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  1. In one of the first real-world tests Michael realised this issue and the solution is a jumper underneath that allows you to use the switch in either mode, all connected or isolating the branch. More detail here: https://shop.fxbricks.com/blogs/news/news-for-2022-and-p40-switches
  2. I totally understand your point @michaelgale. Thing is, those R64P curves don't really fit anywhere else in the system. So to pay €80 for 8 pieces, of which I'll probably need/use 1 or 2 doesn't feel great. I mean, I'll crack open the piggybank anyway... By the way, the Piko R5 you mentioned does come with a piece of 7.5 degree curve to bring it back into system if you don't use it in a crossover ;-) Now, how far did you say the development of a double-slip cross was?
  3. Jeez... I had hoped for that sort of money you'd get the S8 or R64 with the switches. If you just want to do a simple passing track with 1L and 1R then you need 2 S8' and 2 R64P's but you can only buy them in packs of 8...
  4. Duq

    Emerald Night MOD

    Then your wheels are not quartered. If the connection points on one side of the engine are at 12 o'clock, then on the other side they must be at 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock, NOT 6 o'clock, if you know what I mean. BR55 Drive train by Duq, on Flickr This setup has been running for hours on end at shows without ever binding. As you can see, only the front axle is directly driven from the motor.
  5. Duq

    LEGO Trains 2023

    City trains have followed a very regular pattern for a while so expect the next pair in 2026.
  6. Duq

    Search about this train

    You mentioned brickbowl and hotbricks (brickowl and hothbricks?) but not the two obvious sites: Bricklink and Brickset.
  7. Duq

    Search about this train

    Hey, can you tell us a little more? What do you already know about this train, where did it come from? Where have you looked?
  8. Duq

    Emerald Night MOD

    You can simplify that a lot by powering the blind drivers from the motor. All wheels are connected with the connecting rods so you'll still get traction on all wheels but it saves a few gears. Another tip: take the rubber bands off on one side of the engine. Makes it go around curves much better.
  9. Duq

    LEGO Trains 2023

    That doesn't add up... The last two motorised City passenger trains were 677 parts for €130/$160 and 764 parts for €160/$190. The 2014 station 423 parts for €50/$65. So either that price is wrong, or the train is not motorised (but maybe designed to be motorised).
  10. @michaelgale As we're entering Q2 of 2023, can you tell us how things are progressing with the P40's? I've all this pocketmoney in my piggy-bank...
  11. Duq

    LEGO Trains 2023

    I picked up a 2023 catalogue in our Lego brand store and to my surprise it shows the 2018 freight train but not the 2022 one. Then I had a look on Shop at Home and found that while the 2018 passenger train is retired, the 2018 freight train is not. Wonder what's going on there...
  12. Duq

    Seeking technical advice

    Except... the hole in a Technic brick is slightly higher than the side-stud on a headlight brick... I agree with @jtlan though - you're giving yourself a lot of headaches later on with connecting rods as well as building on top of this chassis.
  13. Duq

    Classic train wheels

    I tried to have a look at the book on Peeron, but the images seem to be gone. The index with thumbnails is there, but you can't view the bigger images. Does anyone know if it's available anywhere else?
  14. Very nice 'inspired by' project! You have it motorised... do you have a loop of track? How do you do the turns?
  15. In one piece.... 15461: Or 33299 with an axle-pin (no friction!): Or 6632 with two axle-pins (no friction!) or two 2L axles: You get the idea...