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Found 10 results

  1. Brick Broadcasting

    Road Rescue

    Car Trouble??!!! Who are you gonna call?? Road Rescue!! ... Well let's see how that's working out... Have fun!!
  2. Good grief, this thing has been sitting on my desk for over a year now, and I just now got around to taking pictures of it. tsk tsk. Anyway, this is a failed attempt at making a ring crane using a hailfire droid wheel as a base. It is loosely based upon a Sarens SGC-120, and uses a 3 way reversable distribution gearbox, much like 42042. Each selector controls one function, forward and reverse. The crane features 3 winches, controlling the boom luffing, the luffing jib, and the hook. The winches are run by one M motor. The counterweight is 5 PF AA battery boxes, plus some old train weights, and some ball bearings. Now, I mentioned that this is a failed attempt, and there are a good number of reasons for that. Firstly, the gearbox connecting the M motor to the distribution box was very weak and overly complex. Then, this model had several critical structural flaws. The main boom wasn't nearly stiff enough, and would warp with the slighted provocation. The individual sections were strong enough, but the connections to get them in a triangular shape were not. Then, the main frame of the crane was very weak, and bent a lot under the weight of the main boom. Same thing goes for the rollers on the base ring. They were not structurally sound at all, and due to that, motorized slewing was not possible. Lastly, the hook was not heavy enough to put tension on the hook line, and so the lines of rope going to the hook would jump at the slightest provocation. Still, even if this did fail, it looked impressive, and I learned from it. IMG_20170813_202442189 by Saberwing007, on Flickr The crane, in all of its glory. Ring Crane 002 by Saberwing007, on Flickr The gearbox. Each selector controls a winch. Ring Crane 003 by Saberwing007, on Flickr The M motor. This was one of the weak points of the model. Not the motor, but the gearbox it is attached to. Ring Crane 004 by Saberwing007, on Flickr The rollers. Not stable enough. Ring Crane 005 by Saberwing007, on Flickr The counterweights. There were two more battery boxes, but they got used for something else. IMG_20170813_202804340 by Saberwing007, on Flickr The crane base, without the booms or counterweight. Ring Crane 007 by Saberwing007, on Flickr The winches. Ring Crane 008 by Saberwing007, on Flickr The frame bending. IMG_20170813_210407144 by Saberwing007, on Flickr The gearbox extracted. Ring Crane 010 by Saberwing007, on Flickr The underside of the gearbox. It's dead simple, aside from the connection to the M motor, which was more complex than it needed to be, and would fail with minimal provocation. Well, that's it. There will be no video, as this got demolished for my TC12 entry. Enjoy, as much as you can enjoy a train wreck like this.
  3. legostarwars1425

    Whats your opinion?

    Ok I have some lego themes that I would like your opinion on and which do you think I should get? Just to see if they are that bad. I will get back to you guys on which you ALL choose. Ok the themes are: Galidor Scala Belville Galidor McDs polybag Znap Dora (yes that is an actual licensed theme) Jack Stone Ben 10 These are the theme choices and I will get back to you on them. EDIT: No longer able to get ahold of the other themes, so... That's all folks!
  4. Good day! This was an experiment for me ,I combined system and technic bricks in one model, something I never done before. This resulted in a failed replica of the original, but served as a good lesson to me. In the last three years I haven't built anything from system, and my pre-2013 creations were really bad. The model I tried replicating was a Vapid Police Cruiser from GTA IV videogame. Fortunately there's a whole wikia dedicated to GTA ,so finding resource information was very easy, there even exists an image of the police livery . For those not familiar with the game , here's a picture of how looks the car: And this is how ended looking mine: I see a lot of errors, most of them are because of my limited resources but others are because I have very small experience building bricks. On a bright side I managed to fit these functions: Drive and steering Working steering wheel Detailed dashboard Opening hood(bonnet) ,trunk and doors Stickers Working front lights Adjustable seat ^probably the most boring underside you have seen in your life^ Bricksafe I haven't made a video yet, I have planned something unusual I hope my camera will be able to film like I want to. LDD is at 90% 100% I hope this isn't too bad to post here , please post your recommendations about the combination of both building styles , because the connectors in system are killing me . I promise the next time I will post something better than this! Vote in the poll, it will help me making better creations :)
  5. Saberwing40k

    [PORSCHE] E9 Supercar

    My latest creation, and entry for the Porsche contest. E9Porsche by Saberwing007, on Flickr This model is a possible production version of the radical Mission E concept, dubbed the E9. Now, for some backstory. I started on the model roughly the week after it was announced, but I only finished 10 hours before the competition closed. As such, there are several shortcuts taken with the model, which means that the interior is not quite there, I had to omit some features I wanted to add, some pieces aren't solid, etc. But, aside from that, it looks better than I thought it would, and the chassis features worked until I added the body. Now, onto the features that actually do work. Drive, via 4 L motors, two per axle. I also used one receiver for each set of two. 2 speed gearbox, actuated by 1 M motor, and two small linear actuators. The ratios are probably a little bit close together, with gear 1 being 1:3.89, and gear 2 being 1:2.33 4 wheel steering, with two servos. Steering mode switch, with 1 M motor actuating a PF switch. Allows for four wheel steering, normal steering, and crab steering. Independent suspension on all four wheels, control arm with 2 shock absorbers per wheel. No Ackerman correction or fancy geometry here, which made it more solid, and also made the crab steering work better. I also had a couple of features I wanted to add, but due to lack of time I could not implement them. Lights Opening doors/hood/trunk Adjustable aero Panemera style rear spoiler Indicators for gearbox and steering mode. Interior with functional steering wheel. Adjustable suspension, although I actually made the decision early on to nix it, due to how the axles and suspension are set up. Also, I made a few mistakes with the body work, and so the wheels collide with it That, and there are a lot of dodgy/illegal connections, and the back end looks rather bad, like a real Panemera. Well, at least my gearbox works better than the official one, and it has more interesting suspension to boot. Well, I did learn a lot, and proved that I can still build with a deadline. On the other hand, I am probably never building a 1:8 scale car again, given how freaking ginormous this thing ended up being, and yet it still somehow ended up with not a lot of interior space for functional parts. I might take more pictures later, if you guys want it. The bodywork sucks, so I'm probably not going to include it if I make a video, but the chassis might live on, as something else... We'll see.
  6. Hello guys, I was just scrolling through the 'uncommon-suspensions'-topic when i stubled upon a picture of the rocker-bogie suspension. I don't know what happend but i was immidiatly fascinated and i iam thinking about building it in lego. Right now, i'm just in the phase of orientation and research so have the feeling i'm a little bit early with my topic anyways, i am just really fascinated by how it works and i have googled a bit. I'm a really unexperienced builder so it may turn out into a fail. To be honest i never finished a MOC but i hope this will give me a push to finish it. it would of course be nice if it is remote controlled driven and steered. I have no recievers by now. But when i need them (i promiss ) a lot of time will have passed by and in the mean time i have already bought a few new ones. I am wondering really hard if i will come into that stage but that's another topic. the most difficult thing will not be to build the structure i think but i need axle 1&3 to be steered and the middel one to be driven and that all in such a way that it is not a pain to look at. I don't think that it is really needed to drive the 1st and 3rd axle to be drive because all wheels are touching the ground always. then there is another problem. the left and right side must have the option to move relative to each other, so where should i put the connection and how do i made the connection sturdy without limiting the movement to much? do you guys have any ideas and tips? they can be about above problem or just general biulding tips. they are really, really welcome, especially the beginner tips I don't know when i will start building on this moc, there are a few more creations? at my working table and i have to do some research first. Let me know what you think!
  7. 4/4/2015, EDIT: This thread has turned into some weird hybrid of a WIP and a 'let's see where I went wrong' thing. I've requested a name change to better reflect that. ~~~ I'm just gonna kill this project now before I regret my decisions: This is what happened when I tried to combine the styling of a 7-wide model from legoman666 ( http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=102535 ) and the mechanics/internal design of an 8-wide model from Commander Wolf ( http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=106654 ). Kudos to both of them for being willing to answer questions via PM, by the way! So, what went wrong? It turns out that you actually need to plan things if you want to do a 7-wide, because there's no good way to try and cram a what I assumed to be 6-wide internal structure into a 7-wide and have anything actually work out right. OH WELL. Could I save this? Maaaaybe, if I was willing to spend way more time than I have on it. Am I going to? Nope. The internal drive system consists of a AA battery box mounted vertically, with two L-motors driving a single four-axle truck each. There's a PF switch crammed in there as an extension lead/motor reversing switch, because I didn't realize until now that the trucks worked against each other if they got turned around by accident. Each drivetrain consists of a 20t bevel driving a 12t bevel, which then drives a series of 12t bevels to bring the power down into the trucks, giving a ratio of 3:5 for in-to-out. If I could somehow lop off everything behind the end of the 6x12 panel and still keep the fancy drivetrain, I'd be happy with the proportions; doesn't look like that's possible, so I'll be moving to a more traditional vertically-mounted motor setup without the extra gears. Maybe losing the extra gears will balance out in that I won't be losing nearly as much power to those gears, so the pulling power and speed will be somewhat similar? On my relatively small test loop, it'll pull five of the six Horizon Express cars (the sixth is the one with the motor and no battery, left out because I already have this engine to test with) plus the two container cars from the Maersk at a reasonable speed. Wheel slippage is definitely a problem, though I suspect it's because all the weight is in the center from the battery box and lack of body structure. The final revision I was envisioning before going to scrap the model would have ended up with the large plates on the side acting as a monocoque skin holding everything together. Leave your ridicule and/or constructive criticism below. Here's a cat picture to make it better:
  8. Hi all, I'm about to disappear for several months, but before I go I'd like to leave something here for your amusement... and hopefully get some advice It all started with , best one I've seen so far. I wanted to do something similar, preferrably with a softer rear suspension that would behave realistically on a bumpy ride (piterx setup seems stiff). Trouble was, I had no clue how these work. I had to like a gazillion times, to finally make sense out of photos and other models. In the end, I think I got a reasonable setup, using custom shocks also inspired by piterx Ford Fiesta. Now, for the fun part: I'm new to snow. I grew up in Tenerife, where you'd only ever see snow when it was old, unless snow caught you by surprise above 2,000 m. and then you'd be stuck there for days. No kidding, my dad used to work in the telescopes up there, when it snows there, you better not be there. And I never travelled much. So I'm utterly clueless about the different states / kinds of snow, let alone which ones are good or bad for what. I just took my protoype for a quick ride in the only moment I had a chance. The result is rather embarrasing, but I hope you find it amusing: I guess snow was too soft.. how should it be to ride a Lego snowmobile this size? And what weight would be reasonable for the model? Should I first build a snowgroomer and use it to prepare snow for the snowmobile? Some improvements I've been thinking of (but not sure they're good ideas): Longer, wider (4L) skies, specially at the front. Longer suspension arms (6-7L), to separate skies for better sidewise stability. Move weight to the rear, for better traction on the tracks. Center weight sidewise, this prototype was always leaning towards the right. Reduce weight, this prototype was already ~700 g. without any bodywork! Use outer output from Buggy motors, which is stronger. If you're curious about the targeted aesthetics, it'd be something like this: And if anyone knows the physics behind , I have an itching curiosity: how light should a snowmobile should be to be able to ride on water with the inner (fast) output of 2 buggy motors? (my guess is: lighter than the motors plus a PP3 9V battery)
  9. Legonardo

    MOC: Bad Luck Brian

    MOCathlon 2013 - Category 4 - Fail like a Boss "We have all seen it, people trying to do crazy things that would look totally awesome - and then CRASH, BANG, SMASH! What a failure! Build us a 16x16 vignette showing an epic fail. YouTube is great inspiration for this! To cater for viewers' sensitivity, minifigures are not allowed to be shown as dead in this category." Clutch builders. yes this does fit in the 16x16 limit, on a diagonal. this was fun too build, although challenging, mosiacy sort of thing is not one of my strengths, and having the size limit made it harder. anyway hope you like it! enjoy!