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  1. Hi all, sharing my latest MOC. The MOC is inspired by the video game, Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game was released in 2011. Love the whole new storyline which the Joker is trying to create an army of Bane-like creatures to threaten Gotham City. My MOC was based on the final part of the game where the Batman dealt with the Joker and his henchman on his party with the Commissioner Gordon tied up on the electrical chair. In the game, Harley Quinn was not there in the party. But I put in my MOC to enrich the whole vignette. END Hope you like and leave a comment if any. Thank you^^
  2. blackleaf

    [MOC] Venom Symbiote

    This is inspired by Spiderman 3 (2007). I still love the spiderman played by Tobey Maguire. Recreated the scene where Peter Parker was trying to get away from Venom. Subsequently, it transferred to Eddie Brock Jr. Closer look at my custom Venom.
  3. blackleaf

    [MOC] Titan Joker

    Hi all, Sharing my latest MOC - The Titan Joker. Inspired by the video game "Batman: Arkham Asylum". When I first saw the evil clown Jestro from Nexo Knight, first thing from my mind was that this Titan Joker gotta be done!!! So I bought the key chain and then here he is. This will be featured in my next Batman MOC project as well. Compare to my previous Bane MOC. Hope you guys like it^^
  4. blackleaf

    [MOC] Bane

    Will take that advice~ Let's see how it looks^^ Thank you^^ Hahaha~ Tried to resolve the "4 nipples" thing~ Tried to cover by 1x1 tile, but just not worked well XD
  5. blackleaf

    [MOC] Bane

    Hi all, I'd like to share my new work. Always think that official LEGO Bane could be bigger, so I made my own. Inspired by the game Batman: Arkham Asylum Now, below are my MOC, hope you like it. Not much photos to show~ Hope you all enjoy. Thanks
  6. blackleaf

    [MOC] The War

    It has been so long since my last MOC. Now, I'm sharing my latest work here. By the way, this was inspired by the movie, Matrix (1999). Hope you guys love it OH NO... Another layer for vignette Hope you guys enjoy. Leave a comment if you like it Thank you
  7. blackleaf


    Thanks for all the comments been given. Glad that you all like this^^ Those are really motivating me for next MOC. Thanks again^^
  8. blackleaf


    Three guardians are sending princess home. Asking place for rest... But trolls are preparing an ambush...
  9. blackleaf

    [Batman MOC] Hideout/Basement-Wayne Tower

    Ya~ agree with you that the transition^^ Perhaps need to rethink on that part^^ The heaviest part (i.e. elevator) sustained by the wall brick below, but it still have to carry with care XD Ha~ is the theme with any black man minifigure? Let me go and check, properly it looks better than the Mace Windu XD
  10. Hi, I'm sharing my latest MOC which made for upcoming exhibition event of my forum. Hope you like it as well. The idea was inspired by the Movie - Batman Trilogy. I was trying to recreate the R & D department of Lucius Fox which located under the Basement of Wayne Tower. Furthermore, I added in something little more in this MOC - the Sewer where Bane and Poison Ivy hiding and planning something big and evil. Hope you all enjoying. The official Lego Tumbler from Lego 76001 The Bat vs Bane:Tumbler Chase Elevator which linked to the Lucius Fox's office Lucius Fox's office Lucius Fox - disguised by Lego Mace Windu XD " Bruce Wayne, as I live and breathe. What brings you out of cryo-sleep, Mr. Wayne?" quoted from the movie The Dark Knight Rises. Bruce Wayne with crutch " You haven't lost your sense of humor. Even if you have lost most of my money." quoted from the movie The Dark Knight Rises. Sewer part Bane and his henchmen Poison Ivy's Hideout Details: Bane and his henchmen In the movie The Dark Knight Rises, Bane and his forces were also planning to bomb the building and claim the Batman's weapon Poison Ivy's Hideout My favourite part Giant Cannibalism plant Giant weird flower Venom That's all~ Thanks for visiting and comments~
  11. blackleaf

    The Gladiator

    Build of the back was kinda rush, further improvement is needed on it Thanks to all the comments and supports
  12. blackleaf

    The Gladiator

    I would like to share my recent MOC - The Gladiator. Hope you all like it