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Found 11 results

  1. Gusseteer

    Rogue One Chess Set MOC

    This is my MOC of a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Chess Set based on the Battle of Scarif. The MOC was based on the Lego Pirates Chess Set 40158 and Lego Star Wars Battle on Scarif 75171. When I first saw the Lego Pirates set, the first thing that came to mind was modding it to be a Star Wars Chess Set, then I saw Rogue One and set about building it. It has sat on my desk in various states over the last year or so and I thought it was about time to finish it and share it with you all. To my knowledge this is the first Lego Chess Set based on Rogue One unless I missed something. Some of the changes I made were: Making the connection between minifigure and chess board two studs to centralise the position of the figure. Changing the colour of the water plates to be closer to the colour of the water on Scarif. After building 21042 recently I decided to give this set a black border and base to add stability. I feel that it also gave the build a nicer finish. Foliage and beach design and layout. The one thing I found difficult was deciding which minifigures should represent each piece, given the lack of Imperial female representation the Queen ended up being Orson Krennic whilst the King is Darth Vader. Please let me know if you have any comments of ideas for improving it. Anyway enough of my babble, here are the photos: And finally a friend suggested that I included a mini AT-ACT, so I modified Miro’s mini AT-AT from Thanks for looking at my build.
  2. Hi, I just present you a little creation about Last jedi : Chess. The boarder game isn't worked, the goal was to work in microscale on pieces (I have never work in this scale). For some pieces I missed inspiration. I wait Snoke's guardians to create another fools. The Flickr Album : More pictures : Details of pieces I've since added minfig of chewie, so the crazy ones are the crazy drivers
  3. This is MOC of Spring 2013-March 2014. A long time ago I really wanted to buy 852293, but it doesn't sold in Russia, so I decided to make my own version of giant chess. It has been exhibited at the exhibition DoubleBrick Fest 2014 at Dolgoprudny, Moscow region. All figures stay at their own standing pieces, but this pieces are not gray, as in the original set, but white or black. View from above. From white player's view. From black player's view. Chess board consist of 576 tiles and one gray baseplate 48x48. White chess pieces are the Knights of the Lion Kingdom. Rook H1 is a tower with an archer and Knight G1 is a noble knight and his trusty steed. Bishop F1 is a wizard with his magic staff and owl and King E1 is a Lion king with a sword and scepter. Queen D1 is a Lion queen with a goblet and scepter and Bishop C1 (you can distinguish light-squared and dark-squared Bishops not only by the color of the square they're stood, but also by the color of their beards). Knight B1 and Rook A1. Pawns H2 and G2. Pawns F2 and E2. Pawns D2 and C2. Pawns B2 and A2. Black chess pieces are the Knights of the Dragon Kingdom. Rook A8 is a tower with an archer and Knight B8 is a noble knight and his trusty steed. Bishop C8 is a wizard with his magic staff and dragon and Queen D8 is a Dragon queen with a goblet and scepter. King E8 is a Dragon king with a sword and scepter and Bishop F8. Knight G8 and Rook H8. Pawns A7 and B7. Pawns C7 and D7. Pawns E7 and F7. Pawns G7 and H7. Thanks for watching and any comments are very welcomed)
  4. Greetings, I hope this is the right section for this topic. So, I'm about to sell G678- Knight's Kingdom Chess Set. I've checked my set because I remember I had fiddled with the minifigs in the past (I know, I know). All pieces and minifigs seem to be in their place, and the things I had to fix I fixed. But there's one thing I can't seem to solve: it's the white (or baby blue ) Queen's head. Both Brickset and Bricklink show her with the head she's pictured in. My Queen, however, has this head. I might have swapped the original one with that one because I needed it, sure. It's rather odd because I don't see myself being that interested in that head, but it's still possible I suppose. The problem is, I don't remember ever having had that head. In fact, when I saw the Queen's Catalog entry my reaction was along the lines of "...huh? That's her head?". I was dumbfounded- I didn't even remember it existing. I've looked for that head everywhere in my collection, but I can't find it at all. I know that some later editions of the set have the Queens' slope skirt glued to their torsos, but no alternate versions of the minifig seem to exist otherwise. So, I'm asking for your help. Is my set a misprint/alternate version or am I just remembering things terribly wrong? I would like to find the head so I can finally ship the set to my buyer, but if that's her correct head I fear I'll be forced to buy it somewhere and make him wait. Thank you in advance.
  5. Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6 Album A Lego chess set based on the Nexo Knights theme. Altogether, including parts that aren't available on LDD (8 Scurrier figs and the helmets for the 2 Ash Attackers), this model would add up to 1022 pieces. The base features storage space for the chess pieces themselves, and two modular sections visually based on the good and evil factions in the theme. The board itself is also modular and separates into four 16x16 sections. The two halves of the board can be separated and stacked on top of one another for storage. The chess pieces themselves all have simple yet uniform bases that allow for easy color-coded identification. The "good" Nexo Knight faction features King Halbert (King), Queen Halbert (Queen), two Royal Soldiers (Bishops), two hover horses (Knights), two Nexo Shields (Rooks), and eight King's Squirebots (Pawns). The "evil" Lava Monster faction features Jestro and the Book of Monsters (King), Lavaria (Queen), two Ash Attackers (Bishops), two evil hover horses (Knights), two Shields of Absorption (Rooks) and eight Scurriers (Pawns). I would love to build this physically and/or submit it to Lego Ideas, but am hesitant due to how obvious the idea is. Lego has released many chess sets in the past, most of them based on Castle themes, so chances are Lego is already considering releasing a chess set for the Nexo Knights theme. I would not want to buy all the necessary figs and parts on Bricklink only for Lego to release a similar set on their own!
  6. Here is my take on the 853373 lego chess set. Everything except the horses are lego originals (they are chinese made lego knockoffs) Hated the fact that you had to click and unclick each figure to move them, so I made my own version of the lego chess set. If anyone has tried to play it before, will know what I'm talking about :)
  7. Inspired by Kai NRG's recent review I thought I would post my own updated version of the chess set. For now mine has been kept together because I do actually use it for chess. So without further ado, here are the players: Bluecoats, on Flickr Not too much to change here, except the pawns are upgraded with shakos and epaulettes and the small cannons (or maybe swivel guns) were added to the bishops to give some firepower to the bluecoats (it occurred to me while taking the photos that another white 2x2 brick added to the bishops would improve the height contrast of the piece, but I'll do that later). Pirates, on Flickr The Pirates saw a few more changes, the Grey skulls became the rooks, I like the build but the did not work for me as knights. Monkeys on ladders were used as knights, the shape is better and the set was lacking monkeys. and the bishops were made with catapults and the height built up with parrots. The Pirates Side, on Flickr The Pirate side of the board has had a bridge added as the main feature (my other half built this mid game one time and I just kept it as it was). The Bluecoats Side, on Flickr I built the soldiers side mid game, but it was rubbish, so I have torn it down a few times and raided this side for parts quite a bit, but as Stas pointed out in his pirate chess set, there really does need to be a prison somewhere on the board. Not sure mine is big enough to hold all the pirates though, which leads me to the storage compartments... Swimming with the Fishes, on Flickr Not big enough to hold all the pieces before I raised the level by a brick and now the pirates will be swimming with the fishes. Buried treasure (and the former bluecoats), on Flickr And on the beach side, some of the underdressed former pawns have been buried alive (presumably) along with a bunch of treasure chests. Anyway thanks for looking, this was just a bit of fun I had with the game... it doesn't really fit in with the regular MOCs and MODs on the forum but I had fun changing this up in this set.
  8. Hello everyone. Just wanted to share my recently finished (but not completed) Micro Star Wars Chess set built for my twin 7 year old sons. They are big Star Wars, Lego and Chess fans and I felt this was something nice I wanted to share with them and everyone here. Obviously it's not completely original and the micro figs are from the Battle of Hoth game set. I was also fortunate enough to acquire the Promotional Lego Star Wars Battle of Hoth Keychain which included the ultra rare printed 2 x 2 Tile with the Star Wars logo. L1180970.JPG by zoo-octan, on Flickr L1180963.JPG by zoo-octan, on Flickr L1180976.JPG by zoo-octan, on Flickr L1180985.JPG by zoo-octan, on Flickr Thanks for looking. All the photos are here.
  9. 2,000 True Fans: Making Chess cool for kids using Star Wars LEGO
  10. I don't understand much about chess (I know the rules, but that's pretty much it ), but when the young Norwegian chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen is playing for the world champion title against Vishy Anand, I can't help it, I'm spending hours in front of my computer watching the matches, and understand nothing about why the chess computers are telling me one or the other has an advantage . But today Magnus took his second victory, playing with black, and I made a little celebratory MOC
  11. I am in the process of building a medieval army, but can't decide which set(s) to get: either the Kingdoms Chess set or two Uruk-hai Army sets. I understand that the uruk-hai set probably will be of more value in the future when it is no longer in production because of its minifigures, but the Kingdoms set has a whopping 28 minifigures, basically a mini-army right out of the box! Perhaps I could get the chess set now and then wait for further Lotr releases (Battle at the Black Gate)? Any advice would be appreciated! :) Good luck to all others who are currently in the process of creating their own armies as well!