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    <p> Trains and I'm not buying sets, just parts. </p>

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    LEGO trains, what else? Hm, LARP, too.


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  1. Ashi Valkoinen

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    Aaand... prototype-design is alive!
  2. Ashi Valkoinen

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    @n3t3rb Then you should really check my update in chasing a good pantograph saga:
  3. Ashi Valkoinen

    Curved Train Switches

    This is very handy and nice solution for geometry.
  4. Ashi Valkoinen

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    3 mm rigid hose (this is the Bricklink-category of the part) cut to the desired lenght.
  5. Ashi Valkoinen

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    New pantograph design using RC train metal axle and Belville ice skate part. As far as I know noone used metal axles for trains as pantograph parts, the upper part using ice skates appeared before I'm pretty sure.
  6. Ashi Valkoinen

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    I am doing the same thing thing - making my LDD-designs online and available for everyone. At least four or five people made their trains following my designs - Koncar suburban EMU I never built for real just in LDD was built by a Danish AFOL, my GySEV Vectron, GySEV IC car, Stadler FLIRT was already built by others but these people asked for permission to build and don't sell my FREE design for MONEY to others. I will always strongly ACT against people who are trying to sell MY work I share for FREE with others. And yes, it is the statisfaction, that people build my designs... but it is annoying if they are selling it.
  7. Ashi Valkoinen

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    Noo, it is older, happened around the end of year 2017. When I started to read this discussion I was pretty sure it will be him. I wasn't wrong. He told me that he found my design on some of TLC's pages and he didn't know that it may be protected. For first I didn't report his video BUT wrote a comment under the video that the design is not belonging to him then he deleted the comment without any replies or notice so I flagged the video and sent proof to YouTube that it is actually my design (it was easy since I announced that MOC on YT, just not in 2017, but 2011...).
  8. Ashi Valkoinen

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    Ahh, Jimbricked, already stolen design from me as well... Got this from him when YT took down his video containing my stuff: "Alright Raáb Donát, I don't know who the megabluck you are you piece of trash, but when I find out, it's over for you! You claimed Copyright on my video for my YouTube channel. I want a full explanation! My YouTube Channel is Jimbricked! "
  9. Ashi Valkoinen

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    And how does it look from the view of driver? Like this:
  10. Ashi Valkoinen

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    However I haven't built anything new train in the recent months (founds, founds...), but I participated a model railway exhibition last weekend with my own layout. The full layout is around 17,28 m^2, including my 6-track train station, a little rural environment and a double loop of track around. But the main focus is on the trains and the train station itself - the station can handle now even my 4 metres long railjet train and also coupled FLIRTs (3,2 metres) can be parked at four tracks of 6 (some others all still shorter, but it is just matter of 9V straights). Plan of my layout in BlueBrick: (Higher resolution: ) Speed regulators control the 9V track - two speed regulators for outer track (the station is one section and the upper part is an another section), one speed regulator for inner loop (not divided into two sections), the last speed regulator gives current to the platform lights and the SBrick controlling the motorised points. I switch poins with hand where I am sitting (next to speed regulators) but the other side is motorised so I don't have to walk there to throw those points. :) Motorised points: I also managed to keep the layout modular, the throwing mechanism is above the point but the motor is connected to the neighbouring baseplate, but the axle-connection between motor and point is easy to dismantle. PF-cables are hidden almost everywhere under the tan sandy part. This was the whole layout: And my trains: Railjet moving through the station: FLIRT3 entering the long straight: At level crossing: Triple FLIRT: Storage building:
  11. Ashi Valkoinen

    Brick built bogie details

    I used plates with vertical clips, bars and some 1×1 tiles with clips and some technic parts to create this.
  12. Ashi Valkoinen

    LDD-MOC: HŽ-6112 EMU manufactured by Končar

    Maybe there is a way to do it better, but I designed this in 2014 and 2015. Some really nice new parts appeared since those years, I'm pretty sure that the curves slop 1×2×2/3 would be useful in this case. Looking at Michael's train with real bricks however I'm fine with that design back from 2015. :)
  13. Ashi Valkoinen

    LDD-MOC: HŽ-6112 EMU manufactured by Končar

    I'm sorry moderators and admins for raising this topic from 2015, but I recently got some photos from a Danish builder which makes actuality to this topic. Since these Koncar EMUs are really out of my fleet (Hungary-related rolling stock and actually they will NEVER run in Hungary) I decided not to build any - the only reason I designed them in LDD was that they looked really hard to be modelled by LEGO and at those times I had a Croatian girlfriend. Girlfriend is gone by now for years by now and I extended my fleet with other trains, but I uploaded my LDD-plans to my LDD Brickshelf folder to share (for free!) the building techniques I used in this MOC. And recently I got an e-mail with bunch of photos from Denmark - an AFOL living there built the train with REAL BRICKS following my LDD-file. So, here are some photos, shared with the permission of their owner, Michael Rehorst:
  14. Ahh, fines, it will help by now. The Hungrian word "tömítés" means a water resist thingy you put by the joints of the water pipes, but I never thought that "O-ring" will be this. :D I'll look up in local stores to buy some and try it with the tram, really thanks for the advice!
  15. Ashi Valkoinen

    BR51-761-5 (Octrainber 2018)

    Well built and played the BMR contest. :D My hopes are gone. :D It is nice that such a monster deals with r40 geometry smoothly but those dark green cars are screaming for to be built in 7W or 8W, the short video footage shows how narrow they are compared to the loco and LEGO track!