reference material to look at. Yeah. Sometimes the best solution is the easiest. Greetings Kommander
  15. Hey everyone, today I can present you my Star Destroyer! Instruction avaiable - at BrickVault UCS First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Kommander, auf Flickr LEGO STAR WARS UCS FO Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Render by Kommander, auf Flickr For the people prefer watching videos instead of reading my post here you go. Just for fun I recommend watching the ending of the video: BrickVault crushed the whole front of the Resurgent-class by mistake ? I shed a tear. Sadly, In contrast to the original ISD the RSD isn´t as popular in terms of Lego MOCs. Despite the triangular geometry that every SD shares – the Resugent-class belongs to the more complex constructions. The prominent “mouth” together with the layered and shifted upper part really limited the building space in the nose area. UCS First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Kommander, auf Flickr I could save my MOC from the pitiful life of the old UCS 10030. Really good sturdiness and no danger of falling plating at the ventral side. Easily moveable – you can carry it with your arms! The surface was a long-lasting area I was struggling with. I just couldn´t find a for me suitable solution. I wanted to combine studs and tiles in a way that the ship looks sleek but not without losing the studs as a topological element. As you know the Resurgent-class design decorate many different levels and angles at the hull and with the studs I managed to add at least those flat accents. Even with the UCS size I set it was very difficult to scale down details cause the ship is as near as double the length of an ISD - especially with the amount of different levels the upper part has. UCS First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Kommander, auf Flickr And some instruction pages. Instruction by Kommander, auf Flickr For everyone thinking about instruction-making: Do not underestimate the effort of making an instruction. Needless to say, the guys at BrickVault were very patient with it. It was the first time for me creating something like that. Considering the over 7800 parts need to be placed with a suitable view, a lot of tweaking, … I think I did well. You can find more pictures HERE. Thank you for reading. Kind regards Kommander