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  1. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] Mat '64 plan V

    Thank you all, more photo's will definitely follow in the future, but for now there are some Work in Progress shots in this folder:
  2. UrbanErwin

    [MOC] Mat '64 plan V

    Mat '64 plan V by Ervvin, on Flickr The Materiaal 64 Plan V is an old EMU from the Dutch railways. The trains were introduced in 1966 and ran until 2014. In total 246 were built. The model is often reffered as apekop, monkeyhead in English because of it's resemblance to a monkey's head. My model is about 194 studs long 8 studs wide and built to 1:45 (0 scale) It features a Powered Up motor and lightsensor to allow automated stopping at stations. Stickers are currently still missing, but those will follow as well with more photo's at LegoWorld Utrecht (NL).
  3. UrbanErwin

    Trains and Ideas

    My best guess? 1) trains are really regional, for example just within Western Europe there are a dozen of different companies and models whichh run around. Combine that with the Americans complain TLC models look too European and Europeans complaining they look too American. (and now we've forgotten the Asian and oceanic part of the world) 2) space and spacecraft are a symbol of the future and innovation (even though the moonlanding happend while parts of the world still relaid on steam traction), this means they are more appealing to a general audience. 3) spacecraft have something mythical about them that something as mundane as the thing you use at your daily commute just has not. But these are just my quick speculations based on no facts or research, which I guess TLC has done extensively. So to phrase this bluntly, no people do not like trains, at least not as much as space (or movies, etc )
  4. Build the way you feel comfortable, I've seen awesome 6, 7, 8 and 9 wide builds, even someone who built 4 wide. For me it isn't about the width in studs but how wide the original model is I'm modelling and how that translates to my preferred scale 1:45. But that's me, you should just build the way you want to, don't lat others decide that for you, especially LEGO itself.
  5. Okay, I've gotten a little further, but I'm still getting errors about the getColor output (CS0103). I'm not quite sure if I'm doing stuff correctly, I familiar with C, not the class structure of C#. LegoTrainProject.Port.Colors colour; int speed; int topSpeed = 30; colour = Hub[0].GetColor("A"); speed = Hub[0].GetSpeed("B"); if (colour == RED ){ Hub[0].RampMotorSpeed("B", 0, 500); Wait(700); Hub[0].RampMotorSpeed("B", topSpeed, 700); } if (colour == YELLOW){ Hub[0].RampMotorSpeed("B", 0, 500); Wait(700); Hub[0].RampMotorSpeed("B", topSpeed, 700); } My best educated guess is that LegoTrainProject.Port.Colors is defined as a typedef/enum like structure, but I cannot find where the proper outputs are defined.
  6. Your software is great and has some good functionality, although I got an issue: I have some trouble getting the GetColor() function to work properly in the code editor. It says it puts the result into a string, but when I try to handle it as such a get loads of compiling errors. Is there something I am looking over?
  7. UrbanErwin

    [Discussion] European Railway Instructions?

    I think there would be some interest in the more standardised rolling-stock like container cars(Sgns(s)), bulk goods (Eanos) and perhaps tanker cars. Then people can add the engine of their preferred company in front of them.
  8. UrbanErwin

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Thank you, this is some really usefull information. Could it be possible that LEGO will release details about the Bluetooth protocol. I'm interested in some possible Arduino control options.
  9. UrbanErwin

    Train MOCs and Builders - Who/What is Your Inspiration?

    I feel honoured to be mentioned in a topic like this My inspiration comes from both real-life models and most (if not all) of the builders mentioned above.
  10. Some really great entries for this contest, sadly I was quite busy this October, so hopefully I can participate a next time.
  11. Hello all, A week ago our LUG had a big group layout displayed at LEGOWorld 2017. The layout was a collaboration of @aawsum, @alois, Moos and me. LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr LEGOWorld Utrecht 2017 by Erwin, on Flickr More pictures are available at my Flickr album. PS. mods, is there any way this can be posted in the Train forum too? I don't want to crosspost but I think this concerns both topics equally.
  12. Not quite, but here are the visitor counts from last year. Keep in mind that this year school holidays are different: Wednesday 15.000 Thursday 16.000 Friday 15.500 Saturday 14.500 Sunday 14.500 Monday 9.500 Tuesday 7.500 Source (about 3/4 down)
  13. I will be there as part of group train layout: https://www.flickr.com/photos/epjl/sets/72157680314623681 There will be quite a few builders from LOWLUG as wel: (Dutch link) http://www.lowlug.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=14780
  14. When talking about semi-permanent coupled units, is something along the lines of mat '64 acceptable to enter in the contest?
  15. This sounds exciting, I'll try to make something too.