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Found 13 results

  1. ALL CREDITS GO TO THE LEGO GROUP FOR THE DESIGN AND THE INSTRUCTION BOOK. WHERE CAN I GET THE INSTRUCTIONS? Here you go: WHERE DOES THAT FILE COME FROM? The Lego distributor in Vietnam put the set on the shelf early. I bought it. I paid a photocopy shop to have it scanned. WHERE CAN I GET THE PART LIST? Photos from Racingbrick. WHAT ARE THE NEW PARTS IN THIS SET? New Parts in 42113: - Power Up Battery Box, part number 22167 / 6214082 / bb1165c01 Parts in New Color in 42113 - Technic Liftarm 3x3 T-shaped in Orange, part number 60484 / 6305545 - Rotor Blade (Sian Side Skirt) in Black, part number 65422 / 6305550 - Wheel 31mm D. x 15mm in Orange, part number 60208 / 6303441 - Technic Panel 5x11 Tapered in Orange, part number 18945 / 6303439 - Technic Panel 5x11 Tapered in DBG, part number 18945 / 6112843 - Technic Panel 3x5 #1 in DBG, part number 87080 / 6013548 - Technic Panel 3x5 #2 in DBG, part number 87086 / 6303445 - Technic Curved Triangular Panel 3x13 #50 (Sian's hood) in DBG, part 67142 / 6310171 - Technic Curved Triangular Panel 3x13 #51 (Sian's hood) in DBG, part 68196 / 6310172 - Technic Curved Panel 3x13 in DBG, part number 18944 / 6303446 HOW CAN I BUY THE PARTS? I'd suggest you use Bricklink. Pick the lists that suit your need from the one below, then import it into a wanted list in Bricklink. To import, go to Want, and pick Upload from the menu. Bricklink lists: 1/ Master list: The XML code is in this link. Credit to @Alitai. The list doesnt not contain the new parts and the parts in the new color listed in the previous question. What this list has: All existing parts with the exact colors in the official part list above What this list doesn't have: All the new parts and parts with new color listed in the previous question 2/ List of orange parts: Because some of the orange parts are exclusive to this set and haven't appeared on Bricklink, I put all of the parts in red. What this list has: All of the Orange liftarms and panels and system parts in the part list above, but in Red. That means it does include the parts in Orange exclusive to this set, but those parts are listed in Red. What this list doesn't have: One Technic 3L pin with bush in Orange. All the remaining parts in the Master list. 3/ List of DBG parts: Because some of the DBG parts are exclusive to this set and haven't appeared on Bricklink, I put all of the parts in white. What this list has: All of the DBG liftarms and panels and system parts in the part list above, but in White. That means it does include the parts in DBG exclusive to this set, but those parts are listed in White. I've substituted the two triangular panels with two 3x13 curved panels. That means it has 3 3x13 curved panels. What this list doesn't have: Triangular curved panels (Sian's hood). DBG gears or connectors or axles. All the remaining parts in the Master list. 4/ List of Remaining parts: This list is the Master list (list 1) without the parts included in Red and White recolor (list 2 and 3). What this list has: All of the parts remain after the Orange and DBG parts in list 2 and 3 above are deleted. What this list doesn't have: 6 rotor blades. New battery box. HOW MUCH DO THE PARTS COST? I put the lists 2 3 4 into bricklink and created a cart for all of them. The tentative costs for parts alone is 216 EUR at the time of writing. DO I NEED ALL OF THE PARTS IN THE LIST ABOVE TO RECONSTRUCT A FUNCTIONAL REPLICA OF 42113? Yes and No. Yes because this set has a dumb Power Up Battery Box that powers the L-motor. Without the battery box obviously the motor wont work. No because all of the other components for the main functions, namely gears and the L-motor, have all been released in other sets, and there are ways to get around the requirement for the new dumb battery box. HOW CAN I GET THE NEW DUMB BATTERY BOX? The new battery box has been officially released by Lego as a standalone set with the set number 88015. You can buy it directly from online Lego shops. HOW CAN I BUILD THE RECONSTRUCTED VERSION WITHOUT THE NEW DUMB BATTERY BOX? The first way is to replace it with a Control+ Technic Hub. The Technic Hub has the same dimensions and mounting points as the dumb Battery Box. The downsides of this way are: - The current design doesn't allow access to the green button. The dumb Battery Box has an axle hole at the switch and is designed to be turned on from the OUTSIDE. Only the bottom of the dumb Battery Box is accessible for battery replacement. The top of the dumb Battery Box in the model is completely covered with rigid structure, and the linkages to drive the wheel retraction movement is nearby. See the upcoming photo. A mod for access to the green button is necessary. You can do it like below. Credit goes to user chefkaspa on rebrickable. - You need a device with Bluetooth connection and some custom app to control the Technic Hub. - You need to setup a profile in PowerUp to control the Technic Hub. See tutorial here. The second way is to replace both the Power Up L-motor and the Control+ Technic Hub with a Power Function AAA Battery Box (set 88000, bricklink number 87513c01) and Power Function L-motor. @efferman has come up with one. Please go to his bricksafe folder to download the .io file. @Seo-onDaddy has come up with another one. BatteryBox io file DO I NEED ALL OF THE PARTS IN THE LIST ABOVE TO RECONSTRUCT A REPLICA OF 42113 THAT HAS SAME COLOR SCHEME? Yes. Some parts in DBG and Orange are exclusive to this set. IF I DON'T MIND AN INCONSISTENT COLOR SCHEME, DO I NEED ALL OF THE PARTS IN THE LIST ABOVE TO RECONSTRUCT A REPLICA OF 42113? No. All of the panels already exist in some other colors. IF I WANT A CONSISTENT COLOR SCHEME, WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS? The colors in the model can be divide in 3 parts: - LBG for the lower body of the fuselage. There are no new parts or parts in new color in this part, so no need for recolor. - DBG for the main body. The colors that have all the panels for the body are Black, White, and Dark Azure (42070). I'd recommend White. This is the XML code for the Bricklink list of all body parts in white. This list only contains liftarms and panels. It doesn't contain gears or connectors or axles. The only missing piece is the triangular curved panel. I've substituted the two triangular panels with two 3x13 curved panels. - Orange for accent. The colors that have the required panels are Black, White, Dark Azure, and Red. Since Black or White should be reserved for the body, I'd recommend Red. And maybe Dark Azure. But Dark Azure won't be as strong as Red. This is the XML code for the Bricklink list of all accent parts in red: The two triangular panels are currently available only in Lime and Red. If we go for White as the main body color and Red for the accent color, then although there are no White triangular panels that correspond with the DBG ones, the Red ones can be used to create a consistent color scheme. There is also a real life white-red color scheme for the Osprey. WHAT DOES THE RECONSTRUCTED VERSION LOOK LIKE? This is my reconstructed version: Here are others' versions: HOW DO I FIX THE PROBLEM WITH THE GEARBOX? The gearbox problem is actually a combination of separate smaller problems: Problem 1: Gear grinding/chewing. To fix, add 3 8z gears and bracing. Credit goes to Huw from Brickset. Required additional parts: - 3x 8z gears, part number 10928 - 2x 5L thin liftarm with axle holes, part number 11478. PDF instruction: Credit goes to @Andman for the creation of the pdf file. The results should look like either of these. The second version is better because the gears are braced from both sides. Problem 2: Inadequate torque to the spinning blades. Required additional parts: - 1x 3L liftarm, part number 32523. - 2x 20z gear, part number 32269 - 1x 2L pin connector, part number 62462 - 2x Pinhole with pins on both sides, part number 87082 - 2x Half bush, part number 4265c - 2x 2L axle connector, part number 6538c - 2x 6L axle, part number 3706 Pdf instruction for 2nd fix: Although the pdf only shows the fix for the left nacelle, from step 317 to 325, the same should be applied to the right one, from step 296 to 302. Credit goes to @Andman for the creation of the pdf file. The results should look like these. I HAVE QUESTIONS THAT AREN'T LISTED HERE. HOW CAN I ASK YOU? Leave a comment in this thread and I'll reply.
  2. DBG and Orange. 129.99 EUR. The four functions are switched manually. Special features and new parts: - New rotor blades - New panels 3x13 left and right that suit perfectly Panel Curved 3x13 (18944) - Control+ battery box - 1 motor Functions - Driven rotors - Tlting the rotors - Retractable undercarriage - Open and close chopping flap Go nuts
  3. Not sure whether this has been posted on this forum before, but here is a link to a petition for LEGO to reintroduce the V-22 Osprey set to its line after the recent controversy surrounding the nature of the product: Thought I'd share this here. It's a bigger discussion in LEGO Technic but this might be pertinent to LEGO Military enthusiasts.
  4. snaillad

    MOC: Visit the Riviera

    Hello fellow Eurobricks members, I've been working on my latest MOC the last few weeks - 'Visit the RIVIERA'. A MOC based around a marina with a southern European influence. There is a small wedding shop, a bell tower, and restaurant on the ground floor with tables outside around the marina where fishermen bring in their catches. A previous European styled MOC - Piazza Maria had bright colour combinations and perfect smooth rendering on the buildings so this was an excuse for me to try my hand at something that looked a little more weathered! Anyway on with the pics, 6 in total: You can also view them on flickr here: Any comments/feedback welcomed! Cheers!
  5. One day occasionaly i found interesting thing - 3 wheeled Bell loader nad then i made something similar to it, because i made it full RC with 4 motors M and L for driving ( i don't have two of one type, but those have the same rpm and power also is almost the same) XL for manipulator servo for switching between lifting arm and that thing which grabs logs
  6. legosamigos

    Christmas Bell

    Soon will be a X-mas time, so anywhere you can find the X-mas advertisements, so I`ve prepared some Xmas mosaic
  7. Civil model of the Bell UH-1N Twin Huey. This example was used by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior for air rescue and ambulance services. Model features a detailed interior, rotating main and tail rotors with adjustable blade pitch, opening crew cabin doors, and sliding main cabin doors with swing open forward auxiliary main doors.
  8. rx79gez8gundam

    Bell AH-1 Cobra

    Bell AH-1 Cobra family. Models featured detailed cockpits with opening canopies, rotating main and tail rotors with adjustable blade pitch, swiveling nose sensor (except AH-1G and Bell 209), swiveling nose turret (except Bell 209) with elevating and rotating 3 barreled cannon (except AH-1G and Bell 209). AH-1G "HueyCobra" AH-1S Cobra ] AH-1F Cobra AH-1W SuperCobra "Whiskey Cobra" AH-1Z Viper "Zulu Cobra" Bell 209 Firewatch Cobra Gunship evolution
  9. rx79gez8gundam

    M*A*S*H 4077th Swamp

    M*A*S*H 4077th diorama playset with Bell H-13H Sioux Medevac, Willys Jeep, Sophie the horse, and Radar, Hawkeye, Klinger, Hot Lips, Frank, Trapper, and Col. Potter minifigures. M*A*S*H 4077th Swamp, Bell H-13H Sioux Medevac, Willys Jeep, and Col. Potter with Sophie Bell H-13H Sioux Medevac with Cowboy minifigure Willys Jeep with Cpl. /William "Radar" O'Reilly, Capt. Benjamin "Hawkeye" Pierce, and Cpl. Maxwell "Max" Klinger minifigures Swamp tent interior with still and Cpl. William "Radar" O'Reilly, Maj. Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan, Capt. Benjamin "Hawkeye" Pierce, Maj. Frank Burns, and Capt. "Trapper" John
  10. rx79gez8gundam

    Bell H-13H Sioux

    Bell H-13H Soux. Model features rotating main and tail rotors, main rotor has adjustable blade pitch. H-13H Sioux Medevac
  11. rx79gez8gundam

    Bell UH-1 Iroquios "Huey"

    Bell UH-1 family. Models feature detailed interiors, rotating main and tail rotors with adjustable blade pitch, opening crew doors, sliding main cabin doors (with swing open auxialiary main cabin doors on UH-1D and UH-1N), and detailed armament (UH-1B and UH-1C). UH-1B "Huey Hog" UH-1C "Huey Hog" UH-1D Huey Medevac UH-1N Twin Huey UH-1D Huey "Slick" dropping off air cavalry troops in Vietnam
  12. Hello everyone, after few weeks of work I get a brilliant idea for creation, and so I started to build it in LDD. After 5 days of thinkink designing, drawing I created this Tower. It is quite similar to the Bell tower from actual BOFA movie, but I added few more things of my own and by using some of new (for me) techniques which I learnd from my previous LDD creation) I can present to you this MOC. I am so amazed by this, that finally I will turn it into the real bricks. It will be my biggest Lake Town add on which will be turned into the real creation. My previous ones are already done, but I want to finish a small Lake Town diorama so then I will present it in here after all will be done. Enjoy it and for those who want to share some advice how to make it even better I can share LXF file and also I will be glad for any feedback :) So here is link to my flickr...
  13. soccerkid6

    Great Elk Longhouse

    Continuing the collab between myself and MKJoshA. I wanted to try another Norse style wooden building, and decided to do a longhouse with belltower. This was my first time using this wall design (which is SNOT tile paneling in between 2x2 round pillars), and I'm quite happy with the effect. As always there's a full interior. After the rather unsuccessful first attempt to try and convince the Great Elk clan and the people of Teridyan to work together during their recent food shortage, Wyndor and Glorfindel traveled to the Longhouse of the Great Elk Clan for one more try. They were still unable to convince the Clan to try and help, and were just preparing to leave the hall when a clansman rushed in. "Sound the bell! There's a dragon attacking the village," he gasped. The men quickly seized their weapons and rushed outside to find a medium sized Frost Dragon approaching the hall itself. Two Teridyan soldiers who had been passing through the village were trying to hold the beast off, but one had already succumbed to its icy breath: The dragon put up a fierce struggle, but the clansmen, Glorfindel, and Wyndor were able to kill it without losing any men. Though, the soldier who had been struck by the beast's breath lost the arm holding his shield to frostbite. Wyndor was first to speak after the dragon finally collapsed, "Well Dain, what do you think now? These Teridyan soldiers just risked their lives to defend your village and people. Surely the Clan can continue to help supply food for the city." "I suppose we might be able to give them a hand, " Dain replied gruffly. "But how will we get enough food for our own village and Teridyan?" "Perhaps you could train some of the men from Teridyan how to hunt and trap," Glorfindel suggested. "Or organize a trade route with some of the cities or clans less affected by this famine. Between Teridyan and the Clan you have many able bodied men to work with, I'm sure something could be arranged." More pictures of the build: Without figs C&C welcome