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    classic space
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    recently built the 42099 crawler... LOVE IT!

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    everything around LEGO! Building and playing with bricks... but even more finding new friends and enjoy with them!


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  1. il brovia

    [MOC] Supercar Gattiger

    thank you so much! :-)
  2. il brovia

    [MOC] Supercar Gattiger

    This is the LEGO version of the main character of an anime broadcasted by the Italian Television in the '80s... I was a child at that time, and I desired a lot the toy related to the anime, but I never owned it... now, as an adult... I built it by myself! I know that this anime was broadcasted in few countries only, so I guess that the people from Italy will easily recognize it... but the people from other countries probably never seen it maybe! For those who doesn't know the anime: the Supercar Gattiger is a solar-powered vehicle composed by the union of five race cars. They run against the "Black Demons" team, to defeat their plan to get the full control of Solar power and rule the World. 2020-08-23_01-19-52 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr I got inspiration from some pictures found on internet of the "real" toy... who had an easier interlocking system between cars than the anime... as happened in many robots anime at that time. Each car has its own "aerodynamic piece" in the rear part, who hides the interlocking system. as per the real toy, it's necessary to detach that piece to connect the cars and form the Gattiger. gattiger_1 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr Some technical specs: the project was made in LDD and counts about 1300 pieces. The scale of the model is minifigure-size, so it's quite bigger than the original toy. The size once assembled is about 40x40 cm. All the cars are playable, and the same is when the Gattiger is assembled. it's quite sturdy, despite some fancy techniques used for the rear wheels of the side cars and the white-red sides with windows of the middle car. 2020-08-23_12-54-13 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr To add feeling with the original anime, I created this graphic with the original logo... Guys, let me know if I raised up in you some old and almost forgotten memory! ;-)
  3. il brovia

    [MOC] my WH40K Warlord Titan

    thanks again for the appreciation, mate! hope to get the right inspiration to create more and more god-engines! ;-)
  4. il brovia

    [MOC] my WH40K Warlord Titan

    I got in contact with WH40K's world seeing some pictures or artworks of Space Marines, Dreadnoughts and Titans, admiring their powerful aspect. Then I got inspiration from the Space Marine suit to build a cross-over with the Hulkbuster from The Avengers saga... and it turned out well (in my opinion). Going on searching I found more and more interesting pictures and I discovered how deep and articulated is the background... "more than meets the eye", using a quote from another world that I adore! ;-) IMG_20190602_153745 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr this is my "Corvus Wings" Hulkbuster version
  5. il brovia

    [MOC] my WH40K Warlord Titan

    thank you @Vindicare! I really appreciate your comment! Yes, piece count says it all... even if many pieces are used for the internal structure, to keep it sturdy and stable enough. Last year I brought it at any event I partecipated and I had no problem during the showtime, neither during transportation! I brought it at Skaerbaek 2019 - more than 1600 km from my hometown - with a van - and no one piece was loose! thank you @Glassjaw for your comment! My knowledge on WH40K's world is quite limited, I really like the overall aspect of the Titan machines I spotted on internet... and I tried to build one! The model was built around the shoulder pieces, which actually are Fantasy Era boat hulls mounted upside down. So these pieces have mastered the scale of the model! (that is not too much different, actually, respect to some pictures I found on internet about Games Workshop's resin model dioramas)
  6. il brovia

    [MOC] my WH40K Warlord Titan

    I'm quite new to Eurobricks Community, so I'd like to start presenting my MOCs with my biggest one so far: it's a Warlord Titan from Warhammer 40000. IMG_20190407_171303-01 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr FB_IMG_1565485466005 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr warlord titan 2 definitivo_2 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr 4966 pieces, about 56 cm tall, designed entirely with LDD (then rendered in Stud.IO) and then built in real pieces. It was a real challenge to design it, in order to make it sturdy enough to let it stand by its own (a must for me),even tough it is still poseable, can rotate the waist, the legs, the arms, the head (a little) and the shoulders cannon. I think that there is no need to describe from which LEGO theme inspired me the color scheme and Heraldry ;-)
  7. il brovia

    Blue and black pins

    It was a completely unknown series for me... so I checked on Bricklink... but no bigger pins like these are listed in any set inventory... so probably they are parts of some sort of not-LEGO set (as @Mylenium wrote). My thought: since from the picture is not so clear... the original ones are supposed to be the bigger or the smaller ones? Because I've already seen some Asian sets with smaller pieces than LEGOs... IDK if they have Technic parts, but... why not?
  8. il brovia

    Hello from Italy!

    Thank you... grazie! ;-) yeah, everytime someone asks me about my passion I always tell this story! I think almost everyone that played with LEGO during the childhood had the same bunch of bricks spread around... and almost all of us has stepped on them (or fell, like I did!)
  9. il brovia

    [MOC] Various Blacktron

    nice work! I created a Warlord Titan from Warhammer 40000 Universe in Blacktron color scheme... and I used the same yellow road signs to create the Blacktron Heraldry! As soon as I'll be able to load on Flickr the pics of my MOC I'll share somewhere in the forum! Nice job! I love the Blacktron 1 colors!
  10. il brovia

    Hello from Italy!

    Hi to all LEGO Addicted! I'm Lorenzo, from Italy. I joined Eurobricks for a while ago, but I never posted my welcome message... so, here I am! I'm about 41 years old, I've always played with LEGO bricks. A real "mark" of this passion is a small scar on my chin, just beyond the lower lip, when I face dropped, as a child, on the bunch of bricks always present in my childhood's play room! Nothing serious, just funny to remember. Now, after (many) year, the scar is hidden by a grown beard... but the love for LEGO is still present! I'm one of the Founders of "Piemonte Bricks LUG", located in north-west part of Italy. I'm a technician in a wolrdwide company, so many times I have to travel around the world, that's the reason why I create my own creations digitally, using LDD or but with the final purpose to build them in real pieces. Mi favourite themes are Mecha, Robot and Sci-Fi and Anime characters. I'm happy to be part of this nice Community, see you around! ;-)
  11. Hi to everyone out there! first of all, many thanks to @msx80 for his great job with Blueprint and Bluerender. I'm trying to run Blueprint on a computer that doesn't have LDD installed (because my laptop where LDD and Bluerender are working fine seems to be not compatible with Blueprint). So my plan was to pick up from my laptop the Blueprint folder and the bricks database from LDD, copy them onto an USB stick and run it onto another computer, where I cannot install LDD. I've searched inside the LDD folders and the brick database seems to be located in the "Assets.lif" file (more than 800 mb in size). After having launched Blueprint, when I tried to select that file as database I cannot select it because the search window is "locked" onto a "db.lif" file name. The weirdest thing is that last year I did this trick... and it worked fine! I cannot understand why now it's not possible to do the same. I simply tried to rename the "Asset.lif" in "db.lif" but the response was "Header checksum broken", that probably means that it's not the correct file. Honestly I don't remember if when it worked last year the original file in LDD was called db.lif or something different... but I cannot explain this fact. Operating system is Windows 7, Blueprint version was 0019 (last year, when it was working) and now 0026. Computer is the same. LDD version is 4.3.10 with brick version 2248.1. I'm pretty sure that isn't a common practice... But I have no other ways! Thanks to all for your contribution, regards Lorenzo
  12. Hallo to all LEGOManiacs! nice to be here! :-)