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  1. Lfm55

    T70 X-Wing: A classic revisited

    I am actually happy you choose tu use system scale cockpit for your moc. Even if it’s not optimal, it’s often more pleaseant visually than the brick built version and it maintain a scale between your models. I love to see your ships i built displayed near the ucs mf and i am not enough picky to be concern by the difference with the exact shape of a fictionnal ship.
  2. Lfm55

    T70 X-Wing: A classic revisited

    Great! Having yet built your T-65, i was waiting for this one. Few questions : - Is there many common parts between this moc and the official sets? - How is it sturdy compaired to the T-65 moc? - Any rare/expensive part? I’ll buy the instructions but i’ll wait a little to gather the parts, this is not the best period of the year for that kind of expense :)
  3. Keep in mind if money is an issue that knock off lego models have no resell value. Lego bricks aren’t cheap but if you buy them used, you can still sell them afterwards without loosing too much. I personnally wouldn’t like to have a cheap chineese copy on my shelf, but i can understand people going that way with those pricy huge moc.
  4. Yes, that’s right, but if i remember well, the parts change is minor too. It’s about the front landing gear and two 1x4 plates. I did’t had to make a new order after the update. edit : nervermind, somehow previous answers didn’t appeared when i answered -_-
  5. Yes, it’s the last one released. There was just some minor adjustements from the previous version.
  6. Lfm55

    Third leg on R2?

    There a way with the lipstick minifig accessory part and a 1x1 round plate with hole if i remember well..
  7. Lfm55

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I visited the lego store today, they were still sorting them but i managed to get the seven i wanted. I hate trying to feel what’s inside, so i am glad they do it for me in the official store because of the covid. If you’re not to far away from Brussel, you just have to ask wich one you need at the store.
  8. Pretty tired about that finch Dallow case and all that speculation on lego. I wait now TLG to release a microfighter resistance bomber with Finch to burst that bubble :)
  9. Allright then! Glad i could help ;)
  10. Check your technic pin connectors maybe, There’s at least two versions of it. Maybe the new version without the small holes is thighter. https://ramblingbrick.com/2021/01/27/what-if-they-introduced-a-new-technic-pin-and-nobody-noticed/ Otherwise, no idea, I didn’t experienced any trouble at this step. Edit : nervermind, i managed to find both versions of the connector, both work fine..
  11. If its too long, let it stick out to the bottom, There’s nothing in the way i think. But it shouldn’t stick out too much or i would remember that.
  12. I wish i had those drawers when i built it instead of a bunch of ziplocks :) It would had saved me a lot of time looking for pieces.. Yes, that’s unusual to no have any technic structures, but it’s not your average build of everyday, enjoy it!
  13. I have gone through a similar path. Coming from 9493, modded into 75218 to end with the moc of jerac. If you like to swooch your ships (i am sure you do, you didn’t even removed the shooters on the wings ), keep this one a little longer before dismantling it for parts. Jerac’s is the most beautiful, but not the sturdiest. Now having a 4 years old boy who want to play with daddy’s spaceship, i am glad tlg released the 75301. And yeah, the ucs.. I don’t really like what’s not around minifigs scale, but those small engines are really too painful to watch. It didn’t age really well in my opinion.
  14. I love the color scheme, good work!