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  1. I work in the packaging industry, its common practice to use a default case design for smaller quantity runs. Due to the limited nature of this item, also considering it was a GWP, probably did not justify the added cost of using a custom printed box. Line start-up and graphics work are fixed costs that do not spread well on low volume runs.
  2. I broke it up over two days, build most of the first "box" in maybe 4 hours while watching TV. The remainder I built yesterday, started around 1PM and finished about 5PM. Maybe 8 hours of distracted building? I really enjoyed the build.
  3. In the instruction book the meet the model designer has an interesting tidbit. Cesar, the designer, said that this is the first set he designed when he became a LEGO Star Wars designer in 2016. It sat on his shelf for a few years until they were ready to release it. Interesting that there could be a lot of already designed sets just waiting in the pipeline. The book also mentions that Han doesn’t hesitate to shoot first! 🤣🤣🤣
  4. There was a line of maybe 25+ at the Costa Mesa store this morning, seemed like they might have had a good amount of the GWP, one of the guys maybe 10 back asked if they would have enough and the employee seemed to indicate they had more than enough and was surprised they sold out of them online..
  5. I spoke with an employee at a Lego store and they mentioned the Cantina would be on sale tomorrow in store, and that it would include a GWP of Yoda's Lightsaber. The employee I spoke with wasn't very knowledgeable, but I could hear the conversation she was having with another employee in the background.
  6. I have to think they can design a new set in a few months with a single dedicated designed. Its their full-time job, and they are professionals with unlimited access to parts.
  7. Looks like your getting an Imperial Shuttle after all
  8. That’s 100% not happening... Sears is a long dead company.
  9. Was secretly hoping they wouldn't include the main figures (Luke, C3PO, Obi-Wan, R2) as they come in sets this year that clearly look like they are meant to be combined with this set. That would have been a wild move on there part, but would have allowed for more "alien" characters. Very happy with it!
  10. The leg print and helmet dirt print look different than the 2019 Sandtrooper Captain.
  11. There's a Jawa in that photo by the Ithorian, but that's not unpredictable. There also looks to be another Sandtrooper or two behind the two buildings.
  12. azanderk

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Ok, thanks! I called my local Lego Store and they said Lego made them dispose of all the pick a bricks and minifig station parts! They don't have either in stores right now in SoCal. I'll call and see if they can ship them.
  13. azanderk

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Where are you located in the US? I would love to buy a set of these from my local Lego store, but the stores in California are curbside only so there's no way to know what inventory they have at that station.
  14. azanderk

    Hammerhead Corvette "Lightmaker" UCS MOC

    The front, yes, I'm 95% confident. The rear, probably not. I wouldn't want to stress any of the parts too much anyways, the model is 9lbs. That much weight on cantilever legs is a lot of strain for plastic, especially with the quick change design to go between landed craft and the in flight display. The bottom interior mount points for the stand can support all of the weight with only a single 2x2 trans-clear cylinder showing, but even that will be obscured by the landing gear themselves.
  15. azanderk

    Hammerhead Corvette "Lightmaker" UCS MOC

    Thought I'd challenge myself to redesign the stand so that it was all one piece and that the model could be lifted off of it without having to physically remove any parts. I've been watching The Clone Wars while I've been working on the model and happened to see the episode where the three corvettes land to provide supplies. That got me thinking how I could incorporate landing gear and if they would be stable enough to support the model as an alternate build. This is what I can up with, let me know what you think. If the rear landing feet do not support enough, its possible to build trans-clear 2x2 round brick "rods" that can take almost all of the weigh, while the legs provide horizontal stability. I also redesigned the front of the bottom engine, its about half a stud too long in my opinion, but I think it looks much better. I'm trying to make all of these changes before finalizing the instructions, so please let me know if you think there's anything that could be improved!