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Found 41 results

  1. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Trains 2024

    Happy 2024 everyone. I figured that as it's now three days into the New Year it's time for a new discussion thread! So here goes with the same old history of the past few years: Standardised Train Sets 2024 ? 60423 Tram & Station ? 2023 21344 Orient Express 76423 Hogwarts Express & Hogsmeade Station 2022 60335 Train Station 60336 Freight Train 60337 High Speed Passenger Train 76405 Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition* 10308 Holiday Main Street (trolley/tram) 2021 N/A 2020 10277 Crocodile Locomotive 40370 Trains 40th Anniversary Set (GWP) 60271 Main Square (tram)  2019 70424 Ghost Train Express 71044 Disney Train  2018 75955 Hogwarts Express 60197 Passenger Train 60198 Cargo Train** 60205 Tracks 60238 Switch Tracks *not L-gauge  **except Europe Sets with a strikethrough are retired. Italicised sets are ones with expected imminent retirement. No actual rumours or information yet on any 'standard' 2024 trains, though this should be the place to discuss them. Fingers crossed it won't be another empty year like 2021 but I guess we wait and see! I was expecting 60198 Cargo Train to be retired back in 2022, but it seems it has replaced the 3677/60098 slot as a second available cargo train to complement 60336. Bricklink Designer Program Separately, several trains-related BL Designer Program sets have been chosen for crowdfunding, some which I'm certainly looking forward to: Series 1 (Crowdfunding February 2024, Production and Shipping July 2024): Old Train Engine Shed by Mind_the_Brick Series 2 (Refining Finalist Details September 1st 2023 - May 1st 2024, Crowdfunding June 2024, Production and Shipping November 2024): Brick Cross Train Station by brickester Logging Railway by ties25 All require 3,000 preorders to be made and have a maximum of 20,000. I can't remember how successful preorders for Studgate were bur that can probably lead to some kind of predictions for this. Series 5 (2025) has another train set in it. I'm interested to see how these play out and how popular they are. I think it could be quite an interesting year. Discuss below, and @JopieK maybe pin the topic at the top?
  2. It's finally finished! Luas full length Luas is the tram here in Dublin, and I've been wanting to build one for a long time. I started about a year ago, when I got the general concept for the cars figured out, but then abandoned it for a while. Sometimes the inspiration just isn't there... Anyway, over the past few weeks I figured out the cabin, the connections between the sections, improved the doors, which required a different way of doing the roof.... One thing I decided right at the start is that I wanted to do the micro-stripe yellow above the purple. The first idea was to use brackets (1x2/2x2 and 1x2/2x4) and you can still see those in the middle section. Luas middle section However for the outer sections I had to change the concept, as the plate part of the brackets got in the way of the sideways built doors. I ended up using flags, but getting enough of them in yellow and in the old mold (the clip is slightly different in the newer ones, and unfortunately Bricklink doesn't differentiate) was not easy. It's powered by a 9V train motor in the middle and it can manage the tight curves: Luas inside curve It does have a bit of an overhang, so don't park close to the tracks ;-) Figuring out the shape of the 'dressed up' bogies was not easy, despite the simplicity of the final design. Getting the bodie shape around them was even harder. The connectors between sections were another headache that's gone through umpteen different designs. In reality they're an accordion-type structure which is impossible in Lego. So I needed something that would keep the sections close on the straights, and would allow the tram to go around standard curves without showing a big ugly gap. For transport it also had to be easy to take the sections apart and for reliable running the connection has to have some flex when the track isn't perfectly level. I managed to do all of that:
  3. A historic tram connects Sintra to one of its most popular beaches, Praia das Maçãs. The line was inaugurated in 1904, but today's red vehicle dates from the 1930s. It maintains its original features, such as wooden benches and brass dials, and while it’s a slow, noisy, and bumpy ride, it’s a fun experience. The complete 13km(8 miles)-journey takes 40 minutes, passing through the rural areas of Colares towards the coast. The LEGO model has around 2000 parts (including the base/diorama) and it's motorized with Circuit Cubes it has 2 motors, One for driving, and another to invert the Rod "Panthograph" It has Room for 16 minifigs.
  4. Lfm55

    Brussels tram

    Hi all! For the die hard fan collectors, the public transports of Brussels released a limited edition of one of their current vehicules. Its bloody expensive and based on old design but as I lived in Brussels a long time i like it anyway.
  5. Compared to the San Francisco cable car in set 10308 - Holiday Main Street, my model of a classic Birney Safety Car (link to wikipedia article on the type of streetcar) has a different, more accurate roof, complete with a trolley pole at each end. The word "Hogsmeade" is on the destination boards at either end, as I'm pretending that's the name of a street in my town. (I have a ton of those printed 1x4 tiles from nearly 20 years back and I couldn't think of another use for them.) All the changes to the car body mean most of the interior was scrapped as it was too cramped for figures to sit, with only the motorman controls remaining. (Note to the Moderator's: I know I have older, second thread for this model type. However, that one is structured in a way for the LDD file to be given away, whereas this one is just for the real model only. Please DON'T combine them, as it will only be confusing. Thank you for understanding!) Thoughts?
  6. Darkkostas25

    [MOC Trams]

    Some trams I made coz was bored [MOC] Tatra T3 6 stud wide with boogies on 4 studs That train is used in my native town in the Tram-Subway system Bricklink: [MOC] American style-tram 8 stud wide tram based on some designs of oldskool trams -streetcars Briklink: [MOC] European articulated tram Some ideas and modules for the articulated tram I made based on some real-life models Briklink:
  7. Sérgio

    [MOC] Hover Tram 2052

    I'm not sure if this belongs here or in Train-Tech. Regarding My Hover vehicles, I also created a Hover Tram (or passenger train if you prefer) Nothing much to say, well, yes, it has the tan train windows, I didn't pay a fortune for them, I have had Emerald Night Set since the day it was released :) Hover Tram 2052 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Hover Tram 2052 by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  8. Not much to say about this one other than that it is an early electric tram.
  9. Before I start talking about the build. In the last few weeks, a picture appeared on my social network. It advertisement something, which I didn't really care about, but the picture looks great. It was in my mind and annoyed me, so I started to research what is this. Finally, I found it. The artist is Alejandro Burdisio, and he creates dieselpunk concept arts. This one was a dieselpunk tram station, where three or four Tatra T5 type trams are docking and/or leaving. I know, this was the time, to try to recreate, at least one. :D Please enjoy, and comments are welcome.
  10. This is my first share on here but I've been hanging around for a while sucking up inspiration. Here are some MOC's made purely for fun and for play. First up a British 0-6-0 saddle tank steamy. It comes with it's own coal truck and brake van in which I've hidden the power functions so they all work together as a set. http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-1 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-2 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-6 by karen chappell, on Flickr The brake van hides the battery box and sits on top of the motor. This attaches to the IR receiver cleverly hidden in the coal truck. The whole set pushes rather than pulls but at sensible speeds this hasn't proven to be a problem. The drive gear is from Trained Bricks over on Bricklink. http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-3 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-4 by karen chappell, on Flickr Next up is a simple modern tram set. 3 cars with the all the power functions hidden in the central car. http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-7 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-8 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-11 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-9 by karen chappell, on Flickr Here's a diesel electric goods engine, not modelled on anything in particular, hauling a short train of logs for the lumber yard. http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-12 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-15 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-14 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-13 by karen chappell, on Flickr This was my first MOC, a blue shunter obviously inspired by 60052. Everything power functions related is squeezed inside. The wagon behind is a refrigerator truck. http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-20 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-22 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-21 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-23 by karen chappell, on Flickr And finally some short container wagons. http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-17 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-18 by karen chappell, on Flickr Hope you all like them and apologies for the mammoth post. Thanks.
  11. michu4

    swiss trams

    Hello everybody, this is my first post in this form. After having built several models of Swiss trams in model railway scales 1:87 (H0m) and 1:22.5 (IIm) I thought it might be a nice challenge to try it with LEGO. So, the first attempt is a vehicle from the city of Bern. The prototype is still in regular use and looked after by BERNMOBIL historique After some first trials I decided to go for seven studs wide. I think that is a good compromise. What still concerns me are the side frames of the bogies. The LEGO ones have nothing to do with the prototype. It would be nice to find a more realistic solution. The main struggle is to find a decent fixation to the LEGO train motor, as I want the model to be powered. Suggestions are very welcomed! Michael
  12. I was thinking recently about some ideas for the roller coaster track that TLG does. I do not own any of the track, but I have a feeling that TLG could make a new airport shuttle set using the Roller coaster track. The trains could be four studs with and be what’s called AGT, or Automated Guideway Transit, which is common in many airports. Although the Automated Guideway Transit set does not have to be specifically for an airport as the Miami Metromover in Miami, Florida, is an Automated Guideway Transit system. The ability to take tight curves could also benefit the sets as being easier to implement into existing LEGO cities since the roller coaster track is not as wide as regular track. the system could also be an elevated cable car like the one they have in Las Vegas at one of the hotel areas using the chains to pull the vehicles along level straight track. This provides some interesting possibilities for a series of transit based sets that I would like to see, and maybe even buy.
  13. Greenstar

    Road tiles with train tracks

    What if Lego created a line of road baseplates with train tracks embedded in them? What type of sections would everyone like to see? the ones I can think of now are: single track: straight segments curve segments Junctions crossings slopes. Double track: straight segments curve segments junction segments crossover segments crossings slopes. general: sections where track is are either red or green in color for public transport only sections where track is are same as rest of street for mixed traffic Sections where there is interlaced track should be included such as special points and other areas for such track there should also be areas where the tracks transition to normal LEGO rails as well
  14. snaillad

    MOC: Downtown

    Hello fellow EB members. I've been working on this MOC for the last couple of months which includes a Cinema, bakery and clothing shop. No interiors were included this time. Its been only my second project this year due to moving my whole Lego collection to another room and re-organizing. Hopefully more to come next year! It is based on 1930-1940's timeline as it was a flimsy excuse to build a old style car and tram and more importantly the Luxor cinema which is what I started building first. Anyway on with the pics, 4 in all to include a few closeup shots. Any questions on building techniques or general comments I'll do my best to answer. You can find all the same pics on my flickr here in bigger sizes if you so wish: Cheers!
  15. Hi, I'm new I realise that LDD MOCS probably aren't everyone's first choice and I myself would much rather see one of these in the flesh than just on a screen but of course the availability of parts, prices and time prevail. We'll start with the less impressive of the two I have to show ;) That appears to have worked, so fair enough. It's Stephenson's Rocket only it includes the provision for a face should I ever feel compelled to add one. Theoretically it could run on a layout with something pushing it around but I don't trust the rigidity of it at all. Not entirely happy with the tender because it's so large compared to the engine itself, but it serves. Now for the one I am actually pleased about, an LNER J70 tram engine. I'm not ordinarily one to use SNOT techniques because I never used to be able to figure out how to make everything fit properly (and I still haven't, really) hence the use of those parts that go around minifigs' necks with a stud on the back. I even made a mock up interior for it featuring a boiler and coal bunkers! As well as sort of an underframe with cylinders Have to say, I'm very impressed with the outcome and it's far better than anything I'd ever attempted previously. I'm particularly proud of my solution to shaping the cow catcher. As with the Rocket, however, it isn't self-powered so I may begin work on a Wisbech & Upwell tramway coach with power functions. Thanks for dropping by and let me know what you think - Nick
  16. Sérgio

    [MOC] Touristic Tram

    The Sintra tramway is a seasonal narrow gauge tourist line linking the town of Sintra with Praia das Maçãs (Apple's Beach), Portugal Its a realy beautiful model, and i make it in a 7Wide Model :)
  17. I finally managed to pick up a space monorail set in decent condition and at a decent price so thought I'd have a play around with it. The space theme didn't really fit into my city! So I had to come up with a plan. Ever since the 60097 set was released I knew the tram looked ideal so here is my first attempt at converting the 60097 tram set onto monorail. It seems to work well, you can barely see the battery or the motor so I'm not too bothered about that. Image 1 This layout is just on my kitchen floor, the next stage is to move this into my city, I'll raise the city up and have this mostly running underneath. This is a short video of it running: This is the station in it's place from set 60097 and some monorail track set out: Image 2
  18. Hello all, A week ago our LUG had a big group layout displayed at LEGOWorld 2017. The layout was a collaboration of @aawsum, @alois, Moos and me. LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr More pictures are available at my Flickr album. PS. mods, is there any way this can be posted in the Train forum too? I don't want to crosspost but I think this concerns both topics equally.
  19. Just over a month ago I revealed my latest creation to the world, a scale model of the light rail vehicles that are located in my home city of Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia). Lego G: by Aaron Coghill, on Flickr Just over 3 years old the light rail system here is currently being extended to comprise a total of 19 stations over a 21km single line, using 18 Bombardier Flexity 2 LRVs (light rail vehicles). My Lego version of the G: (gee, the local name for the trams) is a roughly 1:40 scale, 8 wide, 136 studs long (8.5x normal straight track lengths), 7 carriages in yellow, dark gray & blue. I worked on the design for months getting the proportions right. In a twist of fate that i was on the right track a technical drawing i found when printed at the build scale, a 9V motor unit has the same wheel base as the printed drawing. Like the Flexity 2, the overall unit is made up of three different carriage types. A wheeled drivers unit, a suspended passenger unit (with doors) and another wheeled passenger unit that sits between the suspended units. So a LRV is made up of an odd number of carriages with the odd numbered units having wheeled contact & even carriages suspended between. It is powered by two 9V train motors that are positioned in the first & last carriages. And due to its design performs nicely on standard track geometry including a full 4x (90deg) curve. The carriages are joined together using old school ball hinge parts (two) placed at the top and bottom of each carriage. This keeps them straight and in line with each other., and allows for a bit of vertical movement due to tables never being level at shows. The side panels are built with a snot technique of tiles on plates. A friend owns Print on Bricks and did the small tiles while the large G: were done at a sign writers. I also created a light rail station in the same style at is located in my city. Lego G: by Aaron Coghill, on Flickr Lego G: by Aaron Coghill, on Flickr Lego G: by Aaron Coghill, on Flickr The local paper did a small article on my creation and I will be displaying the model with GoldLinq (the operators) and Bombardier (manufactures) at two seperate shows these coming months. Lego G: by Aaron Coghill, on Flickr Lego G: by Aaron Coghill, on Flickr More photos here: I have to thank Ashi Valkoinen and his CAF Urbos 3 tram, Budapest [REAL MOC] post that gave me inspiration.
  20. PrisonBrick

    Historic Tram of Opicina

    This is the "historic version" of my previous moc:
  21. PrisonBrick

    Tramway line - RCX Automation

    This was an experiment of automation of a tramway line with an old LEGO RCX brick: All sensors and cables are 100% LEGO. There are 8 light sensor, 4 (two couples, one couple for station and one for switch zone) on input 1 and 4 on input 2. 3 output, output A (station 1 - switch), output B (station 2 - switch) and output C (switch zone). Everything is handled by NQC program
  22. PrisonBrick

    Tramway line stations and depot

    Stations and depot (inspired by real ones of my city) for my tramway line:
  23. PrisonBrick

    Tram of Opicina

    Hi! I'm a new train LEGO fan, my new passion started last spring... But I think that a LEGO tram is missing, so I created in LEGO the tram of my little city. This is my MOC: Tram of Opicina #DSC_1058 by Prison Brick, on Flickr Tram of Opicina #IMG_2473 by Prison Brick, on Flickr Tram of Opicina #IMG_2496 by Prison Brick, on Flickr Tram of Opicina #DSC_1061 by Prison Brick, on Flickr Now I submit it on LEGO Ideas: Please, support & share if you like it! Thanks! Every comment helps me to improve!
  24. Vanocean117

    Dieselpunk Style Floating City

    You may have a city made of Lego, but what about a Dieselpunk style floating city? I really love the early 20th century, I love art deco and early modern art, I love those vintage cars and trams. I love giant airships floating on the sky. I wonder, what if I mixed all that elements with a sci-fi city theme. That's why I build this project. I want to explore the possibility of an alternate reality. The floating city could be a series of products, just like the Lego city products. This project here is a core piece of the floating city, we can introduce new sets to expand the city. What includes in this set are a floating 3-story house, a flying tram, a flying taxi and a few figures. The figures are kind of random chosed from my figures collection, I will update the figure's design if this project is welcomed. The 3-story house is a modular build with interior, which includes a pizza take-out window and an hot dog take-out window. The flying car included with the set can stop by and buy food from the windows. There's a tram stop at the door, a figure can stand there and wait for the tram. If you like this, please support me on the LEGO IDEAS site. Any suggestion are also welcomed, thanks.
  25. Ashi Valkoinen

    MOC - BKV Tatra T5C5 tram

    Hi all MOCers, I finished this MOC of Budapest tramway approx a year ago but I never had time to take some photos and show it to the community. So, here it is. The original tram was manufactured by CKD in Czechoslovakia for Budapest Transport company. A total of 322 cars were delivered between 1979 and 1984 (and all of them still running). In the first times they were used to go single (they have driver's cab only on one end so they needed loops on end stations), then with the growth of the number of passangers they started to operate them coupling two or three cars together. Now these trams run in line 1 and 14 with three cars and line 12,17,28,37,41,56,56A,59,59B,61 with two cars. The LEGO-tram runs using its 2 9V train motors, each car has one motor. Other bogie is dummy, however it uses train wheels, because the standard wheel holder part is simply two high for this application. I'm proud on the pantograph design, but I know, some of the purist won't like the cut and curved 3 mm diameter hose. Unfortunately the clip with bar holder doesn't exist in red colour - a red pantograph could be autenthic, however due to weathering and coal-dust from upper part they are only red a couple of days after painting, then they become black. Hope, you like it. Please leave your comments and critics here. :)