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    1978 ... I was 5 years old when my father took me in the modest village cinema to watch a movie ... I was struck by what would have forever changed the way of making films ... Star Wars.
    The next day, rummaging in the "keg of dixan" full of Lego bricks started to build my first spacecraft in the saga.
    From then on it was easy to combine two of my biggest passions that generated the complete collection Lego Star Wars UCS.


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  1. StarBricks

    [MOC] SB00801 AS.Project (MOC Sandtrooper UCS)

    I'm happy to hear these words. Each of my works is the result of an emotion I felt while watching films and each one has a different emotion. In the specific case of the AS-Project I wanted to immortalize that moment that has remained imprinted in my mind since 1977. I remember that as a child I wondered what they carried in those backpacks that they carried on their shoulders. And I was very curious about the orange shoulder strap.. With this work I decided to change direction: instead of making the MOC articulated as in the case of the K-Project and partly of the SH-Project (arms, torso and head moving), I decided to focus more on the "dynamism" of the pose . In my opinion, this gives the MOC a soul and makes it "alive". I don't know if I managed to convey this feeling, but when I look at it I think this.
  2. StarBricks

    [MOC] SB00801 AS.Project (MOC Sandtrooper UCS)

    Hi KevinMD thanks for the compliments. In fact I have more fun modeling human bodies to which I can give particular postures... I feel like I'm giving them a soul Hi Fuchs, thank you very much for the good wishes.
  3. February 7, 2024 Age advances, commitments increase and health is no longer that of one's 20s. This year has also been busy, but I still managed to find the time to give shape and life to my new creation. “LOOK SIR DROIDS” SA-Project - SB00801 UCS scale MOC of a sandtrooper first appeared in 1977's “Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope”. It is one of the first scenes in the dunes of the planet Tatooine, where the two droids escape the empire. I remember that as a child I was struck by these strange troopers who wore dirty armor and a large black backpack on their shoulders. Another eye-catching detail that drove me crazy was the orange pauldron on the right shoulder. I've been wanting to make a MOC of a stormtrooper for a long time and the inspiration to make this sandtrooper came to me this summer while watching episode IV. A careful study of anatomy, posture and proportions allowed me to immortalize it at the precise moment in which, kneeling, he finds a ring-shaped piece lost by the droids in the sand. In order to achieve it I had to mix many techniques which are all legal anyway. the internal exoskeleton is made mostly with technic elements which gave me the possibility of creating a solid and effective load-bearing structure. The visible portions were created with classic brick techniques which, as you will have understood by now, I prefer to technic panels with strange shapes. I spent a lot of time studying and reproducing all the details; I'm very happy with how the backpack (which is made up of 788 pieces) and the helmet (which is made up of 346 pieces) turned out. A small mention also goes to the binoculars which are held by the right hand (105 pieces). The MOC is in perfect scale with the K-Project and the SH-Project; it is made up of 5106 bricks + 3 minifigs and is completely modular. It weighs approximately 5 kg and measures 32 cm wide, 42 cm deep and 47 cm high (including the base). I hope you enjoy.
  4. StarBricks

    SB00601 AR-PROJECT (MOC AT-RT 501 version UCS)

    Hi mink66, I will introduce tomorrow my new MOC
  5. StarBricks

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    With the instructions for my new AR-Project, which will be released very soon, I have introduced a new concept for finding parts. In fact, 99% of them will be available on the LEGO website (pick a brick service). The average cost to have all the new parts will be €0.14 per piece and I would like to remind you that with LEGO's Pick a Bricjk service you do not pay shipping costs.
  6. StarBricks

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    MOC is designed and designed to be built vertically. The structure is designed to ensure the correct balance of the MOC. No need to change the laying of the MOC. As for orders on bricklink, the advice I give lately is to buy most of the Bricks directly on the LEGO website (PICK A BRICK). The Service has been greatly enhanced in recent months and most of the pieces you can buy there.
  7. StarBricks

    SB00601 AR-PROJECT (MOC AT-RT 501 version UCS)

    Hi Hackenbacker, the AR-Project instructions are ready. I just have to do the final checks and correct the texts. They should be available by the end of the year.
  8. StarBricks

    [MOC] UCS Cloud Car

    Beautiful! I really like. Compliments
  9. StarBricks

    SB00701 SH-PROJECT (MOC Shoretrooperr UCS)

    Thanks, the helmet is the first thing I started from and I tried to make it as faithful as possible. I like the result and it is a very solid and compact piece.
  10. StarBricks

    SB00701 SH-PROJECT (MOC Shoretrooperr UCS)

    Hi TeddytheSpoon, yes I agree! I immediately adored this soldier. The design and color combinations are fantastic. And then he has an excellent aim !! :-)
  11. February 7, 2023 It has been a difficult and very demanding year due to my work and commitments with my family. I had decided to postpone the presentation for a year (2024) but I couldn't resist! On my 50th birthday I present my latest creation. Fire and Sand SH-Project SB00701 UCS scale MOC of a Shoretrooper squad leader (Coastal defender stormtrooper) first appeared in Rogue One on the planet Scarif. The design and color combinations of these Shoretroopers are fantastic and prove that the film Rogue One, from a visual point of view, is one of the best episodes of the entire saga. A careful study of the proportions, the partly asymmetrical installation, the modularity and the sturdiness of the construction characterize this MOC. Consisting of 4047 bricks + 1 minifig, it is in perfect scale with the K-Project.
  12. StarBricks

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Csaba, thank you, it's always nice to receive positive feedback. In my MOCs I always try to ensure that they can be moved and transported safely. This is because I often have to exhibit them in events to the public and the assembly and disassembly phases must be easy.
  13. StarBricks

    [MOC] SB00501 TR-Project (MOC Treadspeeder 125-z UCS)

    I confirm that the instructions of the AR-Project I'm working on in this period will come out first (I don't have certain dates and times yet). As for the new MOC, the release date is delayed by one year (07/02/2024).
  14. StarBricks

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Hi, yes in the office we have to deliver a big project by the end of the year. During the Christmas holidays I will finally be able to devote myself to the answers. Sorry for the delay
  15. StarBricks

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Hi Patrick, sorry for the late reply. In this period we are closing a big project in the office and I am very busy with my work. As soon as I finish it, I will reply to the email. Thanks for your patience.