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  1. Criga88

    How do you plan a build?

    When I have an idea of a build I want to do I generally do a quick sketch and some notes on what I'd like to incorporate, in case I get sidetracked in the process. Then I start gathering reference pics and blueprints if possible, then work out the scaling. With those done it's pretty easy to sketch out a more detailed design and then try it in LDD. Once I start to build with bricks I can tidy up and strengthen the design when it inevitably crumbles in my hands.
  2. Criga88

    LEGO Store Calendar - December 2016

    Does anyone know if the wall calendar promo will be available in Australia? It'd be a nice addition to my LEGO room decor and would be useful as well.
  3. Criga88

    MOC - city vehicles

    Came up with a small truck based on an Isuzu NPR300 to add to my construction fleet and place around my City at the various work sites this today. The truck is fitted with a tray back, however that can be changed out for other styles since it detaches from the chassis fairly easily. I'm planning on doing a tipper and box body first before trying some more specialised bodies. The cab is able to hold a driver with headwear/hair but this leaves only a single stud to attach the front fascia and windscreen, not that I build for rigorous play anyway. I've uploaded the .LXF and building instructions here. The instructions were my first attempt at using Blueprint so any feedback on that would be greatly appreciated. Comments, criticism and questions are welcome, and keep an eye out for more.
  4. Criga88

    MOC - city vehicles

    Thanks BrickHat, here's the interior for you.
  5. Criga88

    MOC - city vehicles

    After a fair bit of progress on my City of Studney WIP layout I needed a bit of a break from structures and re-visited one of my older MOC's. The original generic bus was over 2 years old now and in desperate need of an update to my more current building standard so I redesigned it using a few of the techniques from my Scania bus posted a few months ago. The new version is based on a Mercedes-Benz O 500 LE fueled by Compressed Natural Gas and operated by Sydney Buses. The new bus comes in at 6 x 30 studs with a height of 26 plates so it's 4 studs longer than its predecessor. Thanks to the increased dimensions and floor space from new doors and front tyre design, the room inside now allows for 9 seated and 7 standing passengers as well as a driver and some small luggage. Comments, criticism and questions are welcome, and keep an eye out for more.
  6. Criga88

    Vehicle Width Preference

    I stick with 4-5 studs wide for cars and SUV's, 5 wide for small trucks, and 6 wide for other trucks and buses. At this scaling each vehicle takes up just the right amount of space on a roughly 7 wide road, which is what I use in my city.
  7. Criga88

    MOC - city vehicles

    Thanks Michaelozzie, I'm still learning the ropes of a couple of programs and my printer before I venture into decals to add to MOC's, but it's back to square one each time I'm sent away for work
  8. Criga88

    MOC - city vehicles

    Back to building a few more city bits and pieces, with my first bus for my city that I've based on a specific vehicle, a Scania L113TRB bus with an Ansair 'Orana' body, as used by Sydney Buses. The bus is scaled the same as my other cars and trucks so it ended up being 6 by 35 studs which makes it a behemoth on the thin city streets that I've laid down. The size allows for 11 seated and around 9 standing minifigs, plus the driver of course, but it still needs a bit of reinforcement under the flooring to make the entire bus a bit more rigid but there won't be any further changes to the exterior. Now that I have some time at home before another long trip with work, I'll be focusing on getting the foundation down for my city and a few more buildings up instead of filling the streets, but a few extra cars are sure to pop up every now and then. Comments, criticism and questions are welcome, and keep an eye out for more.
  9. Criga88

    MOC - rescue helicopters

    Well, I'm back after an extended break from building thanks to work, and of course I'd start things off with another Huey. This livery is based on the Bell 412 EP helicopter 'Terry Summers' as used by the CareFlight service in Australia. There's minor changes my standard MOC for this one on the interior and the exterior was mainly adjusted to suit the livery, however the radome on the nose was a fair bit of trial and error to get the ball joint piece to sit in a realistic position. Comments, criticism and questions are welcome, and keep an eye out for more.
  10. How good is full time work!

  11. Criga88

    MOC - city vehicles

    Thanks LT, I need all of the equipment to lay a solid foundation for my own city
  12. Criga88

    MOC - city vehicles

    Thanks, glad to hear that! No worries
  13. Criga88

    MOC - city vehicles

    I've been lurking in the background of the forums over the Xmas break but have been keeping very busy laying the foundation for my LEGO city, Studney, and any city in the making needs the right equipment for each job, so I present my current range of construction equipment. Starting on the left is an asphalt paver because naturally roads need to be laid down for all of the cars that I already have to fill the streets. The loader beside it is the real work horse of my construction sites so far with a variety of attachments for it to use. The forklift is more of a proof of concept that still needs a bit of work to extend the vertical reach but right now it can reach the back of the flatbed trailer. The mini excavator was made last night to use up the rest of my track links and they are a handy little piece of equipment, once I make more attachments for it though. The prime mover is based on a Mercedes-Benz Actros and fits the construction equipment requirements thanks to the flashing beacon mounted on the roof. The flatbed trailer was a quick build based on my city scaling and is currently transporting two pallets of oil, with the pallets made from CMF bases to try and use up some of the vast quantities of them that I have lying around. The other structure on the flatbed is a section of a future MOC of mine, a tower crane. The tower section is a sturdy build and fits into a 4x4 footprint so it doesn't take up too much real estate. I still have to develop the boom and cabin of the crane and of course a mobile crane to erect it. The dump truck on the end was sitting in a half complete state for at least a month and a half but I finished it up and added a dog trailer for it over the weekend. The cabin is loosely based on a Volvo truck front with greebles added to the back to fill in the empty space under the tray. The dog trailer was thrown together as a quick concept but works as it should, including a steerable front axle. I've uploaded the instructions and LXF's for the Actros, Loader, Forklift and Excavator. I'm still working on uploading the others so bear with me. Comments, criticism and questions are welcome, and keep an eye out for more.
  14. Criga88

    MOCs: James Bond 007 Movie Cars

    Great recreations as usual ER0L, the flat panels and angles are perfect for the older cars. Are you taking requests for Bond cars, I wouldn't mind seeing your version of a DBS - before and after the record breaking roll
  15. Criga88

    [MOC][WIP] Pacific National 81 class

    Thanks Marook and Beck. I only have the one weight and I'm pretty sure it's at the very bottom of an unsorted 60L tub