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Found 21 results

  1. Decided that for the IRL pics I would edit the original post and post the pictures here. The gallery with all the old versions of the mech still exists and can be seen here. Will be updated in 2024 with some newer parts but still wanting to share IRL pics as it's practically done anyways. (Sword Pics will be in 2024 though) Mainly wanted to get this out before the set version releases. Used Zane's Titan Mech as the template but heavily modified. Shoulder pads use the design from Mei's Dragon Jet Tail sadly needs the clear brick as it's too heavy to hold itself up Dual cannon arms and shoulder cannons. (Wish I could add more blasters but no idea where) Flip out blades. Cockpit closeup Detachable Jetpack and Mei. (Used the Nexo Knights Year 3 armor as that looks techy enough and attaches to the jetpack) Last pic. I might retake them to be bigger in 2024 but for now enjoy.
  2. There were always problems with the drivetrain when trying to pull heavy loads. It went up to 12kg total weight (transformer transport) but only with a crack. Now I've used the new diffs and nothing cracks anymore, even with more weight. The Actros weighs 2.9kg, the module 1.6kg, the shovel tooth 4.6kg, the large brick 2.7kg and the small 0.33kg, making a total weight of 14.6kg
  3. il brovia

    [MOC] my WH40K Warlord Titan

    I'm quite new to Eurobricks Community, so I'd like to start presenting my MOCs with my biggest one so far: it's a Warlord Titan from Warhammer 40000. IMG_20190407_171303-01 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr FB_IMG_1565485466005 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr warlord titan 2 definitivo_2 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr 4966 pieces, about 56 cm tall, designed entirely with LDD (then rendered in Stud.IO) and then built in real pieces. It was a real challenge to design it, in order to make it sturdy enough to let it stand by its own (a must for me),even tough it is still poseable, can rotate the waist, the legs, the arms, the head (a little) and the shoulders cannon. I think that there is no need to describe from which LEGO theme inspired me the color scheme and Heraldry ;-)
  4. Hello and welcome! Here's my latest MOC, in which I experimented with colours currently somewhat defunct in LDD that I attempted to restore. The Axen Octet is a congregation of eight spirits sent forth upon Earth by Sepulchure. The group never parts and accomplishes tasks jointly, materialising out of thin air and disappearing just as swiftly. The characteristic trait shared by all axenocts is a single unblinking eye, roughly level with the shoulders. The Octet always moves in complete silence, communicating through means not known to man. Upon appearance, each spirit takes physical form with is retained until retreat - the form has been reported to consist of metal-like material on the outside, as reported by those lucky enough to overhear or survive a battle. Each axenoct is entrusted with the task of observation, but on specific occasions they bear instructions of carnage and destruction, which is when their axes come to prominent use. The carnages are exactly the reason the Octet - and their axes that brought about the name - are so dreaded by those who know anything about these spirits. Some have linked the instances of their appearance to the passing of the Emissary of Sepulchure, however these rumours remain unconfirmed. The Knight Well-armoured, fast and bearing a heavy axe, this axenoct posesses ram-like capabilities and is often seen at the forefront of an attack formation heading for a fortified target. With a shield to deflect attacks and a pair of bells hanging off its shoulder, the forewarning sound of which alone is enough to intimidate most, the Knight is a force to be reckoned with. The Duke This moderately-armoured axenoct towers above all in height and handles a halberd-like axe that gives it a great range in combat. Another tactical advantage to the Octet stems from the Duke's ability to self-illuminate and effectively blind the enemies, overall making this axenoct an important strategic asset during assaults. Its calm nature also makes it a good observer and, possibly, strategist. The Demon The fiercest of the bunch, this blank-eyed axenoct carries the fearsome double-bladed axe with a handle shaped like a trident, neither of which the Demon is shy to employ. If that was not enough, it carries out its assaults with intense rage, spitting forth bursts of flame and soon turning the area into a towering inferno. The Imp While not as intimidating as its elder "brother", this axenoct bears no good news. Possessing no special abilities and welding only a basic axe, this minion is often sent on mundane tasks to act as support and to carry out minor carnage. Despite its lack of fire mastery, the Imp can occasionally - albeit uncontrollably - release a ball of fire, which on many occasions has been sufficient to start serious fires. The Magus The smallest member of the Octet is not to be overlooked. Although neither its figure, nor its axe suggest the ability to wreak havoc, it is the other end of the axe that is used in deploying energies known and not-so-known to man. A rumour has it that the artifact on this axenoct's right arm has something to do with its abilities, and that it is indeed the Magus who facilitates the sudden appearances and vanishing of the Octet. The Teitan This axenoct's slow speed and somewhat humorous appearance are swiftly wiped out of the enemies' minds with the heaviest of axes dropping on their houses, heads and other kinds of property. Extremely heavy armour and an immeasurably heavy axe that doubles as a shield - and the ability to handle the aforementioned gear - have reaped the Teitan the reputation of a true titan. A lethal opponent in both attack and defense. The Spectre This ghastly axenoct sports a ghost-like appearance, and to the demise of its targets handles the most dreadful weapon among the Octet members - the spectral axe, capable of severing and entrapping living souls. Physical damage can also be dealt with it, albeit to a lesser extent, but its main capability is what makes the targets tremble and run as far as possible before giving the Spectre a chance to hit them. Which is where the chains come in handy... The Wraith This axenoct is the true dread machine that both looks and functions the part. Being of spooky appearance, with the habit of camouflaging itself and then jumping the victim, the Wraith is also the fastest of all axenocts. Before the threat is even realised, the deadly long-hilt axe is sent swinging in every direction faster than an eye can follow, truly making it the perfect device for intimidation and spreading panic. The entire Axen Octet. A rare sight best avoided altogether... Thank you for your attention, and I hope you enjoyed your stay!
  5. Lazarev N.

    [MOC] Titanfall: BROCK

    WarGear Technologies represents. Meet BROCK. You feel the tension? Feel hair stood on end at the back? It's Brock! He is able to kick your megablocks in melee and get in any shelter. Railgun has massive damage at any distance, and allows to penetrate several layers of walls and armor. A large supply of available shells compensate for the low rate of fire. Pulse turrets are deadly for pilots outside of titan and very effective against the shields of the enemy. Thanks to the reinforced fists KO punch will come as a shock an enemy titan for a while overloading all the power system. Arm shield can help protect you in any direction, without reducing mobility. The titan core creates the shock of the explosion, incapacitating all equipment and electronics in the average radius, and destroying enemy manpower and enemy vehicles with a low level of energy. _______________ Loadout Primary Weapon: Railgun Ordnance: Pulse Turret Tactical Ability: KO Punch Defensive Ability: Arm Shield Core Ability: Shock Blast _______________ WGT Brock EL-5111 Take THIS train! Love the titans... <3 =D
  6. Aanchir

    [MOC] Toxicarosa

    A fearsome, curvy LEGO Bionicle/Hero Factory villain I built this week. She stands 42 modules/33.6 centimeters/13.25 inches tall and has 26 points of articulation. Her name means "poisonous rose". Check out the Flickr album for more photos! Feedback welcomed!
  7. The Mugbearer

    [LDD/Render] Titanfall-Inspired Mech

    Got inspired by Miracle of Sound's song "Man and Machine". * * * Now folks remember, if you like what I do and you want to see me create your OC, a favorite Bionicle Character, or something else, feel free to look up my Commission Info! I also now have a Patreon page, so please consider supporting!
  8. One Very Agile Cat

    [MOC] Makuta of Metru Nui

    This is a MOC I made years ago, circa 2012 if I recall. It's been tweaked and improved bit-by-by ever since. I've posted it on another non-Lego forum but I'd like to share and "archive" it somewhere Lego-related. :3 What started as a simple revamp of the 2003 titan quickly became much, much more. First it was a revamp, then it was a "toa-sized" Inika clone, which grew to a similarly-built shadow counterpart to 2008 Takanuva, and eventually this unique build which is not only bigger than Takanuva, but its so large it barely fits in my lightbox when crouched. (the second pic is actually just the torso, no legs so I could get a close-up on the detail) In fatc the only parts is really share with Takanuva are the hands kinda. It also has a staff that won't fit in either, but it's basically his old staff with Brutaka swords replacing the Takanuva staff blades, and said blades relocated to the bottom and the actual staff part covered with gunmetal tubes so it's not a twig in his hands. I wish I could amke stuff like this all the time, but this sucker also ate pretty much all my parts. (I am pondering a Sidorak revamp in this style, however, despite not owning the set. Much smaller of course :p) Thanks for looking!
  9. Hi all, sharing my latest MOC. The MOC is inspired by the video game, Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game was released in 2011. Love the whole new storyline which the Joker is trying to create an army of Bane-like creatures to threaten Gotham City. My MOC was based on the final part of the game where the Batman dealt with the Joker and his henchman on his party with the Commissioner Gordon tied up on the electrical chair. In the game, Harley Quinn was not there in the party. But I put in my MOC to enrich the whole vignette. END Hope you like and leave a comment if any. Thank you^^
  10. Finally! After a long hiatus of not building anything (that collab project I did really did drain my creativity for a while afterwards ), I'm back with a new MOC. Though I may well have made it just to show off my latest rare acquisition... Kulta's mask in Pearl Gold! Surprise, surprise - it's another original creation Skull Villain from me. Skull Smasher, a hugely successful wrestler in his previous life during the age of Steampunk and given new life by "mysterious forces", is an eloquent brute who towers above even Kulta, and could "accidentally" squash a Protector underneath his feet and throw Toa around like they were a dog's chew toy. Even Kulta himself dares not underestimate Smasher's sheer power, as Smasher could crush Kulta in an instant in one of his huge hands. But don't think Smasher is all brawn and no brains or class. Smasher is incredibly vain as far as Skull Villains go. He never goes out without wearing his feather and velvet robes, held together with his lucky golden bone. Show him a mirror or give him a camera (he'll stop mid-fight and take a selfie of him crushing his victims) and you'll probably distract the titan enough to get past him... or land the killing blow on him. Selfies are dangerous things! Anyway, onto some full pictures then! An interesting side note: He got named "Smasher" not because of his giant hands, but due to the fact that I was listening to a lot of the rock band The Offspring while building him, and they have an album named "Smash". So there you go This is actually the first time I've ever tried to do something even vaguely Steampunk themed (though my second creation done in this sort of colour scheme, the first being my dragon, Golden Furious), so it's probably not perfect. Comments and obscure references all appreciated
  11. Logan McOwen

    MOC: Titan Onua and Korgot

    Titan Onua and Korgot Onua being one of the shortest of the Masters is quite the disappointment, especially seeing as he's portrayed as the tallest in the cartoons. So, I took the challenge of making Onua not only taller, but equivalently bulky, and along the way ended up making him Titan sized. I was really pleased with how he turned out, so I revamped Korgot so he has some company. Onua Pose Front Back With Scoops Unarmed Golden Mask Drained Golden Mask Bonnet - Shut Bonnet - Open Skeleton - Front Skeleton - Back Skeleton - Legs Skeleton - Gearbox Korgot Front Back Front - Unarmed Pose with Drill Pose with Dagger Skeleton - Cannon Skeleton - Gearbox Star Drill and Dagger The Duo Together Onua Powered Up
  12. Logan McOwen

    [MOC] Kaikohuru

    So yeah, I've had this dude sitting about the place for quite a while now, so I thought I'd snap some pics and share him with you all! Enjoy! And now, some of the structural details, including the specialized gearbox. The gearbox allows you to swing each of Kaikohuru's arms back and forth independently, so he can punch with his fists.
  13. DarthNick

    [MOC] Destiny in LEGO

    A build inspired by Bungie's recent game, Destiny! Hope you like it! Also, if you'd like to help me out, you can like this photo on Facebook here, where me and 3 friends can win a PS4 Destiny Bundle each.
  14. Aanchir

    MOC: Caitlyn Gauss XL

    Caitlyn Gauss, a magnetism-themed Hero. She stands 12 inches (30 centimeters) tall and uses 168 pieces. Her skeleton is heavily inspired by this MOC of Christoffer Raundahl's which I reverse-engineered back in Spring and has been a work-in-progress for about that long, though it was Pate-Keetongu's Zero-Suit Samus that inspired me to rebuild the model (which I had scrapped for parts) and bring it to a state of completion. All images link to Flickr. Caitlyn has an impressive amount of articulation, as you can see in the following photos. Her shoulders, hips, knees and elbows can all bend well beyond 90 degrees, and she can even stand on her tiptoes. Full Flickr Gallery Since building her, I have swapped the mask for Furno XL's based on feedback from other MOCists, but I don't want to take new photos unless I make some more substantial changes. Anyway, thoughts? I'd really love to get as much feedback as possible because I certainly intend to continue refining and perhaps even completely re-imagining parts of this model. It's easily the largest humanoid model I've ever designed, and I'm sure that in the coming months I can improve it even further.
  15. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Party At Arkham

    Party At Arkham An Arkham Asylum Inspired Build ---- Following a long series of events that could fill up an entire game, Batman faces off against a Titan powered Joker to save Gordon from certain death! As this scene is based off the the location and boss battle against the Joker, the henchmen here too must like in the game, unlock a safe to get firearms. Titan Joker The centerpiece of the build, I build Titan Joker with an emphasis on accuracy and pose-ability. I was going to could, but I’ll just say he has tons of articulation points, allowing large movement in the arms specifically. I did at one point intend to increase the articulation in the hips to allow horizontal leg movement, but I was forced to drop this when it compromised stability too much. Joker’s head was a particular problem that I managed to solve quite nicely. Originally I started with something similar to a cube-dude head. This didn’t work because of the requirements such as the lips and nose. Then, after looking at some more photos, I focused on building a head that was more elongated and pointed, like the Joker in the game. This proved very successful, allowing me to create an accurate head from brow to chin. Enjoy! ~Nemo
  16. Shocking manga, "Shingeki no Kyojin" got me. I tried several ways to display the manga in Lego, this version is the best I can do. I've deformed several ratio between titan, mifi, wall to meet purchasable guideline of my own.(Cuz I'm not rich....) I wish you also like Shingeki. (No? sorry then) I'm building ucs version of Titan also. I've omitted some parts of ranger. (Cuz LDD does not support modifying to mifi.) Cannons are on position. Titan is about to break wall. (Gigantic titan.) Proportion is changed because economic reason. Backside of titan. Ranger is flying to attack! Joint with my mini castle modulars. Minis are right in scale except mini-figures. Titan...^^ I'm also submitted to CUUSOO. I hope they approve my project. I wish you also like this.. ^^ Bigger images are available in my blog and flickr.
  17. loremaster1999

    King Basilisk

    I got insperation for thing build when rereading the Harry Potter Series again, so yeah it's a basilisk ( from the second book. It has a crown on spikes on its head and is using at least four of my bodies a long with a lot of other unique pieces. so here it is CC appreciated, & i know about the crappy quality
  18. SmoothJazz


    Click the above image to view the Mocpages gallery.Feedback appreciated. Also, everyone, if you're on BZPower, votes for it in this contest are greatly appreciated:
  19. SmoothJazz

    Black Phantom

    A revamp of Black Phantom: MOCpages gallery
  20. Probably my best titan build to date: Karda. Built in March 2013. [ Click the image above to view the flickr gallery. ] Weapons include a mace, sword, and shield (as you can hopefully see from the gallery). Feedback is appreciated. :)
  21. Hello all, Although this truck is almost a year old, I have never found the time to post it. This is my first attempt at really following a real prototype and turning it into Lego. When doing research looking for trucks to build, I fell in love with the Titan series from Mack trucks. You get the true "American" truck feel from it. For a trailer, I built a detachable goose-neck trailer which can carry my Tigercat Fellerbuncher (also 1/16 scale). This truck is also my first attempt at realistic rear suspension, in which I borrowed ideas from 2LegoorNot2Lego. As with all of my creations, every feature of the truck is remote control. The truck itself features drive, steering and openable 5th wheel. As for the trailer, it features completely remotely controlled detachment of the hitch. On the hitch itself, it is remotely tilted and raised from the bed of the truck when the trailer is detached. The locking mechanism was strongly borrowed again from 2Legoornot2lego's amazing trailer. I also gave some non-Lego LEDS a try in this truck and they worked great and the battery was small enough to be able to hide it. Overall the truck was a lot of fun to build and drive around, I think the fellerbuncher fits very well as a load. The video has also become one of the most popular on my channel, I hope you enjoy: I would love your critique as a builder. Tim