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  1. 2018 Lego Trains

    It's not a bad theory but I'm afraid you're wrong... They stopped doing pictures of alternative builds because too many parents were complaining that without instructions little Johnny couldn't build the model on the back of the box. Sad, I know...
  2. Lowlug "Seat" gondola

    I like that Octan version!
  3. 2018 Lego Trains

    In Dublin we have Pearse street station:
  4. LEGO train bridges

    I love that American perspective. I was thinking, wow, that attic is three times the size of my Lego room! @Toastie There's a lot of very creative solutions there. I'm well impressed! I was expecting a few cries about using Holy Monorail track to support bridges ;-)
  5. A lot of things have gone wrong for ME Models but it's not a scam. They went in with good intentions but it looks like they've bitten off a chunk more than they could chew.
  6. The alternative is buying the rechargeable battery 8878 because it has a speed control built in. It's not cheaper than receiver + remote but it'll save you batteries and it's easy to run.
  7. Increasing Speed

    First question: if you remove the engine, does the tender still run slow? If the tender itself runs fine then you have friction somewhere in your engine. Take off the rods and see if each axle spins freely. If the problem is mostly in turns, try removing rubber bands from the wheels on one side of the engine.
  8. That is the most amazing lego locomotive I've seen in a long time. You are in a league of your own with this one. The amount of detail you've crammed into this model is mindboggling... You mention magnetic switches. Where did they come from and how do they work?
  9. A lot of people have replied with wishful thinking but I'd like to look at what actually could be rereleased. A while ago Lego released a few Legends sets after many fans were saying how much they would like to see certain sets again. What they learned at the time were two things: - A rerelease does not have the same sentimental value as the original, especially when parts had to be changed to suit the available parts like happened with the Constellation. - Sales were disappointing. They seem to have changed their mind a bit. The Winter Village Toy Shop was rereleased almost unchanged. Then came the rerelease of the Death Star which was slightly updated, then the fully updated Millennium Falcon. And now there's Taj Mahal which according to the press release has also been modified to make it modular and transportable. Rereleasing a train set as a Legend, meaning staying as close as possible to the original, is going to be impossible for all but the Power Function trains. As has been said above, any train before Emerald Night would need modifications to adapt it to Power Functions. I think there are only two trains that could be rereleased virtually unchanged: - Emeral Night. It would have to include fixes for some of the known issues but could otherwise remain unchanged. - Horizon Express. Possible but unlikely as it seems to be the least popular of the Expert trains. The Maersk train could be rereleased but the problem is that Maersk blue is no longer produced so the new version would have to be in medium azure, like the Triple E container ship. Would that put people off? Hard to tell. If you want to rerelease trains like BNSF or Santa Fe you would have to make some changes to adapt them to PF. BNSF would be difficult because it just doesn't have space for PF components. If you want to change the design to make room for the battery box you're going to end up with colour variant of the Maersk loco. Santa Fe Super Chief could be done but the front would also have to change because of the new buffer beams. Bringing back 12V trains from the 1980's is highly unlikely. They would either look crude compared to current sets or would not look like the original. So if they are going down the rerelease route I would think Santa Fe or Emerald Night would be the most likely candidates, closely followed by the Maersk container train. One reason for rereleasing the Maersk train could be the Lepin knock-off. If Maersk don't want to play along they could do a colour variant of the same design but it wouldn't have the same appeal. Personally I hope none of these scenarios are going to play out. I would prefer to see a new model released as a Creator Expert train, or maybe a completely new design based on the same prototype, as was done with the Sopwith Camel.
  10. 2018 Lego Trains

    Lego have released 3 'Expert' train sets, and they happened to be two years apart. They're not part of a theme (other than Creator) and there's no pattern. If we're lucky we'll get another Expert train at some point but I'm not holding my breath. I'm certainly not expecting one next year since they're already producing the City trains.
  11. Adding to the fun, I had a handful of rails where the groove was so far off-centre that the wheels of a 9V train motor failed to touch the metal rail on top and the trains stopped dead. After filing down the plastic on the inside I managed to get the trains running. Going by the stuttering motor in some places I probably have some more filing to do.
  12. I bought a pack of R72 metal curves a while ago. They've been on the shelf for a while and now I'm trying to put them together with ballast, using the instructions from lgauge.org. I've got two bags, each for a half circle. The first bag went together fine, but the second bag seems to be a bad batch. All of the rails have a clutch issue on one end. Where they have that issue it's nearly impossible to get anything to stick. It's like an old slapstick movie: you push one down and two others come off. And when I say coming off, I mean jumping a few inches up from the table. I think the system is overly complicated for the metal track. Because the track connects with the metal shoes there really is no need for plates with the snap-connectors. They could have made the rails simpler by not having the overlap that's needed for normal 9V track, doing away with the snap connectors and just having a single anti-stud at the end of the rail. That way you would have been able to simply use a 2x8 plate to connect two sections. My experience with the R88 plastic track was quite positive but sofar I'm not impressed with R72 metal track. I'll probably end up just kragling the sections together...
  13. Trains exhibitors

    That's a really nice way to present trains! I might borrow your idea...
  14. [MOC] LEGO KÖF Hohenweststedt

    I love that half-timber technique! The rest isn't bad either ;-)