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  1. A little piece of advice for those wanting the canopy: i see in the beginning of march, some have been sold cheap (around 10€) while all currently available are 40+.. It could be useful to activate notifications for this part in your wanted list so if a cheap one appears for sale, you’re warned.
  2. Allright Jerac, thank you again for that fantastic customer support :)
  3. It depends also about the country you live in. By e.g. for me in Belgium best deals are on the german Amazon. Lego are always cheaper in Germany than Belgium, France or Netherlands and as i have amazon prime working, free delivery too.
  4. I think you guys need to reach 10 post to be able to pm.
  5. The official set looks so miserable aside the moc :D As i won’t be building the stand, thanks for your picture of the front landing gear, It might helps when i will finally be building mine (hurry up lego brick n pieces!). The one in the build looks somewhat fragile to support such a big ship. I’ll try first the v84 solution and if i am not satisfied, i’ll use your mod.
  6. Didn’t get the mail neither but i just downloaded new version. Glad to hear there’s only two 1x4 to add for the update :) Nice to see a part list without the stand, it has been an headache to me to remove those parts from my wanted list. :p
  7. Just wait to look at the new one and you’ll eventually know. You can also mod your old one to look like the new, it only depends of parts availability of the new set and similarity in the build.. Given all the new parts available now, i would resell the old one but the new one could be a downgrade too.. (like the new wave)
  8. How easy / difficult is it? I see warning in the description about old (rare) pieces. The part about stressing bricks is what worry me the most, i think i’ll stay with my 75192.
  9. Except the canopy and the carbonite bricks, i can’t see any rare or expensive pieces. You shouldn’t have any trouble to find them, its a lot of common parts.
  10. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=6059#T=P&C=12 Celle-ci je crois, mais c’est encore plus cher! Sinon dans les instructions il y a une solution brick-buildt. (this one, but even more expensive)
  11. Lfm55

    Bricklinking the Lambda-Class Imperial Shuttle 10212

    I am looking forward to it! It’s really a great model, i might bricklink one someday.
  12. Lfm55

    Motorized AT-TE free instructions

    The motion is awesome! The way it walks and the legs bending a little under the weight, really really well rendered.
  13. Nice implementation ! Now why can’t lego make more silent motors. They’re bulky, noisy and the battery is huge. That’s really keeping me away from trying cool motorizations like this one.
  14. Lfm55

    [Review] 75302 Imperial Shuttle

    Nice review! Looks like a good base for modding if you can’t afford the ucs one that is really too expensive. My main issue with this model is the lower wings that seem too thin. But it can easily be solved adding a layer of plates.
  15. 1st post contain the brick vault link. It also include a black brick build version of the canopy with part list.