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  1. Duq

    1815 Steam Elephant Locomotive

    Nice choice of a very unusual prototype. Strange to see the cranks rotate in the opposite direction. I couldn't easily tell from your video whether you have the gear reduction between the cranks and the wheels. Any plans to build the rolling stock that the replica is pulling at the museum?
  2. Duq

    drive train/motor mounting

    What sort of train are thinking of building? A loco with wagons or DMU/ EMU? If it's a locomotive, will it be electric or diesel with bogies, fixed frame shunter, steam? The answers to those questions will have a big impact on the sort of drivetrain you'll be building. I would recommend getting yourself a copy of Holger's book: https://www.bookdepository.com/Lego-Trains-Book-Holger-Matthes/9781593278199 A great introduction to the basics of building Lego trains.
  3. I'd expect the S8 to be a good bit more than S32. It may be quarter of the material but then there's tooling, packaging...
  4. This is PF but have you come across this guy? http://www.hackvandedam.nl/blog/?page_id=547
  5. Long time ago I got started on controlling PF from an Android phone with IR. Got the PoC working but never took the time to take it any further. Here is someone who has done some reverse engineering on the remote control signals: https://ofalcao.pt/blog/2017/decoding-rcx-ir-command-protocol Should be possible to write an Android program for that...
  6. Duq

    DB KLV 53

    Ah, that old trick. I used that for one of my KoFs. It kinda works, but it's not great. As someone explains in the comments here, you lose a bit of the voltage, slowing your train down: It's a very nice model though - lots of nice little details.
  7. Duq

    MOC: Mini-Cargo Train

    Chibi is exactly what I was thinking! Reminds me of those model railways in a suitcase you sometimes see at shows: So next challenge: Emerald Chibi?
  8. Duq

    Great Dutch train MOC's

    Sorry @Phil B, that comment was not aimed at you but at the gentlemen before you.
  9. Duq

    Great Dutch train MOC's

    Of someone posting another builder's MOC? (Did you even read the post or click the link?)
  10. Duq

    MOC: BR64 with PF

    The Brickshelf link: https://brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=497691 Nice engine! You obviously put a lot of thought into that chassis. Nice idea for the on/off switch as well - must remember that!
  11. @michaelgale Do you have an idea of the price range for that kit? My first order will probably be two kits for two crossovers (and no idea what to do with the R64's ;- )
  12. Duq

    Switches controlled by external levers

    There is another option. As @John Hill pointed out, there's only a small part of the switch that actually moves and that part is spring loaded. All you need is a way to push it to one side. A while ago I played around with a way to control the double crossover and came up with this mechanism: Crossover Control V2 by Duq, on Flickr In the description on Flickr there's also a link to a video that shows the full crossover in action.
  13. Duq

    MOC DB Class 143

  14. Duq

    [MOC] DB Class 111

    It's a nice 6W City interpretation of a BR111. Proportions are a bit off for a scale model but that doesn't matter. If I can make one more suggestion for you pantograph, if you put a 1x1 tile with clip on the ski's then you get them a bit closer to the bar. That'll probably look better than the way they're sitting on stilts now.