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Found 16 results

  1. So some discussion of Mei getting a mech and comparing Zane's titan mech. Gave me an idea. It was originally going to be a combination between Zane's titan mech, White Dragon Horse Jet and Mei's Dragon Car. But there weren't enough green parts to swap out all the blue on Zane's titan mech. So rather I used the Titan Mech as a base and swapped in parts and designs from Mei's 2 vehicles. Along with some ideas from Lloyd's titan mech. I only have these 2 pictures right now. As the design is likely to change in the future. (For now it can be build IRL. Just unsure if every connection is secure.) This LDD version also has some parts overlapping due to it missing modern parts. Right now I've used substitutes until the actual parts get added It uses the new mech hip piece introduced The sword pieces are supposed to be the digital ones from the dragon car and jet And the cannon on the left arm is supposed to be the cannon from the dragon car. If anyone else wants to tinker with this. I can provide the LDD file if needed. You'll just have to have the latest version and have developers mode unlocked.
  2. Here is my review on Monkie Kid 80039 The Heavenly Realms: THE GOOD: It looks amazing! You have to see it yourself to believe it. Awesome building experience, there are ways to build stuff really blown me away. (A total show off from the designer in my opinion) The action with the clouds open up is truely heavenly! A set really brings out the essence of Journey to the West! Great minifigures with characters I would never have though Lego would make! Great they included the background stories in the instruction. THE NOT SO GOOD: I couldn't find any thing I don't like to be honest. I was so impressed with this set when I completed this. It's a truely amazing set and instantly became no.1 set for me in the whole Monkie Kid theme. Yes, it has surpassed the Flow Fruit Mountain and The Monkey King Mech. First, this set looks amazing, while primarily it is a front facing set but it was not just a facade, the product images don't do its justice. You have to witness it yourself to appreciate how great it looks. Simply it has so much depth you think you are looking a some 3D pop up books. The use of plastic films for the clouds is just brilliant and. you have to see it in action to get the feeling of something heavenly just happened. It works so well. Then the building experience, with other monkey kid sets, you still feel like you are building a retail set but this one has so many interesting techniques that you feel like you building some D2C builds. The bridge, the action, the peach garden entrance are just some of the highlight and I truely feel the designer is just showing off here. Most importantly, the set really captures the essence of Journey to the West, the original story that inspired the Monkie Kid theme. If you take our the Monkie Kid Minifigure, you can just call this a Journey to the West set. It has so many elements that accurately depict some iconic moments in Journey to the West. This is so important to be honest, and this time LEGO tries to highlight those inspiration in the instruction booklet, I really appreciate this decision because for a lot of people that don't know the story would not catch some of the references which make this set so great. As a minifigure fan, when you hear me say so much about the set more than the minifigures, you know it;s a truely great set. The minifigures are great too, there are godly characters in chinese folklores that I would never thought Lego would one day produce. This is a truely great set and I strongly recommend this to everyone. Unfortunately, in some region like AU/NZ you can only buy this directly from LEGO because the theme didn't sell well. I just hope LEGO continues to produce a few more Monkie Kid sets like this but it will be extremely difficult to top this.
  3. Here is my review on 80036 The City of Lanterns: THE GOOD: Looks great, the fact they gave a set full of open backed facade type build so much depth is sensational. Excellent frame with train using roller coaster piece. Great selection of shops which reflects Chinese culture very well. The shops are extremely well thought out as well. Great playability. Some awesome graphics design on the stickers too. Lots of design and techniques I like from other notable sets are being utilised in this set. THE NOT SO GOOD: Some stickers are extremely difficult to apply. Overall, this is probably in my top 3 of Monkie Kid theme. I enjoyed the building experience and absolutely love the end results. The fact they execute a collection of facade type builds and gave it so much depth is unbelievable. As a person who has a chinese background, the details of the shops & grahics design blew me away. The highlights for me are the Karaoke box, the bubble tea store, Hot pot restaurant & the lego store. The little details they incorporated in such small build are awesome. It's also nice to see Lego utilising roller coaster pieces as train is also smart. The possibilities to rearrange the whole build is endless, this just highlight how versatile the frame design and even when everything put together, it's also very secure. As with most other Monkie Kid sets, this set also come with some excellent minifigures. The only things I did not enjoy was that some of the stickers are extremely hard to align properly. Other than that, this is a set I would recommend to everyone and the pricing is surprisingly reasonable if you compare with other sets in the Monkie Kid theme.
  4. Here is my review on Monkie Kid 80034 Nezha's Fire Ring: THE GOOD: Great Fire Ring build with the use to roller coaster tracks plus lots of flaming effects. The Nezha's minifigure. The White Bone Demon throne also great build. Some interesting details in the Evil Macaque's ride. Interesting use of some new pieces in Nezha's ride build. THE NOT SO GOOD: High Price Tag. I wish the Nezha's ride have more mobility even within the fire ring. I had a good time building this set and the end result is better than I expected. I like it overall, I do think the Nezha's fire ring could have been much better than this if they designed to have the ship/ride to even spin within the fire ring. The fire ring itself though is quite awesome. Having Nezha appears in LEGO minifigure form is another highlight, somehow Nezha wears a more traditional attire than the other characters with more modern design. There are lots of details incorporated even into the smaller builds and it's quite interesting for me. The white demon throne seat looks great and is a great desk display. Apart from the price tag, it's actually a cool lego set. May be dropping the Evil Macaque's ride would make this cheaper? However, I do like 80032 Chang'e Moon Cake Factory more just because some of the graphic designs are much more interesting compared to this one. I still recommend this set to anyone especially if you like Journey to the West or have some form of connection cultural wise.
  5. Here is my review on Monkie Kid's 80032 Chang'e Moon Cake Factory: THE GOOD: Great Bunny Mech with refreshing building experience and great look. The graphics designs are great. Expanding to characters that inspired from other Chinese tales. Awesome Minifigures. So many nice details packed in the moon cake factory build. THE NOT SO GOOD: High price tag. Not so widely available depending on the region you live in. I really like this set. For someone who has an East Asian root and love the Journey to the West, having character like Chang'e materialised is just great. To be honest, this set is not limited to Monkie Kid but would be awesome for the Moon Festival too, especially with all the moon cakes. Usually I prefer printed parts but some of the graphic designs on the stickers are great. One of the best things coming from this set is the Mech itself. I got tired of mech built lately but this bunny inspired mech is truely great, looks good and fun to build. Also fun to play with as well. Of course the moon cake factory is also great, having the whole conveyer belt incorporated into the design is just brilliant. As always, the minifigures are excellent in this set. Chang'e of course is the highlight with a modern twist but that rabbit robot, now I truely want an army of this. I'm really satisfied with this set, I can't really find any faults on the lego set itself, the only thing is not that good is really the price. Monkie Kid sets are usually expensive, if you are in AU/NZ it's also LEGO online exclusive for now which means no discounts.... But other than that, it's definitely a set I would recommend and I do hope Monkie Kid would continue with excellent sets like this. And sometimes I feel bad Monkie Kid in general doesn't sell well down here in NZ because it has some truely great sets since it's started!
  6. So.... There's a new DC comic where a teenager takes on the mantle of The Monkey King, becoming The Monkey Prince. The story, set at least partly in Gotham City, features The King Bull Demon, Shifu Pigsy, Nezha, Red Boy, Princess Iron Fan etc.. I'm cautiously hoping it does well and expands on the Monkie Kid lore, hopefully making The Journey To The West more popular in America and Europe etc, so Lego may release the Monkie Kid sets in more places and continue with further seasons of the show so that season 4/the next special isn't necessarily the end of MK's animated adventures. "Introducing the newest hero in the DCU, the great sage, equal to the heavens, better than his predecessor the legendary Monkey King, even better than the Justice League—and definitely the Teen Titans—(actually, all the heroes combined), everyone put your hands together for…the Monkey Prince! Marcus Sun moves around a lot because his adoptive parents are freelance henchpeople, so this month he finds himself as the new kid at Gotham City High School, where a mysterious man with pig features asks Marcus to walk through a water curtain to reveal himself as who Marcus really is…someone who has adventured through The Journey to the West, can transform into 72 different formations, can clone himself using his hairs, and is called…the Monkey Prince!"
  7. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    Monkie Kid TV Show Thread

    Apologies if this is out of turn, but I figured there should be a thread to discuss the (as of this writing) upcoming Monkie Kid TV Show. Thoughts so far? Personally, I love the new style; the CGI used for everything since Ninjago is getting kind of old.
  8. Here is my review on latest Monkie Kid set 80024 The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain. It started to appearing in local stores already =) THE GOOD: Look absolutely stunning. Great display piece. Excellent minifigures. Some very interesting builds like the bridge and pathway to the top of the mountain. I like how the water fall opens. Surprisingly amount of depth and space to place minifigures. THE NOT SO GOOD: The clear stickers are a challenge to align properly on a reflective piece. The apple tree is too heavy to keep it upright. Overall, I love this set. It is a very good looking set either with all parts combined or even each part individually. The quality of the minifigures are excellent too. The build itself is not difficult but there are a lot of small details incorporated into this. It may lack play features but as an adult collector, I prefer great looking sets and play features really are secondary. I also like the amount of references to the Monky King origin in this desing. And it's great to see Lego decides to go with a lovely terrain build instead of Big-Mech or Vehicles. The only down side is some of the stickers are very hard to apply, may be this is just me. Also I believe the apple tree issues might just my piece connection not the best. Other than that, I can't really find any fault in this. Yes it is an expensive set but I'm satisfied with the end results. It's also great to see this wave now available at local specialty stores as well as lego store, which means more likely to get a discount later =) Anyway, I recommend this set to everyone even you are not a fan of Monkie Kid.
  9. Here is my review on Monkie Kid 80006 White Dragon Horse Bike: THE GOOD: Monkie Kid and Mei minifigures are extremely well done Nice colour scheme on the bike THE NOT SO GOOD: OVERPRICED!!!! NZD35 seems to be more fair The build of the checkpoint doesn't add much value to the set While the bike looks nice but it's a bit too big for minifigures Overall, this set is very very pricey. Given this is Lego exclusives it's very unlikely you get much discount from it. While you get a nice selection of minifigures, you don't get much value from this. I do like the colour scheme on the bike but personally I'm not a fan of oversized bike compare to a minifigure. I also feel a smaller mech or bike for the bad guys would be better than a check point build. Only get this set if you want some monkie kid related components but other big sets are even more pricey. Otherwise, if you are just into the minifigures, better buy the minfigs off private seller.
  10. The Monkie Kid sets are unique and quite fun (and so is the TV show btw) but as usually always when it comes to small Lego mechs, they are quite lacking. The huge Monkey King Mech set contains a tiny mech as a side build for one of the Bull Clones. Unfortunately that mech is quite lacking in articulation and details. Well, nothing a few additional parts can´t fix: Monkie Kid Mech (1) Monkie Kid Mech (2) Credit for the frame go to Chubbybots and M1ndbender who inspired me with their work and with the mech frame (i´m terrible at mech frames :D) I used many of the outstanding parts from the original mech like the metalbeards, the black 1x2 slope thingies,the golden ring and also the overall color palette. The Mech now has prober hands to grab things and fight but it also has its trademark arm cannon. I always thought the metalbeard beards would be great shoulder pads and build them in a way so they can move a bit to extend the moving range of the mech`s arms. Monkie Kid Mech (4) Monkie Kid Mech (5) Hope you enjoy this moc, leave a comment if you like and have an awesome day.
  11. Here is my review on Monkie Kid 80014 Sandy's Speedboat: THE GOOD: Great Spider Mech. Brilliant design on the legs and overall shape. Excellent Spider's Queen minifigure. In comparison, a cheaper way to get Pigsy and Sandy's minifig/big fig in the same set. Love the cloud piece attached to Monkie Kid's surf board. THE NOT SO GOOD: Still pricey ... The speedboat not the star of the set, May be it's just me but that's how I felt after I built it. Overall, I like this set and think it's a good addition to the Monkie Kid theme. For those who knows about Journey to the West will definitely appreciate the Spider's Queen minifigure. Although the set is called speedboat, I do feel after building the set the Spider mech is way better in terms of design and look compared to the speedboat. Yes, the theme is overpriced but the contents often quite good. Great minifigures and parts. This set though, is a cheaper way to get both Pigsy and Sandy in one set. I do recommend this set if you like this theme or keen in getting a cool spider mech build, a few modifications would easily made the mech into a legit spider.
  12. Hey everyone, This is my first real Monkie Kid MOC Our heroes receive help from the Great Master Korin Mech, to stop Scream, the Evil Warlock Mech Rat from poisoning the land! Check out the Flickr album for more pictures: Monkie Kid and the Legend of Korin
  13. I have the following minifigure: Obviously, it's Princess Princess Iron Fan. But it's not the same as the one from the two sets in which she is known to be, 80010 Demon Bull King and 80016 Flaming Foundry, where she looks as shown below. Note the different torso prints. Also, and this could just be due to printing tolerances, her dress print is slightly lower in the minifigure above. The mystery minifigure (top) is LEGO, not some bootleg. I got it as a gift from LEGO. How come it has an alternative torso print? Is it from an as-yet unannounced set or with-magazine foil pack?
  14. Here is my review on Monkie Kid's 80009 Pigsy's Food Truck: THE GOOD: Great interior details inside the food truck. Great opening mechanisms for interior access. I like the graphic designs on the stickers. Excellent Pigsy minifigure. Interesting build for the Pig Mascot Machine Gun. Several elements that feed some dark humours for corrupted mind like me XD THE NOT SO GOOD: Because of the size of the truck, you can't just put it into a typical Lego City setting. I wonder if there is a way to replicate the excelling opening mechanism without visible gap for the joints. Overall, I think this is a good set. I enjoyed the building experience, the outcome and the minifigures. Thanks to size, the designer is able to put a lot of interior details into the food truck. I do feel the weaponised look is a bit over the top and too Zombie Apocalypse type of truck but it's ok the good parts overcome the little shortcomings and it's my personal preference anyway. The Pigsy minifigure is just great, can't wait to use the head with the torso and legs of the Pig Costume Guy XD. And I really wonder what's the idea behind using sausages on the grill and decorations while Pigsy is obviously related to Pigs. Also the back of the Pig Mascot on top, what do you think it looks like? XD. Despite a few flaws, I will still recommend this to everyone. It's not as good as the Monkey King mech but this is also good. And the price is probably one of the better ones in the overall Monkey Kid theme, in fact I found this set with the most reasonable pricing.
  15. Here is my review on the latest Monkie Kid 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech: THE GOOD: The mech is impressive both size and look. The building experience is interesting. The legs have very smart designs and love the use of tires to give more tractions. The head looks lively. Great cockpit design with homage to Japanese animes. Tons of shiny gold colour pieces. New printed pieces (e.g. the peach and the takeaway box) Interesting side builds especially the flying cloud. THE NOT SO GOOD: I wish the knees have a bit more movements. The 2 citizen minifigures would be better if there are exclusive prints. The price is high (but I'm satisfied with the end results) Overall, this is one excellent mech set. I agree the pricing is bit over the top but I'm totally satisfied with the end results. The mech itself is the star, it's authentic and massive. Some designs may be reused to make a LEGO GUNDAM possibly. The finished model is strong for various poses but I do with the knees have more articulations. As a fan of The Journey to the West, I love it. Originally I thought it's a bit too futuristic but this mech kinda work. The side builds and minifigures selection are excellent too. I'm now waiting for Bricks & Pieces to reopen so I can get more shiny gold pieces (the gold banana!!!!) Despite the high pricing, I do recommend this set and if you are looking to buy something from this new theme, this is the one to go for!