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  1. Can we get a train banner again, and some decent colours?
  2. Duq

    Motorization question

    As Beck said, 'bracing' is needed for reliable running; using a construction that prevents the gears from skipping. The parts he shows on the left are very good for that. The round tile with a hole is also a good idea for two reasons: it keeps the horizontal gear at the right height and it has less friction than running it on the studs of a Technic plate. This construction works well for me: PF L-motor mount by Duq, on Flickr Looking at the larger picture of your engine I would recommend linking the two motors. Turn the front one around and let them both drive a single axle down to the wheels. That will give you a number of advantages: you're driving a flanged wheelset. Your flanged axles sit in normal Technic bricks so no messing with half-stud offsets. But most importantly: motors never turn at the exact same speed. The way you have them means that the front and rear driven axles will slowly try to get out of sync, putting a lot of stress on your connecting rods. And yes: avoid knob wheels at all cost: they're the most inefficient gears you can use.
  3. These sets are not aimed at AFOLs. These sets are aimed at children. There have been very few sets aimed at AFOLs; Emerald Night, Maersk and Horizon Express, and Santa Fe and BNSF if you go back further. Trains sell just about enough for Lego not to drop them. Police stations and Fire stations come out in a 3-year cycle and disappear from shops after 1-2 years. Trains come out in a 4-year cycle and stay in stores for the full 4 years. The length of that cycle is needed to recoup the development cost of the sets. I regularly buy sets I don't like and I don't see that as throwing away good money for a simple reason: they contain Lego parts I can use in MOCs. And I'd rather get those parts from a Lego theme than a Disney theme.
  4. Freight train probably, passenger train possibly. Even if I'm not impressed with the design there's bound to be useful parts in them and boycotting the few train sets that Lego produces is hardly going to convince them to release more, is it?
  5. Duq

    Brickstuff PicoLED question

    @Tenderlok Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for. I was trying to figure out how to hold the LED in place _inside_ the headlight brick... At first I thought it's a shame you can't use round tiles because I prefer them over round plates for my lamps and lanterns. Then I realised there's an easy fix that actually looks quite good: hold the LED (or rather the pico-board) between the open stud of the headlight brick and a round plate with an open stud, and put the clear round tile on that. This way the light is more focused compared to using a clear round plate which seems to 'broadcast' light in all directions.
  6. With my PFx Brick reward kit I've received some Brickstuff Pico LEDs. They're small, so you can get them into small spaces, but I wonder how you would mount them inside a headlight brick so they shine straight through the open stud? If you use 3mm LEDs you can just stick them in an open stud but these are smaller and their shape doesn't match a Lego piece. Any hints or tips from people who have used these light on their trains before?
  7. Duq

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hard to tell for sure without seeing the file but if you have manually copied stuff into an xml file, chances are there's an element not closed, or an invalid character. Open the xml file in notepad or an xml editor and have a look around line 56317.
  8. Duq

    Lowlug "Seat" gondola

    Thanks! Have a look here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/duq/
  9. Duq

    (MOC) Tank car with LDD .lxf file

    Good start into the world of train MOCs! I'd call them tankers though, not hoppers...
  10. I'm sure it's possible, connecting the terminals with wire instead of a battery, but why on earth would you want to do that? It means limiting the voltage to your motor to only 6V which means very slow trains.
  11. Duq

    [MOCs] Various American Freight Cars II

    Pity the yellow dumper didn't make the video - that's my favourite of the three. Is it me or should the caboose be a little taller?
  12. Did you mean elegant? ;-) These cars are nice. I think the tank car is fine. I'm sure in reality it's more important to have the weight of the tank balanced between the axles than to have the axles placed symmetrically between the buffers.
  13. Duq

    2018 Lego Trains

    How do you know the blue cargo train was more successful than the red cargo train? It's a toy. Not a scale model.
  14. Duq

    Fixing ME Models Curved Metal Rails with LEGO

    This is very interesting. I noticed that there was something wrong with the metal curve segments but wasn't sure what it was. It sure is explosive, much worse than the all plastic curves. If only I had a store nearby to sell me some longer sections of code 100 rail... Related question: are there different versions of code 100 rail with different width at the base? I've found that the groove in the ME plastic track isn't always in the middle so I've had to file down the plastic in places because the motor wheels wouldn't touch the metal...
  15. Duq

    Wagons for DR Class 99

    Thanks! I'll sure share them here when I get around to finishing them.