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Found 165 results

  1. Thedarkmaster2

    Po-Scorpio Gigantis

    Oh I just learned this will be my 100th post. This is also my second MOC Here.I am still getting used to my new camera so I'm sorry if the photos aren't the best. Once again I appreciate all feedback. Here Is Po-Scorpio IMG_20190129_131716946 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Po-Scorpio is a giant species of omnivorous Scorpio Rahi that inhabits the central arid regions. It is territorial and aggressive beware all Toa who cross it's path though it's slower mind might allow you to out smart the beast. Here is a close up of it's face IMG_20190129_132210360 by Dark Maste, on Flickr The Beast attacks with pincers and a fearsome tail with poison laced stings and claws. IMG_20190129_132217447 by Dark Maste, on Flickr IMG_20190129_143940116 by Dark Maste, on Flickr The Po-Scorpio generally skitters upon four pairs of legs. One small and lanky and a second which is larger. IMG_20190129_143955552 by Dark Maste, on Flickr But Like a bear the Po-Scorpio can rear up on the back of it's stinger tail, like a third leg. It's legs also work together to help support it's body IMG_20190129_132028725 by Dark Maste, on Flickr IMG_20190129_132037401 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Here is a size comparison between It in both of it's pose compared to one of the few Gen 2 sets I haven't taken apart for Mocs. Gali Uniter of Water IMG_20190129_131819457 by Dark Maste, on Flickr IMG_20190129_132155646 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Much Like the Mammut-Kal This fearsome beast is hunted by men for sport and out of fear. I's environment is hostile of living however, so habitat loss isn't much of a threat as it is to the massive Pachyderm. IMG_20190129_132817783 by Dark Maste, on Flickr
  2. Thedarkmaster2

    Mammut-Kal Imperator

    Okay This is my first M.O.C. posted here. And these are the first pictures taken with my new camera with a new white background. So if the photos aren't perfect please forgive me. As always feedback is appreciated on that and my M.O.C. Here is Mammut-Kal imperator. MammutKal by Dark Maste, on Flickr A fearsome beasts that roams the wild lands to the north. If you don't get stomped you'll be impaled on his horns! His green eyes has seen much from his long life. In it's mind is wisdom beyond that of civilized men. mammoth_moc 3 by Dark Maste, on Flickr His Trunk has great articulation and a thorn at the end for either spiking enemies or swatting them away, horses and all. mammoth_moc 4 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Here is a body shot displaying his compact form and small ears perfected for it's snowy home. mammoth_moc 5 by Dark Maste, on Flickr And a size comparison with a Stone Army Scout: mammoth_moc 6 by Dark Maste, on Flickr The Mammut-Kal is no easy hunt for it can easily grab a hunter and slam him on the ground... Though if you're indestrcutable that might not hurt too bad.. mammoth_moc 7 by Dark Maste, on Flickr Unfortunately this race of beasts is rare and dying out. The building of cities destroys precious grassland environments for Mammut-kals, Which need large areas to herd, eat, and live. Illegal hunting has taken a toll as well. Their horns while comparatively small, are the hardest and purest ivory. And because of this many are slaughtered each year. Though many die while doing so. Would you save them or let them die? mammoth_moc 8 by Dark Maste, on Flickr
  3. Steven the toa of flight

    Bohrok va moc

    “Alone in the barren desert of po-Wahi, this lone bohrok va is on his way back to the hive when he is attacked by Rahi, the Matoran villagers of po- Koro take him to their village elder and he instructs the Matoran to repair him and they do so, now he repays his debt by protecting the Matoran from further threats. His enhancements include improved armor, better movement, a better visor for increased accuracy for his..., new weapon quad barreled energy blaster attached to his right hand. Dispite being a bohrok va, saw the light of the Matoran and defected and helps protect them, he eventually found and met with nuparu, an onu Matoran, he discussed on how he found a decommissioned and badly damaged exo toa armor and they worked together to make a battle suit for the guardian bohrok. He had fallen during the take over from Makuta. But he has reportedly been seen on the island of okoto defending villagers from the villans.” Will we see you again, maybe. Come back tomorrow for the photographs of the moc.
  4. Steven the toa of flight

    ONU Matoran warrior

    This lone warrior defends the tunnels from invaders of Onu-Koro, she is equipped with a bo staff for long ranged attacks and defense
  5. Steven the toa of flight

    The shadow and light guardians

    “The mighty guardians of light and dark stand vigilant for intruders of the world distorting “shadow mace” and “light staff” they serve both brotherhoods so they are very equal even though the shadow guardian isn’t A Makuta he still serves a noble cause. The figures will be posted later
  6. Steven the toa of flight

    Scuba Steven

    Once I went to ga metru and i went for a dive and i got to actually keep the gear
  7. Steven the toa of flight

    Onu Matoran ranger

    This onu Matoran is a ranger for the Onu-Koro guard and defends the tunnels from invaders
  8. Steven the toa of flight

    The living armor

    “the hulking mass of metal was once a toa of earth but over time his wisdom turned against him and lost all control when a krana lached on and mutated him over a long period of time his hands became monstrous claws and his head had become akin to a bohrok va/exo toa and his weapon turned into a shatter scythe, who is he, he is a living suit of armor”
  9. Steven the toa of flight

    Tunnel guard

    In onu-Koro after the bohrok swarms invaded the Onu-Koro Matoran decided they needed a guard force so the first volunteer joined the guard and as such is the captain, he is equipped with a light stone torch and a arm blaster for crystals. action pose
  10. This set of MOCs was originally made in March. The Six Sisters - Ancient Protectors Introducing The Six Sisters, an ancient band of Protectors, all of which female. Protector of Stone - Piedra Front Back Double-barrelled Sandblaster Protector of Ice - Hielo A nervous Protector of the Ice Region, well known for her defensive and introverted nature. She was awarded both a large shield and a blaster, which she had combined into the Blizzard Shield, so she could defend and offend at the same time. Front Back Blizzard Shield, Bottom Blizzard Shield, Top Protector of Fire - Mono Front and Back Lava Blaster Protector of Jungle - Broma Front Back Double-Barrelled Vine Shooter, Mechanism Protector of Earth - Topo Front Back Quake Hammer Protector of Water - Nadar Front Back Torrent Blaster, Top Torrent Blaster, Bottom
  11. Logan McOwen

    MOC: Tupini the Astronomer

    Tupini the Astronomer Front, with telescope Front Back Pose, Defensive Pose, Stood with telescope Telescope, Front Telescope, Back Pose, Defending her telescope from a Skull Spider
  12. A graceful Bionicle swordfighter I built this week. I haven't really come up with a story for her. She mostly just evolved out of an assortment of building techniques I'd been fiddling around with. ___ ______ ______ Flickr album Please feel free to share any comments, criticisms, or questions you might have!
  13. I am trying to make a cool moc but I don’t have the parts to make a really interesting fist can some one help me to make something cool out of this piece
  14. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Odd Thorgalson

    A mighty Nordic warrior, Odd Thorgalson has survived more battles than expected for a man of his age. It seems like the only thing that can stop him is old age... More photos As some of you can probably guess, this moc was heavily inspired by one of my favorite Bio-Cup 2018 entries, Dylan Mievis' Gærrar Valbrandsson . Just a bit more muppet-like.
  15. Steven the toa of flight

    Toa form

    So I found a toa Stone and I transformed into a actual toa instead of a protector front view side view (reflective gold armor) back view (thruster pack for extended flight) other side view (wrist mounted rocket blaster)
  16. Logan McOwen

    [MOC] Toa Cetro and Dendro

    TOA CETRO AND DENDRO A 2016-esque revamp of my 2015 MOC, Cetro. While Cetro does have an animal companion in the form of Dendro, the two don't "unite" like this year's Toa do with the elemental creatures. Cetro uses my TW2 gearbox design. Cetro - Front Cetro - Back Cetro - Torso build Cetro - Lower arm build Cetro - Lower leg build Dendro - Front 3/4 Dendro - Back 3/4 Dendro - Underside
  17. Steven the toa of flight

    Self moc Steven toa of flight

    the toa Steven may be small but he is mighty his razor shield will cut through the opposition and his wrist mounted blaster is great for when the going gets tough.
  18. Square


    Due to the suggested image size limitation, the images will be redirected to a gallery.
  19. A wandering Toa, haunted by the deaths of his fallen comrades... more photos A MOC that I've had sitting around for about a year now. I didn't put it up since I have much much better MOCs sitting around. I figured if I didn't post it now then I'd never get around to it. Its veeeeeeeeery MOCpages but that's the style I was doing when I built it so whatever lol.
  20. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] The Necromancer

    Though he may appear gentlemanly, the necromancer always has a trick up his sleeve... Flickr post More photos Originally built for the Knight's Kingdom open collab on Flickr. When I realized I no longer had my Vladek head, he was transformed into what you see now. Heavily inspired by Patrick Bigg's Nuju.
  21. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Lucas

    A small and kind robot who's always happy to lend a helping hand... If he could just get over his crippling anxiety. More photos A little robot I've had sitting around for a while. nothing super special but he is kinda cute.
  22. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Pinhead and Armstrong

    Pinhead, the brains of the group, cares little for his simpleminded partner Armstrong's constant rambling about rabbits... More photos Two MOCs who weren't originally meant for each other. Armstrong was originally meant for a group build and Pinhead was originally named Plague Mech: Fire Ant.
  23. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Leroy

    A small but hardworking toxic waste disposal droid. When he discovers life growing in the most unusual of places, he vows to protect it. Imgur album Leroy was an unusual build as he began as something a bit more sinister. Original I wanted to make an evil brain in a jar, but it wasn't turning out like I hoped. When I noticed that the round shape of his body gave him a softer, gentler look, I decided to give him a little flowerpot to really push it.
  24. Mechbuilds

    Bohrok done right.

    Here are few pics i took of a bohrok moc i did. It doesn't curve up to a ball though. But the cool hunched look of the bohrok i was after was pretty good. Here's some pics. I added an upgrade blaster to the right arm as an higher ranking bohrok. (i don't really read lore or follow it so i don't care.) Honest thoughts?
  25. Hello everyone ! Some months ago, I designed several custom parts that could be parts of the current CCBS. Earlier this week, I finally decided to order them. And they arrived today. So, ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to show you the first Hero Factory custom parts ! First of all, here's a render of my parts altogether : And here are the parts I received this morning : I ordered them on Shapeways, I chose Frosted Ultra Detail. And the final result is very clean, it almost looks like real Lego parts ! Unfortunately, this material is very fragile, so I won't use them in MOCs, at the moment they are only prototypes, but I hope I will be able to produce those parts in wider quantities within the next twelve months. Here's a "comparison" with the official "equivalent" parts from Lego : And here's an example of what can be done with such parts : I could build more, but sincerely, I'm afraid to break my parts if I stress them too much. But anyways, this first try is quite concluding, and I hope I will very soon be able to make more of these. If you want to see more pictures, check the Brickshelf gallery (not public yet). P.S. : Plus, they smell good. I'm not good at recognizing odors, but I would say it smells like teen spirit almond.