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Found 10 results

  1. A graceful Bionicle swordfighter I built this week. I haven't really come up with a story for her. She mostly just evolved out of an assortment of building techniques I'd been fiddling around with. ___ ______ ______ Flickr album Please feel free to share any comments, criticisms, or questions you might have!
  2. Poor Disadvantaged

    [MOC] Artemis, Huntress of the Moon

    Artemis, Huntress of the Moon by Poor Disadvantaged Made to complement Kevin Huxtable's Apollo for Contest #75 on BZPower.
  3. Good Day! Since first seeing Technic figures in a catalog back in 2005, I really wondered whether there was a female version as well. Unfortunately , as we know , there are none. This problem is solve-able either modifying an original lego part (which will decrease the number of those in existance) or making your own. As a purist almost , I would choose the second version. I was surprised that no one has done this before (there is a broken link to a japanese website where someone done that in 2000's, but no pictures to be found anywhere), I took my free time to make a quick mock-up. First step was to get the torso and head into my 3D program - Autodesk 123D - from LDraw. That was done using LDView (place part in x=0, y=0, z=0 and export the file containing it through LDView as an .stl). Next was the chest, which was done using a few spheres, lofted surfaces and tubes (I tried not to exagerrate the size too much, just for it to be slightly notice-able). Luckily there were mannequin's side & top-down shots for inspiration. Next I exported this hair piece and scaled it up to approximate size & placement. Please note that I'm a noob at 3D modelling, and my "art side" is non-existent (for me it would be easier to draw a mechanical piece as a blueprint rather than a human being), so I would love to hear any suggestions and ideas. I do eventually plan to upload the finished model to Shapeways, but I can send it via e-mail. Question: Do you think the "reduced"? waist (as the one printed on minifigs) is necessary? Images:
  4. Aanchir

    [MOC] Toxicarosa

    A fearsome, curvy LEGO Bionicle/Hero Factory villain I built this week. She stands 42 modules/33.6 centimeters/13.25 inches tall and has 26 points of articulation. Her name means "poisonous rose". Check out the Flickr album for more photos! Feedback welcomed!
  5. http://www.huffingto..._n_5124829.html Great news! It really pleases me to hear they're addressing could-be-better representation of women the first movie arguably had. :3 So, just for fun, what pre-existing LEGO characters would you like to see in the next LEGO Movie? Here are some of my ideas: (More of) Wonder Woman Fabuland Representatives (like Bonnie Bunny, it'll be funny to see whether they 'count' or not) Ann Lee and the Vampyre/Zombie Brides from Monster Fighters CM's Cheerleader and the (for some reason controversial?) Female Scientist Simpsons Representatives Have fun!
  6. Going by the alias Garuda, this young Vortixx woman is a pit fighter, dark hunter, mercenary, and recent deserter of the previously mentioned dark hunters. This lady is not one to mess with.
  7. One of the my most favorite PC game is Tomb Raider. It is mostly so because of Lara Croft. I believe that this character do not need presentation! Lara Croft 1 by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr Lara Croft 2 by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr Lara Croft 3 by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr Lara Croft 4 by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr
  8. Kingriedak

    Vjorma Halycon

    Name: Vjorma Halycon Age: Late forties, early fifties Element: After getting a new paintjob, she refuses to tell, but some believe she is a De-Toran, because of her acute hearing Power: Flight, Limited speed Weapon: Hardlight dagger and mace, sonicsaber, jetpack Personality: A relaxed old matoran, has a certain aura of wisdom about her, is somewhat bitter toward toa, this might just be jealousy though. Gender: Female Weakness: Her size Affiliation: Krieger's inner circle Intelligence: Fairly High Occupation: Gladiator Birthplace: New Atero Home: Baryura, Krieger's Arena/KastaneMemorial Species: Matoran Family: Husband and both sons died in CoreWar2, now Krieger's mistress http://farm4.staticf...d2f3b3212_z.jpg http://farm4.staticf...4009608f4_z.jpg http://farm3.staticf...b7a46f213_z.jpg http://farm8.staticf...8fa2b9523_z.jpg http://farm6.staticf...984d3d2fb_z.jpg http://farm8.staticf...69c594d72_z.jpg http://farm8.staticf...9d77f95f4_z.jpg http://farm3.staticf...447871c88_z.jpg http://farm3.staticf...3cc588038_z.jpg http://farm3.staticf...159f67fe3_z.jpg
  9. The Female Minifigure Set on Cuusoo reaches 10K! Congrats 'Alatariel'! I like the project. The structures are cool (loving the dino one) and the idea is understandable. But, I think it's time we need a racial diversity minifigure set. I can't really judge if this will pass review, but I would definitely pick it up if it does. What do y'all think? Will this pass the review stage?