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  1. What's the judges view on 3D printing and modifying parts? In the FAQs it reads "... permit LEGO® elements which have been cut or modified". Is there a limit to how much modifying you can do? The reason I'm asking is that I've noticed an entry that appears to contain more than its fair share of customised elements. Before finalising my own entry, I'd like to be clear on what will be allowed.
  2. Duq

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Not quite.... It's long enough that the battery box fits in the closed section, and the open sideways bench is still available for passengers: They suggest a train motor: As RacingBrick pointed out, with the track pack they show you can't make a loop... He reckons you're better off buying the City passenger train as a motorisation pack for this set.
  3. That's great engineering for you. It makes things look easy, effortless. I love this solution!
  4. Duq

    12 Volt River Port

    That's incredible Holger, really great. Love the detail of the spinning 2x2 plate with the turntable, looking like the guy is turning it by hand.
  5. No, no, I didn't mean I'm going to build that. I saw the pictures of the Henschel on Flickr. I've two very different ideas.
  6. I remember that Henschel with the face of a BR103. I think I might enter OcTrainber this year. Will be the first time I think... I have two ideas, let's see which one I can get done in time (I was never a fast builder...)
  7. Ah, good memories of that engineering challenge... PF points motor by Duq, on Flickr This also reminded me of this crossover project that's still on top of a shelf somewhere, waiting for a proper version (rather than just a prototype): Crossover prototype by Duq, on Flickr
  8. I see prizes are sponsored/ donated by TrainedBricks and TrixBrix but can you give us an idea of what those prizes are likely to be?
  9. All the focus seems to be on the track. The last update for the Android app was 4 years ago and I've given up hope on it ever getting beyond prototype stage. The iPhone app looks better but I'm not buying a iPhone just to control PFx bricks. The PFx brick looked promising for my trains but as it looks right now I won't be buying any more of them.
  10. It's probably a bit too late to change the design, move the slider closer to the hinge point of the switch blades to make the blades move the same range with only a half-stud move of the slider. I haven't really thought about designs for controlling the points but a half stud movement feels easier to achieve than a 5/8 stud movement.
  11. If you look at the picture on the Fx website you'll see the slide for operating the switch has a Technic pin connection on either side: https://shop.fxbricks.com/pages/fx-track @michaelgale What will the range of movement be for the slider? In that photo it appears to protrude half a stud on one side of the track. Will changing direction require a half or full stud movement?
  12. Duq

    LEGO Trains 2022

    "There's not enough variety in Creator, they always do cars!" "WTF? A train in Creator?" Seriously, I don't get all the negative comments about 40518. This is Creator. It's not City Trains, it's not Creator Expert. Creator does relatively simple designs with few or no special parts. Within that brief I think this is a great little set. It's not a scale model, and I'm sure AfoLs have done more detailed 4-wide trains but this looks the part for the target audience. And with the previous 6 Creator trains all steam loco's I think it's great to see an EMU. And if kids who have been introduced to trains with this set want a City high speed train next that can only be good for us right?
  13. Duq

    OcTRAINber 2021 WiP: Köf II

    I've already commented over on Flickr. Absolutely amazing model. As others have said, best Lego Köf, setting new standards.