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Found 7 results

  1. Okay, so this isn't actually my MOC: it's my dads. He asked my to take photos of it for reference for members of Gateway LUG when planning layouts for future shows and to see what people thought of it out on the Web. On the right of the frame is the Dutchman Mine section, named after the fabled lost Wild West mine. The side behind it (to it's rear) is a mountain waterfall with two bears catching fish... I don't have a clear picture of that side, sadly. The inside-the-layout facing side of the mountain. This MOC is made of four sections: two new mirror image "Annex" segments (on left), and the slightly older mountain tunnel sections "A" & "B" (on right) that feature widely different scenery on either side: The lost Dutchman Mine or bears fishing in a waterfall. Each mountain section regardless of type or arrangement features a "concrete" tunnel segment, and a window wall adjacent to the tunnel bore. This allows for train viewing "through" the mountain... which is especially cool-looking if the train has lights! Also of note is the movable picture windows segments above each tunnel bore. The Wampa with Luke is interchangeable with the crystal caverns section, and both can be put in the annex or the originals, depending on how many tracks you want to use... they also have roof for "wand" flashlights above, to provide some lighting in these dark areas. PLEASE NOTE: This is the first time pictures of this have been taken, and space was limited to do so... no fancy plain background here, just the kitchen table. Also, he thinks it looks ugly because he free-handed it, which he normally doesn't do. However, I think it looks way better and accurate than my Lone Ranger / Western Skull-mountain tunnel. Any thoughts I can pass on to him?
  2. Mechbuilds

    [MOC] XTS-620

    Receiving transmission: "Commandant. We have recovered the secret data from the archive. The data was highly encrypted but after our best hacker decrypted it, we found out that it had highly sophisticated mech frame plans. We carried out the XTS-620 experimental mech frame to the test range and it pretty much passed all the test in record timing. This is one of the most destructive mech we have ever built. We call it "Twins". This "Twins" mech is piloted by two pilots working in perfect harmony with eachother. The left side is mounted with a highly destructive gauss ion cannon. It has enough power to pierce our experimental "Cocoon" armor. The weapon is still not fully tested so do not go over 70% power or you risk destroying the arm completely. On the left side, we have a high pressurized pyromite launcher that has 3 times the range of our standard pyromite launchers. Also for melee combat, the left arm is mounted with a large plasmite claw. There is enough power to crush a class 5 titan head like an egg. The legs are equipped with experimental dampening systems that allow the mech to jump down without any damage to the actuators. This mech requires highly trained pilots that can sync up in perfect harmony. We have sent you this experimental mech for a field test on real action. Be cautious." -Mech build lab
  3. Good day! Today I would like to present my mod of the 42020 twin rotor helicopter. I changed the color scheme and added pneumatics for opening the cargo bay. Little update: Hidden the pump inside the model.Photos in the end of the post. Some photos: the original and my MOD The mechanism Pump update: More photos on Bricksafe: The Mod on my website: Instructions: mod.lxf Video :
  4. Civil model of the Bell UH-1N Twin Huey. This example was used by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior for air rescue and ambulance services. Model features a detailed interior, rotating main and tail rotors with adjustable blade pitch, opening crew cabin doors, and sliding main cabin doors with swing open forward auxiliary main doors.
  5. ADHO15

    [MOC] Twin-Pod Cloud Car

    Hi everyone. It's been quite a while since I last posted a MOC here but having recently started re-watching the Star Wars films, I have been trying my hand at several LDD models. And so, I present to you the Storm IV Twin-Pod Cloud Car. Best known for its appearance in The Empire Strikes Back during the approach to Bespin's Cloud City, this relatively small vehicle was a fair challenge due its smooth, rounded shape which can be quite difficult to replicate in LEGO. Given the vast expansion of rounded LEGO parts created since the release of LEGO's first and only System-scale version of this ship, improving upon their design was not all that difficult. Front & Rear views: As always, I try my best to keep a 'realistic' head on when designing an LDD MOC, meaning that the model should be able to be built using real LEGO parts were they available. Obviously many of the parts used in this MOC aren't available in the colours used, but that's just one of the many advantages that designing in LDD gives! The central grey tiles are not attached - instead they represent stickers that would give the model more detail. Blaster stickers could also be placed on the fronts of each pod. Top: Side: The top of cockpit can be tilted back to reveal an interior on both sides, complete with control panels, steering wheel, seat and crude storage space behind. These are four potential figs that could accompany this vehicle should it be released as a LEGO set. You can vote at the top for which figs you think would best suit this set if LEGO were to release it. Given the model's size, without any scenery or additions, I think two (max of three) figures would be reasonable. The only new moulds that would be necessary in this set would be the Cloud Car Pilot's helmet, released in orange (LDD's Neon Orange used for closest match) with yellow printing down the centre. The figure would have goggles and a chinstrap printed onto his face, similar to a modern Rebel Pilot fig, possibly with a generic face on the reverse side without goggles. He'd have torso and leg printing too, as well as a dark grey blaster pistol. The second fig is the same Lobot fig as seen in set 9678 - minus the blaster. A new curly hairpiece for Lando could be a nice addition to this set, but not an essential one. Lando is, of course, in his Cloud City outfit - an update of this fig. He'd come with a standard blaster. The final figure would be an update of the Bespin Guard figure from set 6209. He would have be a generic guard with a moustached face, based on little known character Helder Spinoza. He would have a printed torso and printed arms and legs, as well as a grey pistol. Below are two potential cockpit designs. I found the cockpit to be the most difficult part of the vehicle to shape. You can vote at the top for which one you prefer. Please complete the polls at the top of this page. Once the best set idea has been established I will upload the model to LEGO Ideas and add a link here for you to show your support. LXF File Thanks for looking.
  6. Hi everybody, as I promised here is my review of 70129 Laverus’s twin blade set from the new Legends of Chima wave. Does this set live up to my expectations? Let’s find out. Set details Set number: 70129 Number of pieces: 183 Number of minifigs: 2 (or 1,5 if you don’t count the lower body of Scutter) Age range: 8-14 Set price (S@H): £17.99 / US$19.99 / EUR 19.99 / HUF 5990 Set Description Flee from Scutter with the CHI in Lavertus’ Twin Blade! Lavertus has the CHI and is looking to escape from Scutter in his super-cool Twin Blade helicopter. Clip the dual maCHIguns to the side of the helicopter and place Lavertus in the pilot’s seat. Press the mechanism trigger to make the rotor blades whizz around and zoom skywards. But beware – Scutter has got a Sting Hammer and is jumping up to try to steal the CHI. Includes 2 minifigures with weapons: Lavertus and Scutter. Includes 2 minifigures with weapons: Lavertus and Scutter Features squeeze-triggered twin rotor blades, CHI-powered engine, lion detailing and translucent elements Weapons include Scutter’s Sting Hammer and Lavertus’ maCHIguns Pump the mechanism and make the rotor blades spin! Measures over 3" (10cm) high, 11" (28cm) long and 9" (25cm) wide Box The box follows the other Chima sets’s design. You can see Lavertus in the upper right corner as TLG always puts the hero of the actual set there. The Chima logo is new with a bright green color and it’s spiced up with red spikes. At the low left corner the minifigures are presented with their names and their affiliation to the good or bad side (represented by the blue/good or the red/evil background). The scene is very action-filled as most of the Chima sets, Lavertus is flying his helicopter and Scutter tries to jump at him from a cliff to get his Chi. The background is foggy and misty so we know that they are not in the idillic part of Chima anymore. The back of the box shows another action scene where Scutter managed to steal the Chi and Lavertus is pursuing him. The rest of the back is occupied by a big picture showing us the main play function of the set, described in 6 languages and put arrows to help us understand what to do. There is an interesting background here which show the map of Chima I guess. Finally there is an ad for the Chima online game. On the top we see Lavertus in 1:1 size and the another picture of the 2 figs. Content The box is wrapped up, let’s see the contents. We have 2 unnumbered bags, one which is the same size as the box, a smaller one, a sticker sheet and the BI. The bigger bag also has a little one in it for the small parts. The DSS is quite pleasantly looking, the sticker do add to the overall look of the Twin blade. Also they are easily appliable provided that they have to be put on flat surfaces. Although when you have to apply the small stickers on the rotor’s ends can be quite frustrating. As usual the Building Instructions’s cover is the same as the box front image. It has a very pleasantly looking mild olive green background. The color differentation is only bad when you have to put dark brown or black, because they look very similar, there is no problem with the other colors. Here are the pieces spilled, there are a few recolors and rare parts in the set but nothing new except Scutter’s body, helmet and the long part on the copter’s back in flameish yellow (officially called: Brick 4X16 W/Bow/Angle) which are unique to this set. We get two rubbers for the rotor mechanism (note that one is spare) and Lavertus’s helmet comes in a polybag (If he got one I don’t understand why Scutter’s headpiece is not in a polybag as well). Here are the rare parts and recolors in the set listed (According to Brickset): 3 Branch Crosshole W. Hole in Dk. Brown Mini Spacegun W.Rib Ø3.2 Shaft in Black Roof Tile 1X2 45° W 1/3 Plate in Dk. St. Gray Rotorblade 8M in Dk. St. Gray Roof Tile 2X2/45° in Fl. Yell-Ora Roof Tile 1X2 45° W 1/3 Plate in Fl. Yell-Ora (Brickset states that it’s the only set cotaining this part but other Chima set include this as well like the Lion Chi Temple) Brick 4X16 W/Bow/Angle in Fl. Yell-Ora Brick 4X4 W. Bow/Angle in Fl. Yell-Ora Left and Right Plate 2X3 W/Angle in Fl. Yell-Ora Plate 1X6 in Fl. Yell-Ora Minifigures At this price range in the Chima set line we get 2 minifigures. The only addition is Scutters complete Scorion looking body. First let’s have a look at Lavertus without his armor and headpiece. He has beautiful painting all over. He is the only Lion to come in Reddish Brown. His head on one side has a very calm face and on the other he is angry. The bodyprint is so great that putting on the armor just isn’t fair to cover it. And here we see the Renegade Lion in full glory, note the footprint pattern on his headband/crown-thingy it looks magnificent. His hair is Dark Tan which gives him a unique look. He also comes with 2 of his MaCHIguns, they are a simple build but effective looking. Our second figure is Scutter from the Scorpion tribe. He has baeutiful body printing which looks like a carapace armor. His head has printing only one one side and this head is used by all Scorions (which is uncommon among Chima minifigs but no doubt a money saving method for TLG). Although I’ve never understood why Chima figs need different face expressions for example, Laval has a smiling face and on the other side he has an angrier, roaring, but his headpiece is smiling, so either side of his head you are using, with the helmet put on he will have a smiling face eventually. Here he is with the scorpion body built, it’s very similar to Spynlyn’s build but with different legs and with a Stinger tail instead of abdomen. He looks very scary and amazing, he comes with a so-called Sting hammer to squash his puny foes. My only issue with the fig that the piece used for the stinger is made of very soft rubbery material and it comes off too easily, so I replaced it with the smaller black fang piece (used on the hammer), because there was one among the spare parts. The main selling point for me was Scutter, as he can be found only in this set and it’s the cheapest way to get yourself Lavertu as well. I’m fully satisfied with the minifigures, the designers at TLG outdone thmeselves again, every Chima fig is a masterpiece. The accessories are also getting better, the weapons are simple but clever and great-looking builds. The set spare parts The construction was very smooth and fast (so fastL). The overall look of the set is satisfying but has a few design flaws. The low piece count doesn’t allow higher quality design and more details I understand that, but I’d pay more for a better looking set with more parts. Here is a sideshot, the long brick that gives a sturdy base for the helicopter makes the undeside too blocky and it’s visible from all directions. Apart from that the set is very decent and good looking especially from birdview. The lion head ont he front is flat and gives a sense of speed, the hair looks like it is blown by the wind, and it fits a helicopter well. The stickers look great on the heli. Play functions The main function is geniusly made. You have to push the vertical brick with the toothed bar and it rotates the gears. If you release it, the brick is pushed back by a rubber, meanwhile the gear jumps down from the toothed bar losing connection and rotates freely moving the rotors. If the rotating stops it connects again with the toothed bar. It works very smoothly and is a great function although, although it sacrifices aesthetics on the top. You can also store Lavertus’s maCHIguns under the cockpit. Rating and Overview I am quite satisfied with this set, you get a decent looking vehicle with an awesome play function and two beautiful figures for a relatively cheap price. Also as I said before Scutter only appears in this set. Parts 8/10 You don’t get a lot of parts but there are some rarities among them. There is agreat deal of technic parts too which can be good or bad depending on somebody’s interest. Price 9/10 I got the set 15% cheaper than the S@H price and for that it’s a great deal, however I’d bought it on ful price as well. Minifigs 10/10 Can’t complain here, Lavertus is beautifully printed and a very unique fig among lions. Scutter is awesome as well with his brick built scorpion body. Build 9/10 The build is very smooth and fast, the main function is genius and the stickers can be applied easily except the small ones on the rotorblades. Design 7/10 The heli follows the lion’s vehicle design with the head on the front, and the flame yellowish orange color. I stated the flaws above that’s why i won’t give it more points. This set is very divisive, many don’t like it because it’s design, but the play functions and the figs compensate it for me. I hope you enjoyed the review and it helped decide to get this set or not. Fin!
  7. With Episode One of Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka now launched and Bespin under invasion, I thought I'd have a go at creating one of Cloud City's residents, someone LEGO hasn't yet had a spin at. The Cloud Car Pilot, part of the Bespin Wing Guard, the security forces on Bespin. LEGO have only released one Cloud Car in the Star Wars Line, 7119 back in 2002 (thats not including the recent mini-build), and that came with Lobot, so no actual cloud car pilots have been made. Because they only feature in the film for a split second, there is little information on the uniform, so this version is mostly constructed from the action figure, which is why he has that awesome seventies moustache. Also included is the parts list so everything matches up. (Forgot to add that he is equipped with a DC-17 tiny blaster) Click the image to go to my Flickr Page, where the full size image can be downloaded for your enjoyment. I would love to see where in the universe he ends up (especially in any Nar Eurbrikka free-builds), so if you do end up using him, please post some pics or links. If there's demand for it, I can make a few more alternative pilot heads and ranks when I get a chance. ^_^