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  1. That's exactly where mine came from ;-)
  2. You mean this: It's called Wedge 2 x 1 with Stud Notch Right (Item No: 29119). You would think that it's part of the slope, curved family but no, this is Bricklink/ LDraw, there is no logic in part names. I also didn't like the tan axle pins - I replaced them with 3L axles with stop in brown with the stops in the middle - no worrying about the axles moving plus the front wheels can still rotate at different speeds.
  3. Duq

    [MOC] Mini Crocodile Locomotive

    Cute. Maybe use roller skates for wheels?
  4. Duq

    Custom train bogies/trucks

    Great, that is so much easier to follow than all that black. Thanks!
  5. Duq

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    That's the Marklin model. On the real engine the two bogies are coupled in the centre of the locomotive with the centre cab module resting on the bogies. No pulling or pushing forces are transferred through the cab section. Rememer, even very wide Lego curves are still tight in the real world. If you go with 1:40 scale the widest 3rd part curves are R102 which translates to a radius of around 32 meter. That's subway territory. The Grande Curve (made of straights, see Holger Matthes' website) translates to 80 meter in the real world which is still half of the minimum radius for mainlines.
  6. Duq

    Custom train bogies/trucks

    I know what you mean. Years ago I decided not to go an learn Linux. I know it's great and safe and powerful but I've used Mickeysoft since.... around the time of Live Aid? Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards from 5 1/4" floppies! I have however in the last few years mostly moved from Excel to Google Sheets. That can do so many handy things that Excel can't do. Documents are still in Word though. Anyone remember Word Perfect 5.1 with its html-like 'underwater' screen?
  7. Duq

    [MOD-WIP] Crocodile 10277

    Got a few of them in the Lego room as well, perfect for trains. Have some in the kitchen too, they're also a great size for mugs ;-)
  8. Duq

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Beg to differ. I think it looks hideous.
  9. My mods to the Crocodile set sofar. I started at the front: 10277 MOD 1 by Duq, on Flickr The first thing thought when building the croc was: those corners are ugly! You don't need that second clip. So I cleaned up the corner and changed the headlights. In the process I dropped the flag by a plate so it's not as close to the middle headlight. Then I saw @Sérgio's wheel guards and decided to add them as well. Moving back a little I put in a solution like many have done, to fill that awful gap. Using bricks with double side-studs means that all the plates have two studs to connect to. The studs facing the cab don't bother me, you barely see them. The fact that the plates and cheese sloped sit half a plate below the top surface of the nose section doesn't bother me either. 10277 MOD 2 by Duq, on Flickr What did bother me was that the running board now stopped short so I extended that by a stud. That in turn meant a few more changes, like swapping the round studs with centre hole for jumper plates but none of that required any special parts. Finally I replaced the red ball-joint pins with black ones. The set already contains black ones (like the one you see in the photo, that I pull out of the Technic brick every time I separate the sections) so I really don't understand why the ones in the wheels are red. More changes to come....
  10. Duq

    Custom train bogies/trucks

    Funny, it was actually through that colour issue that I read about the end of support. Hadn't realised that that specific issue was fixed. I started using LeoCAD in '99 or 2000, then after a while switched to MLCad.
  11. Duq

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Thorsten, 'protoype' does not just mean 'concept' or 'test' model, it's also used for 'real word example' when making scale models. I don't know if it's still the case but for a long time the molds for the Lego factory in Billund were produced in Switzerland for exactly the reason you mention: unrivalled precision. I agree with you about the conspiracy theory. Here in Ireland we'd call that a load of bollocks ;-) If Lego didn't mind producing sets that don't sell as well then there wouldn't be a problem producing train sets in the first place. To be honest, considering the profits they make I would say they can afford to produce one or two train sets per year, even if that means one or two fewer Star Wars or superhero sets. They won't lose money on train sets, they'll just make a little less profit. I don't agree with you on the Eisenschwein though. I quite like the look of the E94. If the Croc set had been dark green I would have bought one or two more for parts to make an E94 and maybe an E44.
  12. Handcuffs for the coupling, nice!
  13. Duq

    Custom train bogies/trucks

    We're going a bit off-topic but... MLCad is no longer being maintained/ updated :-( I've tried Studio and LDCad but I just can't get my head around the way you move parts in those packages. Using the 2D movement of a mouse to somehow navigate in 3D with parts jumping around to 'snap' somewhere... it's just not for me. It sucks when tools you love disappear. Smart Defrag up to v4 was brilliant but those versions are really hard to find. I still edit my images in Paint Shop Pro 7. It's now 19 years old and while not perfect I haven't found another editor that's as easy to use with enough options to do everything I want without being overloaded with a million functions like Photoshop. And despite being developed for Windows 98 it still works in Windows 10!
  14. Duq

    [MOD-WIP] Crocodile 10277

    After looking at a good few photos it seems to me that the Lego set is mostly based on the Ce 6/8 III but for some reason they're calling it a Ce 6/8 II. The bogies (inaccurate as they are) are from the III because as you pointed out they don't have the forward crankshaft. The grille layout is is also from the III. The only thing they've taken from the II is the layout of the cab doors. Removing a door on either side should be simple, adding steps in front of the middle driving wheel not so much...
  15. Duq

    Custom train bogies/trucks

    I've never liked LDD. It's still MLCad all the way for me but then I've used it for... 15 year?