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  1. Have a look at L-Gauge.org: http://l-gauge.org/wiki/index.php?title=Welcome_to_L-Gauge
  2. That's a very nice train. I've been to Borkum (back in the '80s) but have never seen the train...
  3. Duq

    LEGO Trains 2021

    The Forth bridge is architecture, nothing to do with support for trains. The bookends are cute and decorative but also don't really show support for trains. Still, there's more support for trains now than there was in the early days of Ideas. Here's a nice tram idea that could use a few more votes (I'm not involved, I just like it): https://ideas.lego.com/projects/c8f8e90a-e827-4ebc-912f-c99e8ff8a3f2 It probably gets more 'Portugal' votes than 'tram' votes but that doesn't matter.
  4. Duq

    Diesel Train Filling Station

    Agree with all comments sofar, especially: Very nice build, proving that things don't need to be big or complex to be (visually) interesting. I won't copy it but will certainly take inspiration ;-)
  5. Duq

    Hogwarts train - tracks?

    Not just that, it will fit on all regular Lego train track produced since 1966. Just make sure you don't accidentally order the narrow track: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=85976#T=C
  6. Duq

    [MOC] DSB Litra MK (8-wide shunter)

    Not sure why but most of the pictures in this thread won't load for me... Do you know if there's any electronics in that adapter? I've made a similar one recently. I bought a pack of rechargeable 9V batteries and they came with the button connectors with a wire attached. So I took a PF cable, opened a connector and put it on the wire from the button connector. Initial tests look ok but I haven't tested it with a heavy train or a long run.
  7. Duq

    When Do You Order A MOC?

    Not the question I expected from the topic title 'When do you order a MOC'... It depends on what you want to do. Some people enjoy building something from parts they have, some people design in the likes of studio and then order all the parts they need. To answer your questions: Is it really finished? > It's never finished but at some point you just have to stop and build it. You can always revisit your MOC at a later date. Is this design worth the cost? > That's a question only you can answer. When did you decide to order the parts for your first MOC? > Err... I think that was before BrickBay had started, can't quite remember... In Bricklink, create a wanted list. Then let Bricklink figure out the best combination of shops to order from. You can put in restrictions like only ordering from the EU. I have many wanted lists; one for each model I work on, one for general train parts, one for missing parts in sets I bought used etc. Over time those lists change of course. When I'm going to place an order for a specific model I let BL figure out the stores, then I go into each of them and see what else they have from my other wanted lists. That may change my selection of stores. When placing the actual order I often round up amounts and have a look through some categories like minifig accessories and printed tiles. Sometimes you find interesting parts you weren't aware of. Adding those parts means the shipping costs are a smaller portion of the cost.
  8. Would love to take part but probably wouldn't be able to bring any landscape sections. You can only fit so much in a check-in suitcase...
  9. Duq

    [MOC] CIE CC1

    ^ What Andy said ;-) If we get this covid thing under control we should have our second Brick Feile event in 2022. Would be great if you could join us for that.
  10. Duq

    Powering multiple trains with 9v

    That's the best way to do it. An unmodified 9V train regulator won't like powering more than 2 train motors.
  11. Made a few changes to my Jeep. First of all I raised the roof and filled in the gap under the doors. LEGO 42122 MOD 1 by Duq, on Flickr Also changed the bumper ends from dbg to black. At the back the black frames had to change because of the roof so they are much cleaner now. Again changed the bumper ends. LEGO 42122 MOD 2 by Duq, on Flickr A bit more subtle, there are two bits of yellow axle visible in the bumper, I've covered them with a 1x2 beam. I move the HoG steering knob on top of the roof. It's vertical now and I find that easier to use. My full review of the set is now on Brickset: https://brickset.com/reviews/59424 Question: does anyone know why there are two half-pins inside at the back? You can just see them in the photo, in the double-angled yellow beams. Step 126 & 139 if you have the instructions handy.
  12. And be careful doing all this. In the first one I opened the ribbon cables were very stiff and while taking the joystick apart the soldering broke... have yet to solder it back together.
  13. Duq

    Some dumb PU questions

    Back in the day as a proof of concept I built a speed controller for my dad's model train, using the Vic's user port. With a joystick from the Atari I could increase and decrease the speed. Fire button was an emergency stop.
  14. I really don't think the licensing adds anything here. They could have just done a generic jeep, get rid of the stickers, and make it a chunk cheaper. What annoys me more though are the limitations of the few functions it has. The steering as mentioned barely turns, giving it a huge turning circle. Even with that limited steering the wheel arches are tight and there's a lot of play in the whole front suspension, which is why the rear suspension is also limited (the two yellow crankshaft pieces you see in the photo of the rear suspension). Without that limit the front wheels jam when you play with it. (A month later and that poll is still broken)
  15. I'm in Ireland, not the UK, but we're also affected as we get our sets by DPD from Belgium. DPD seems to have now figured out that the landbridge through the UK is no longer a smart option and are now using ferries direct from Rotterdam to Ireland. Unfortunately a good few of us have been caught out with orders that were shipped last week in December and first week in January. One of my parcels shipped from Belgium on new year's eve and has been in DPD's Hinckley depot since new year's day. It's been marked as 'Return to Sender' for 5 days now (because of customs issues) but is still in Hinckley... @Toastie Had my iron out the other day to redo the wires in a Technic battery box that needed cleaning after leaking batteries. Next project: Dirt Crusher remote control :-(