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  1. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I didn't think Lego was able to do something as ugly as this heavy scout walker. When we espect the Crait vehicule, something on Canto Bight and a resistance A-wing, well, this set and a quarter of an other vessel can be disappointing, after the poor minifig range.
  2. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    The Tatooine BP is also a proove that we'll see other generic aliens in battle pack after the excellent Rebel Alliance BP. For the other one, if it's confirm to be about jedi, I don't expect clone trooper but something very new like an other jedi knight (Coleman Kcaj, Oppo Rancisis) or a generic temple guard. Clone troopers need several BP just for themselves.
  3. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Agreed. But TLG is not helped by the source material. He was said that there won't have any important alien in TLJ, I think Rian Johnson forgot that in a galaxy far far away, there are thousands intelligent species, it's a shame. For not helping, resistance soldier outfits are really boring. By what we saw now about the TLJ, only pretorian guard could be interesting with resistance pilot helmets. It's bad after the amazing Rogue One figs range. The whole summer wave should be the worst since a while for aliens, the best opportunity was shamely miss with the absence of kaminoan in the 75191.
  4. [MOC] [Instructions] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    The thing I love on your MOC is that it seems like an official Lego product in its technics and look, it's not common at all that MOCers do such a job. Congratulations!
  5. Future Star Wars Sets

    These ships are more starfighters and the UCS enables to give them more accuracy in shape and to show a lot of details. The difference of scale is significant, you have about three more times parts compare to accurate minifig scale set. there's no interior, just pilot seat. the building technics change also. The UCS scale gave to X-wing a thiner and more agressive shape with more accuracy for the reactors. The UCS Y-wing was full of details in the hullless part of the ship and the structure beams of the reactors were better integrated. The snowspeeder gave us a really detail ship. Of course some parts of the U-wing could be more accurate in an UCS scale, but the most important is the inside, passengers areas and cockpit, and UCS scale is not done for that (look at the Slave 1, Imperial shuttle and Falcon). An other problem for a UCS U-Wing would be the sturdiness of the wings. I saw with mine, open wings are not stable enough. That's why Lego made them thiner and shorter on the 75155, I'm not sure there is solution, you still have one really short rotative axis for a huge horizontal panel (mines were 58 studs long). It's a little bit hard to explain, I agree with that , but some ships are done for UCS scale, others no. Lego seems to think the same. RĂ©sistance X-wing, ARC-170 and Venator will be definitly huge UCS set, U-wing, Republic Gunship, Home One, Scimitar won't.
  6. Future Star Wars Sets

    U-wing is not done for UCS. You can see mine in "Minifig scale U-wing" topic, it may be improve but I shown that we can do a U-wing in minifig scale, detailed, fair to the movie in shape and for the inside, the whole for less than a thousand parts. I consider the U-wing as a "playable" ship, like the republic gunship which I don't see either in UCS. I read somewhere that Lego designers will nether do ships like the Nebulon B frigate for reasons of stability, it's understandable but bad because it's the most interesting rebel ship for UCS. On the other hand, it seem not impossible to get the Profundity in UCS, ok, the lower arrow is problematic, but we could have two high and solid stands from either side of the bridge. The ship itself has no weakness in its structure. The best RO ship for UCS still the cargo shuttle, in the same scale than the 10212 Imperial shuttle. The problem is the part count, it would be around 4000 and I'm not sure Lego is ready to make a such big set for that ship appearing only in RO, even if its the best and the one with the more screentime.
  7. Future Star Wars Sets

    If Lego exploited as much Rogue One as The Force Awakens, we would have high hopes to get both Merrick X-wing and the Partisan one. We could have more a Hammerhead frigate, a TIE shuttle (the one landing the death troopers on Scarif, seen as well in Kafrene), a Jedha ambush set, Saw's den, Erso Homestead, AT-ACT, cargo shuttle, TIE fighter, Kafrene assassination, sand barricade on Scarif ..... But this is not the case. To resume, Rogue One is consider among the fans as the best or second best Star Wars moovie when The Force Awakens is maybe the worst. Moreover, there's (far) more source material in RO to utilize. But sadly, TFA had a stronger promotion than RO and was clearly adressed to a larger and younger public. However, there's charismatics vehicles and characters in RO which appears both in ANH and in Rebels (and in the Prequels too). So I don't think that we will have more RO sets than TFA eventually did. But i can't imagine that Lego won't give us between 3 and 6 RO sets in the next three or four waves about Saw Gerrera, Yavin and/or X-Wing, the cargo shuttle. Hope we'll get at least figs of Saw, Galen Erso, Merrick, Draven, Deux Tubes.
  8. Minifig Scale U-wing

    It's on the way . The second picture is indicative. It's far more realistic than the canopy (and easy) option, and the rendering is on the line of the lower hull. The most difficult in the brickbuilt option is to do the triangular windows on each side. Their shape is really hard to reproduce, there is no much space to build them and attach them. Maybe most of people don't care of these stupid side windows but I'm perfectionist.
  9. Future Star Wars Sets

    I think it has to. It should be place in Rogue One only, because it's on this moovie that Yavin IV is the most important and has the more screentime. Then, just because Rogue One focus the most characters, and we don't need a new Luke, Han Solo or Leia. There's enough important and good figs to do in Rogue One. We don't need a huge box for that. As I said, 1000-1200 parts would be enough to make a really interesting set in the line of 7754 Home One. And, when we see what's going on with "Assault on Hoth", I think Lego should don't make big playset when it's not necessary, and should focus on other ideas for big exclusive sets.
  10. Minifig Scale U-wing

    If you manage to have a good result, don't hesitate to post pictures.
  11. Future Star Wars Sets

    Ok, let's go. Episode 1 Agree with you, just that an other queen version and a handmaiden in orange outfit will nice addition in Gungan patrol, considering that it sets in the Gungan Sanctuary Episode 2 I'll add: Swoop bike at Tusken camp, it's a key scene. Coming with Anakin, Shmi, two Tuskens Episode 3 It's, at far, the episode where there still have the more to do or update. I agree with the wookie Catamaran, a splendid wehicle, and just a little with Plo Koon starfighter's. In my opinion you forgot the most important expectable sets. Beginning by the most probable, I'll add. 1. Senate Duel, with Yoda, Palpatine, Mas Amedda, Shock trooper or Senate Guard. 2. ARC-170 Starfighter. Iconic ship that really needs an update, with pilots, astromech, Jedi? 3. Obi-Wan blue interceptor, the last Eta-Actis remaining, with booster ring. Coming with Obi-Wan, astromech, Tion Medon, Utais. 4. Bail Organa's speeder, with Bail Organa, Padawan, 501st trooper. 5. Neimodian shuttle, the only ship we see in each episode of the prelogy. A bigger one (600-800 parts) coming with Grievous, 2 new Magnaguards, 1 or 2 pilot droids, Wat Tambor, San Hill. 6. UT-AT, with Ki-Adi Mundi, Bacara, clone pilots, clone marines. ... And Battlepacks (wookies, clones)... A new Boga would be nice also, but it's a difficult creature to reproduce, and some stuff seting in Felucia Rogue One Agreed with the cargo shuttle, and the x-wing, we really need an update of this ship, last one is from 2012 winter, but I think it will be a better idea to include it in a bigger set like "Blue leader X-wing at Yavin IV Rebel Base" making a 1000-1200 parts' set and containing a small commandment center and some maintenance stuff. Coming with Antoc Merrick, astromech, General Draven, General Dodonna, Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and some others among: one more pilot, rebel soldier, technician, white Mon Cal, senator(s). We need also something like "Saw Guerrera Den" a 400-500 parts' set with Saw, Benthic or Edrio, Bodhi, an other rebel, Gor Bullet.
  12. Minifig Scale U-wing

    Thanks. Recently I think that the lower canopy could be improve using a 6 bricks height window frame with glass, to put neons on sides. But in my opinion, if it will be more fair, it will be difficult to have a good and smooth rendering.I remind that I hate stickers, even more on big and expensive part.
  13. Future Star Wars Minifigs

    I'm astonished too that Lego didn't release one or two of them, because they usually release every interesting character holding a lightsaber, Jedi Temple Guards could have come with the Coruscant Police Gunship or in the Yoda Starfighter, but they didn't. I wish we'll see them soon, maybe in a battlepack with other figs, maybe in a set, there still have interesting stuff to do with TCW. I consider Jedi Temple Guard as the most interesting generic fig too release now with some clone troopers
  14. Future Star Wars Sets

    I wonder why Lego didn't do the Umbaran fighter, maybe it's to difficult to have a good result in bricks. But something about Umbara and 501th is still require, it could be the Umbaran Hover tank, with of course Fives, new umbaran soldier, 501th ARF trooper, Jesse or hardcase. A pirate sidecar could be nice too, with some padawans. A jedi turbo speeder will be a good idea also, and a opportunity to give us some beautiful Coruscant characters as phase II Fox and Jedi temple guard. The speeder itself is great in its lines and colours, it would be a good set I think.
  15. Future Star Wars Sets

    The Senate duel is of course overdue. It's a key scene of Star Wars and the Senate a key place. Moreover, it should sell well I think. And for a lightsaber duel set, it would come with something more concrete than parts of wall. I think such a set will include two senatorial platforms, the throne and something to hold it all, with maybe a pipe for escaping Yoda. Mas Amedda should be in with Yoda and Sidious, it would be a great fig and a new alien species, A shocktrooper or a new senate guard whould be appropriate too.