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  1. WideWiiLover

    City Advent Calendar 2013

    Day 5 and Day 6 And here I thought I was going to be punctual with this....Stupid opening shifts at work...grumble grumble ANYWAY... Day 5 on the left. Came with an extra set of cuffs.... Day 6 on the right. Got more mugs....and more scarves...must have had excess at TLG...
  2. WideWiiLover

    City Advent Calendar 2013

    Day 3 & Day 4 *Sidenote- Had to work a closing shift, hence I didn't get the opportunity to upload Day 3 so i'm just bundling it with Day 4! XD Day 3: Spotty Dog and Bone Here you go: We got two bones, even though the door pic called for one. Either way i think the bowl looks better with two. Day 4: Snowman Here he is: So far this is my favorite build yet. Simple yet effective. I do think that the carrot looks like the snowman is going to beat up some poor little kidfig.... Oh, and pictured are the spares, two extra red scarves and one extra batton carrot
  3. WideWiiLover

    City Advent Calendar 2013

    Day 2: While my hometown is struck by a horrid biizzard, I get to cozy up to my real fire along with my new..... ....Lego Fireplace Nice little build this. I enjoyed it. Extras not pictured include 1 cheese slop and one fire element. Till tommorrow....
  4. WideWiiLover

    City Advent Calendar 2013

    I'm Back!! After forgetting to finish last years advent calendar after Day 18 or something like that, I came back! This year I will try my best to be punctual and get everyday in there! .... I hope .... Anyway, let's get started: Day 1: We have a police officer with his standard cup of joe. Baseball hat inclueded. Spares (Not pictured): Extra Black Hat Extra Red mug Oh, and i forgot to include a picture of the instruction sheet that just wanted to tell me about choking hazards and winning!
  5. WideWiiLover

    MOC - Dodge Truck Dealership

    I feel obliged to post being Canadian... Good job! You definitely should add a Shopper Drug Mart, and then a Tim Hortons. There must always be a Tim Hortons....Always...
  6. WideWiiLover

    MOC - Canada Post Office

    Living in Canada, i would say the only thing missing is a "plethora" of Tim Horton's...They are like a disease....Though you'll have a rough time trying to find a consistent styling for it though......
  7. WideWiiLover

    City Advent Calander 2012 Day Reveal

    Day 20: Today we were given a wheelbarrow and some more snow! As well as the standards shovel! What are your thoughts....
  8. WideWiiLover

    City Advent Calander 2012 Day Reveal

    Day 17 - 19: Since EB was down, I'm going to collect the past 3 days together so here we go The 17th brought us a snowball (or 1x1x1 Cylindrical White Brick) catapult complete with extra technic pin! Day 18 brought us a dog! and a fire hydrant for said dog to make it's mark..... Day 19 brings a new firefighter, with extra mugs and extra helmets!
  9. WideWiiLover

    City Advent Calander 2012 Day Reveal

    Day 16: Today we are gifted a new member to the minifig population: Here we have "Melinda" a small girl greeted with some more snow! BTW in the background you can see the Mayor's assistant having an argument.....
  10. WideWiiLover

    City Advent Calander 2012 Day Reveal

    Day 15: Today we were graced with our third storage wall. On an alternative note, you can connect all three walls together using the ski wall and connecting using the slopes. Just a little FYI!
  11. WideWiiLover

    City Advent Calander 2012 Day Reveal

    Day 14: Apologies for the late upload.....Had to take my MacBook Pro to the Bar of Geniuses.....apparently it needs a new battery! It is over 3 years old though so....:/ Back to LEGO!!! Today we got a brown crate, and some "portable" fire. The image on the door shows them inside, but they don't fit in well. I guess these might be for a minfig Hobo?
  12. WideWiiLover

    City Advent Calander 2012 Day Reveal

    Day 13: Today we got a nice little office desk, with obligatory coffee mug Different style of computer then i'm used too...good for my future airport MOC....
  13. WideWiiLover

    Shady Vale

    I don't want to appear stupid but, what are you using for your layouts? I know you use MLCAD for buildings, but what did you use for your above full town layout? Thanks!
  14. WideWiiLover

    City Advent Calander 2012 Day Reveal

    Day 12: We are Halfway there! It's another mini fig!!!! I named here Cheryl....I love the hair! You get 2 Walkie Talkies too....great for bus mirrors in my opinion...
  15. WideWiiLover

    City Advent Calander 2012 Day Reveal

    Day 11: (WOO DOUBLE DIGITS)....I'm probably the only one that gets excited by that..... Today we get (what i initially thought was) a sort of ski thing? Interesting...huh.... Then i realized that maybe the slick tires from yesterday weren't pointless after all, and when combine with the mechanic.... It's snow cat! or whatever they are called. 4x4 thing. Opinions?