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  1. Nacho

    Central Perk Big Bang Theory Modular

    Looks awesome, look forward to seeing what it’s like when you’ve completed the build.
  2. Nacho

    Central Perk Big Bang Theory Modular

    Hi, really like what you’re doing here. Not sure if you’re on Instagram but check out LegoSwede - they've built a Lego friends / cafe corner mix. just got this set for Christmas so I’m definitely going to take some inspiration and build a modular out of it.
  3. Yeah I read that too, can’t see any mention of the adventure time sets. I wondered if they were donated to patients as well as hospitals? I think I’ll contact them to find out.
  4. Just bought a brand new sealed Adventure Time set from a local selling group. When I’ve received it there is a large Donated With Love by Fairy Bricks sticker on it. Is this just some set that they don’t want but have had donated or have I stumbled upon a stolen item? Not sure how fairy bricks works but feeling guilty with them being a children’s charity.
  5. Having an issue with Brick Fanatics and wondered whether anyone else had issues as well? Bought the magazine well over a month ago and nothing received. Fair enough, items go missing. Sent them an email, nothing. Sent another, still no reply. And another - nothing. Tweeted them, Facebooked them - not a single response or acknowledgement at all. I have opened a Paypal case as that seems to be the only way to resolve this. But its very poor customer service and until they sort their response times out I certainly won't be ordering from them again. Has anyone else had issues?
  6. Nacho


    I would also add to the list of people willing to pay for the instructions and parts list for this and your pub moc. Both excellent quality - well done :)
  7. Nacho

    Lego 60097 Tram converted to monorail

    Yes I did, hardest part was getting a solid fit on the centre over the monorail motor. I have it packed away at the moment while my winter village scene is out but once I get it back out again I'll take some more pictures.
  8. Nacho

    Lego 60097 Tram converted to monorail

    It really is! I've been following you for a while, love your city and take some great inspiration from it. :)
  9. Land Rover has revealed the New Discovery 5 seven-seat SUV by breaking a Guinness World Record for the largest LEGO structure ever built. The reveal set was made from 5,805,846 individual LEGO bricks, breaking the previous Guinness World Record by 470,646 pieces. Laid end to end, the bricks would stretch for almost 200 miles, or from Tower Bridge in London to Paris. Led by the UK’s only LEGO Certified Professional, Duncan Titmarsh, it took five months for expert LEGO Master Builders in the UK to construct the incredible Tower Bridge structure. It was erected in the grounds of Packington Hall, Warwickshire, UK – close to Land Rover’s Solihull plant, where New Discovery will be produced. See this site for more: Land Rover Discovery 5 Forum
  10. Nacho

    Should I buy 10229 Winter Village Cottage?

    Thank you for that. I want to expand my winter village collection for next year and I was worried about buying one if it was to be re-released again.
  11. Nacho

    Should I buy 10229 Winter Village Cottage?

    What worries me is if they do another re-release next year and you could end up with a brand new one for £60...
  12. Nacho

    UK Sales

    Yeah that's what I'm thinking about at the moment thanks
  13. Nacho

    Lego 60097 Tram converted to monorail

    It's in the rear carriage, you can't really see it in the photos because the battery box is black and the windows are tinted a bit. You can tell it's there when looking in person but overall doesn't stand out too much.
  14. Nacho

    UK Sales

    I'm wanting the creator Ferrari set, anyone seen any good offers for that? I'm struggling to find anything at the moment.