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Found 27 results

  1. I've finally decided to part ways with Bionicle (sorry Constraction Forum!!!). Maybe I'll get back into it if we ever get a G3, but for now, I'm selling all of my G1 sets. Will sell only as a lot via eBay. I am very open to offers, so don't let that price discourage you. Just be fair - there's a ton here! Contacting me via eBay is the best way to make an offer or to ask a question. Feel free to ask! Read the full description on eBay. More pictures on eBay as well.
  2. The Chosen One

    Teridax: Master of Shadows

    "Toa of Light. Now so bold. But at heart you are still just Takua. You failed to save your friend. You didn't even warn him. Perhaps, for your next great failure, a simple game of kohlii? Win and you may try to open the gate. When you lose, l'll have that mask." — Teridax, Mask of Light. This is an occasional MOC made for BBC Contest №75. Once my mate kinda dropped out, I decided to make something for Patricks Biggs Takanuva (his mate kinda dropped out too, so DViddy suggested anyone to join him, in case they want). This MOC was specially made in Pats fancy coat style to fit his Takanuva. It was a pretty fun reverse engineering experience. I paid as much attention to details as I could, though not everything I wanted was released... The key chain is supposed to be a reference to Hau-gate from Mask of Light movie.
  3. I’ve checked every site I could think of that has anything Lego and in every country Bionicle came out, but have not found the alternate ending tile for the quest for Makuta board game. I’m pretty sure it’s a typo, but biosector says it was distributed in a copy of Lego magazine. Does anyone know what issue, or does anyone have a copy of the piece? I’ve been looking for a while and would love to play the alternate ending! Photo of alternate ending piece here: http://bionicle-sell...nate_Ending.jpg Please message me if you know anything about the piece! Edited by jchavoya, Dec 27 2017 - 01:38 PM.
  4. Pisces no Aphrodite

    Almost official Makuta

    Rear view. Makuta without a walking stick. His blade on his left hand. His staff. Some elements closeup. The symbol of moscadello( probably). Closed back and mechanism. Megamind destroyed. In comparison with Ramanagaram( Makuta steeper). Additional details that I had to use.
  5. The Mugbearer

    [Digital Render] Makuta Teridax

    [Digital Render] Makuta Teridax by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr "Little Toa, you have not yet begun to see even the barest outlines of my plans. I have schemes within schemes that would boggle your feeble mind. You may counter one, but there are a thousand more of which you know nothing. Even my … setbacks … are planned for, and so I shall win in the end.“ — Makuta Teridax to Toa Metru Vakama, Time Trap * * * If you like what I do and you want to see me create your OC, a favorite Bionicle Character, or something else, feel free to look up my Commission Info! I also now have a Patreon page, so please consider supporting!
  6. Kendo

    [MOC] Son of Makuta

    Hey guys , this is the first Bionicle G2 MOC I made that I find worth sharing so please , enjoy : This is ______ , the son of Makuta . The devil-like _____ is as devious and insidious as his father , but also bloodthirsty and ruthless. He wields a powerful Bident gifted to him by his father ( inspired by Hades's weapon of choice ) , which he uses both for physical combat as well as channeling his dark elemental powers. His bat-like wings allow him to take his fights to the sky ( using an Ikir like flapping function ) , often dropping his enemies after grabbing them and flying high enough for a lethal drop. Finally , his satyr-like legs draw inspiration from depictions of demons and devils having similar legs , as well as G1 Makuta from 2003. "Witness the fate of your leader Toa , witness the fate of those who stand before me . Now that I defeated him , what chance do you stand ?" So what do you guys think ? Please comment , I'd love to hear your opinions and criticism , they really mean a lot to me ! I'm also looking for a name for him so drop any idea you have in the comments . Thanks a lot for looking .
  7. LEGO was kind enough to provide us with detailed models of the JTO model so that it should be easy enough to build it now; at some point I might myself go and create step-by-step instructions, but this will more than suffice. On my Flickr Courtesy of LEGO (obviously), credit to the designers: Nicolaas Vás (Brickthing), Corvin Stichert (Vezok's Friend) and Niek van Slagmaat (who I believe took the photos, so an extra thanks!) Sorry if this does actually belong on the contest page, but I felt at some point this was a big enough issue on its own =)
  8. Seeing as JTO Makuta was a combiner model. I thought I'd take a crack at making a Makuta that used soley pieces from the purple sets. The sets used in this combiner are Protector of Earth Onua Master of Earth Skull Basher Terak Creature of Earth Onua Uniter of Earth Quake Beast Mask of Control from Umarak the Hunter. With that out of the way here are the pictures http://www.brickshel...or_makuta_1.jpg http://www.brickshel...or_makuta_2.jpg http://www.brickshel...or_makuta_3.jpg http://www.brickshel...or_makuta_4.jpg http://www.brickshel...or_makuta_5.jpg http://www.brickshel...or_makuta_6.jpg Comments and criticism appreciated
  9. Most of the parts of the Makuta build are pretty easy to see in the images we were shown, but there are some things that are unclear, and some things that could perhaps be improved. I had the idea to start this discussion because I didn't see anyone else talking about it. One of the hardest things for me to notice was how they attached the 3M axle with the stud on the end, but after studying the image of the back of the neck, I realized they used this piece to do it, pushing the axle through from the back, so that's what I'm doing now. One of the alterations I made to the model was because of potential stress on parts. The images called for this piece to be placed both behind and in front of the heels of the silver feet, but the one behind would cause stress on the connectors used because of the placement of other parts right up against it, so I changed that one to this piece, which causes no stress on neighboring or connecting parts. The part is invisible on the completed model, and is not called for anywhere else, as well. I replaced the regular 4M axles connecting the small feet to the big feet with 4M axles with a stopper, because at one point I thought that the black Bohrok eye pieces had fallen off of the regular axles (I later found them in the bin of parts from all the sets I used to make my Makuta model), so I wanted to prevent that from happening, and those pieces are now going nowhere. I also placed one of these on the inside end of the connector used inside the drill, to prevent that drill piece from sliding up the axle in the same way the half bushes, gear, and connector piece stop it from sliding down. I hope you've found these helpful, and I hope you'll share any observations or alterations you've made concerning the model as well.
  10. Hello! I would like to show you my own vision of the Fallen Mask Maker (pictures are clickable). In this design I wanted to include elements of Aztec and Mayan cultures. And my Makuta looks like the Gods or shamans of those times (Horned Helmet, Scull Amulet (hi, Scull Creatures!) and etc). Additionaly the Herald of Solar Eclipse have any elements of the Okotan culture (Golden Armor, elemental crystal Hammer, etc). As other Masters of Elements, Makuta has his own elemental creature, Kraven (from "Kra-" (matoran stem "elemental shadow") and "raven"). Thanks for taking a look and may shadow be with you!
  11. DraikNova

    Makuta, Grand Specter

    Coming in at over 600 pieces (approximately 85% CCBS, 12.5% Technic and 2.5% System) and 55 cm (1 foot 10 inches) tall is my Makuta contest entry! He features two sets of wings, a Mask of Ultimate Power with adjustable facial expressions, a traditional villainous cape, ten tentacular tendrils and the stability of a Hero Factory 2.0 figure. Furthermore, his 70 cm (2 feet 4 inches) wingspan can fold up behind his cape to act as an extension of said cape. As you can see, he towers over any other CCBS figure. Even Grievous only comes up to his waist. Anyway, his gallery contains many more pictures showing off his various features.
  12. Hey guys, thought I'd try to flesh out my CCBS skills for once. I was really handy with the G1 constraction system, but with CCBS it just doesn't feel like things fit together right for me yet. And then I saw the contest. I absolutely love Bionicle, and I would kill to have a signed art book and a complete G2 collection. But murder is illegal, and wouldn't get me the signed art book, so I had to build. I think I have the legs and body down pretty solid, I might add wings to it, but I'm not feeling like it's done. Any criticisms or advice? This is the main body shot. I don't have the mask of ultimate power, since I can't find any of the new sets at my Target, ToysRUs, or Lego Store, but I made do with what I have. And this is a close up of one of the hands. I still haven't built any weapons for Makuta, Lord of Shadows, but it's possible to place them in his hand due to a technic hole from the technic beam w/ ball joint I'm using to support the thumbs. One thing I'm really worried about is filling out the stomach, below the chest. I built this off of a heavily modified and stripped General Grievous, which gives it sizable bulk, but it does lack attachment points for more shells. Photo for scale. He's more than twice as tall as Tahu, and probably uses 4 times a many pieces. I don't have a cape large enough in my collection for him, unless I decide to cut up a t-shirt, which I don't have any black ones to use. This MOC is in essence my farewell to Bionicle, in the wake of its cancellation. Any criticisms? I want to get this thing polished up before I enter it in the contest.
  13. So, today come to me parts from lego for my version of small Makuta. Gallery:
  14. Dragon_Master_48

    [MOC] Makuta, Lord of Oblivion

    My first entry for the ongoing Bionicle contest, also known under the WIP name, "Destroyer God Makuta." Never before have I built a MOC this huge (totaling 618 pieces and approximately twice the height of either of the other models I made), especially not in LDD, so building this was an interesting experience for me- in particular, having to work with LDD's often-uncooperative hinge tools. Entry page here. "This form of Makuta is not the form he takes to fight the Toa heroes. No, this form is the one Makuta takes when he has won. The last remaining members of the tribes of Okoto have expended all of their resources to stop this shadowy overlord and failed, and it has come at a great cost: the world is now barren and lifeless. Alone to rule over an empty, desolate world, Makuta wanders the planet in despair, having discarded the Mask of Ultimate Power, which is now useless to him." Fitting for such a grim alternate-universe scenario, Makuta uses primarily dark colors with the notable exception of his chest piece, which is meant to bring to mind some sort of area of high elemental energy concentration (imagine Makuta firing a laser out of there or something, hence the rather open chest that somewhat resembles a futuristic weapon system). Although the articulation of the legs at the hips would likely be somewhat stiff and quite limited, there is some degree of side-to-side motion of the upper body (to an extent which I can't really guess) thanks to a simple gear/turntable system; of note, the way the extenders are integrated into the body was inspired by the torso of ddeklerk's recent WIP, "Lockdown," and in fact part of the reason why I decided this MOC had to be so huge in the first place, and because of this, there should be at least some leniency for waist articulation, unless I'm greatly underestimating the friction of the ball joints on the ends of those pieces. This model can indeed hold the included staff, albeit not in a position like this, which involves some careful angle manipulation and the removal and addition of one or two pieces. Due to the aforementioned clumsiness of LDD's hinge tools and their interactions with Technic and CCBS pieces, this is the most visually appealing pose I could take of this feature. I hope you enjoyed this MOC.
  15. One Very Agile Cat

    [MOC] Makuta of Metru Nui

    This is a MOC I made years ago, circa 2012 if I recall. It's been tweaked and improved bit-by-by ever since. I've posted it on another non-Lego forum but I'd like to share and "archive" it somewhere Lego-related. :3 What started as a simple revamp of the 2003 titan quickly became much, much more. First it was a revamp, then it was a "toa-sized" Inika clone, which grew to a similarly-built shadow counterpart to 2008 Takanuva, and eventually this unique build which is not only bigger than Takanuva, but its so large it barely fits in my lightbox when crouched. (the second pic is actually just the torso, no legs so I could get a close-up on the detail) In fatc the only parts is really share with Takanuva are the hands kinda. It also has a staff that won't fit in either, but it's basically his old staff with Brutaka swords replacing the Takanuva staff blades, and said blades relocated to the bottom and the actual staff part covered with gunmetal tubes so it's not a twig in his hands. I wish I could amke stuff like this all the time, but this sucker also ate pretty much all my parts. (I am pondering a Sidorak revamp in this style, however, despite not owning the set. Much smaller of course :p) Thanks for looking!
  16. DOTM Shockwave

    [MOC ] Shadow Titan Makuta

    Hello, This is my entry to the Bionicle Makuta Build contest: Close-ups: Vs Ekimu: Here's my entry's page if you like to check it out: Click here
  17. xboxtravis7992

    Makuta's Death Chariot

    As you may have guessed by now, this is my first entry for the Rebrick Makuta Contest. My Makuta build itself was feeling a little "typical" with its small Toa size, simple build, and typical Makuta colors. To rectify this though, I had the vision of giving Makuta a vehicle of some sort, and he ended up with a Chariot that cobbled together a multitude of G1 and Technic pieces. Including a few G1 pieces alongside the CCBS parts was one of my building goals. I also built my first proper photo set up for the contest to get proper pictures. Unfortunately even then my build was to big to get a horizontal angled shot with a proper full white backdrop... I am considering a few more entries for the contest, but I fear that going bigger will just ruin my chance to use the photo booth I just barely built! Yes as I said before, my Makuta is actually just Toa sized, sharing a lot with the 2015 Toa. I like his look, but he doesn't seem as 'flashy' as some of the other contest entries. His reserved design though was intentionally done though to make him look like a "What Could have Been" Makuta retail set. Can you spot the G1 pieces? I am digging the ease of posebility in the smaller figure though! Try doing this with your monster sized titan! While the Skullie is a little cliche, I am in love with the greebled garbled look of the chariot. The Old G1 pieces really help create an 'underworld' look that I don't know if it could be achieved as easily with CCBS. For the most part this MOC is actually a combiner model, using pieces from Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder, Umarak the Hunter, Onua Master of Earth, Pohatu Master of Stone, Skull Warrior, and the classic Vezon and Fenrahk. The wheels and plates on the chariot come from a Technic Off Road Crawler, and the G1 Manas set. You might notice I am using a hidden leg to support the chariot rather than place pressure on the wheels. The wheels can hold the model, but for static display I prefer to use the 'kickstand' leg. The chariot also has some spots to mount G2 masks on it, as if Makuta is hauling away the masks of his victims... I hope you enjoyed my entry. I am highly considering a few more Makuta builds so time will tell if I end up having quite the 'Makuta Club' to enter this contest! Thanks for looking! Please visit the actual contest entry here:
  18. [Flickr Album] Throughout his incarnations, Makuta has always been a failed ruler, secretly coveting the admiration he was never qualified to receive. Here, he has succeeded; King Makuta, fierce defender of the people of Okoto, even at the small expense of their liberty. Freedom is a dangerous thing. Kneel to the crown. Been working on this guy for about a month for the Rebrick contest (technically I had a head start, but I'm going on vacation, so sue me =P). Haven't MoC'd with physical bricks since... 2010, I want to say, so a solid six years. Before CCBS. Pretty pleased with how it turned out, all things considered; there's stuff I could blather on about, but my favorite part is the crown, which was the original design impetus and took a while to get right, but just clicked in the end. Criticism, questions, critiques, etc. always welcome. Yes my photography is atrocious.
  19. Onepu the Protector

    Makuta the Mask Maker

    It's my MOC of Makuta in his Mask Maker form. Let me know what you think about it... And yeah, the minifig is supposed to be me.
  20. Im a brickmaster.

    Is this Real?

    I was rambling about the internet and found this list for a movie version of the Mask of Shadows: The listing has ended apparently and I have no interest in actual getting it, but my curiosity has been peaked! Is this a real thing and if so what did it come with? I myself cannot remember a thing about!
  21. This is my take on Ekimu and Makuta. Both share nearly the exact same build. Rather than using Ekimu's build from 2015. I went with a similar but more animation accurate design and built a custom gearbox for them. Ekimu has green eyes and Makuta has red eyes. This is cause there are no purple eyes yet and both sets of eyes contrast against there trans colors. I've made Makuta's gear function swing his left arm as in the legend video. Makuta was shown holding his hammer in his left hand. Makuta also has the same shield as Ekimu as I couldn't think of anything else to give to his other hand. With that out of the way here are pictures of the brothers Ekimu http://www.brickshel...tors/ekimu1.jpg http://www.brickshel...tors/ekimu2.jpg http://www.brickshel...tors/ekimu3.jpg http://www.brickshel...tors/ekimu4.jpg Makuta http://www.brickshel...ors/makuta1.jpg http://www.brickshel...ors/makuta2.jpg http://www.brickshel...ors/makuta3.jpg http://www.brickshel...ors/makuta4.jpg Together http://www.brickshel...uandmakuta1.jpg http://www.brickshel...uandmakuta2.jpg Comments and criticism appreciated
  22. The Mugbearer

    [LDD] Makuta Takarrah

    Makuta Takarrah by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr Takarrah is an OC of a Tumblr user makutatakarrah. She is a Makuta that came to be during the war with the League of Six Kingdoms. Takarrah is a kind and caring type, unlike most of her brothers and sisters, and was not supportive of Teridax's plans, following him only because she couldn't oppose him. After Makuta was defeated, Takarrah have migrated on Spherus Magna along with other ex-inhabitants of Matoran Universe. Takarrah specializes in Avian Rahi, however her current projects are aimed towards Visorak and development of Hordika anti-venom.
  23. The Chosen One

    [MOC] The Antidermis Vat

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Today I wanna show u my MOC for some contest. The idea of this contest was smth like "build smth like Makuta's equipment", so I decided to build a well-known Antidermis Vat (a place, where the spirit of Teridax situated, when he had no physical body, only smth like green substation). So u can see it. =^__^= Preview photo: All photos are here: Hope u enjoy this MOC. =)
  24. Hi Eurobricks! For your information : Feel free to share. Exo-6 BIONIFIGS Founder
  25. A shadow has risen...