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  1. That picture is really better! How much do you charge for instructions ? I don’t think i am going to build it right now as i still need my wallet to recover from the Jerac’s Razor crest but i put it on my list!
  2. Wow, i really like it. Its cool to have a nice model with a limited part count. There are other stunning models around but with killer prices. Any rares parts on this build?
  3. Lfm55

    [Moc] [Instructions] UCS AT-M6

    Only 7 worldwide to sell in lbg, that’s not good -_- Paint it or use dish 6x6?
  4. Lfm55

    Lego 6975 UFO Alien Avenger review

    Blue leds work too with trans-neon colors ;) I use some in my dioramas and the effect is really cool!
  5. Actually, there’s not that much to see inside. It’s tiled, there’s lights and doors. When you’re building it, you’ll see the bed, not after. If you want to play the « minifigs doll house « go with pagaglop’s version, it’s modular and can be accessed easily. With this one, i can barely put the crates inside, my hands are too big.. But this is the best looking one!
  6. I was more thinking plate than tiles, the way the build is, it could be more useful. And anyway, when 75218 released, i just modded a little my 9493 and then Jerac released his own. So i ended with the later :) But to go back on topic, a lot of muted color can work for an used look. Sand blue, old grey light or dark, pearl gray, even some sand green ...
  7. I really like sand blue too. At a moment i even planned to order some 1x1 plates for accent, then i saw the price Silver or chrome may even looks cheap in comparaison depending of the part..
  8. Yes, come on! Even if it is a little heavy to move Better late than never
  9. Looks like a nice tool, any version available for ipad? I saw something with a similar name on the apple store but it looks quite different..
  10. Most of the parts are pretty common, except the canopy and the carbonite bricks, you shouldn’t have to much trouble. But as i was trying to check for the parts of the build in some of my favorites bricklink shops, i can see the price has increased. Not that much but it would need 16 orders on bricklink for about 410€ without postage. (Without canopy, carbonite and stand, all in Belgium) I would recommend first check all the price between brick n pieces and bricklink. Order all what you can on brick n pieces when its cheaper or about the same price as the postage in Belgium is only 1,80 €. Just remember delays are 5 to 7 weeks. Good luck on your hunt!
  11. Encountered exactly the same problem. I ended using parts in black from a marvel vilain minifig i don’t care about :) Now i am still just waiting for two rubber parts from lego brick and pieces to end the back of the engines. Hopefully at the end of the month..
  12. I built the cone with the cheese slopes in mind, so yes it angle more to the center. Its not dramatic, but i just prefer it to be a little larger than smaller, that’s just a matter of taste :) I don’t think I have the best solution yet, better results are yet to come with those curved slopes i guess.
  13. I tryed that solution before but i really like those metallic silver slope effect. And as i built it there’s no more room for 1x2 curved slope, there’s something like a 2/3 of stud left behind the slopes. If I hadn’t the metallic silver slope I would have used those however, there’s a solution around those curved parts i am pretty sure. edit : @Hold0511 I think the cone now have to be shortened en widened to match the curved slope indeed. Jerac posted some pictures of the cone rebuilt shorter, it could maybe work with the curved slopes.
  14. Second engine is done but before i can take proper pictures, I’ll need to wait for a bnp order with the two rubber bands than hold the skis at the back As soon as they come, i’ll do some side/top shots. Thanks for the good words !
  15. Thanks again, This had actually lead me to make the blades using those parts instead of the radar dish. I am pretty happy with the result, even if there’s still holes in my engine :) I still have to make the second one so here’s a comparaison picture with the original design. Now I stop flooding this thread :p