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  1. Ashi Valkoinen

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    It is quite hard to switch thanks to the mechanical lock, not that hard to throw like old LEGO 9V points, but something similar.
  2. My review about "Bauspielbahn Treffen - BSBT 2022" LEGO Train Fan event held this summer in Schkeuditz, Leipzig, Germany. I wrote mostly about my impressions, the things I liked very much at the event, the facts suprising me about the LEGO train hobby and how are other people managing their LEGO train projects and also my conclusions about the connection between TLC and LEGO train fans.
  3. Ashi Valkoinen

    Rolling resistance: Plastic vs Metal axles

    The only reason I wrote "eternity" is that I had many trams and passanger cars (each of them has at least 200g load for each axle) running on a permanent display between 2017 and 2021 (with some lockdown months). These cars run 2-3 km (real km!) a day, imagine what running distance they have for years.
  4. Ashi Valkoinen

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    Since I haven't seen it before in this thread, I add up an image of a completed pair of P40 switches by FXTracks. This were added to my layout during the event Bauspielbahn Treffen 2022 in Schkeuditz. Truly said this product seems to be superior in producing quality and functionality compared to other competitors. The two switching rails is unique in the world of LEGO and 3rd party items, which grants better run for trains and also better electric contact, without the "gap" 9V motors face at TLC's R40 points. The two position of the points are mechanically locked, so if you approach to the point from the wrong direction your train will be derailed (I think, this is good, it avoids cutting the switches from the wrong direction, which can ruin on longer term original, TrixBrix and BrickTracks switches, too). The switching mechanism is small, space-efficient and the single pin hole on both side promises good motorisation possibilities (both side and _under_ the level of track ballast). I previously bought 3 boxes of S32 straights, those seemed to be bending the 16×32 baseplate I installed them on (really hard to notice), but when I set up the P40R point (this is connected with many studs to my black ballast), I noticed no bend at all. The S1.6 and S3.2 elements (needed for ladder yards) look like also smooth and professional - and the products clearly refer to original TLC's 9V products, they blend very nicely in.
  5. Ashi Valkoinen

    Rolling resistance: Plastic vs Metal axles

    Yes, it works until the target customers don't buy the additional packs of straight tracks to improve their home layouts. Unfortunately there is no public data about how do train sets sell and how do additional train track packs sell - do people buy additional track with their big train set, do they buy it later or how many percentage of them never buys any additional track for the layout? What is the lifetime for a plastic-pin connection, what is the lifetime for the metal axle? I'm running older metal axles (for the running bogies of 9V era, slotted metal axle) for an eternity by now, under 900-1200 g tran coaches (225-300 g for each axle!), and they show no sign of wear. Will the plastic last so long, when the main title is "environmentally friendly"?
  6. Ashi Valkoinen

    Rolling resistance: Plastic vs Metal axles

    It is not suprising that metal exles have less rolling resistance. I remember when they introduced the full plastic wheels TLC made a manipulative video to show us why the new ones are better. They built up a track with only curved tracks used and run the same train from the same battery, only with the wheels differing. The battery in the train with plastic wheels lasted longer. But what happened? The current plastic wheels can turn independently from each other. The older wheels, connected with an axle, have an extra resistance, which is called curve resistance - the sharper the turn, the bigger the wheel, the more resistance appears. This is because the two wheels turn the same speed (same rotation speed), but they need to run different distance on a curve (the outer longer, the inner shorter), so the outer wheel will be dragged or the inner slipped. This is causing extra resistance and this is the reason why TLC made the test video using only curved tracks. In your experiment, you used straight track and gravity to accelarate - since metal axles have less friction and mechanic resistance at all and there is no curve resistance, they will perform better. Adding a 180 degree sloping turn to your experiment with other straight part behind and measuring part times of travel times would complicate the things, but with better results.
  7. Ashi Valkoinen

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    Totally forgot to post about my latest LEGO MOC locomotive, the well-known Siemens Taurus loco with the colour pattern of GySEV/ROeEE railway company. While the Hungarian State Railway purchased 10 of this locos (the blue-yellow ones), at the same time GySEV bought 5 of these. After redesigning my MÁV-version for better proportions and details I looked around in my room and realised, that I did own most of the needed pieces for a GySEV version, too. First image shows the loco from sideways - both the LEGO and the real engine. Note that all patterns are made using original LEGO-bricks, no stickers or custom 3D-printed parts were used to reproduce the pattern. It helped me a lot, that LEGO introduced the 2×2 wedge plate in green colour, too. Solution for front-tail lights - I have only a photo made of the MÁV-version, but the building techniques inside are the same - SNOT tiles, wedges connected with the thinest element, the turntable top, original LEGO lights lit up the transparent slopes using light transmitting cables. Image on left shows the headlights, image on right the tail lights in action. Frontlights: Tail lights: With my GySEV Siemens Vectron locomotive: And a photo with the real thing: Comments and ciritcs, as always, welcome. :)
  8. Ashi Valkoinen

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    I guess that the remote control receiver between driving the motor and the power fed to the track could be their own product, the PFxBrick, operating with 12V DC or for further option operating it with 12V AC and getting commands through the rail.
  9. Ashi Valkoinen

    Fx Bricks (Michael Gale) announces Fx Track system

    I don't think that the production of 9V tracks will make the PFx brick out of use. On longer term - as Michael said here many times - the aim is some DCC-based train controlling system, powering the trains from the track but offering the digital control (analogous 9V lacks this option anyways), so there will be surely future for a smart brick inside. Maybe it will be a totally new product (since the powering will be switched from DC to AC), but you will still need the app for the digital control. The new P40 switches are designed to be powered both way, independently from the position of the switch, which mean all tracks on a yard will be powered at the same time which fits better the needs of DCC than simple 9V.
  10. Thanks for the reply. One more question - for last awards Horváth Gábor's WB KISS 2 was entered for "Electric locomotive" category, am I right, that EMU-s should entered this year to the "Full train" category?
  11. Hello! Do we know something about the judges, and the judging criteria? Like how the LEGO-build matches an existing prototype, proportions, scale, brickbuilt solutions over sticker and printed parts, etc? Last worldwide competition seemed to be really heavy on "british style" train winners.
  12. Ashi Valkoinen

    Fx Bricks (Michael Gale) announces Fx Track system

    @michaelgale Could you give us any estimated schedule on P40 switches in production, _IF_ everything goes well? (I ask this for selfish reasons - if it is still months for they come I'd pre-order some R104 curves, but if pre-order will be available soon then I save my founds for the points - 6 pair I'll need!)
  13. Ashi Valkoinen

    Fx Bricks (Michael Gale) announces Fx Track system

    These are very, very good news! I can't wait to make the first orders for these! Thank you for that good work!
  14. Ashi Valkoinen

    Fx Bricks (Michael Gale) announces Fx Track system

    @michaelgale May I ask about the P40L and P40R switches? FX website say coming in 2021, is it still possible to happen? I would like to inquire about the 1/5 and 1/10 tracks (3.2 studs, 1.6 studs), will be these available after a while?
  15. Ashi Valkoinen

    [MOC] SOB Stadler Traverso (FLIRT4)

    Thanks for all of you for the nice comments. Truly said I felt proud after finishing this project, but it is really good to read reactions like this. And I'm always opened to critics as well. :)