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Found 5 results

  1. SpacySmoke

    MOC: Type III Ambulance

    V-LF-15B Updated May 31, 2012! Jump to the latest version! Support on Cuusoo LEGO Ideas! Original post below: Yes, it's another ambulance to add to the numerous ambulance MOCs on this forum. I chose to do this because ambulances are one of those vehicles that every city ought to have, but the official Lego versions don't look like the typical American ambulance. I've also seen some great ambulance MOCs here, but they weren't quite what I had in mind in terms of scale and proportions so hopefully mine will bring something new to the table. The first thing I started on was the 6-wide cab. I specifically wanted to be able to fit 2 minifigs in there. That wasn't too hard, but I did have to remove the seats in order for the roof of the cab to fit properly, otherwise I would have had to raise the roof by one plate in height. At first I used a 6x5x1 wall panel as the back of the cab to allow space for the seat backs. Once the seats were gone, I decided to use regular bricks. This allowed there to be an opening to the patient section in the back like on a real ambulance. The outside of a real ambulance has a lot of storage areas that can open up. For my model, I decided to focus more on the inside detail, which meant that outside storage had to be sacrificed since there isn't enough space. I do have a container on the driver side, but that's it. I added some 1x1 light bley tiles to simulate the door handles of some of the storage compartments. The roofs of the cab and patient section can be removed for easy access. This picture also shows the brick-built doors in their open position. This was the first time building my own brick-built doors and quickly found that simply using hinges wouldn't work due to the thickness of the bricks. At one point, I experimented with a snot door that had cheese wedges on the side to allow it to open and close. It didn't look good, so I scrapped the use of hinged plates/bricks altogether. A shot of part of the interior. There is a seat for an EMT to help with the patient and lots of storage for medical supplies. The other side (not shown) has an area where another minifig can sit, though the stretcher would get in the way of the fig's feet. There's also an oxygen tank and fire extinguisher that you can't see in this photo. The ice skater has had a bad fall! Her fans are quite worried. Here you see a bit of how the doors are made. There is a bar on the door attached to two robot arms. The other end of the arms are attached to a bar on the interior of the patient section. This allows the brick-built doors to be pulled straight out and then swiveled to the side. It's hard to see, but I also used 1x1 corner panels to allow a bit more clearance for the robot arms. I feel like I've seen this door technique before, but I'm not sure where I've seen it. The side door opens just like the rear doors. I'll probably use a similar design if I decide to make a bus. Comparison with official Lego vehicles. The bus from City Corner is looking a bit small now. Well, I guess that's it for this MOC! Thanks for looking! My next MOC might be an 8-wide bus, or maybe a regular car of some sort. This MOC can also be viewed at: Flickr MOC Pages LDD file: Spacysmoke's American Ambulance (ver.B)
  2. Ninja8

    What to add to my city?

    Hello, I'm on a quest to build a completely custom city...and I need ideas from YOU. I have the following things already built Ems Police Trains but could add more Trash Truck Fire ‚ÄčIf you have any ideas please leave them below. Thanks mocpages link http://www.mocpages....home.php/122166
  3. Hi there, In the recent past I made a lego EMS company called STATMEDICS, If inured that I should give a bit more detail about it. STATMEDICS is a 80% Advanced Life Support Company, 20% Basic Life Support. The company is based in Brickwater Ontario Canada, It was founded in October 2014. The units, in my mind are pieces of pure awesomeness. All the Transport Ambos are International 4400 Ambulances with Braun ChiefXL Boxes. Some Transport Ambos are Freightliner and Kenworths. All the Transport Ambos are Crew Cab Rescue Ambulances. Therefore all of the Paramedics are trained as Auto Extrication technicians. So if they get onscene before the Heavy Rescue or the Squads they can start extricating victims. The unit pictured below is Medic 13-1; An International 4400/ Braun ChiefXL. All the units will have Whelen LED lighting, Federal Q sirens, Martians Horns, Grover 24" Stutter tone horns and a Code 3 Vcon Siren. This is what the unit would sound like: (skip to 1:30)The average Response time for STATMEDICS is about 6 minutes and 32 seconds. STATMEDICS will also have single paramedic staffed Rapid Response Units (RRU) to attend calls that probably will not require transport. STATMEDICS will also have a single paramedic staffed Special Response Unit (SRU) That will carry all the life saving drugs, Some extrication gear, cribbing and extra supplies for a mass casualty incident. STATMEDICS welcomes new members and proposals for new ideas for units.
  4. Ben C

    City.. Where do I start?

    Hi, Ive mostly been building Fire/ EMS/ Police MOCs, but I now want to start building a city with a Downtown, Midtown, Suburb and rural area, Could I please have some tips/ pointers on where to start and how to make it more realistic?
  5. Hello, I am new here on Euro Bricks, but I have been building for some time and I have started a Fire dept. I was wondering what I could improve on and what is liked/ disliked. There are more, I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of them..