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  1. In the meanwhile, only the best sellers are available in Belgium -_-
  2. Lfm55

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Or if the gwp is good, get it on bricklink.. If you can find the modular on another reseller than lego, you can often even spare money. Last year i only bought the BH on the official store because of the vintage taxi AND 10% off because the box had a little scratch.
  3. Lfm55

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hum no, I am a big fan of the theme but this one, it’s not love at first sight like for the BH. The front seems really blocky and uninspired. I guess it will be findable at great discount next year at the usual places. In the meanwhile, i still have PS and Sancto Sanctorum to build.
  4. Lfm55

    Brussels tram

    Hi all! For the die hard fan collectors, the public transports of Brussels released a limited edition of one of their current vehicules. Its bloody expensive and based on old design but as I lived in Brussels a long time i like it anyway. https://stibstore.be/stibmivb_fr/brussels-tram-in-lego-r-bricks-105562.html
  5. Thanks a lot @azanderk and @jazoriab!
  6. Nice! I really like it this way. Now i’ll have to check the part list to order those parts, i don’t think i have much BLO and i can’t cannibalize my son’s sets :) (ofc when i previously mentionned yellow from the ucs i was meaning bright lite orange)
  7. I saw the official one in flesh today, the scale you used is better in my opinion. It has a nice interior, but the ship is too big as the gaps.. However i like the yellow, i might switch the tan on mine if i have the time someday.
  8. i am glad i built it not long after Jerac released his instructions. At the time it did cost me something like 450€, but i used some parts of my bulk. Over 600€ i wouldn’t had build it :/ Times where i would spend that much money on a lego ship are unfortunately now gone.. But I moved in a new house. The Crest only lost some bits at the front, however my modded 75192 didn’t survived the transport. So I will still be busy for a while :)
  9. The problem is the scale. They should have done something a little smaller while still almost at minifig scale to reach a lower price. But the scale was defined by the pieces used on the side of the cockpit i think.. But now with the current inflation, what’s the total cost of the pieces needed for Jerac’s moc? Lego bricks are more and more expensive on bricklink. If you want a great razor crest at minifig scale it’s expensive anyway!
  10. Now that the official pictures are out, I like the interior but the stickers are awful. And I am so used with the sleakiness of your moc than now i find the official one a little too chubby.. My wallet is happy!
  11. Actually after having seen the leak, the official one is pretty close. Still no good solution for the engine intake and no metallic silver :p I don’t think i could justify to buy it after having built the Jerac’s one.
  12. With the rumored UCS incoming, i wonder what will be their take on this one. I can’t believe it will be as good or accurate as this one but it may have some interesting solutions for some parts of the build. Or at least some interesting parts.. The official new mando ship if forgot the name had better mocs..
  13. Nice one! I love the cargo ramp with the actuators too!
  14. Mine is now partially dismantled, waiting in a box to move to its new house. I had to almost completely dismantle the core, it was to big for any of my boxes -_- It will be a real headache to rebuild it with the mods.. but that’s part of the fun :D.
  15. Lfm55

    T70 X-Wing: A classic revisited

    I am actually happy you choose tu use system scale cockpit for your moc. Even if it’s not optimal, it’s often more pleaseant visually than the brick built version and it maintain a scale between your models. I love to see your ships i built displayed near the ucs mf and i am not enough picky to be concern by the difference with the exact shape of a fictionnal ship.