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Found 16 results

  1. Classic Town / Legoland style 4-studs up to 6-studs wide Truck & Fuell Tanker Semitrailer built in Classic Town Shell colors 14 by George Legoman, on Flickr 06 by George Legoman, on Flickr 09 by George Legoman, on Flickr 10 by George Legoman, on Flickr 11 by George Legoman, on Flickr 05 by George Legoman, on Flickr 03a by George Legoman, on Flickr 01 by George Legoman, on Flickr
  2. obakesan

    [MOC] Shell Tanker

    Hell again, wanted to share another moc I made, this one was more ambitious, and contains a lot of pieces for such a small model. I quite like trucks, semi's etc, so I did a whole series of them in LDD, and took the plunge to get the actual bricks to make one, the Shell Tanker. It's a little nod to set 671 Sgell Petrol Tanker which I had as a a kid. It's a small model only 4 studs wide, but I tried to put as much detail as I could in it. such as the mirrors on the cab, smokestack, shovel for spills ;). I had an idea for the trailer, borrowed from the small enterprise I did, which worked out well for a rounded brick based tanker. The cab on it's own, with the mirror showing, it's own petrol (gas) tanks, smoke stack and shovel ;) The trailer has a kick stand to support it on it's own when detached from the cab, and I tried put in some details as best I could such as the control gages tile and valve in this shot; On the other side, the hose connectors to supply the fuel at the Lego Town petrol station: A last shot of the whole tanker, from a different angle: A few more photos on my Flickr: MOC Shell Tanker Thanks for looking again, and hoped you liked it. As a final thought, with some colour changes, this could become an Octan Tanker as well.
  3. Norton74

    [MOC] Art Déco Gas Station

    Fill 'er up! My latest build is a jump into the glory days of gas stations, when full service and free oil changes were the rule and the local station was a gathering place for neighbors. My brick-built gas station is inspired to the Shell one located in Tucson (Arizona) and it’s packed with every details you’d expect to find. It showcases an elegant Art Déco architecture completed with curved corners, a tower in the middle, a red outline all around the station and the inevitable Shell writing on top. The build is three in one: the diner on the left, the garage/workshop on the right and the fully-equipped store located in the middle of the building. A look at the back of the station reveals the three locations with many details and the different characters. Outside there are two period gas pump with a beautiful Lego shell on top under a curved canopy. All around you can find tanks, signs, tyres and other stuff. To complete the work I've built a red stepside pick-up truck, a tan Hot Rod and a reddish-brown roadster with some troubles (it's housed in the garage indeed). It was on my wishlist long since and finally I've found the time to built it as I had in my mind. I'm sorry for posting my gas station here with a little delay Thanks for stopping by. More pics and info: flickr
  4. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    Shell version for 60132 and 60052

    Hi everyone, this is another conversion from Octan to Shell for the set 60132 and the wagon from set 60052 I loved this brand when I was little and I always will Let me know what you think... - THE END -
  5. Vaionaut

    [MOC] Hot Rod at the fuel station

    Hi, I wanted to share this hot rod with you that I made a few weeks ago. To put the vehicle a bit in scene I added a small refueling station. Hope you like it :) Refuel, please! by Vaionaut, on Flickr
  6. Superfunk

    MOC: Modular Shell Gas Station

    Hi everyone I am happy to present my first "big" MOC: A modular Shell gas station. When I got hold of a MISB set 1256 with its huge sticker sheet, I got started. The gas station is 32 x 48 studs big and a corner modular. There is a double gas pump, a vacuum cleaner, a tire inflator, a public phone and a city map. The shop sells everything from motor oil and fire extinguishers to newspapers and flowers. It has also a large choice of beverages and food - you can even get a burger (well, microwaved only, but still)! The neighboring 16 x 32 recycling station module adds the battery for the power functions lights in the roof and the shop. I also built a Scania tanker truck and a small Mini Cooper to go with the station. Comments & suggestions welcome, thanks for looking!
  7. I haven't paid much attention, but as of now I brush this of as crazy talk. On the other hand LEGO IS trying to be more environmentally conscious.
  8. Here are some of the few childhood MOCs i have saved. A couple of police cars I remember making the one on the left after I saw Robocop 2 and wanted to make his cruiser. I think I nailed it pretty good... If you imagine Robocop driving a Honda Civic Here is an ambulance and a small delivery van. The ambulance is still one of my favorite creations of all time. It is supposed to be a VW Caravelle, and it has had minor changes done since the first version, but nothing major. The color design is the same as the original one i made, I am very proud of ca. 12 years old me Last is a Shell road assistance truck. I stole the design for the tow thingy from my older brother
  9. I recently bought an old set from early 60's. The bricks were in poor condition but at least they gave me some inspiration. For most of these creations there was an original Lego model which I kind of "replicated". Or at least the pictures of old sets were studied and used for motivation and inspiration. Here's the first one, only vintage bricks were used. Bottom: And here you can see the poor condition of those vintage bricks. (They were partially glued to make at least some strenght): And the original model 310: The second one, "A movie theatre" was also made of vintage bricks from the same lot. I really like "the old wibe" you can feel in this building. Here's the backside (sidenote: the 2x16's here are newer): Those were the first ones and pretty much the only ones where I used the very old bricks. Those poor old bricks were almost impossible to build anything. I managed to buy another (actually quite a big) lot of old seventies bricks and this Shell station/garage was one of the first creations which I build of them. There's still old feeling in it and vintage bricks were utilized quite a lot, even though you can consider this as a "MOC". Bottom: The one on the right is based on existing set 648 (see picture below) but also on my own design with rounded corners. I really like those rounded corners, they are giving sort of art decoish style. One on the left was made of old and newer bricks on a vintage 4x8 plate. And the last for now is the truck 688: Hope you enjoyed. Thanks.
  10. Yesterday, when pulling into our local Shell station for some gas, I discovered they had small Lego Ferrari promotional cars for sale. Obviously, I bought them all. (Can't have an incomplete collection now, can we?) After doing some research I found these have been sold at various Shell gas stations around the world, starting in 2012, The bags There are 6 poly bags in total: 30190: Ferrari 150° Italia 30191: Scunderia Ferrari Truck 30192: F40 30193: 250 GT Berlinetta 30194: 458 Italia 30195: FXX On the front is a nice image of the Lego car surrounded by the Lego logo in the top left corner, the Shell V-Power logo in the top right corner, the Ferrari logo in the bottom left corner, and a small picture showing of the pull-back action of the models in the bottom right corner. On the back are some more logo's, a small picture of all 6 cars and some warnings in most languages currently in existence. Inside each bag are (obviously) the bricks needed to build the model, a small single-sheet manual and some stickers. The stickers come inside a small cardboard box to prevent them from getting damaged in the small bags. This piece, which is in every bag and functions as the base of every vehicle is a small pull-back engine. After testing a finished model to see how far it went, I was amazed to find out the small car easily went 4 meters (about 13 feet, for you infidels that don't use the metric system), and would've gone on farther, if there wasn't a wall that stopped it dead in it's track. Like said before, the manual is a single-sheet paper with fairly easy to follow instructions. On the back of each manual is more promotional material for the other sets in this small series. The models: 30190: Ferrari 150° Italia This car, formerly known as the Ferrari F150, is a formula one motor racing car build by Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro to compete in the 2011 Formula one season. This model hasn't got too many interesting parts, mostly in red and black, with a splash of white. The blue and green 1x1 round plates are used to simulate the driver's helmet, and allow you to choose from one color or the other, depending on which driver you prefer (Fernando Alonso or Felipe Massa, if my research is correct) The car comes with small sheet of stickers, again presenting a choice to the builder to which number they want on the nose. The choice of driver is nicely handled in the last step op the instructions, and is, I believe, very nice for formula one fans, who may have a preference for one driver or the other. (Me not being one of them, I just picked the color I liked best) When you've completed the build, the result is a nice formula one car, with just the right amount of sponsor stickers applied. The overall shape is easily identifiable as a formula one car, even though the spoiler is a bit simple. For it's scale it is a very nice model, which is vaguely reminiscent of the original. 30191: Scuderia Ferrari Truck The Scuderia Ferrari Truck is used to move the team's racing cars and equipment to and from racing events. Again an asortment of red and black bricks, this time with some grey added to the mix. The sticker sheet, with stickers for the sides and front of the truck, as well as a sticker for the coupling mechanism on the back, which I though is a nice detail. From the front the finished model looks quite nice, even though the sharp angled edges of the windscreen look a bit out of place above the nicely angled bumper. The back, however, is a bit of a mess. There are spaces underneath the cabin that look like the person who build it forgot to place some bricks during the building process, and back of the cabin is was too open for my taste, this could have easily been filled in with 2 or three more Lego pieces. Overall, it's not the best out of the bunch, but it's still kinda nice, and a truck breaks up the monotony of only fast racing cars quite nicely. 30192: F40 The Ferrari Model F40 is a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive, two-door sports carthat was built to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary from 1987 to 1992. At the time it was the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive car that Ferrari sold to the public. There's a bit more color in the parts selection for this model. most of it is white and black, with a nice amount of yellow, a bit of red, a dark grey plate, and an oddly out of place blue plate. The hood piece is printed. The sticker sheet contains some sponsor stickers as well as some black fields, that will represent the windows on the model. The finished model is nice enough, with some nice color variations (a welcome change from the usual Ferrari red). The use of stickers for windows is not that great however, and I would have preferred the slope they are on to be printed instead. The spoiler is a bit bulky, but it seems like it is the best one could do on this scale. 30193: 250 GT Berlinetta The 250 Granturismo Berlinetta, nicknamed the "Long Wheelbase Berlinetta", was also called the "Tour de France" after successfully competing in the 10-day Tour de France automobile race. There were 77 Tour de Frances built. A number of 250 GT "Tour de France" Berlinettas were sold for GT races from 1956 through 1959. Not too many parts here. The hood, roof and rear are all molded pieces, which I guess would be necessary to get the distinctive shape of the car, which would be quite hard to achieve with bricks on this scale. The roof and rear have been printer, and the rims have a nice chrome finish. Only four stickers for this model, two for the sides and two for the hood. Nothing too bad here. The finished model looks amazing! I really like the look of this little car.I know some of the angles aren't correct when compared to the real thing, but I just love it so much, I don't care. 30194: 458 Italia The Ferrari 458 Italia is a mid-engined sports car produced by the Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari. The 458 Italia replaces the Ferrari F430. The 458 Italia was officially unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show on 15 September 2009. Again, not too many parts, mostly yellow this time. the hood and roof are printed, and the rims are finished with chrome. Again only a few stickers. My only complaint here is the sticker for the hood, which could have been much smaller and only contain the logo, instead of the large yellow field. But I guess they chose to do it this was to make sure you can't position the sticker incorrectly. The finished model looks nice and sleek. The yellow color makes it stand out among the rest of the models, and the printing of the distinctive headlights make sure you can't confuse this car with a different model easily. 30195: FXX The Ferrari FXX is a high performance race car and prototype built by automobile manufacturer Ferrari in Maranello, Italy. The FXX is based on the street-legal Enzo. Production of the FXX began in 2005. As one look at the model on the bag might suggest, this set has a LOT of black parts. the blue, grey and red parts are all invisible in the finished model. No printed parts here, though the rims are chromed. The main purpose of the stickers on this model is to add white stripes to break up the blackness. I really wish they had printed the racing stripes on the parts here, but once the stickers are applied, it's not too bad. The finished model looks quite nice, but a bit too black for my taste. It's hard to see much detail unless you point a bright lamp straight at it. Overall conclusion Conclusions: (Disclaimer: I don't believe in giving numerical scores. It is up to the reader to decide what they think of any given model, and I believe mandatory scores detract from this notion.) Parts: The sets are quite small, and as a result the number of parts isn't that great. The parts you do get are mostly quite generic, with a few more special molded bricks. build/design: The overall design on these tiny cars is great, especially if you take the scale into account Playability: A big thumbs up on this one. the cars are very fun to drive around the floor (and walls, if you are so inclined). On top of that the pull-back engines are quite powerful and make it fun to race the cars against each other. Overall: For the asking price (5 euro's each, 2 euro's if you put some gas in your car) these are very nice sets. They are very collectible, are fun to play with, and look great on a shelf. I am quite satisfied with my purchase, and suggest you go and see if they are being sold at a gas station near you.
  11. LegoCityMann

    Servo Showdown: And The Winner Is.....

    With 82 Points and winning 60016 Tanker Truck + 3 Random Sealed CMFs is..... Zed_43 with this Classic 80's Style Shell Beauty In Second Place with 77 Points and winning 10659 Blue Lego Suitcase (The Gas Station) is... ER0L with his vintage Shell Station. In 3rd Place with 34 Points winning 60000 Fire Motorcycle is... rriggs modern Shell Station Congrats to the winners and a Big Thank You to all who entered. If the three of you would PM me your addresses so I can get your prizes out I would appreciate it. Thank You again! ~LegoCityMann
  12. Hi all, this is my Servo Showdown entry, a Shell Art Deco Gas Station. It's part of the Garage Project, too, but since there will probably be some additions there's no "2.0 status" yet. Main thing here is the snotted roof, but since the main problems were solved more or less at the beginning, this was quite a fun build. Interior: Of course there could be some more details, probably there'll be some more wall decoration ... Details: Counter, radiator (probably already existing, but no direct reference), gas pump (already known), tire holder, register, telephone (same as radiator), shelf with oil cans and stuff, gas cans, illuminated fridge. There'll hopefully be some more pics, but for some reason my photoshop does strange things today ... Hope you like it, C&C welcome as usual!
  13. LegoCityMann

    Servo Showdown: Calling all Gas Jockeys

    There was a discussion in this topic Es. Co 70's Gas Station about a Gas Station Showdown. Who would be interested in doing this? I would be willing to throw in a prize or two to the winner. ~LCM
  14. As originally published at Nom-mage Since I haven't been able to get the 30190, I'll review the minifig set of the Shell promo, the 30196 Ferrari Pit Crew. I must say, this promo set has the most value. Three minifigs for about 3 EUR at the most is a very, very good deal! The Polybag This set has 50 pieces, which is a lot considering this is a minifig set. Minifig parts Their accessories Instructions As expected from Lego Ferrari sets (and as seen in the minifig parts), this would require stickers on their torsos. Not using them would just make the minifigs "generic". Sticker sheet My favorite piece here would be this one. I forget what it's called (Erlenmeyer flask?) Reminds me of chemistry class Again, 3 EUR for 3 minifigs is a good deal. Of course you have to gas up at least 25 EUR of Shell fuel (Philippine mechanics) The minifigs Ferrari Race Mechanic with jack Ferrari Refuelling Engineer with refuelling machine Shell Track Scientist and her chemicals The refuelling machine was the most "complicated" build, but the chemicals were the most intriguing with all the transluscent pieces, and of course my favorite Erlenmeyer flask. After all was said and done, the set yielded 4 extra pieces. Seems like most Lego Ferrari sets that has minifigs would always include an extra visor. Extra pieces The whole gang Pinoy minifigs clowning around with the crew On to the ratings: Design: 4.5/5 - The race mechanic accessory was pretty straight forward, but the refueling equipment plus the chemicals had a great look in spite its size. Parts: 4/5 - lots of translucent round plates, perfect for Lego cars, plus that Erlenmeyer flask. They could've explored a different jack for the race mechanic though. And then there's the stickers :| Build: 3.5/5 - pretty straightforward. Nothing special. Stickers were a pain as usual. Playability: 4/5 - can be easily added to any Lego town or Lego Ferrari set. Price: 5/5 - can't say it enough. 3 minifigs for less than 3 EUR is a steal! Overall: 4.2/5 They say you gotta have an oil change for a chance to get this set. Then again, I got this set with a normal fill-up. Try asking your local Shell station, you might be lucky like me!
  15. It's my first review here so please bear with me. Long time lurker, big Lego Ferrari fan. Today I'm gonna review one of the Shell Promotional sets, 30195 (FXX) The set comes with 56 pcs. (including the pull-back chassis of course), an instruction leaflet, and a sticker sheet. Pretty straightforward. The only piece that intrigued me was the nose/hood of the car. It's similar to the nose of 30190, only difference is it's black. As with the other Shell Promo sets, it's pretty much a 5-minute build. I ended up with 4 extra pcs after building, although that 2x3 light grey pc seems pretty big for an extra pc. Without stickers, it's pretty plain and nothing like the original FXX So yeah, stickers are a MUST in this set, unlike the 30192 and 30194 which have printed bricks (not sure about 30195 since I don't have one yet) What's that in the background? Why, it's his big brother 8156 of course! Design: 4/5 - pretty much at par with the details considering its size. Stickers suck though. Parts: 3/5 - nothing special here, and the unique brick doesn't seem really useful outside of Tiny Turbos. Build: 3/5 - solid build from the door to the front. can't say the same about the spoiler, which detaches with relative ease. Playability: 4/5 - pull-back motor makes it highly playable, but the sturdiness (or lack thereof) of the spoiler could be a concern Price: 3.5/5 - considering how one could get these plus the fact that its details are mostly stickered, it's one of the promo sets which has less bang for the buck Overall: 3.5/5 Cheers Eurobricks! hope you enjoyed my first review here ever. :)