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  1. Ashi Valkoinen

    Is a single PF receiver able to drive two motors?

    Depends on the size and the wight you want to pull. I have four locomotives equipped with two PF train motors and V2 IR receivers, but I build 72 studs long trains cars, each with 600g -800g weight, the locos with batteries 1200g-1500g. But for "normal", set-sized trains consisting of 5-6 cars the V1 IR receiver will do the job.
  2. Ashi Valkoinen

    How to test 9V train motor

    PF AA or AAA battery box and a short or long PF extension cable would do it. Put the cable's dark bluish gray plug to the battery box, the light bluish gray plug to the motor. This will test, if the inside MOTOR works. But this method won't test, if current pickup is working. Most 9V motors die because power pickups inside got dirty (repairable) or broken.
  3. Ashi Valkoinen

    Fx Bricks (Michael Gale) announces Fx Track system

    Thanks for clarification. Now I also found were these were presented:;title=fx-track-system-+-other-news (S16 and S8 pieces cut to 5 equal sections in the middle of the figure.) And yes, the useability of these short straight segments is very wide - ultimately theywere designed for the ladder yard, but as a 9V-conducting piece they offer a lot more if it comes to design ladder yards with unique perpendicular spacings (for wider platforms) keeping it still modular, or designing lateral offsets for mainline tracks. I don't want to extrapolate from my personal needs but designing my future layout plans using FX P40's and having an another station with tons of TrixBrix R104 switches required many times using S1.6, S3.2, S4 and S8 segments to come alive. Maybe the box of short straights you mentioned and a combined, larger box "ladder yard" including more P40 points than a single pair and these short pieces would be great.
  4. Ashi Valkoinen

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    And think about just the look of metal tracks! I don't use 9V train motors anymore, just battery-operated trains with different controls (PF IR, SBrick, RC!), and even if I shouldn't have think about compatibility to others guys owing still 9V I'd like to stick to metal tracks, just because of the look and added realism it offers. I'm glad that FX just started the buisness in time, finally I can get rid off the R40 9V points Iuse at my train station and start for something more realistic, keeping the metal tracks as well. Last Monday I was out in the garden to shoot some photos of my MOC trains - I do owe ten almost completed trainsets, six of them are closed electric motor units (4 FLIRTs, 1 Talent, 1 KISS), at this day I took out my trains consisting of locomotives and traditional train cars. 1. All of them together: 2. All of them together, 2: 3. MÁV Ganz V63 with 3 intercity cars. In this case, the train cars are proportionally sized in 1:45 scale, but many details undeveloped - underneath the chassis and bogies needs a lot of work, including taking the necessary photos of the traincars. 4. MÁV Ganz-Hunslet BVmot: a bit exception, because it is an electric motor unit, but it could be separated two four cars, middle cars can be used in other trains, too, and the EMU could be lengthened up to four middle cars, including any other compatible cars as well. She is quite well finished, all the details and indoor stuff is right where it should be, however I need to fix the little bend of the motor car. 5. My latest full trainset - inland GySEV intercity train with GySEV Vectron locomotive, two of the RaaberCity cars and one older, Y-waggon in the colours of GySEV. Greens and yellows do really cheer up the colour palette of my trains, dominated mostly by white, blue and red. The Vectron will need one plate of height removed overall (will be hard to do but necessary for better proportions), the passenger cars are really finished. 6. MÁV Siemens Taurus and two ÖBB cars - an international train running between Budapest and Vienna. I'm not satisfied with the front look of the locomotive (the black part for windscreen and surroundings is really badly shaped right now), however finally I managed to get the front lights on the edge studs of the locomotive using no drilling of plates, just original LEGO-parts. The 1×2 round plate with open studs was a great help to do this. ÖBB cars miss a third one (I do own only the gray windows for it), and also they are totally missing some details underneath.
  5. Ashi Valkoinen

    Fx Bricks (Michael Gale) announces Fx Track system

    @michaelgale May I ask about the Track System? Half a year or more ago I found a document somewhere on your website which presented ladder yards built using FX P40 switches, the R64P curve at the last track and some S1.6 and S3.2 straight segments to make the perfect alignment for the ladder yards making all tracks fit to the standard geometry, but now at this menu ( , "System Catalog" ) the short straights now disappered. Are theynow out of the plan?
  6. Ashi Valkoinen

    Fx Bricks (Michael Gale) announces Fx Track system

    Ballasted my S32 straights received two weeks ago. They look nice, elegant, and just like TLC's original tracks. I highly approve the work put into this product, especially that it looks exactly the same as TLC's track.
  7. Ashi Valkoinen

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    I already bought of these products. They are quality. If anyone thinking about buying 9V-tracks, consider to by FX-tracks instead of used TLC-track. Support them to get back their insane founds by time and for offering the motors, power pickups and large radius points...
  8. Ashi Valkoinen

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    No, it won't work, since R64 curves turn 22,62° instead of 22,5°.
  9. Ashi Valkoinen

    Fx Bricks (Michael Gale) announces Fx Track system

    Yes, we do believe.
  10. Ashi Valkoinen

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    @michaelgale Thank you for your reply. I found part of your comment earlier (I can't recall, where) and was aware of why it is P40 and not R104 switch, but also hoped if this difference is small enough to connect the tracks the way I needed (while that R64 fits nicely matemathically it questions the large radius geometry). Since track connections have some freedom (and remember Holger-curves method connecting straights) I'm pretty sure, that this 0,12° difference you described can be played well to make single sidings. The only problem occured around those S32 tracks that I was able to order only three boxes from JB Spielwaren - I can understand the limitation but we wanted to make a joint order with club members after I encouraged them to buy also at least one box/person to make the buisness run. But hopefully from the larger second production batch we can make a bigger order. :)
  11. Ashi Valkoinen

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    @michaelgale Received my three boxes of S32 straights (I think, first one to own them in Hungary) and I'm super satisfied with the design and the quality. Is there any plan to speed up to gather the production costs for P40L and P40R switches via some crowdfounding campaign, or these items will be based on how the other tracks (S32 and R72) sell? I have seen that you are planning a special R64 curved for the P40L and P40R switches to return to the standard grid in paralel tracks. Could you confirm or confute if the returning to the standard grid with paralel tracks could be also done combining two 11,25° segments of R104 curves and the P40L and P40R switches? I do own some TrixBrix R104 switches and R104 curves and they work together making a single siding with an offset of 16 studs.
  12. Ashi Valkoinen

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    Thank you. Be the time, got a lot of work to do but I'll make the translation, adding my experiences (I ordered 3 boxes of the S32 straights) and surely I'll refer to your topic (that's how things normally should go :) )
  13. Ashi Valkoinen

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    I'm really proud of you winning not even the region, but the global competition as well. This build is still one of the bests and I'm glad that I was one of those who got an early chance to take a look at this build when you were making it. (And omg, it was more, than a year ago :O )
  14. Ashi Valkoinen

    Fx Bricks (Michael Gale) announces Fx Track system

    Aaand is 1st of March, ordered my 3 packs of S32 straights! :)
  15. Sent my application request. :)