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Found 2 results

  1. JamesArts2172

    LEGO Star Wars micro calendar sets

    I just found the new image online showcasing the line-up for LEGO's new 2017 Advent Calendar. I am very surprised to see some familiar mini kits! I am JamesArts. I have been building micro sets since the debut of the first LEGO Star Wars Calendar in 2011 and have built over 270 micro sets in total these past 6 years, so of course it comes as no surprise that some of my ideas have been echoed by LEGO themselves. However recently I uploaded all my builds to flickr and have started up my own YouTube channel with instructions on how to build them. Now I'm not accusing LEGO of plagiarism... but... some of their most recent sets (In particular the Hover Tank from Rogue One) look very very similar to some of my builds. Others that seem to be appearing 1-2 years after I first designed them are the Ghost, Phantom, Krennick's Shuttle, Luggabeast and AT-DP to name but a few in this calendar alone. Bare in mind that almost all of the sets on my flickr were added before March 2017, with most being designed and built long before then some up to 6 years prior. I have been praised on Eurobricks and YouTube for my designs of many of my builds such as my Hover tank, with a few YouTubers even asking if they can feature my builds in their videos (as long as they give me the credit for the design of course). what I do not want is (IF... IF!... Lego are plagiarising these designs) for them to take full credit; if they are not copying them then there is too much coincidence and similarity of design) Others here are similar, and all of my builds are free to be viewed on my flickr profile. Please take some time to check out some of my builds, and more will be uploaded soon. :) My YT Channel: My flickr photos: Here is MY design for the hover tank from Rogue One that I first built back in 2016: Any similarities?
  2. Bad news, First of all, sorry, don't wanna hurt our true-LEGO fans from China Chinese thiefs copied LEGO technic Offical sets this year, following the high sales wave of novelties, just some months ago appeared, and now we can buy all epic flagships of last years including all power functions elements and pneumatics. BUT, This was the first step, now they quickly reached our technic MOCs with their dirty hands. First is Madoka's Avtoros Shaman 8x8 (very first was modular building theme MOC, just 2 weeks ago). Very successful model, just watch YouTube stats and you will see. Who will be the next? Crowkillers, Sheepo?!! I am sure they already built our models, and right now find the way to simplify them (as with Shaman 8x8) keeping original well-known design and make money selling as sets... Well, to say the true, I don't see really bad when they copy design of parts to be LEGO-compatible and sell their own developed set. They can be very successful with new, more powerful motors (that's easy, why not?), rc elements, or even new better tires -all that we ask LEGO for a long time. But they don't want. Just steal, replicate and sell. They sell them as LEGO products (sure some of customers can't see difference between LEGO and LEGO-compatible copy) following design of the boxes. As someone said, I am afraid that this Chinese sh@t fill bricklink market place step by step, no matter bricklink rules and legacy. All We can do as AFOL - to tell our subscribers why it is important to not support thiefs (without any names, no promo), and why their toys are cheap... for example, there are a lot of expenses than Chinese thiefs don't pay developing testing testing and testing marketing advertising environment social safety certification Waste utilization social communities support! ... this is a short, not full list chinese thiefs don't do all that things, beside that, they pollute environment and use cheap/child Human Resources producing low quality, non-safety certified plastic crap that is looking like LEGO including box art. We are disappointed, but should not stop our hobby, passion. Just support LEGO and tell everyone abut thiefs. What do you think guys? May be we can use common stop motion picture with information that every our video-viewer should know? Any other actions by us or just close our eyes and leave this as problem of LEGO group?