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  1. Yooha

    Ideas for CMFs

    That Series M teaser looks good, let me make guesses, just for fun (some of them may be very silly) First row, from left to right: Some creepy grey creature A woman with a dress on a hanger Someone with a HUGE right hand A person with a homogeneous surface, maybe clay? (There was a terracotta warrior earlier) Pizza suit guy/girl Batman wannabe? Princess Old west someone Second row, from left to right: Someone with a balloon No idea Cucumber suit guy Light blue costume forestman/forestwoman Chess piece, maybe a rook No idea I mustn't guess that one... I see some huge, but narrow brown instrument/weapon
  2. Are those real quotes, or only examples of opinions before/after the revealing of the themes?
  3. Great review, as always! I totally forgot to check it found only now. Is there a black wand on the picture with the different colors of the wands? It looks two set of dark brown. If one of them is black, who has a black wand?
  4. They are in stores In Hungary since last Tuesday.
  5. Hey, Hungarian text here? :) Nothing new there.
  6. Are the cowboy's arms (bright light) orange?
  7. Yooha

    Ideas for CMFs

    Wow, it's incredible how many good ideas are still out there! My favorite original* ideas are the tooth Fairy and the Toy Clown. *The Terracotta Warrior or the Christmas Caroler pops up regularly on forums, the design is cool thought. P.S.: Why 41?
  8. There are quite a few that I like according to the descriptions: The homage police officer, the Unicorn guy, :D or the Spider suit guy (among others) sounds fun. The Cowboy suit or the Race car suit, it depends on the color scheme and the level of details on the printings.
  9. Day 24 - Winter Toy Shop Original set And we came to the end. Merry Christmas to all of you!
  10. Day 23 - Lionel Lion's Lodge (Fabuland) Original set
  11. Day 22 - Cloud City Leia
  12. Day 22 - MetalBeard's Sea Cow Original set