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  1. charlesp1138

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Here's hoping we hear something today...
  2. Hey folks, it's been a while since I've had the time to lurk on Eurobricks, so please forgive me! A few years ago, I published a book through No Starch Press with some of my six-wide train designs. You may have heard of it, most likely you didn't. After being asked since then to make more of my designs available by the community over on Facebook I'm proud to announce the release of my NEW (self-published this time!) book of train car designs! It's been a long road with some challenges along the way, but it is done and available done! Available in print on Amazon, and digitally on my site at building Lego Trains Volume One has instructions to build 5 new six-wide train cars. I'd love to know what you think!
  3. charlesp1138

    [MOC] King Lennox's Castle

    Last two! I've designed the castle itself with an insert that slides and snaps in when it's in the open position.
  4. charlesp1138

    [MOC] King Lennox's Castle

    Aha! The Lennox reference was very much on purpose. As soon as I put that lion head brick in, I knew it had to be that.
  5. charlesp1138

    [MOC] King Lennox's Castle

    I was putting together the 80s King's Castle set recently and got inspired to do a remake of a classic castle style set (using the same footprint) and got to work digitally. Here are some renders of it. Would love to know what you think of it!
  6. In the last couple weeks I've been designing and giving away some small 8-wide modular building instructions on my Instagram and Facebook. I can't believe I've totally been forgetting the Eurobricks commuinity! So here they are: a little something to keep you busy while inside, I've made the instructions for my 8 wide modular house free! Despite having a small footprint this thing still has quite a few details! Get them both for free at no strings attached. They're all yours for the taking! (And yeah, I realized after I did them that I accidentally reversed the color of the sidewalks, but hey, not you can have a MOC MOC when you fix it) More images - and interior renders if you wanna spoil the surprises - on So, enjoy. And wash your hands.
  7. charlesp1138

    Rankan - tripod

    Now I wanna see this thing meet up with @ZCerberus's Blacktron Harvester!
  8. charlesp1138

    [MOC] Blacktron Harvester

    Hot damn I love Blacktron. This is awesome.
  9. charlesp1138

    [MOC] Adventurers 5935 Island Hopper revamp

    Beautiful update. Great job!
  10. charlesp1138


    I never thought that color combo would work quite so well, but there it is, working like a charm. LOVE the entrance and the first floor stairs.
  11. charlesp1138

    [MOC] 02.Humbolt Mecha

    02.Humbolt Medium Combat Mech. Humbolt has a sturdy frame covered by covered by ablative armor panels. with a center torso cockpit for a single pilot, It carries a fusion lance in its right hand and is armed with an auto cannon capable of firing either armor-piercing or cluster rounds. primarily powered by nuclear energy, This model is notorious for random electrical faults. 02.Humbolt by Charles P, on Flickr
  12. charlesp1138

    [MOC] 01.Svardstaf Mecha

    Recently, I started building mecha and robots because I find it very relaxing. I really like the flexibility and feel like it kinda forces you to think up new parts usage. This is the first one I'm willing to share publicly. 01.SvardStav Medium Combat Mech. Svardstav has a basic, lightweight frame and a single vectored fusion jump jet mounted on its rear. It carries a dual bladed sword on its right hand, and is equipped with an advanced sensor suite and long-range antenna in its head. The model is well-liked by techs for its reliable and robust communications, control and weapons systems.
  13. charlesp1138

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I love it, and let's be honest, it wouldn't take much to make it a "regular" house.
  14. charlesp1138

    [MOC ] Jurassic Park Series

    Followed this on Intstagram. Loved it then and still love it now. Great work.