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  1. UrbanErwin

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Thank you, this is some really usefull information. Could it be possible that LEGO will release details about the Bluetooth protocol. I'm interested in some possible Arduino control options.
  2. UrbanErwin

    Train MOCs and Builders - Who/What is Your Inspiration?

    I feel honoured to be mentioned in a topic like this My inspiration comes from both real-life models and most (if not all) of the builders mentioned above.
  3. Some really great entries for this contest, sadly I was quite busy this October, so hopefully I can participate a next time.
  4. Hello all, A week ago our LUG had a big group layout displayed at LEGOWorld 2017. The layout was a collaboration of @aawsum, @alois, Moos and me. LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr More pictures are available at my Flickr album. PS. mods, is there any way this can be posted in the Train forum too? I don't want to crosspost but I think this concerns both topics equally.
  5. Not quite, but here are the visitor counts from last year. Keep in mind that this year school holidays are different: Wednesday 15.000 Thursday 16.000 Friday 15.500 Saturday 14.500 Sunday 14.500 Monday 9.500 Tuesday 7.500 Source (about 3/4 down)
  6. I will be there as part of group train layout: https://www.flickr.com/photos/epjl/sets/72157680314623681 There will be quite a few builders from LOWLUG as wel: (Dutch link) http://www.lowlug.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=14780
  7. When talking about semi-permanent coupled units, is something along the lines of mat '64 acceptable to enter in the contest?
  8. This sounds exciting, I'll try to make something too.
  9. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] NS 1217

    Thank you both I have made a short video where it pulls a six carriages long consist with a total length of 2,5 meter: NS 1217 in motion by Erwin, on Flickr And a picture of the train: NS 1217 in motion by Erwin, on Flickr
  10. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] Another sub-scale creation

    Wow, for such a small scale you captured the details really well
  11. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] NS 1217

    Thank you, the details were a bit of a pain because there are not that many on the real one, so every detail I could find had to be recreated. Thank you Thank you Thank you, I tried getting the windscreen angled but couldn't get it to flow nicely with the rest of all those angles. Thank you, your work in progress shots were definitely a inspiration for my version, I'm interested in how your version will look.
  12. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] NS 1217

    Hello all, It has been a bit silent from my part, but I have built something new: NS 1217 by Erwin, on Flickr The NS (Nederlandse spoorwegen/Dutch Railways) 1217 was part of the 1200 series which was a joint effort of Dutch and American designers as part of the Marshall plan. It was built in the fifties and have been in service until 1998, they were then sold of and repuposed at other transporters, with some still in service today. NS 1217 by Erwin, on Flickr NS 1217 by Erwin, on Flickr I have built a total of four carriages to accompany it, I will take some video's of them all running when I finish tweaking their designs. NS 1217 by Erwin, on Flickr My model has working lights in the front and back and 2 9V train motors. Thank you for reading/watching! As always, more pictures on my Flickr
  13. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] BR Class 04

    True, but I don't like the idea of ordering some €0,52 of parts on the other side of the ocean, or any other far of country, the only ones in the Netherlands are those from €3,35, which in my opnion is way too expensive. Thank you, I am not completely satisfied with the rods, but I could not think of any better way as of now. Thanks
  14. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] BR Class 04

    Thank you all About motorisation, no it is not motorised but I am planning on building a boxcar to go behind it which contains a battery box and motor. Thank you, the wheels came from Big Ben Bricks. I have not considered painting Lego part, mostly because I know I will not be able to deliver the quality I want. Thank you, your dark green shunter was one of my inspirations. In my opinion almost €3,50 per window is quite expensive, but that might be more a personal issue. Thank you, that could be a pretty nice explanation. Thank you very much, I will have a look at the exhaust pipe. Thank you very much.
  15. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] BR Class 04

    It has been a while, but here is my latest build BR Class 04 by Erwin, on Flickr It is a small shunter locomotive from the british rail. BR Class 04 by Erwin, on Flickr The doors are black because the needed windows would have cost me a fortune in dark green. BR Class 04 and small train by Erwin, on Flickr The reason I used 1X1 tiles instead of 1X2 is pure economical, the were about a third of the price, and available in a bricklink store about 15 minutes away from me. reference image from wikipedia.org Thanks for reading!