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Found 219 results

  1. Edit: Split by Jim into a separate topic. Sometimes I feel the need to have a chit chat topic for Technic members. What's a better place than a pub! ---- You guys should all get some money together and buy Ted a case of Hertog Jan
  2. Frankly speaking, this is a quick build. I have a strange idea of building a Christmas tree out of trees. I need to finish it quickly because such an idea came only in the afternoon of Christmas day. Christmas tree by SK MOC, 於 Flickr
  3. AntiZombie

    LEGO City LIGHTSHOW for Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of you! Enjoy the Holidays with the follwing lightshow of my Lego City! 🎅
  4. Christmas is coming!!! Santa Klaus needs a much more powerful sleigh to satisfy the requests of all the children, and the governor of Brickuga has gladly lent him his flagship... Red, white and gold, you can't get more Christmassy than this! Soon the elves got to work, and cut here, cut there, add some decorations and a pair of sledges, and a brand new sleigh-ship is ready! Watch out for the elf-gift launcher slingshot, it never misses a shot! Merry Christmas to everyone! P.S. This is a "mod-moc" of my "Tiamat - Governor Flagship" which you can find among my previous posts.
  5. Around the time of the Winter Solstice, many in Historica's cooler regions will decorate pine and fir trees with a star and various ornaments. Ayra and Kars (wearing a scarf knitted by Ayra's mother) plan to continue that tradition, with Ayra rearing up to top the tree with a star. No ladders needed - only balance (something Ayra is struggling with). Meanwhile, Gerard is savoring his mulled wine, and Cobold is trying his hand at a snowman, all while a rabbit bounds outs of the snow! What a year this was - I slapped this MOC together for Christmas. I know its a day late, but there are people around the world (including my relatives in Austria) who are celebrating St. Stephen's Day (Stephanitag) or Boxing Day. So it's technically not late! None of the characters had any major changes, except for Ayra. I really like how her winter attire turned out, especially with the fur collar and leg bindings. This has been a great year. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and I look forward to seeing what the New Year brings!
  6. Hey Guys, hope everyone is in a christmas-y Mood. Good ol Santa will come tomorrow and of course he will be pleased to see AFOL`s celebrating Christmas the Lego Way. Now have a look at this neat little Box.It is a wrapped Present,but what`s this?I didn`t use Wrapping Paper which will be used once and then dumped into the Bin... Say Hi to the Crazy Present: The Construction is really tough and sturdy.Each Brick is connected with several Bricks above and below but the Box still has a 4x4 Studs and a 4 Bricks tall Room inside it to hide a little Present. Of course i will ad a Brickseparator,i mean i`m not crazy :D So,anything fancy you want to share?
  7. Based on "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis. Enter the brick-built world of Narnia! If you like it, please support this project at Lego Ideas: WATCH THE MOVIE: More pictures on my flickr Let the imagination (and Aslan) win!
  8. sdrnet

    [Moc] STOP WARS!

    As usual in recent years I present a new Christmas moc. The war that broke out between Russia and the Ukraine has touched the collective world soul a lot and so this year I wanted to give a message of solidarity by saying Stop the Wars! To do this I decided to create a nice diorama taking up the Star Wars theme of which I am a big fan. For once the Empire and the Rebellion in a famous scene of Hoth (from the movie "The Empire Strikes Back") decide to make peace and sit down at a decorated table to celebrate Christmas! All weapons have been laid down, speeders and tools of war like the AT-ST have stopped, and everyone celebrates together. Some peculiarities of the diorama are the spit-roast chicken that can rotate thanks to a side knob, R2-D2 and C1P8 in a Christmas version, a custom printed sign of "STOP WARS". A side housing also allows you to turn on small LED lights to illuminate some parts of the diorama. I hope it is appreciated and Merry Christmas to all! Flickr Gallery:
  9. While plenty of entertainers are wandering the winter festival dressed as Santa Claus, one person decided to go this year as a chimney. Next year he'll probably choose something a little more traditional.
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, come one, come all, to the biggest attraction in the Winter Festival: the Winter Wheel! Featuring festive details such as gift-shaped gondolas, spokes decorated to look like a giant glowing snowflake, and a wreath with twinkling lights going all around the wheel, this winter holiday themed Ferris wheel is quite the sight to behold! Get your tickets now to get a "Santa's-eye view" of the festival grounds and enjoy the merriest ride of the festival! Here is a view of it from the back without the light effects. This is where riders enter and exit the gondolas. A closer look at one of the gift-shaped gondolas. Happy holidays and happy new year everyone!
  11. Both these projects were made specifically for an Xmas LEGO exhibition at all local mall that was ended middle of this month. Actually I sneaked in a bunch of my selected LEGO TF into the exhibition as well ! After my exhibition ended , I quickly took them home and snap these photos you see and some vids too. Anyhoo.... RUDOLPH For more photos... SANTA SLEIGHBOT RUDOLPH VIDEO Video of Santa Sleighbot coming soon guys . gimme a day or two more! MERRY XMAS ...!!!
  12. Hi guys. I did this T-bucket just for fun, I also pay homage to one of my favorite movies, can you guess what is? The white tires were hand-painted by me with acrylic paint and a small brush.
  13. Norton74

    [MOC] Santa's Cottage

    It's Christmas Time...Santa's Cottage (on LEGO IDEAS too) It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas and as usual in this period it's time for a Christmas themed creation. This cozy shelter is the home of Santa Claus, who is preparing his world tour for delivering gifts. It's called Santa's Cottage and you can support it on LEGO IDEAS too. If you like the bizarre Santa's Cottage please consider to give it a chance of becoming an actual LEGO IDEAS set. You can shortcut straight to LEGO IDEAS platform using this handy link: Santa's Cottage features a classic Xmas color scheme, an uncommon shape and an unconventional doors/windows style. The main feature is probably the asymmetrical roof with a very sloping shape to the left. The woodshed is located under the excess roof. The red/white/black color combo is simple but effective, and the snowy trees in the background match well. Last but not least the door and windows are round, a shape rarely spotted on a cottage, but quite common in Hobbit houses. Santa, who is coming home from a relaxing walk, has also a nice off-road vehicle painted with a color scheme matching with the cottage. You can spot it on the right. This is probably my last MOC for this year and I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  14. kahir88

    2021 Advent Calendar

    Hey there. I'm not a big City and Town builder, but I got a request (@Aurore) To share my little Calendar project, here on Eurobricks. A small backstory: I'm running a second-hand Lego shop, in Hungary. the last year, I made a Christmas Tree, in the shop's windows, and this year I wanted to create an advent calendar for the shop. Every Day I add a new little shop, and I will have my own Christmas Market. If you are interested, follow me. The 1st of December. Nut-cracker shop. The 2nd of December. Hand Crafted Honey Shop. The 3rd. of December. Just a regular snowman, cause, why not? :D The 4th and 5th of December. A Baker shop. For the weekend, I put a bit larger build, cause, we are closed during Sunday, and I'm unable (and didn't want) to go into the shop, to put out another shop. :D The 6th of December. Saint Nicholas Day. This is a special day for me. Cause, I'm too Nicholas, and this is my Name day. Here in Hungary we usually celebrate it, with something small present. But in my opinion, on this day, we, who bear this name must give presents. The 7th of December. Snowglobe vendor. The 8th of December.Roasted chestnut seller, The 9th of December.Pastry shop The 10th of December. Another Snowman, again The 11th and 12th of December. Ice Sculptor The 13th of December. Coat Vendor. And the 14th is Fish Seller, who saw everything on the sea... The 15th of December. Mulled Wine shop The 16th of December. Snowman The 17th of December. Christmas Carol The 18th-19th of December. Pine Tree vendor 20th of December. Hat Vendor. 21th of December. Sausage Shop. 22th of December. and Petting Zoo with real reindeer. The 23th to 24th of December.
  15. Here is my small MOC of Saint Nicholas, the Knight of Christmas and Rudolph his red nose Dragon. SNKC 2 by Jamin Star, on Flickr SNKC 3 by Jamin Star, on Flickr SNKC 4 by Jamin Star, on Flickr SNKC 5 by Jamin Star, on Flickr SNKC 6 by Jamin Star, on Flickr SNKC V1.0 by Jamin Star, on Flickr SNKC V1.1 by Jamin Star, on Flickr
  16. sdrnet

    [MOC] Christmas Bonsai

    This was the year of the first LEGO Bonsai # 10281 and the start of the "Botanical Collection" line. Since its release, the network has been filled with magnificent bonsai works from hundreds of builders. I also wanted to make my own version and one day I came up with the right idea for me: to make a Christmas-style Bonsai! Initially I wanted to cover it with snow-covered white leaves but then I thought that bonsai are generally kept inside a house and then I made a classic bonsai with green leaves which I then covered with the typical Christmas decorations as if it were a Christmas pine. I think it is quite unusual and curious! This will be my last 2021 moc. Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas! Flickr Gallery:
  17. Just in time for Christmas, I built a model of the McCallisters' house from the movie classic "Home Alone". But of course not a playset in minifig scale like the IDEAS set, but a micro model at about 1:250. Of course my Architecture-oriented approach is quite a bit different from the playset approach of the IDEAS set. While the LEGO set is primarily interested in the interior of the house, my goal was to accurately capture the house itself as well as the surrounding property. I also chose a bit different colours, as I find dark red a bit more fitting for the house's brickwork. I also chose a grey roof primarily because it fits better into the colour composition of the rest of the build, but also because there really isn't much snow on the roof for the majority of the film. But even on this scale I tried to pay tribute to key elements from the film, like the tree house Kevin escapes to at the end or the garage the McCallisters forgot to close. And of course it features both Little Nero's Pizza bumping against the entrance statue as well as the van of the Wet Bandits. As a Christmas model it lends itself well to lighting, of course. I put 3 LEDs from LightMyBricks into it, one in the kitchen on the back and two in the main wing. The cabling fits well into the base and the power cable can be led out through a small gap in the back. There is an album on Flickr as well as building instructions on Rebrickable for the model as well. (I tried to use smaller images in the post to link to the corresponding Flickr pages so I could lay them out next to each other for a more streamlined presentation, but I still can't seem to figure out how to do a simple image link on Eurobricks. I hope these above images at least do link to Flickr.)
  18. Alebricks

    Winter Village diorama 2017

    Hi all, this year I expanded my collection of winter village sets buying the winter train station and the winter train, so I realized that I had to make a new diorama to integrate them in my diorama. This is the old one: Now, after a lot of work, I'm happy to present you the new one! I used a lot of pieces building three independent modules to make the structure more resistant and easily transportable. Hope you like it!
  19. A young man returns from a years-long journey a complete stranger in the town on Christmas eve. Finding that his parents have moved without communicating to him, he tries to find them. If he fails, it will be a lonely Christmas indeed for him. The Sarabacha Brothers sincerely hope you enjoy viewing this LEGO stop-motion animated film. We are the driving minds behind this YouTube channel, and have tinkered for years in a dark room to hone this craft. Each of our films represent a portion of our life, existing as a summit of many months of precise effort and careful thought. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Subscribing allows you to be notified whenever we post a new piece of art and it allows us to more accurately gauge the interest our work is generating in the community. If you have not subscribed yet, would you consider doing so? If you have subscribed, why not share this with your friends and family
  20. Hello! Here I want to present you my MOD from the Lego 75318 The Child set. More photos on Flickr album
  21. ...when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there; The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of LEGO Star Wars Sets danced in their heads; My MOC shows a typical scene that happened every year - at least in my childhood. It is often said: "The greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation", which was also true for me. Usually I wished for one of the bigger starships from LEGO Star Wars for Christmas, like a Millenium Falcon, spent weeks dreaming of getting this set as a gift and how I would build it with my sister in our living room. P.S.: Can you spot all the easter eggs? Hints: 75257, 75288, 75274, 75276, 75277, 21042 T'was the Night Before Christmas by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr] T'was the Night Before Christmas by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr T'was the Night Before Christmas by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr T'was the Night Before Christmas by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr T'was the Night Before Christmas by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr
  22. CoNSpiracy

    [MOC] Santa minifig mosaic

    Merry Xmas fellow Eurobricks users! Lego Santa minifig mosaic by LEGO_CoNSpiracy, on Flickr I made the mosaic with the aid from Lego Art Remix - but also did a lot of editing of the original image and quite a bit of changing round tiles and plates in the mosaic to other colours after it was built from the Lego Art Remix instructions.
  23. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Winter Village Police Station

    Protecting the presents of the Winter Village from Christmas crooks is this Winter Village Police Station! I've included a break area (with donuts of course!), a blue light Christmas Tree, mugshot board, computer desk, and jail cell - complete with a stocking filled with coal for being very naughty! A crank at the back spins the police light on top of the building, and accompanying it are an old-fashioned police car and police box. Winter Village Police Station by inklingbricks, on Flickr More photos are on my Flickr here
  24. Norton74

    [MOC] Santa's Cabin

    As usual in this period it's time for a Christmas themed creation and this is a cozy shelter for Santa Claus and his reindeer. Speaking of the brand new reindeer it's really cute! The house is a typical A-frame cabin, a kind of cottage I do really like. This is probably my last MOC for this year and I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (hoping that it will be better than 2020) Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas and happy new year!
  25. Anne Mette

    [MOC] Pluto’s Christmas Tree

    In Denmark, it is a tradition to watch Disney's Christmas Show (From All of Us to All of You) every Christmas Eve at 4 PM. Pluto’s Christmas Tree (from 1952) is always in the show. For me, watching this cartoon has always been an important Christmas tradition. When Chip and Dale came as LEGO minifigures I got the idea to build a LEGO model of this cartoon.