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  1. One Very Agile Cat

    Bionicle 2016 Story Discussion & Rumors

    Yeah, it's very much a layman's opinion of Transformers, thinking every facet of the thrity-year-old brand is of the same consistent low quality of the films. Doesn't make him sound very informed, when things like Beast Wars, Animated or the comics exist. I agree, a very frustratingly simple and ineffective mentor figure. Claims to be wise, really just a mong who causes more problems than he solves.
  2. One Very Agile Cat

    No Bionicle in 2017 confirmed

    This thread makes me sad, especially that post by Duplex. I don't hate G2. I'm not gonna lie and say it was great, or even good. It was aimed at such a young audience, but even then it was simplistic. But yeah, whereas G1 felt like even if the story was over, the universe still lives on. But now that we're finished on Okoto, it feels like nothing else is really gonna happen. It feels incidental, like a tall tale, which I suppose makes the end of JtO fitting. It was just a fairytale with no real depth aside from the recanting of events and most surface level character moments. Something easily condensed for the sake of young listeners. It's almost amusing how self aware it seems. I only wish we didn't have the assumption/announcement of a three year plan. We may not have been "promised" a MoUP, but it and Makuta are unmistakably noticeable omissions from the lineup when they were so integral to the story. Maybe I just don't feel like hating things for being things anymore, but I'd have virtually zero animosity towards G2 if it's end was less sudden. I mean I still don't hate it. It wasn't an "insult" or anything towards G1, it was just a brief reboot. Harmless, somewhat entertaining, and you can still tell that underneath all the mandates and pitiful budgets, the people actually creating it cared. As much as Faber or Farstey? I don't think that's a fair comparison, but they did care. At least I got some cool sets out of it. I really do love my 2015 Toa, and the Protecters, Umarak's, etc. To me, it's like an AU story that got a toy line.
  3. One Very Agile Cat

    [MOC] Mordechai

    This is really creative and cool! Even the gun, which could've easily been phoned in as a generic blaster, still has a cool shape that looks like it fits specifically with the look of this model. Like a bulky future SMG or something. Not a single part of this MOC feels unspecific to it. The little details are wonderful, like the fencing sword for a mouth piece communicator.
  4. One Very Agile Cat

    [MOC] Makuta, Lord of Oblivion

    I actually like how lanky it is. Very ghoulish. I'd actually recommend taking the wings off, as they're so small they seem unecessary. Also, yeah, a little colour would help make it more immediately distinct, IMO. I like the purple on the chest, maybe a bit more of that elsewhere?
  5. One Very Agile Cat

    [MOC] Makuta of Metru Nui

    Also, sorry to bump this thread, but I just want to add that I did re-submit it with fresh, non-Googleable pics, it wasn't stolen again.
  6. One Very Agile Cat

    Journey To One Makuta "Instructions"

    Uniter Gali, Lewa and Pohatu, with Ikir, Terak and Ketar. So only one proper pair.I mean really you can use any creature on any Toa, but still.
  7. One Very Agile Cat

    Journey To One Makuta "Instructions"

    I feel that. My local Wal Mart ignores anything over the $17 price point. And even then, the three Toa aren't even stocked anymore. My less-local Wal Mart used to stock everything in 2015, but has likewise relegated Bionicle to three creatures and three Toa for 2016. Nothing else.Best part? The three Toa and three Creatures don't even match.
  8. One Very Agile Cat

    Journey To One Makuta "Instructions"

    I agree. Thanks Dorek for posting this! If the G2 sets ever go on super clearence, I'll be sure to buy doubles for this.
  9. One Very Agile Cat

    [MOC] Makuta of Metru Nui

    Hey, no prob. that's what I get for being lazy and not taking new pictures. Though in my defense, my lightbox is broken and I have no nice places to take pictures of something this big.Hopefully the mods do some investigating before they take this one down. Sadly there's no 'report authenticity' button.
  10. One Very Agile Cat

    [MOC] Makuta of Metru Nui

    Yes, that one is me. Frolic2 is my Lego ID, I just uploaded those earlier tonight. Are they the same pictures? Could you try linking to that entry from yesterday again for me? It doesn't work when I open it. EDIT: And now people on the website are claiming the real entry is stolen. Oy vey.
  11. One Very Agile Cat

    [MOC] Makuta of Metru Nui

    The entry won't load for me, but no, I've not entered that contest at all.Though really, I actually would like to. Just for funsies.
  12. One Very Agile Cat

    Toa Krakt and Arva the Ghost

    Haven't posted here in a while since I've fallen out of Bionicle with the 2016 sets, but I really wanted to share this. There's a bit of a history with this duo. Krakt started out as a joke, making a Toa entirely out of the infamously brittle lime green socket parts to tempt fate. Hence his name. It started as a very simple Inika-based design with a bog-standard build. I came up with a simple backstory for him, again, revolving around the joke that a MOC like this was not long for this world. But I actually kinda got attached to the idea of an elderly Toa, so I improved him a bit and made him a friend out of whatever parts I had on hand. Fast forward like a year and many, many revisions later and the two are far more complex and thoughtfully designed. Krakt is still at his core an Inika-inspired build, which fits in with his mundane origins as just another run-of-the-mill Toa. But his proportions were tweaked, especially the torso, I added detail like the filled in limbs and overall just defined the body shape. His fake arm is intentionally HF to make it stand out as artificial and not entirely sophisticated. Arva is a unique torso build, half system half technic, with a Mixels ball joint in the neck. Really neither are anything super special, just fancy builds of mundane designs, with a little history to them. A little bit of backstory on them: Thanks for looking!
  13. One Very Agile Cat

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Yikes, I'm not one to be a Debbie Downer, but those look kind of horrible. Even Umarak looks really gappy and janky compared to the last time we saw him. Quake Beast is the very deffinition of "hodge-podge." Even Ekimu who's just a simple Toa build looks awkward, and his proportions are weird just like the Toa due to the awful new torso bone.
  14. One Very Agile Cat

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    But that's exactly my point. The gimmick isn't worth it.
  15. One Very Agile Cat

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Yup. Though in fairness, that's actually a point in favour of G2. Just having flat backs aren't as bad as entirely flat torsos like G1 had, but it's still annoying when just last year the Toa had a fine amount of bulk. Luckily I have no love for the Uniter gimmick as it exists so modding the backs is no problem for me as I plan to give almost all of them all gearboxes anyway.Well, once Bricks and Pieces updates with them.