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  1. Jake also wrote one of the first AfoL books: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2202119.Getting_Started_with_Lego_Trains
  2. I did something similar. Take the stud and tube coordinates of a sleeper, calculate the angle and distance from the center/ start of the turn. Add (45/14) degree increments to the angle and calculate coordinates again. Google sheets (or Excel) is handy for repeating those calculations. Then use conditional formatting to highlight all the coordinates within tolerance of the grid. On just 2x8 sleepers there isn't much. I'll expand to 4x10 'ballast sleepers' and try again.
  3. @cptkent Can you show your full quarter circle? The part you're showing doesn't match my drawing of R72 on a baseplate. My first attempt at calculating was wrong anyway - shouldn't try stuff like that late at night with a glass of wine. The only connections I see (with 1% tolerance) are on the second tie and at the 45 degree point.
  4. I've just played with that a bit in Google Sheets and from what I can see there's not much to go on... I've only looked at the track itself, not ballasting. With a tolerance of 1% I can see 1 possible connection; at 44.5/61 studs from the centre you should be able to connect the 11th tie. If you can show me the ballasting you use I can expand the calculation. Anyone know if 1% is realistic for tolerance?
  5. Duq

    [MOC] Volvo F12 - 7 wide

    Hey thanks @Vilhelm22, didn't realise that was possible.
  6. Duq

    [MOC] Volvo F12 - 7 wide

    Thanks Milan! It just seems a bit lost here in this forum... If you're a moderator, could you add '[MOC]' to the title? I don't think I can edit the title of the thread.
  7. Duq

    LEGO Trains 2021

    City Trains are on a pretty reliable 4yr cycle: 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018, so due again next year. https://brickset.com/sets/theme-City/subtheme-Trains The theme is slowly being stripped though. The last level crossing was in 2010 and the 2018 'wave' was the first to not include a station.
  8. I received a reply today: Not much to do other than wait...
  9. Three months after placing and paying for my order the expected shipping date is now 5 days ago and so far I've not had a reply from JB Spielwaren. I'm sure it will arrive eventually...
  10. Duq

    [MOC] Alfa Pendular CP4000

    Somehow missed this two weeks ago. That's an amazing looking train! Very clever use of those curved corner pieces. I hope you'll get to build it in the flesh/ brick some day.
  11. Duq

    [MOC] Volvo F12 - 7 wide

    @Milan Sorry, hadn't read the guidelines. As I said I'm in unknown territory here outside the Trains forum ;-) @Tenderlok Thanks! My Volvo isn't too small, you just build your trains too big :-P Yellow number plates were introduced in the Netherlands in 1977, the same year as the F12. The sequence is nineties though, you're right. Maybe I should change it to FV-12-RV.
  12. I normally post in the Trains forum but this model doesn't really belong there. To populate my train layout with more detailed vehicles I started with a model I remember from my childhood when I built it as an Italeri model: the Volvo F12. Volvo F12 by Duq, on Flickr My trains are mostly 8 wide so 7 wide seemed a good starting point for a truck. I won't claim it's exactly to scale but it's fairly close. I tried to do as much as possible without stickers but you can't avoid them altogether. At this scale there just isn't a proper way to do the Volvo diagonal without a sticker. The F12 has an airbox on the roof that's very recognisable. I tried various ways to do that with plates and brackets but just couldn't get it small enough so in the end I caved and used two small black stickers. Volvo F12 cab by Duq, on Flickr When I started I wasn't sure if an interior would be possible but I managed. In proper seventies orange of course ;-) Our happy trucker even has a gearshift between the seats. There was no room for a bed in the back though... Volvo F12 top by Duq, on Flickr The drive shaft will probably go mostly unnoticed when it's on display but I'm quite happy with how it worked out. The two bar-clips allowed just the right angle and they look like a universal joint. Time to pick my second truck...
  13. Duq

    [MOC] DB Class V60 Diesel shunter

    That's a very nice V60. Well done! For the scale you picked you managed a lot of detail and the shape is spot on from what I can see. I started on a while back but abandoned it. Still on my todo list. Some day...
  14. Duq

    LEGO Trains 2021

    According to Brickset the 2014 train sets were removed from shop at home two weeks before the 2018 sets appeared, so no overlap. Looking at that list, the 2010 station was retired after 3 1/2 years, a few months before the trains. The 2014 station was only sold for 2 1/2 years and in 2018 there wasn't even a station released. The last level crossing was in 2010, the extra freight train we saw in 2011 and 2015 wasn't repeated in 2019... I wonder if we'll ever see anything more in City Trains than 2 trains every four years.
  15. Duq

    MoC: ACE 3000 in 8-wide

    Hey new member, the previous post here was over 8 years ago. It's usually not appreciated to drag up old topics like that. Besides, there's a good chance the original poster has left, the model may have been demolished...