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  1. Brick Broadcasting

    Lego Easter Eggcident

    A terrible Eggcident happens when the Easter Bunny is laying down eggs for kids to find!! Will all be OKAY??
  2. Brick Broadcasting

    Lego Meteor Madness

    So happy you liked it!
  3. Brick Broadcasting

    Lego Meteor Madness

  4. Brick Broadcasting

    Valentine's Day The Perfect Gift

    Waking up realizing it's Valentine's Day,, and... you did not get her a gift (yet).... Ooooppssss.. On a quest for the perfect (last minute) gift.. Will he succeed?
  5. Brick Broadcasting

    Lego Santa Wish List

    The most beautiful time of the year. A time of family, giving and getting gifts. Be careful what you wish for.... based on a true story! Lego Santa Wish List
  6. Brick Broadcasting

    Lego Firemen - Kitten Rescue

    Thanks Donna! Happy you liked it!
  7. Brick Broadcasting

    Lego Modern Times

    Thanks and ... I agree .. the idea was to create a bit of discomfort but that's .. let;'s say... overdone now.. If I wasn't that timepressured in the end I would have probably taken it out.. Thank you for the feedback.. I'll put it to use in the future
  8. Brick Broadcasting

    Lego Modern Times

    Inspired by the factory scenes of Charlie Chaplin's 'Modern Times' And an entry to Brick-a-Brack's silent contest
  9. Brick Broadcasting

    Road Rescue

    Car Trouble??!!! Who are you gonna call?? Road Rescue!! ... Well let's see how that's working out... Have fun!!
  10. Brick Broadcasting

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone, Finally decided to become a member. Hoping that inspiration and creativeness will rub off on me My interests are mainly in City and Collectible minifigures which I like to let come to life in Brickfilms. Actually just started (my first (Not so) Scary Mary) so still a lot to learn.. Hope to be able to become an active member of the community
  11. Brick Broadcasting

    (Not so) Scary Mary

    Mary is planning a good (old fashioned?) Scare!! Will she succeed?? First video on the channel.... Hope you like it!!