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  1. That's a very nice model. I agree with Beck that the engineering on the tender is impressive. Those sliding tiles for the pistons are also an interesting (and clever!) solution.
  2. Hi hntrains and welcome to the forum. The topic you just replied to is 6 years old. Replying to old topics when you don't have something new to offer to the discussion is a bit of a nono...
  3. Smaller Steam Locomotive Boilers

    Blokbricks do a nice little loco that uses that part for the boiler: http://www.blokbricks.com/contents/en-us/p199.html
  4. That's a pretty good rate. Can you do me a model of a Danish diesel in 7 wide? @Legoloco1737 Very few builders like to just design a complete model for you. Most builders would be happy to help with specific questions. It would help if you would take a few minutes to check your writing. It doesn't matter if it's not perfect but at least make an effort...
  5. [LDD MOC] Stephenson's Rocket

    That's a nice model. Simple but very effective. Small detail: from what I can see your wheels are not quartered.
  6. Using a 9v battery box

    The not very scientific answer is: not very long ;-)
  7. [MOC] Trossingen Station

    That's a beauty! Some nice ideas for my next timber-framed building ;-)
  8. Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    Unfortunately I think you are absolutely right.
  9. Lowlug "Seat" gondola

    Nice! It will run much better in the shorter version. The original is pushing the limits of fixed-axle cars.
  10. 2017 Lego Trains

    Would that be the long-awaited Winter Village station?
  11. Track Ballast - Ideas needed

    Have you heard of 'Search' and 'Google'?
  12. ? Power for trains

    The system you're thinking of exists already. Bombardier call it 'Primove'. It's expensive to build but you can see the advantages in the real world: no unsightly and possible dangerous overhead cables. In theory it should be possible to build this at a smaller scale but it won't be easy... http://primove.bombardier.com/applications/tram.html
  13. Lowlug "Seat" gondola

    Very nice! I love how that car keeps popping back into my life every now and then :-)
  14. Ah... I was trying to insert from the 'Path parts' bin. It seems that every time I want to use the mouse I should use the keyboard and vice versa... LDCad seems very much aimed at a PC with a full keyboard and mouse rather than a laptop using the trackpad. Maybe starting with flex parts isn't the best way to learn but I'm not quite a newbie in digital Lego; I started using Leocad I think in 1999 and switched to MLCad a few years later. What I struggle with most in LDCad is that keys and mouse movements keep changing functions all the time, depending on which part is selected, which part of that edit pin is selected, what angle you're viewing at and a handful of settings.
  15. I finally got it to work by forcing Windows to use the Nvidia chip and then changing that line in main.cfg back to reqVersion=0.0. So now that nested editing finally works it's time to figure out strings. When I put in a string with two studs at the ends and go to nested, I can move the two end studs around. Along the string are a pink and a green ball and I can slide them along the string but that doesn't appear to do anything. I can select the string itself but I can't manipulate it. If I try to insert a control point (anchor or bezier) I get "Part usage not allowed in this kind of subfile". What am I missing? Sorry for all the questions, I've heard good things about LDCad so I want to give it a try but it's not easy...