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  1. LegoPercyJ

    M4-22 The Winners!

    Congrats to you all! Always enjoy seeing the great builds everyone submits and hope to make it back again next year
  2. LegoPercyJ

    [M4-22 - Purist Minifigures] - The Non Canon Gang

    Gonk droids are always fun, but the iconic rebel friend and mustache rebel from the lego games have to be my favorites. Nice job!
  3. Brilliant build! Otoh Gunga is an underrated setting, I hadn't given it much thought until playing through The Skywalker Saga game but the design is majestic and unique. I love all the different sphere piece used and the mini tribubble bongo ship captures the shape perfectly for the scale.
  4. LegoPercyJ

    [M4-22 - 12x12 Vignette] – The Duel on Mustafar

    Thanks! I thought they fit quite well to display the effect and I love utilizing pieces like them in builds.
  5. LegoPercyJ

    [M4-22 - 12x12 Vignette] – Unexpected Force Bond

    Thanks! I also have mixed feelings about the film( and trilogy), but the dynamic between these two characters was a highlight for sure.
  6. LegoPercyJ

    May the 4th Contest - 2022

    Here are my entries, ended up having time to finish two vignettes.
  7. My other entry into the competition, a recreation of the final duel of Revenge of the Sith. I had a rudimentary build for this scene already using the pieces from the official lego set, but I wasn't very happy with it and decided to use the minifigures for this build instead. The base for the lava was where most of my time was spent - there are segments of SNOT building that add the detail I was looking for.
  8. "Do you have something, a cowl, or something you can put on?" I've had a Ben Swolo figure for ages standing outside my copy of Ahch-To Island Training that caught my eye while I was thinking of a fun scene to recreate for this contest. I designed both sides individually as 6x12 scenes and connected them to form the full 12x12 vignette. I also included a few fun details like a Porg nest and Vader's helmet on each side to add some character to the scene.
  9. LegoPercyJ

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I second this - I recently picked up a great Ebay listing that had every set I was missing for a very good price and looking through sold listings on the site while not super common people do list complete sets from time to time for less than it would cost to pick up all of the individually expensive sets. I'm playing through the game again after a couple of years right now and it's still a blast and it's probably my favorite lego videogame. Each of the franchises and characters are given such care and if you're a fan of many of them like I am I have to recommend trying the game out. From a gameplay perspective from someone who's played most of the console lego videogames, I feel that it has the right balance of keeping the fun lego video game feel and having loads of new gameplay features without feeling like there's too much going on that I get from a couple of the newer games which makes it a blast to play. Even back in 2015 when all I had were a couple of packs the game still had a lot to offer.
  10. Beee-weee-oooo AF-R4 Greets me as I return to my makeshift home. This room is one of the few left in the small section of the one-of-a-kind star destroyer assigned to somebody in the inner circle of the emporor. It wasn't as big as your standard star destroyer, and after it had a run-in with a rebel convey on that far outskirts of the Coruscant system, nobody has paid it much mind, So I've moved into it as a temporary hideout to store all of my findings until I've found a museum or private collector with interest in them. R4's asked where I've been... I've just returned from an archeological dig under the former-Jedi temple on Coruscant. While officially it was converted into Palpatine's personal Palace there were many, many secrets hidden under the once sacred ground that have been uncovered and even more that have not. The old emperor had an interesting fascination in this history - one of the many reasons he employed people like me, although indirectly - and that's why he ordered these digs. Since the Empire fell nobody's really paid any attention to these, and I'm sure nobody would mind me sneaking in... A Jedi tomb, perhaps? Seems so. Jedi Grand Master Ch'ar'borth. Peculiar for a Jedi to be buried like this, but its impossible for even me to be sure just how long ago he died. His lightsaber. Not a stain on it. Can't open it here, but if it still has its Kyber could be worth keeping. Jackpot Or so I thought. My holotable will see if it's even still functioning. The jedi book I found on a previous expedition said something about a key to a treasure hidden in that tomb but... As I feared. Worthless. Well, the lightsaber makes this find worth it at least. I'll need to go out and reach out to some contacts, I've heard of a few groups who might be interested in this. Ah well, at least today wasn't a total whiff.
  11. LegoPercyJ

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    (Unsure what year this will be taking place in so I'll be using the starting point of 5 aby until someone can help me with that )
  12. LegoPercyJ

    AG2 Prologue

    I went into hibernation from building lego and posting here for a couple of years right as AG1 ended, I never got to post as much as I would like to so I came back and saw AG2, but it looks like no new activity has been on here for a while, are there any plans to continue this in the near future?
  13. LegoPercyJ

    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    That reminds me, gotta start working on my Room moc...
  14. LegoPercyJ

    Transformers: Transforming Lego

    This guy seems to specialize in Transformer Models. I'm sure If you see some techniques he used, you can get an idea of how to do it yourself. A recommendation I think could work would be to find an actual transformer toy and reverse engineer it in lego based off that model. Hope this helps