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  1. Hey, this vote was fun, thanks for doing it! It was sometimes too long and too many ties, but I see you made some efforts resolving it (see the other thread).
  2. Sorry guys, I don't care anymore. Too many ties, too long votes. Now we have a vote which is not the final, but something we don't even know what it is. For me there are many great minifigs, I can't choose one. Not even 8 or 16. In the last rounds, it didn't matter to me who won.
  3. Okay, Hazmat won by 3 votes, let's move on! I don't see the pattern in the other voting, and I don't really care to think about it. We will see.
  4. The Greatest Collectible Minifigure Main Topic

    It looks like we love the colours green and brown :)
  5. Okay, knight and Hazmat won, can we move along?
  6. [LDD MOC] Space Police IV Interceptor

    @Eggyslav I am glad you took inspiration from my CMF fig
  7. History / Fantasy CMF - LDD MOC

    Thanks guys, it's good to read feedback after all this time. 😀
  8. But it was the 1st! It was a dream came true for many fantasy fans. And this is something that is not forgotten!
  9. I came acroos the topic "Where should the next People at the ____ take place?", and I was wondering, this could be a long-running series - I hope TLG thinks it as well. Some of the ideas was a ski resort, so I made one. It is a little smaller, only 12 minifigs. Enjoy! Some features in close-up: Snow gun Girl with sledge Stuff to rent Mountain rescue Hockey player Hiker Chocolate stand Female yeti
  10. Another round that os longer than 24 hours... Wake me up in September
  11. What if there is a tie in the 3rd-8th poll? Can we move forward, or a decision is necessary there also?
  12. For me, there are figs that are too "mainstream-to-be-favourized". I'm not sure I can explain properly. Like S2 Spartan, S1 zombie, S6 and S10 Romans. I don't vote for them.