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Found 8 results

  1. michu4

    swiss trams

    Hello everybody, this is my first post in this form. After having built several models of Swiss trams in model railway scales 1:87 (H0m) and 1:22.5 (IIm) I thought it might be a nice challenge to try it with LEGO. So, the first attempt is a vehicle from the city of Bern. The prototype is still in regular use and looked after by BERNMOBIL historique After some first trials I decided to go for seven studs wide. I think that is a good compromise. What still concerns me are the side frames of the bogies. The LEGO ones have nothing to do with the prototype. It would be nice to find a more realistic solution. The main struggle is to find a decent fixation to the LEGO train motor, as I want the model to be powered. Suggestions are very welcomed! Michael
  2. Thinking of a scenic winter wonderland MOC train under my Christmas tree. Built exclusively with elements from Shop at Home Pick a Brick, except for one piece, the transparent window inserts on the earth green passenger car which can be had at Shop at Home Bricks and Pieces service. So, if you like it, you could buy it and build it. I caveat, that I haven't built these trains... yet, so I highly recommend that if you think you might try to build them, please critique the LDD lxf file and use your good critical judgement, make your own assessment and any changes you like or find necessary. If you do, it would be awesome if you followed up with your results both LDD lxf file and pics of the bricks. you can see more pictures, the LDD files, and PDF part lists generated from the LDD instructions "HTML" instructions generator here at my Brickshelf account Inspired by Swiss Rhaetian Railway Inspired by Glacier And Bernina Express If you were to buy parts-- in full or to augment from your personal existing parts collections-- from Shop at Home to build a train, I wonder if you could notify them at time of purchase that the bricks are going toward this train build? thanks for looking, maybe building, and possibly your own inspiration to design within the Pick a Brick palette. James
  3. the world is about trains

    where do i start

    hi i would like to do a swiss train moc as my first moc where can you get the essential pieces for train
  4. Hi everyone. This is my version of the SBB CE 6/8 Electric Locomotive, called the Swiss Crocodile. Swiss Electric Crocodile Locomotive by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr I try to represent it as much realistic and detailed as i can. It is also a Lego Ideas project, so if you really like it you can support following the link. Your support on this project and your comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all.
  5. mapimi

    Bombardier C-Series

    Hello everyone I would like to introduce my model for the Bombardier C-Series (both the CS100 and the CS300) which is the newest narrow body plane being made by the Canadian giant Bombardier to take on Airbus and Boeing's duopoly on the medium sized aircraft market. My model for the CS100, the smaller of the two members of the family comes in the colours of Swiss Global Airline, which is the launch customer for the type. The aircraft features retractable landing gears and opening doors. It can seat 6 passengers. The tail is this way until I can justify ordering two 3x3 cross plates (15397) which I still have to do. DSC04420 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04442 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04437 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04427 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr My CS300 is 4 studs longer and comes in the colours of my custom airline Nova Airlines. The aircraft features the same retractable landing gear and door system. DSC04460 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04467 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr I hope you enjoy these two airplanes. My goal is too bring more details into the lego aviation world. I hope you find these creations achieve this. All comments are welcome :) Happy Building -Max
  6. dr_spock

    MOC: Crocodile Locomotive

    I like Swiss crocodile locomotives. I think Lego came out with a couple of versions of them that I missed in my Dark Ages. I took some creative license and built a dual crocodile locomotive for twice the jaw crunching traction power. We have Killer Croc from the Batman theme as the driver/engineer. Let's go for a train ride with the family. Crocodile Locomotive by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  7. dr_spock

    MOC: Rescue Train Car

    Presenting my Rescue Train Car MOC I made this on suggestion from Lightningtiger that my fire train needed more cars. Plus I like unique railroad equipment and am going through a "Train Age" in my LEGO life. zephyr1934 found a nice article on fire & rescue trains: This MOC is based off a Swiss tunnel fire rescue train. The rescue car is used for evacuating passengers and the injured to a safe location while the fire equipment and water cars stay behind to fight the fire. My MOC has room for one minifig on stretcher, 3 sitting and 6 standing. Play features include crane for lifting stretcher, openable doors, drop down ladders/steps, and removeable roof for accessing interior. There is a cabinet to store medical and other supplies. Rescue Train Car by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Crane to lift patient stretcher onto car: Car interior: Rescue Train Car Interior by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Smiley fireman says I am here to save you.
  8. Captainsmog

    Greetings from Switzerland

    Hi everybody! I'm Captainsmog: a graphic designer from Switzerland (french part) who loves to draw comics, illustration and... MOCs building, of course! My favourite themes are steampunk and fantasy and I'm thrilled to participate to this forum! (Please forgive my awful english as my mother tongue is french.)