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  1. talos

    S@H site is terrible

    I still can't get a category of sets to come up, it gives me an empty page, just the header and footer, with no sets... I can't get it to work more than once, now it won't come up at all. I wanted to search for Friends sets, it brought up the first page, 1 of 3. Well, hit next..and it refreshes with page 1 of 3 again...Show all gets me page 1 of 3...ridiculous..I am using the most recent Firefox for Mac browser..and it is a total fail! I remarked on their customer satisfaction survey about the problems a month or more ago..and apparently, no one reads that criticism...nothing has been fixed for me, as far as I can tell...Total fail! Continuing to troubleshoot, and Firefox and Chrome won't work right on the site.. Safari does work...wow, I need to use only Safari if I want to use the S@H site...interesting...
  2. talos

    S@H site is terrible

    I just tried to find a set using the new site, I am on Firefox and a Mac, and picking a set category, any category and nothing comes up. Its just the page footer and no content. Nuts! I last used the site a week or so ago, from my iPad and it seemed to work. Only way I got to what I wanted was clicking on the front page and the set I wanted was one of the front page feature sets. Maybe this issue is browser related..I do have the most current Firefox and OS updates..
  3. talos

    S@H site is terrible

    Hopefully, I took a look at the sample site, and it looked pretty good. Bigger photos of sets, etc. hopefully the functionality is improved!
  4. talos

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'd like to see a police station with a vehicle.
  5. talos

    Architecture 2016

    Did anyone else notice the mistakes in the manual for the NYC set? I just finished mine yesterday. I got it for $39 from Amazon. The instructions swap the base location for the Chrysler Building and Flatiron Building back and forth a few times. I thought I was really slipping there for a minute. Then flipped back and forth and realized that the instructions were wrong!
  6. talos

    S@H site is terrible

    I still never get any order confirmation sent. On a positive note, I placed an order yesterday, which included a back ordered item, and today I checked and it's already shipped and picked up by FedEx. Even the back ordered set is in the shipment. Nice. I got the free Mr. Freeze minifig too.
  7. The City set 'City Square' 60097 is at Amazon (USA) for $40 off, regularly $189 for $149.
  8. talos

    Train Station

    The thing of it is, I built it on the fly, and don't have any instructions. I would have to do it from memory, reverse engineer it.. ;-) A lot of the dark orange came from a 2nd Town Hall and a lot of BrickLink purchases. I think dark orange is on my short list of favorite colors.
  9. talos

    S@H site is terrible

    I've not been buying a lot lately, but did place an order last Thursday, and just today see that it was picked up by FedEx to ship. I thought maybe they just missed scanning it, but apparently it just sat there for 4 days (2 of which was the weekend), and it won't arrive here till this coming Friday. Not sure if its S@H's fault or FedEx...
  10. talos

    Train Station

    Oh I know, I appreciate all the support I have gotten so far. Its jumped up to 853 supporters today. Cheers!
  11. talos

    Train Station

    The Ideas project has gotten to 847 supporters on the Lego Ideas site. I sure hope it can get to 1000 in time to get an extension to the time limit. Hoping to generate some more exposure here by bringing this thread back to the top! If at all interested, I hope to garner some more support. Thanks for all the support so far, cheers! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/107984
  12. talos

    Which set should I buy?

    If you are in to trains, the 60098 Heavy-Haul Train is on sale at S@H now, in the USA, $40 off regular price. $159.98. Regular price is $200. I am glad I procrastinated on it! ;-)
  13. talos

    10251 Brick Bank

    Yes! That is what I did too, I just put one 1x4 in that spot. I have added in the 2nd one now. Thanks so much for the help finding it! Cheers!
  14. talos

    10251 Brick Bank

    Thanks, I did what you suggested, and there should be 13 pieces of 1x4 plate in dark bley, and no extras according to BL. Those parts are only used in the underside of the first floor and in the chimney stack (from the number 3 bags), and I didn't leave anything out... I guess I just got a fluke extra part.
  15. talos

    10251 Brick Bank

    I just finished building my Brick Bank today, Did anyone else end up with an extra 1x4 dark bley plate piece from the bag 3's? I went back over the steps and didn't find anything I might of missed. That's not a part they would give you extras. Thanks.