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  1. I'll have to figure out some details, but I'll be attending for sure! (and I guess more of the LLMTC guys will as well!
  2. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] NS1202

    Thanks all for the kind words!
  3. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] NS1202

    The NS1200 series entered service back in 1952 as part of the reconstruction of the country after the 2nd World War. Bought as part of the Marshall plan, these were designed by Baldwin/Westinghouse in co-operation with Heemaf. Of the 25 engines build 2 are still in active service today, and a third one being used as an engine by the National Rail Museum in Utrecht. The real engines are enormous compared to most other Dutch Engines. For this model I've chosen the colours used back in the 50s untill the 60s. The NS1202 is the roadnumber of the one at the Railway Museum with the same colours. NS1202 [Main] by Ervvin, on Flickr And the real deal, my model is 1:45 scale model. The engine is powered by a custom build Li-Ion battery, controlled through a PFx Brick. The train has working signals at the front and the back. The drivetrain consists of 2 PF XL-motors driving BBB M-wheels with a 1:1.667 ratio. NS1202 [3] by Ervvin, on Flickr I want to thank Pieter Post for helping with the photo's and some stickers, as well as Raised, Tijn__ and loads of others for helping me with some details and feedback. There are more pictures, inlcuding a whole lot of WIP pics in my Flickr album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmPwWwf1 A video of the engine running can be found here: youtu.be/43uboyz-Fp8
  4. UrbanErwin

    Brick Train Awards Prizes

    Is there a way to make a small financial donation? I wouldn't mind chipping in a few Euro's. I love the feed with entries on FB and it is doing a lot to motivate me to push some extra models to the finish line just a little faster.
  5. UrbanErwin

    Brick Train Awards Prizes

    I don't want to be that guy, but (the best stuff is always behind this word) be glad there are prices, or a custom printed brick for that matter, at all. These companies don't have to hand out anything, they do it because they want to (and it gives some good press). Tl;Dr: Don't look a given horse in the mouth For the hosts of the contest, I'm really glad you put in all the time and effort!
  6. UrbanErwin

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    I'd wonder if the new mindstorms (51515) would allow to control other PU hubs through Bluetooth. That would allow some interesting models. I'm thinking a smart brick inside a train which controls various railside constructions along the track. Also, has anyone got their hands on a Prime or Mindstorms controller and do they support the train motors and the boost sensors. As far as I know they should, but I would love to see some conformation before I commit to buying one in the future.
  7. UrbanErwin

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    @coaster do you have a European distributor? Because those prices are really reasonable
  8. UrbanErwin

    Train door mechanism

    Opening Doors by Ervvin, on Flickr I've made a digital file with the inner workings of the part, which can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rE1cX_h-7Xxdv-Uh9bxTzERX8r47fSHJ
  9. UrbanErwin

    Train door mechanism

    There's some great engineering in this thread. I rebuild Nashnet's idea, but wasn't really fond of the gap for the sliders. After some fiddling around with parts I came up with a design which suited my design requirements more. Moving stuff by Ervvin, on Flickr, Picture links to a video The design revolves around this piece: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=41740#T=C I'll make some proper pics of the inner workings etc. when I finish the train itself.
  10. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] Mat '64 plan V

    Thank you all, more photo's will definitely follow in the future, but for now there are some Work in Progress shots in this folder:
  11. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] Mat '64 plan V

    Mat '64 plan V by Ervvin, on Flickr The Materiaal 64 Plan V is an old EMU from the Dutch railways. The trains were introduced in 1966 and ran until 2014. In total 246 were built. The model is often reffered as apekop, monkeyhead in English because of it's resemblance to a monkey's head. My model is about 194 studs long 8 studs wide and built to 1:45 (0 scale) It features a Powered Up motor and lightsensor to allow automated stopping at stations. Stickers are currently still missing, but those will follow as well with more photo's at LegoWorld Utrecht (NL).
  12. UrbanErwin

    Trains and Ideas

    My best guess? 1) trains are really regional, for example just within Western Europe there are a dozen of different companies and models whichh run around. Combine that with the Americans complain TLC models look too European and Europeans complaining they look too American. (and now we've forgotten the Asian and oceanic part of the world) 2) space and spacecraft are a symbol of the future and innovation (even though the moonlanding happend while parts of the world still relaid on steam traction), this means they are more appealing to a general audience. 3) spacecraft have something mythical about them that something as mundane as the thing you use at your daily commute just has not. But these are just my quick speculations based on no facts or research, which I guess TLC has done extensively. So to phrase this bluntly, no people do not like trains, at least not as much as space (or movies, etc )
  13. Build the way you feel comfortable, I've seen awesome 6, 7, 8 and 9 wide builds, even someone who built 4 wide. For me it isn't about the width in studs but how wide the original model is I'm modelling and how that translates to my preferred scale 1:45. But that's me, you should just build the way you want to, don't lat others decide that for you, especially LEGO itself.
  14. Okay, I've gotten a little further, but I'm still getting errors about the getColor output (CS0103). I'm not quite sure if I'm doing stuff correctly, I familiar with C, not the class structure of C#. LegoTrainProject.Port.Colors colour; int speed; int topSpeed = 30; colour = Hub[0].GetColor("A"); speed = Hub[0].GetSpeed("B"); if (colour == RED ){ Hub[0].RampMotorSpeed("B", 0, 500); Wait(700); Hub[0].RampMotorSpeed("B", topSpeed, 700); } if (colour == YELLOW){ Hub[0].RampMotorSpeed("B", 0, 500); Wait(700); Hub[0].RampMotorSpeed("B", topSpeed, 700); } My best educated guess is that LegoTrainProject.Port.Colors is defined as a typedef/enum like structure, but I cannot find where the proper outputs are defined.