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  1. loremaster1999


    who r u to decide what is and isnt hf, cuz if u r the god of hf go stick your head in some lava
  2. loremaster1999

    B/A Contest: Vidurr

    i like how u used the brain leach for a head
  3. loremaster1999

    Doas, Toa of Bismuth

    Right, so school is starting again and i was looking through my science book and in it was the periodic table of elements and the previous owner had circled bismuth in it so after looking up what it was i decided to make a toa of bismuth. Bismuthtoa.lxf http://www.flickr.com/photos/96238326@N04/
  4. loremaster1999

    Dragon King Helios

    thanks 4 that, but have u heard the expression "u cant teach an old dog new tricks"?, apply its meaning here
  5. loremaster1999

    Dragon King Helios

    no the uploader doesnt let me so i use flickr, if u dont like it 2 bad i cant help it :P
  6. loremaster1999

    Dragon King Helios

    This is a Moc I made w/ Ldd after i learned about the new Brain Attack sets and saw that there were 4 heros and only 3 villians, so to even it out i made a mega build for the dragons leader. You notice the download says untitled, but thats just becuase i originally didnt have a name for him. Untitled4.lxf http://www.flickr.co...s/96238326@N04/
  7. loremaster1999


    Well this is another Ldd build that i call Golpha and he's a Rahi beast that lives on Metra nui in a desert of a thousand miles. golpha.lxf http://www.flickr.com/photos/96238326@N04/
  8. loremaster1999

    XXL Stormer

    ok, well, ah yeah i just kinda used his head then called it something i know i really should have made it more Stormer like, but when i first built it a Stormer feel wasn't what I was going for, so I didn't really try for a Stormer feel ah Vbbn, i dont have a brickshelf, so ill post it to my flickr and add the link also a question vbbn, y did you post the same thing twice?
  9. loremaster1999

    XXL Stormer

    So, um, I call this creation Stormer XXL storm.lxf http://www.flickr.com/photos/96238326@N04/
  10. loremaster1999

    DH: Quazara Angelata

    did u use ldd to make that? oh never mind, thanks for the file links that is 1 awesome build
  11. loremaster1999

    King Basilisk

    i dont understand the paint spray and pepper bit, but thanks.... i think
  12. loremaster1999

    King Basilisk

    I got insperation for thing build when rereading the Harry Potter Series again, so yeah it's a basilisk (http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Basilisk) from the second book. It has a crown on spikes on its head and is using at least four of my bodies a long with a lot of other unique pieces. so here it is http://www.flickr.com/photos/96238326@N04/. CC appreciated, & i know about the crappy quality
  13. loremaster1999

    Yin and Yang

    cool p.s. look at the page again, i revamp Yin and Yang
  14. loremaster1999

    Yin and Yang

    well you see, them being different gender means they're not maturnal twin, the normal kind, you know, boy- boy, girl- girl, their paternal twins, which isn't always reconized as twins and thanks for the head segestion
  15. loremaster1999

    Yin and Yang

    So these are twins, but not like real twins because the black one is female, and the white one is male (though you cant really tell), and they combine into the balance between all things, who is neither HF Hero or a HF Villian, but is on both sides and is a puppetmaster of Fate. oh by the way i know about the poor pic quality, but as i stated earlier, i do not have enough money to buy a new camera, so please don't mention it http://www.flickr.co...s/96238326@N04/