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  1. Allright then! Glad i could help ;)
  2. Check your technic pin connectors maybe, There’s at least two versions of it. Maybe the new version without the small holes is thighter. https://ramblingbrick.com/2021/01/27/what-if-they-introduced-a-new-technic-pin-and-nobody-noticed/ Otherwise, no idea, I didn’t experienced any trouble at this step. Edit : nervermind, i managed to find both versions of the connector, both work fine..
  3. If its too long, let it stick out to the bottom, There’s nothing in the way i think. But it shouldn’t stick out too much or i would remember that.
  4. I wish i had those drawers when i built it instead of a bunch of ziplocks :) It would had saved me a lot of time looking for pieces.. Yes, that’s unusual to no have any technic structures, but it’s not your average build of everyday, enjoy it!
  5. I have gone through a similar path. Coming from 9493, modded into 75218 to end with the moc of jerac. If you like to swooch your ships (i am sure you do, you didn’t even removed the shooters on the wings ), keep this one a little longer before dismantling it for parts. Jerac’s is the most beautiful, but not the sturdiest. Now having a 4 years old boy who want to play with daddy’s spaceship, i am glad tlg released the 75301. And yeah, the ucs.. I don’t really like what’s not around minifigs scale, but those small engines are really too painful to watch. It didn’t age really well in my opinion.
  6. I love the color scheme, good work!
  7. Lfm55

    Cargo Railway Reimagined

    Wonderful reinterpretation ! The mix between those two 90’s set work really well. I like to engine the way it is, no need to make something absolutely realistic, let’s say it’s minifig proportional !
  8. Go on, the model is great, don’t wait a year for what should be minor adjustments. It’s not like the ship is going to have a lot of screentime with more accurate 3d availables anytime soon Unless they magically resurrect the ship in season 3..
  9. Here you are. I don’t know how to properly and easily embed the images from imgur in a small resolution so here’s the link to the gallery : https://imgur.com/gallery/zKo5Ni7 1st image shows how you have to shave the front of the intake. I removed some 1x2 bricks with 2studs on side, switched the 1x3 tiles to 1x4. 1x2 slopes are there to secure the brackets from the assemblies on pics 3,4,5 (it’s the same to do 3 times by engine) and 9,10. Pics 6 and 7 show the vents assembly i previously gave the parts numbers Pic 8 show how it rests on the 1x4 dbg plates. Arrange the clip bars like the left side : when putting the flexible tube, it will be a little tightened, and the middle clip bar will be between the 2 clips on the side. Pics 9, 10 show the bottom with the flexible tube. This flexible tube will be a lot easier to connect if it was previously rounded. Otherwise it’s a real pain in the megablocks to put on correctly. Notice on pic 10, it’s not a perfect circle, it’s a bit flattened at the bottom. There’s nothing fancy about how i built that, you should be fine by taking a look at the pictures to identify parts needed. Otherwise just let me know. After that, let’s just wait for Jerac’s update. I know there’s a better way somewhere :)
  10. Lfm55

    LEGOcon - 26th June announcement

    I am really looking forward to it. Lego and leds make a great effect, but its either expensive or cheaply constructed (or even both) I am pretty sure if lego does his own version, it should be great quality. Now, how expensive will it be? Will it be easy to use in moc? When i take a look on existing motors and lights done by lego, i am not that confident..
  11. Lfm55

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Actually here it’s still available. And now that i have a store near my house, it seems like even if it’s sold out on the website, you have good luck of finding one in store.
  12. For the vents, i just used technic part 4185 with the rubber band 2815 with a lot of bar 1L with clip instead of the dish. The back of the engine yet use a similar technic with the ski parts. And parts 36840, 15712 and 1x2 slopes also for the vertical thing (i don’t know how to call that) The only problem is i am not sure about how does it fit in the original intakes. I can do some pictures showing how i built it in the next few days if you want, just need to find some time when my little kid is away. I was now wondering if at some point Jerac would update his intakes with a better solution ;)
  13. Lfm55

    SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    I actually don’t sell my bricks.. The only time i sold a set, i sold it for about half his value to a friend. If i am not interested anymore in a set, parts are used to moc. Ofc if i had to sell, i would check current value. But if i sell something at some price, i wouldn’t have thought to add the postage it did cost me into the selling price. Anyway i am not here to judge anything, everyone is free to do whatever he wants with his set of instructions !
  14. Lfm55

    SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    I absolutely respect your choice. I see it like an artist would make a limited edition of his work. When you add the amount of work for the book, i clearly see why you run that kind of quantities. Actually the best solution is to not miss the train when instructions are released. Otherwise, well, like any desirable item that is not widely available, you’ll need luck or be ready to pay the price.
  15. Lfm55

    SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    It is only because it’s limited and you want to make money of it. When i resell used stuff, it usually loose value from when i bought it. It’s only the limited numbers of instructions available that’s driving the price up.. and the greediness of the people.