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Found 104 results

  1. pagicence

    An open letter to Lego group

    Hello, I have an idea that you are very welcome to exploit and hopefully realize. I’m a big fan of racing (MotoGP, F1, Superbike, WRC, ERC…), games (Need for Speed, Forza, Gran Turismo, F1, MotoGP…), and of course Lego (mostly Technic). So why not combine my favorite things together and call it “LEGO Technic Racing Game” (or whatever you will). Basically, you need to create an excellent racing game in which the player can upload his/hers own technic creations, MOCs, that he/she made in LDD (the LXF. file) and race them against all other official Lego technic sets, some randomly generated ones in the game, and possibly against some real cars. I know that there are Lego games, but not like this. This has never been done before. How will it work? Well, trough series of factors. The structural integrity of a MOC will be one of the factors to include. The sturdier and better connected parts will give the vehicle more strength to not fall apart in race; for let’s say off-road vehicles, when they’re crossing bumps and jumping, and for road vehicles that will give them better control. Also when you hit something or some other car in the race, poorly connected pieces will fall off. If the MOC has a gearbox, then the one with more gears will be faster. For example; 42083 Bugatti will be faster than the 42056 Porsche. Same goes for the fake engine; more cylinders equal more power. Another factor will be the weight. MOCs with more pieces will be slower. More wheels, more stability in corners. There will also be a thing such as too many wheels. Also there will be differences with Power Functions. Those will be just like in real life. XL motor will be more powerful but slower than the L motor. AAA battery box is lighter and weaker than the AA battery box, and so on. You get the point. Then, more interesting factors will be pairing of the PF motors with the gearboxes and fake engines and so on… Also there will be some different categories of vehicles (and a must have category – the one that includes them all). I’m sure that you can think of some more factors. After all you are the creators of toys. The idea for this came to me from watching all those little Lego Technic gatherings when a little bunch of people compare and race their real life MOCs. Most of them are Trial Truck competitions. Also Brick fairs when they display and drive around mostly trucks and construction machines. So hey, why not put all of those in one place, in a game. Player can upload an LXF files of whatever vehicles (tracked included), and race them against other MOCs and official sets. Trucks (with and without trailers), cars, motorcycles, wheel loaders, excavators, tanks, cranes… you name it. Maybe even aircrafts, I haven’t thought that one through. And hopefully this will get you to update the LDD pallet more frequently. My suggestion is that you pair up with some great game developers and creators of well-known racing games. To name a few: Ghost Games/Electronic Arts Inc. (Need for Speed), Playground Games/Microsoft Studios (Forza Horizon), Codemasters Software (Formula 1, Dirt rally). If this puppy comes to life, I will be the first one in line waiting to get one. Sincerely, @pagicence P.S. I would appreciate if this letter goes and finds some people of the higher ranks in the Lego Group. Thank you.
  2. Hello, Some of your may know, that we have community in Russia. We have about 8000 subscribes and about 100 active members. Sometimes we post our events reports that can be interesting for you. Since almost no-one can read our russian-language community, we will share our experience here. Our moderators are also represnted here at EB: Desert752, Filsawgood, Limga and me. We have two types of contests: building contests 4x4 trial and trophy indoor challenge 4x4 trial outdoor challenge Thanks to LEGO Group abd Vengit (Sbrick) that support our community with prizes. We will be glad to share our experince and meet guests from all over the world at our events! EVENTS (we will update this list from time to time): Outdoor Truck Trial race in Moscow(July 2015) Indoor Trial competition and DIY Trial course obstacles (November 2015) Outdoor Rally BAJA Downhill (May 2016) Indoor Jeep Trial 2016 (November 2016) Indoor Truck Trial Challenge 2017 (september 2017) BUILDING CONTESTS (we will update this list from time to time): Summer adventure Our latest event took place in Moscow 17th september, with 2 special guests - hosts of Beyond the Brick channel that visited Moscow. That's the preview of full video that coming soon. More photos under the spoiler Full photo album
  3. Hey all, we've been working on building up a lego youtube channel for romanian fans ( I know this might not appeal to many on the site since only a part of us speak romanian, but I thought some of you might like to know. We're still young naive beginners, and especially in the beginning I've tried emulating what I like from other channels while slowly making it my own. I would love some feedback from members here, either romanian speakers or otherwise, everyone is welcome! I am also a newbie to the forums here, but I do follow your news.You'll find some reviews, some short and hopefully amusing videos, as well as some past live streams (which we are planning on making more of).Once again, the link is and only if you enjoyed it, I would really appreciate a subscription, it will help us make a lot more content, I absolutely love LEGO and want to talk about it as much as possible :)))))))Thanks for your time, hope to see you on the channel! Happy building!
  4. I have decided to record a little trick I am using in LDD to finely position my MOCs. I hope you'll find it useful.
  5. Long-time member, sometime speaker. I thought it was time to get more active in the AFOL community, so I've started a YouTube channel. The first batch of videos will consist of my reviews of the new Harry Potter sets and Collectable Minifigure Series. Please find the first video, a review of the polybag 30407: Harry's Journey to Hogwarts, below. I'll add more reviews as I make them. Apologies for the varying picture quality. It's my first try! And I'm thinking: I should probably include more close-ups of the actual LEGO next time... Still, I hope this proves useful and/or entertaining to you. Thanks!
  6. Sariel

    Danish LEGOLAND: Video Tour

    I'm happy to present a POV video from most of the Danish LEGOLAND's rides and boats. I also have a complete tour of the Miniland coming up and I will add it in this thread later - first I have to edit 3 hours of video material :)
  7. BrickinNick

    LEGO Fortnite Loot Llama

    Hey friends! Finally ready to share my first MOC on here with y'all. Here's my build of the Loot Llama from Fortnite: Battle Royale! Took me over 24 hours to build over the course of six live-streams on Twitch! Had a lot of fun trying to get all of the details and textures just right. I was so lucky they had all the colours I needed on the PAB Walls at my local LEGO stores! Hahaha... enjoy! Also put together a little video highlighting different elements and features of the build, check it out HERE.
  8. I am looking for a descent mid-range camera (at least 1080p) to replace my smartphone's camera, and I'd like to know what you have/are using. So my question is simple: What camera do you use to film your videos of your MOCs? If you use more than one, please list all of them, or if you have upgraded to a higher-end camera, please list both your new one and your old one(s).
  9. beverly888

    MOC Easter Bunny's Secret Workshop

    Easter Bunny is almost ready to deliver the candy and eggs. But, first, he must paint the eggs and pack the baskets in his ultra-secret workshop. The hens have done a magnificent job providing the eggs, and all the forest creatures stop by to help with last minute tasks. Just before he leaves on the great Easter Egg odyssey, Easter Bunny will fuel up on carrots from the carrot patch. Happy Easter! Beverly
  10. Hello My review of 42077. There is a lot of thoughts and ideas there. So I translated it to english (turn on subtitiles). Contents of review 1) foreword 1:00 2) exterior 1:18 3) functions 6:18 4) designer 11:05 5) set contents 11:57 6) cosmetics promotion 13:00 7) adding stickers 16:16 8) modifiсations 17:27 9) pros :34 10) cons 20:04 11) Alternative model thoughts 25:55 12) final thoughts 26:26 In the end, set is very good as resource set for buulding cars (especially if you have other DARK Azure sets like 42077). And you can add a lot of mods here: that's much better to do mod with such hatchback than with Le-Man or F1 racer. You can add saloon, dashboard, rear seats, move engine to front, even 4sp gearbox can be placed here. Thanks for watching
  11. First of all, I'm not a videogame guy; I've never really played any video game, save for a few classic arcade games a couple of times. But, I am fascinated by many of the novel back stories and plots of numerous videogames, particularly those of a alternate historical basis. The three prominent videogame franchises that I think could make for some incredible movies are the Wolfenstein, BioShock, and Fallout games specifically. These three franchises have had been pondered upon by various film studios for film adaptations, but have currently been put on the back burner or shelved. One other franchise that I'd like to see adapted for film is Crimson Skies; but currently, it may not have much relevance now. So what cinematic videogame franchise adaptations are you anticipating and/or wish for? Discussion of movies focused generally on videogames and/or videogaming (Wreck-It Ralph and Ready Player One, for example) is also allowed by the way.
  12. Today is the 20th anniversary of LEGO's first video game, LEGO Island! I've been built the Island in real life in honor of this anniversary as well as to honor Wes Jenkin's legacy, who sadly passed away last week. Here is an introduction video I did of the Island: I also modeled all the buildings in so that you can download and view them in 3D and easily export them into Bricklink wishlists if you want to build your own Island! Here's a sampling of the Information Center. If that piques your interest, you can CLICK HERE to see the rest of the buildings! To download the files CLICK HERE!
  13. Hi, here is my TC12 topic. Origin, plans, backstory, whatever. When I've seen this contest announcement, I was not really excited, mostly because the original game and TV show missed me. But I liked the idea, and the fact it is a contest ( :D ) , so I decieded to give it a try. Later, I was browsing my old drawings, and stumbled upon really old "monsters in hot-rods" ( series, and recognised, that they're wacky enough (especially the Yeti) to be inspiration for this contest. So, the base stone (or snowball) was laid. The build went really fast from that moment. I plan to make simple 2 axle "wackhicle" capable of travelling through every terrain (mainly snow, of course), something like snow-hot-rod. Steered will be only front axle, and the wacky function will unfortunatelly be very simple, but the name of this hungry Yeti's cart is derived from this. It will also be equipped with front snowball cannon to freeze opponents. Right now I have nearly finished the chassis. I will not show you the colour-scheme, but be sure it has something to do with another LEGO line. TC12 - Avalunch TC12 - Avalunch TC12 - Avalunch Stay tuned for more Snow'n'roll.
  14. Max Hart Lane

    LEGO Monster

    A big bad chameleon monster go to the LEGO City for pizza. Nobody can resist it. What happen with their city? Let's see!!! Made by Lego creator polybag 30477 - Chameleon Like me on Facebook :
  15. This is a video I made for LEGO Group. The goal was to show set 31066 (Space Shuttle Explorer) in "fun mode" for seasonal event "Back to school". The audience was mainly children under the age of 12. The movie itself has been used in the LEGO® LIFE app. Read more » Full story here: LEGO Gallery - [BRICKFILM] LEGO 31066 Space Shuttle Explorer - Back to school Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+ --- Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog - Bricks' Treasure.
  16. Norwegian Lego Fan

    Lego Sports Bloopers!

    Some objects are flying in this funny stop-motion video, I'd love to know how they did that!
  17. If you thought the 42070 A-model was bad, the B-model is here to convince you it was actually pretty good. In fact, it seems to have been built solely for that purpose:
  18. I'm happy to report that this thing is a delightful change from the awful 42070, especially in terms of suspension and details. It's like these two sets were designed on separate planets.
  19. I guess this belongs here, since we don't have a specific forum section for Creator cars and it looks Model Team-ish enough. I present you the bus that suffers from subpar accuracy (the front end looks atrocious) and marketing bull...t (no, it's NOT built at the same scale as other Creator cars), and yet manages to look really, really good on a shelf:
  20. Ready to go back in time to the 80's? Dust off that NES and controllers and join me in bringing these blasts from the past back to life! i created a small project that features two of my favorite nes games metriod and megaman project includes: 2 NES game cartridges and stands (this are built to the same size as the real games) 2 stickers for the game lables to make this dispay authentic 4 minifigures with 100% exclusive printing these figures include: -Megaman -Protoman and -Samus -Zero Suit Samus sorry about all the stuff covering it, i just have a lot of my work stolen so im trying to cover myself anyway hope you like my work so far, ive submitted it to lego ideas so hopefully that goes well
  21. The smallest of the 2H2017 Technic set is, in most aspects, a pleasant surprise. I was expecting something dead simple, but got something ambitious and complex instead, with a brilliant steering system and 2 boom functions that can be easily motorized. Additionally, I like how normal and realistic it looks compared to 42070 and 42069. It's a pretty, functional, well-designed set and it's delightful to steer. On the underside, 42068 contains literally zero new pieces or pieces in new colors, leaving you little reason to buy it - chances are, you can build it with the pieces you already own. And some parts feel like a few corners have been cut.
  22. DESCRIPTION This is a topic for sharing your tips on shooting and editing videos of your Technic creations. We have a similar topic for Technic Photography, and many of us know how to take and edit very nice pictures, but video brings additional challenges. You are invited to share tips for the following areas: Indoor light types (Fluorescent / LED / Tungsten / Halogen) Types of light diffusers (umbrella vs softbox) Camera types and settings Shooting angles and framing Additional equipment you use (microphones, dollies, handheld stabilizers, tripods) Ways to attach action cameras like GoPro to your models Video editing software Video editing tips Royalty-free music sources Any other tips to make videos better If possible, please show pictures of your setup and a video that was shot with it. The goal is to help others make better videos, so you can enjoy watching them. Thanks. RESOURCES Sound - Free music for YouTube projects - Royalty-free music - Creative Commons Licensed sounds - Music Composing Software - Music Composing Software Video Editing Software - If you have outgrown Windows Movie Maker Discussions
  23. This was originally designed to be the smallest RC car to use a buggy motor, but it soon became an extremely powerful car capable of drifting. I refined the chassis design over 2 prototypes, and then tried multiple combinations of gear ratios and different sizes of wheels to achieve the best speed. The result: this MOC you are looking at right now! Driven by buggy motor, geared 1:1.25 Steered by PF servo Hidden power switch on underside LDcad/POV-Ray animation Video: Instructions: 3D File Drift Racer 3D file.mpd
  24. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] Speed Champions 75873 alternates

    Alternate models made using only pieces from the LEGO Speed Champions 75873 Audi R8 set Drift car Formula Truck Thanks for watching!
  25. Commander Turtle

    The Week in Bricks - a Youtube show

    Hey all. I'm trying out a video series I'm calling The Week In Bricks, and the idea is to cover the week's reveals, store events, active contests, and do a featured MOC too. Update: Latest episode Prev episodes: April 24-30th - Ideas Apollo Saturn rocket, Grand Carousel May 1st-7th - Create the World and commentary on Lego Dimensions May 8th-14th - UCS Millennium Falcon rumour discussion May 15th-21st - Renewable energy goal met early & ramifications It was inspired because I've found it to be a grind getting info about current Lego goings-on - lots of places only cover the big releases, but the sites that cover everything release so much that it's difficult to follow. I thought there might be a niche for something that blasts through the week's news, with links in the description to follow up on if anything catches your attention. I'd be thrilled to hear feedback and get an idea what the community would want from this sort of show