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  1. Nice review! (and in french) However in the history part, the ship is said unable to flight in atmosphere. What about the one over Jedha in Rogue one then? 😁
  2. Isn’t the bottom line a printed line instead of a sticker’s border? I always thought all brickheadz parts were printed.
  3. Or used sets to be on sale. 😉 I fear the price in Belgium will be something like 750€ and i can’t justify it... edit : and the ucs facon was on sale, new, at less than 600€ last year...
  4. I was affraid it would look cheap after all the wonderful mocs here, but from the back image we can see it actually looks very good. Just waiting for the HD pics and the price tag in Belgium (and a discount too i guess)
  5. Lfm55


    That’s so cool! 😆
  6. Almost the price of the falcon then. I thought it would be a little cheaper but let’s wait and see the price here in Belgium 🙄 ( and the pieces count) Anyway, building any moc of it, like the wonderful one from onecase, would cost even more..
  7. Lfm55

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Here.s mine: I just did some light recolor for my personnal taste and to keep the budget on this as low as possible using parts i had in stock. Still have to work on the canons as i am not really happy with those long flex tubes and i saw a nice solution on this thread to strenghten the rear i might try 😀 _mg_9994 by m H, sur Flickr _mg_9993 by m H, sur Flickr but now i have that resistance t70 near your xwing moc and it looks so blocky !
  8. Lfm55

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    I just finished it and i actually have the inverse problem, the opening with the key is hard as hell. i may check if everything is well connected but i’ll do it later. its was a wonderful building experience ( yes with a lot of swearing and sometimes build thats crumbles into my hands) I was expecting something even more fragile but the build is really great. I’ll post some pics of it later.
  9. Lfm55

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Its looks allright. Instructions are 09, just the xml files are name 08 but seem to be 09 as i can read in the version history ( about the 5 flex tubes). i had a look at the instructions and can’t wait to start it! Looks fantastic! Orders on bricklink are on the way.
  10. Lfm55

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    I finally bought the instructions and going through my stuff to get the parts. anything i should know before i bricklink the missing parts? i am using the xml part file 08. Thx!
  11. To me its the best rendition of that ship yet! It has the comic style matching the minifig universe and proportions. Even if i love my ucs mf and marshall banana’s one, they’re too « serious ». yours is just FUN. and free instructions i am glad to get for later, thx a lot!
  12. Did you log in to your vip account?
  13. Didn’t see your previous post with the interior. that’s great! it has as much details as the hull and really render the mf interior well. if i’d have to get rid of my ucs for any reason i would be glad to get your ldd!
  14. Nice mod! i always enjoy when it adds some new fonctionnality 😄
  15. Lfm55


    l really like the little color highlight of the hull! looking forward for the instructions